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Some examples of department expenses, categorized by division and price range Natural Sciences
under $25
 basic lab supplies: goggles, crucible, thermometer, lab coat, latex gloves, etc.  microscope bulbs  lab notebooks  chemistry lab equipment (e.g. condenser, syringes)  geology field research tools (hand lens, rock hammer) & transportation  cat for anatomy/bio study  compass for geology research  molecular model kit (chemistry)  12 frogs for biology lab  various math or computer programming software  camping gear for geology field trips

Social Sciences
 toys and equipment for developmental (child) psychology studies  a few hours of student tutoring  audio/video tapes for anthro. research projects  various archeological tools (trowels, buckets, brushes)  experimental rats for physiological psychology labs (memory, effects of drugs)

 a few hours of student tutoring on papers  multimedia instruction materials (color slides, CDs, posters, etc.)

Fine Arts
 music folder; orchestra score for a single part  digital audio tape for recital/concert recordings  office supplies for stage managers of theatre productions  costumes for student theatre production  supplies for theatre lighting, costume, set designers  music stand  royalty fees for one main-stage theatre performance  piano/voice opera score  pre-concert lecturer

Academic Services
 reference materials for writing and academic tutoring.  basic needs of international students (e.g. a winter coat)

Campus Services
 trips and activities for mentoring programs between LU students and community children

about $25

 educational videos  language tapes  foreign language games  acquisitions for Gender Studies book collection in the Diversity Center  Latin Bible (New and Old Testaments)  comprehensive foreign language dictionaries  scholarly monographs (thesis, dissertation, paper, etc.)  VISAs for LU students doing foreign internships  foreign language software  CD-ROM of international news/media  membership fee for Intercollegiate Center for Classical Studies in Rome

 Career Center videos and magazines  academic paperbacks  CDs & most scores for the media center’s general collection

 equipment for rec center (racquets, nets, kickboards, balls, etc.)  1 yoga, karate, or dance class for LU community  residence hall events (study break, etc.)  athletic equipment  rescue tubes for lifeguards at rec center  student art openings in Diversity Center

about $50

 chemicals for bone preservation (anthro)  tape recorders for students’ ethnogrpahic/cultural anthro projects

 acquisitions for library’s general collection ($40+)  Ethnic theme meal at International House

about $100

 supplies for physiological psychology experiments

 musicians for art opening receptions  instrument rental

about $250

about $500

 student trip to a seminar, to present research  vacuum pump for chemistry labs  CD-ROM drive for computer programming  inscribing machines for anthropology  accessories for sampling lake sediment aboard the Purdy Quest, the geology department boat

 software for archaeological and ethnographic research  climbing apparatus for children in developmental psychology projects  MindScope software for psychology of perception  annual subscriptions to major academic journals  paleoanthropological skulls

 travel fees for student music competitions  honorarium (appearance fee) for guest speakers & artists  new cymbals

 multimedia resources and reference materials for the library  sponsor faculty-student advising activity/dinner  “deciding on a major” workshop  Career Center videos on resume writing & applying to grad school  most academic films and videos ($175-250)  software to maintain library webpages  send student tutor to a conference  set of encyclopedias for the library  funding for student honors projects & faculty research  awards for academic achievement  faculty advisor workshop speaker  computers for Career Center or library  stipends for student summer research  literature for resource room in International House  laptop computer for student use

 campus speakers  manikin for CPR training  full term of yoga, karate, ballet, or ballroom dance classes for LU community  coffeehouse performers  student leadership conference fees  Influenza vaccine for all students  piano for dorm lounge  voice-recognition reading system for students with special needs  various exercise equipment in rec center

about $1,000 and up

 nuclear instrumentation module for physics labs  microcentrifuge for biology laboratory ($1,200)

 Illustration software for creating visual aids in child development research ($900)  site license for statistical analysis and graphics program (for psychology & economics; $2,000)

 stipend for a native-speaking foreign language assistant  language immersion weekend at Bjorklunden  history colloquia to bring new speakers/ideas to campus  guest speaker at poetry/ literature reading  Perseus (Humanities database) site license  travel stipend for student groups studying abroad  Urban Education program stipend (about $5,000)

 costumes & props for main-stage productions or musicals  snare or ethnic drums (for a variety of ensembles)  royalty fees for an opera production  performance by or clinic with renowned musician, actor, conductor  acquisitions for Wriston Art gallery’s permanent collection

Callers Please Note: This information should be used to give donors a better idea of what materials, programs, or opportunities their gifts to The Lawrence Fund might provide, and should not encourage them to restrict their gifts to a particular department and expense. If a donor wants to “buy” a particular item (from this list or not), explain that these examples do not necessarily reflect our current needs, but rather typical expenses and examples of costs. Strongly encourage unrestricted gifts to The Lawrence Fund — we will use the money where we need it the most. Finally, keep in mind that these figures are only estimates given by faculty.

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