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									Rob Tortora
2111 Echo Park Avenue Los Angeles. 90026 323.828.5202 Objective: Web Designer Portfolio:

Authentic Entertainment Pre-Production Coordinator

September 2006 – current [present]
      Coordinate equipment needs of crew Led a team of Production Assistants Working with many vendors in a fast moving environment Made purchases for the company Coordinate communication with the crew, for up to twelve shows at a time. Responsible for assembling field packages.

The tenses are all different in this section, and throughout the resume: coordinate, led, working, made … keep it consistent. Either coordinated and led, or coordinate and lead. If that’s the case, you may want to head it with SPECIFIC DUTIES or something like that.

Authentic Entertainment [I would put this here too]
Flash Webmaster

July 2006 – September 2006
Restyled and repaired the [organization’s? company’s?] existing website, creating a more functional and consistent look and feel.  Updated the [organization’s? company’s?] WebPages [web pages, unless WebPages is a brand for them and if so, follow it with something like, the organization’s content management system or something like that.]  Designed and implemented a website for Ace of Cakes, a television show which aired on the food network. Technologies: ?? [IMHO, I would just list all skills and programs at the bottom of the resume, as opposed to listing each one with each job. In the Web world, that can get pretty repetitive.] DustBunny Creative Founder / Freelance 

May 2003 – current Founded DustBunny Creative with the goal of providing creative services to bands.
Create Websites [Should be consistent. Websites, Web sites, web site, etc.] Create media, including ads and posters. [I would suggest going deeper here than just ‘create media.’ That could mean a whole lot of stuff. Ads and posters for the bands? If so, say that.] Technologies: ?? Owl Watch Consulting Web Developer / Freelance  

September 2006 – current

Provided freelance services to Owl Watch Consulting, a web hosting/website building company
Create Websites [Web should only be capitalized if you’re deciding to go with the AP Style way, which is Web site. Otherwise, it should always be website.]  Page design  Information Architecture. Technologies: ?? February 2005 – November 2005 Wicked Hawt Magazine: Music and Rhetoric Graphics Designer, Illustrator, Arts Director Graphics Designer & art director for a free Boston music magazine distributed monthly through Newbury Comics, nightclubs, restaurants, and retailers.  Responsible for the design and layout of the magazine covers, monthly promotional music CD, posters, flyers, advertisements, media kits, and stationary. [stationery]  Work with a small team of writers and journalists to proofread and share ideas.  Assist with promotions and distribution as required. Technologies: Quark, Photoshop, and Illustrator September 2004 – February 2005 Freelance Graphic Design and Illustration Graphics Designer for business clients Clients include: Jingle Works, The Pickled Onion, WMWM 91.7 Radio, Farm Dog Films, Casa de Moda, The Pigs Eye, The Fools Mansion, Dodge Street Bar & Grill and The Record Exchange Technologies: Quark, Photoshop, and Illustrator Rob Rekords – Founder January 2000 – January 2004 Independent startup record label company  Secured investors and raised monies [funds?] for startup business expenses  Responsible for planning and executing business strategies, meeting with investors, sales, promotions, talent scouting, research & education in music biz [I would say business] law  Managed budgets, marketing, website and ten-person team  Designed album covers, CD labels, stickers, labels, logos, letterheads, business cards, website, posters and flyers using Photoshop  Released 2 record albums Voyager Sound, Inc. July 2002 – July 2003 Test Engineer A small venture capital-funded start-up company that produced Windows-based software products for audio engineers.  Tested software in many phases of development.  Co wrote the software test plan, including the tests for various support packages, the software engine, and maintained the tests to keep them up to date with all the various add-ons over a one-year period.  Required using audio engineering skills, an understanding of how Windows applications functioned, and working closely with the engineering team. Community Newspaper Company 2001 – July 2002 Freelance Journalist  Reported on local stories, and researched and wrote articles. 

 

Attended local meetings and events for assignments. Wrote several articles which appeared on the front page of the Westford Eagle.

References furnished upon request

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