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Solomon Builds the Temple Lesson Set


									Solomon Builds the Temple Lesson Set Construction First Baptist Church, Midland MI October 2005 Rotation Overview: 1. Storytelling: Introduction to Solomon & the Temple 2. Art: Temple Furnishings 3. Construction: Ark of the Covenant & Ten Commandments 4. Art & Music: The Musicians & Instruments

Construction Scripture Basis: Solomon builds a temple for God. 2 Chronicles 2-7 BIBLE MEMORY VERSE: God said to Solomon, “I will listen to the prayers prayed in this place. I have chosen this Temple and made it holy. I will be worshiped here forever. I will always watch over it and love it.” 2 Chronicles 7:15, 16 Theme: God knows that we are each treasured members of the church family. Objectives: Kids will 1. Discover how/why King Solomon built a Temple to God 2. Put into action ways they can be valued members in our church 3. Learn that we are each treasured members of the church family. Activity: Children will use Leggos to “Build” a church. Materials: -- Bibles -- Chart paper or marker board -- Markers to make list on chart paper or marker board -- Crayons and blank drawing paper for 3 & 4 year olds & K5-1st grades -- Pictures of Solomon’s Temple Poster -- 3 & 4 year olds: set of Leggos Opening: Welcome each child, introduce yourself if needed, and then take attendance. Please start promptly at 9:00 with Procedure: Say: Today we are going to build a church. Let’s make a list of things that you think we need in our new church.

K5-1st grades/2nd-4th grades, and 5th & 6th grades: Make a list of items on chart/board as children name them. Say: How many people do you think it takes to build the church? After discussion--3 & 4 year olds & K5-1st grades/2nd-4th grades: Give children paper and crayons to draw a picture of what they think the new church should look like including things they think the church should have. After all are finished have them explain their pictures. (Take them up to post for all to see) All classes: 1. Talk about the word “temple”: how that compares and contrasts to “church”. Is our church a temple? Is our church holy? Is our church a house of God? How should we behave in a church of God? How is our church unique because of each of us? 2. Have older kids open their Bibles and read 2 Chronicles 7:15-16. (Read to younger children) (Remember, it is important for kids to use the table of contents and find the book of 2 Chronicles for themselves in the Bible.) Talk about the verse and how our church is God’s holy house. Show pictures of the temple that Solomon built. 5th & 6th graders: read excerpts as time allows describing the temple. 3 & 4 year olds, K5-1st grades/2nd-4th grades: Use attached story to tell the story of Solomon’s Temple. See "Bible Explore" below. Activity: -- Kids work together to build a church from the Leggos. You might need to assign jobs--foundation builders, walls, etc. -Discussion: How can each of you be an important member of our church? Close in prayer, including some of the ways each child is an important member of our church. (from discussion); prayers for our church. BIBLE EXPLORE Telling the Story King David had a great idea. What do you know about David? (David and Goliath, shepherd etc.) King David wanted to build a beautiful temple for God. But God said, “No David. I want your son to build my temple. Not you!” So when David was ready to die, his son—King Solomon, promised his father that he would be a temple for God in the Promised Land. After all, it didn’t seem fair that he had a beautiful place to live, but God’s house was just a tent! So King Solomon sent a message to a king in another land to sell him beautiful cedar trees. That king sent workers into the forest to cut some beautiful trees for God’s temple. (Ask children to pretend you’re working very hard sawing down a tree. Now, let’s pretend to roll the logs to the sea to be taken to King Solomon. Okay, let’s pretend to tie the logs together to float them down the sea coast to King Solomon.)

King Solomon hired workers to cut big stones for the temple. (Pretend that you are stonecutters cutting the stones for the temple and shaping them into smooth blocks.) The king Solomon hired best craftsmen to make beautiful curtains and furniture for the temple. (Pretend that some of you are curtain makers sewing the curtain for the temple. Pretend some of you are cutting and hammering pieces of wood together to make the furniture.) God’s people all worked very hard and did their best building the temple and making the temple furniture. After the temple was all finished, God’s people gathered together for a big festival when the furniture was put in. Using a picture of the temple say: This piece of furniture was called the altar. It was placed outside the temple building right here. It was the place where animal sacrifices were offered. This is called the laver. Show on the picture. All the priests had to wash themselves before they entered the temple. So it was filled with water. Inside the temple building there was a table with 7 special candles on it. These candles were called the Menorah. Show on the picture. There was another table over here that had special bread on it. There were 12 loaves of bread on this table. This bread was called the shew bread. Show on the picture. This table was right next to the curtain. The priests burned incense on it. This back room behind the curtain was called the Holy of Holies. This is the place where the special box (The Ark of the Covenant) with God’s laws was kept. It was in this room all by itself. Only a special priest could go in this room and only on one special day of the year. Surrounding the temple was a big stone wall. The part between the wall and the building was called the courtyard. But this whole thing. . .including the courtyard, was called the temple. Everyday the priests gave sacrifices at the altar. Everyday the priests washed themselves at the Laver before they went into the building. Everyday they lit the Menorah with the special candles on this table. They put special bread on the table. And they burned incense on this table. Did the priest go behind this curtain to the Ark of the Covenant every day? No, only one time a year on a special day and only one special priest called the High Priest could go back there. After all the furniture was put inside the temple, King Solomon prayed and asked God to take care of the temple day and night. God answered Solomon and said: “I will listen to the prayers prayed in this place. I have chosen this Temple and made it holy. I will be worshiped here forever. I will always watch over it and love it.” 2 Chronicles 7:15, 16

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