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									Jewish America Resource List
Digital Genizah: Hareshima: Haruth: Extensive list of Jewish sites. Jacob Richman’s Hot Sites: Jewish Agency JAFI Portal: articles and information on Jewish issues and subjects. Jewish Link: Very extensive. Jewishnet: portal. Lengthy List of Lists — Portal for all sorts of Jewish websites, concentrating on Chicago: Mashkof: Links to Jewish Web sites. Nexus: Listing of various Jewish websites; singles, learning. Maven: Extensive portal. Yehud: List of Jewish communities … ethnic, cities. Articles and information on Jewish issues and subjects.

Israel Advocacy/ Understanding the Mideast Conflict
AIPAC: American Israel Public Affairs Committee. Lobbies the US government about legislation that strengthens the US-Israel relationship. All For Israel: Americans for a Safe Israel: CAMERA: Campus Watch: A project of the Middle East Forum. Reviews and critiques Middle East studies in North America on university campuses. Caravan For Democracy: organizes speakers and events to discuss Israel’s government and policies at campuses throughout North America. Conference of Presidents of Major Jewish Organizations’ Daily Alert from the world and Hebrew press. Helpful excerpts of articles and links to the original sources. Sign up to receive by email. The David Project: Boston-based project designed, through seminars, to promote a fair and accurate portrayal of Israel in the media and on campus. Honest Reporting: Israel on Campus: Israel Ministry of Foreign Affairs: an important source of facts and background on developments in the conflict. See also Israel's Story in Maps ― an interactive flash presentation on ancient and modern Israeli history. Israel Project: educational organization devoted to ensuring an accurate portrayal of Israel. Jewish Week: National Jewish newspaper. MEMRI: Middle East Media Research Institute. Provides up-to-date translations of media dispatches from original Hebrew and Arabic articles published in Israel and Arab countries. Middle East Institute: Promotes understanding of Mideast countries, and understanding between countries of the Mideast and America.


MidEastTruth: News Now: A constantly-updated feed of articles on Israel from around the world, organized by date and national origin. ShevetVoice: New York-based Israel advocacy group for young adults, with lectures, gatherings, etc. Stand With Israel: Dedicated to correcting anti-Israel bias in the media and on college campuses; provides data and facts about the Mideast conflict not generally available. Today’s Front Pages: 416 newspaper front pages from 40 countries. World Zionist Organization – program options: Zionist Organization of America (ZOA):

Coming Back/Traveling Jewishly
America Jewish League for Israel: Helps with scholarships for people returning to Israel to study. Anywhere in Israel: Will find you Shabbat/holiday hospitality during your Israel visit. Arava Institute for Environmental Studies: Programs for environmental studies in the desert. Bat Ayin Yeshiva: Yeshiva for men in the Judean Hills about 15 minutes south of Jerusalem. Bayit B’Yahad: organizing home hospitality for Shabbat.; 03-693-0455. Beit Midrash/Liberal Yeshiva: Study of Jewish text and tradition within Reform Judaism. Birthright Israel Alumni in Israel. Jacob Shwirtz at Chabad Centers:, provides Jews with Shabbat/holiday hospitality and kosher food throughout the world. Conservative Yeshiva in Jerusalem: Jewish learning in a Conservative yeshiva. David Shapell/Darche Noam/Midreshet Rachel: College for Jewish studies (Orthodox). Destination Israel: Listing of short- and long-term programs in Israel for young adults. In Israel, contact Elana (02-620-4407). Eco-Activist Beit Midrash: Jewish texts and religious perspectives on ecology, and participating in environmental studies and hikes in a Torah atmosphere. (for men) Promotes quality kosher goods and services in Israel. Listings, offers and discounts. Before visiting the establishment, print out the discount coupon and take it with you. Green Apprenticeship: Intensive work/study experience aiming to provide participants with practical tools and theoretical knowledge in areas such as permaculture, organic gardening, building techniques using natural and recycled materials, environmental planning and alternative technologies, within the framework of a Reform Zionist kibbutz. Heritage House: Jerusalem Center for study, Shabbat hospitality, traditional Jewish exploration. KerenKolot: At Kibbutz Ketura, intensive Jewish study in a non-coercive, pluralist environment, combined with hiking and kibbutz living. Kibbutz Ulpan: Non-religious kibbutzim — volunteering and ulpanim. Religious kibbutzim — volunteering and ulpanim. Jewish Agency programs: Jewish Agency list: Yeshivas, universities, medical schools, Jewish study, environmental studies, etc. Jewish National Fund: Promotes ecology and the environment in Israel. They have a fund to assist young people who wish to come to Israel to further their Israel connections. Caravan For Democracy:


Jewish Meals: Shabbat meals in the Nachlaot area of Jerusalem. Jewish Student Information Center: Old City center for Jewish students and travelers interested in home hospitality for Shabbat/exploring study and travel options in Israel, etc. Livnot U’Lehibanot: Jewish adults aged 21–30 with little previous knowledge of Judaism and interested in exploring their Jewish roots. Thirty something program for individuals aged 27-40. Longand short-term programs. MASA: Jewish Agency long-term programs: Matan: Torah study in Jerusalem for women. Summer English programs. Nefesh B’Nefesh: Help for people wishing to make aliyah — financial, counseling, immigrant rights, job and apartment searching, etc. Pardes Institute of Jewish Studies: English-language Jewish study in Jerusalem for young adults. She'arim College of Jewish Studies for Women: Summer study program for English speaking adult women seeking to deepen their Jewish studies and text skills and integrate Torah and mitzvot into their lives. Travel Jewish: For Jewish travel experiences contact Tagar Israel Experience. WUJS – ARAD: Offers young Jewish graduates and professionals (21-35) opportunity to learn about life in Israel. Semester and year-long programs. Volunteers for Israel: Volunteering options in Israel. Jewish Agency Volunteer opportunities:

North American Jewish Publications
Being Jewish: Designed to address questions about various aspects of Jewish life. Practical information about being Jewish — non-religious. GenerationJ: Webzine for 20somethings. Jerusalem Report: Biweekly magazine on Jewish life in Israel and throughout the world. Jewish Link: Jewish publications throughout North America. Jewish Mag: Web magazine with articles of interest about all Jewish/Israel subjects. Jewish Press: Jewish Telegraphic Agency: Jewish wire service. Jewish World Review: Broad range of articles and editorials on subjects of interest to the Jewish world. Moment Magazine: Bimonthly covering the Jewish world. New Voices: National Jewish student magazine.

North American Jewish Events Listings
Birthright Israel: Calendar. Jew Central: Jewish news for Jewish professionals. Jewish Network: Lists upcoming events by city. To list on-line or send e-mail or The Jewish People: Lists events according to city. Jewish Friends: Lists events and groups.

North American Jewish Organizations, Information, Learning, Programs
Academic Programs: Listing of Jewish academic programs preparing one for work in the Jewish community.


Aish HaTorah: Inspirational stories and information about Jewish subjects. Links to Aish centers throughout the world, which host local Shabbat and holiday celebrations and study sessions. Aleph: Jewish Renewal movement. American Jewish World Service: coordinates volunteer activities throughout the world. Avodah: New York-based volunteer program. Oneyear commitment to volunteering in the community, living with other Avodah volunteers. CAJE: Coalition for Advancement of Jewish Education. Chabad: Central information for Chabad Lubavitch hasidim. Links to local Chabad Houses throughout the world which host local Shabbat and holiday celebrations and study sessions. CLAL: Jewish learning, leadership building, Jewish community. Delet: 13-month fellowship program for training future Jewish day school teachers. Encyclopedia Judaica: Endangered Spirit: Outdoor Jewish trekking and exploring. Hillel: Jewish organization on campuses throughout North America. Many also have GAP programs for graduate students and young professionals. Hineni: Based in NYC. Learning, connecting, classes, events. Orthodox. Historical Cycling: Cycling around the world while exploring the Jewish history and heritage of sites visited. Jewish Coalition for Service: Volunteering in the Jewish community. Jewish Impact Films: Cool Jewish film clips on a variety of subjects. Jewish Interactive Studies: Free online courses which allow you to study about all things Jewish … at your own pace. No previous learning required. Jewish Jobs: Job listings in the Jewish community throughout North America. Jewish Job Finder: Posts jobs in the Jewish community. Jewish Outreach Institute: Jewish Reconstructionist Federation: Website for Reconstructionist movement. Links to Reconstructionist synagogues throughout North America. Judaism 101: General information about Judaism. Mofaim: Israel performances in the USA. Moving Out: Encourages "Open Orthodox" or progressive halachic shuls & minyanim (egalitarian) in North America. National Jewish Outreach Project: Provides information about Upcoming Jewish holidays and events, promotes Shabbat celebration and Hebrew language learning. Partners in Creation Gabe Goldman: PIC. PIC is national partnership of Jewish environmental, nature and outdoor educators including Hazon, Foundation for Jewish Camping, Teva Learning Center, Shalom Institute and Conference Center, Isabella Freedman Retreat Center, JENE Institute, and Gan Chaim. Orthodox Union: Website for the central Orthodox Organization in America. Links to Orthodox synagogues throughout North America. Partners In Torah: Connects people with study partners in person by phone or by web. Also makes connections for Shabbat hosting. Personal Gateway to Jewish Exploration: Self-directed Jewish study. Project Genesis: Articles about Jewish subjects and Divrei Torah from an Orthodox perspective. Ruach: Cleveland’s Siegal College’s program for non- denominational spiritual learning. Shma: Web magazine of thoughtful articles regarding everything in the Jewish World. SPARK. Partnership for Service aims to inspire a commitment to service as an ongoing part of each person's life and an important expression of Jewish identity. Synagogue 2000: Promotes synagogue participation. United American Hebrew Congregations: Website for the Reform movement. Links to Reform temples throughout North America. is a resource for people working with youth, through the Reform Movement and elsewhere. United Synagogue of Conservative Judaism: Website for the Conservative movement. Links to Conservative synagogues throughout North America.


Jewish Travel
I Love Israel: Travel aid for Israel. Jewish Student Information Center: Information about travel, hostels and learning in Israel and outside. Kosher Store Finder: Worldwide search engine of kosher stores and restaurants. Free search. Free listings. Sponsored by

Commercial — Jewish
A-zara: On-line judaica shop. Rosh HaShana Greetings:

Chevre (Livnot alumni) Websites
Jeremy Cowan (J06): HeBrew beer. Sam Cowen (143): Sam Cowen’s Treasure Box. Avraham Kramer (T56): Sara Schwimmer (116 and Alliance): Chosen Couture.

Birthright Israel Southern Alumni: Deep South Jewish Voice: Jewish newspaper for Alabama and Mississippi.

Arizona – Phoenix
Alumot Phoenix yahoo group: ARIZONA ADVENTURERS: Arizona Jewish Singles: Jewish Federation of Greater Phoenix: Hillel of Phoenix: JCC Singles:; Sara Pear Jewish Arizona: Jewish News of Greater Phoenix: Mazel City: Connects people to what’s happening Jewishly in Phoenix. Raw Kabbalah: Funky Friday night services at Temple Beth El.

Arizona – Tucson
Hillel of Tucson: Young Jewish Tucson (YJT): A collaboration of Tucson's synagogues and Jewish organizations designed to enhance cultural, educational, and social opportunities for young Jewish adults aged 22-40.

California – Los Angeles
12Magazine: Magazine for young Jewish adults. @ LA: Comprehensive list of LA resources in the Jewish community. Aaron’s Tent: Monthly Shabbat dinners and newsletter with information about other activities and events in the LA area.


ACCESS: The young adult program of the Jewish Federation of Greater LA. For ages 25-40, offering programs, events, volunteer, and leadership opportunities. The 24-hour ACCESS line is 213-683-3433. Alumot LA yahoo group: Beth Am Temple Young Adult Chavurah: Birthright Israel LA alumni: Blogspot LA: A central listing of all Jewish activities going on in the LA area. Brandis-Bardin Camp: Jewish retreats and outdoors experiences for young adults. Chai Center: , Rabbi Shlomo Schwartz (AKA Schwartzie), 310-391-7995. Coalition of Environment and Jewish Life — LA branch. East Coast Connection: A group of ―East Coasters‖ (20's- mid 30's) living in the LA area, who enjoy meeting at events such as happy hours, picnics, and Shabbat services. Hotline 310-358-9930. Endangered Spirit: Jewish Outdoors experiences. Happy Minyan: Carlebach-style prayer and Shabbat services. Helkeinu: Lectures and other events for Jewish professionals. Hillels of LA: Ikar: Open egalitarian group studying and celebrating Shabbat together. Kabbalat Shabbat is preceded by a community picnic. Israel Experience Center: Jewish Active Singles: Jewish Federation of Greater LA: Federation Search page for young adult organizations m?sitearea=federation Jewish Journal: Jewish newspaper. Jewish Learning Exchange: Classes and programs from an Orthodox perspective. Kehilat Ma’arav: in Santa Monica, with young adult group. LINKLA: Promotion of Jewish identity and Jewish studies, Orthodox outreach. Classes and Shabbatonim. Lala and Moe's Jewish Experience: Provides high quality, social, cultural and spiritual programming to Los Angeles Jewish singles and young couples, in an environment that is nondenominational, accepting, and open minded, while remaining loyal to the spirit of Jewish tradition. Magal Chaverim (Circle of Friends): A casual Jewish social and cultural events group (ages 25-40s, mostly singles) with various activities once a month. FMI call 818-788-0290 (Leanne Shaul). Makom Or (Encino): celebrates Judaism through Meditation, music, etc. Mosaic: Jewish outdoor/hiking group. Stephen Wise Temple: Young congregation, 20s and 30s. Stibel Minyan: (LA) egalitarian Carlebach minyan. Ten-by-10 Jewish Singles: A Jewish singles group (all ages) which attends synagogues near the 10 Freeway. Ten different synagogues take turns hosting the group the first Friday of each month for services, refreshments, and socializing. 310-645-6262 (Rabbi Michael Beals). Valley Beth Shalom: In Encino, Conservative synagogue with young adult group. East Coast Connection: A new group of ―East Coast transplants."

California – San Diego
Alumot San Diego: United Jewish Federation of San Diego County: GesherBoard: Graduate student group run out of Hillel. Hillels San Diego:


Israel Center: shaliach Ezra Strassberg, JCC Young Adults: includes groups for people in their 20s, 30s, volunteers, Hebrew speakers. Jewish Journal: San Diego Jewish newspaper. Makom: Temple Beth Israel program for young adults.

California – San Francisco/Bay Area
ACCESS: Youth division for the American Jewish Congress. Has a lot of programming in the Bay area. Adat Israel: Joshua Strulowitz Orthodox Shul. Outreach-oriented. They host free High Holiday services geared towards beginners. Alumot San Francisco/Bay Yahoo group: Anti-Defamation League Central Pacific Region: Banch of ADL which runs educational programs, fights anti-Semitism and hate, and responds to anti-Semitic/antiIsrael activities. Runs a young leadership program. BayJews: lists Bay area young adult organizations, events. Berkeley JCC: Events for young adults. Chochmat HaLev: Carlebach-type Minyan in Berkeley. Directory of Jewish Resources: For the entire Bay Area. Hillel of Berkeley: Hillel of San Francisco: Israel Center of San Francisco: JCC of San Francisco: Many events for young adults. Jewish Bulletin: Jewish newspaper. Jewish and Mingle: Jewish Community Federation of the Greater East Bay: Jewish Community Federation of San Francisco: Jewish Study Network: (Palo Alto) classes, holiday celebrations, Shabbatonim. Joyful Bay Area: ListServe for Chochmat HaLev and Knesset HaLev. JUSI: Social group for Jewish singles and couples. Cheryl Weissbart. Kol Emeth: On the first Friday of each month Kol Emeth (Conservative) hosts a service and oneg shabbat for young adults of the greater Bay Area. Located in Palo Alto. Kulanu: Grad student and young adult chavurah of Berkeley Hillel., Gordon Gladstone. Makom Or: Ida Lewis, Meretz young adult group at Temple Sherith Israel (reform, in SF). Ilene Cohen NewBridges: Connect SF Jews to each other. New Generations: Young adult group of the New Israel Fund. Larissa Siegel PlanitJewish: Events calendar for San Francisco. 79ersSF Bay Area young adults who immigrated from Russia as kids. Temple Emanu-El: in San Francisco; Has an active young adult group. Temple Sherith Israel: Young adult group. TAG: Twentysomethings and Grads of Hillel Tzavta young adults program of the Israel Center of San Francisco YABS: Young Adults of Beth Shalom. Shabbat activities for young adults. YeaShore: Group that sponsors havdalah and beach bonfires. Young Adult Division of the Jewish Federation: Runs events throughout the Bay area, including in Silicon Valley, Napa Valley and in San Francisco.


California – Other
Hillel of Silicon Valley:

Colorado – Boulder
Colorado community organizations: JCC in Boulder: and Menorah (Boulder Adult Education opportunities): Young Jews in Boulder.

Colorado – Colorado Springs
Colorado Springs Virtual Jewish Community:

Colorado – Denver
Allied Jewish Federation of Colorado: Colorado Mosaic: Jewish outdoors/hiking group. Colorado Springs Singles: Denver and Colorado community organizations: Denver Alumot Yahoo group: Intermountain Jewish News: Jewish newspaper. Jewish Community Center: Loup JCC. Jewish Experience: Classes and activities for young Jews. Jewish Food and Film Club: Jewish University and Judaic Fellows Program BMH-BJ Study programs: including interactive Beit Midrash. Kohelet: young adult egalitarian minyan. Dona Mandell, 303-321-1078 or for more information. LChaimSingles: Resource for Jewish singles in the Denver area. Our World: Listing of Denver Jewish Organizations. Rocky Mountain Chai: keeps young Jewish adults in their 20s, 30s, and 40s up-to-date about what’s going on in Denver, and gets them together periodically. Young Jewish Professionals:

Jewish Ledger: West Hartford area Jewish newspaper. Jewish Federation of Greater New Haven:

District of Columbia
Aleph Outdoor Hiking Group: 703-383-9699 Alumot Yahoo Group: E-group for DC Alumot activities. Birthright Israel Southern Alumni: Birthright Israel alumni in the DC area. DC Beit Midrash: Learning and events for young adults. DC Minyan: Traditional egalitarian minyan made up of mainly young adults. DC Jewish Singles: Washington DC JCC. GesherCity: Young adult activities and events. Impact DC: Young Professionals branch of B’nai Brith. Organizes social, community service, religious/cultural, and political programs. Jewish Community Center: Many programs, events and classes for young adults. Jewish Federation of Greater Washington:


Jewish Learning Center: An independent center for adult Jewish Education. Engage with traditional texts and topics, contemporary Jewish culture and concerns. Jewish Week: Jewish newspaper. Jewish Information and Referral Service: A telephone information service that answers questions about local, national and international Jewish issues and concerns. JIRS provides information in the areas of health, welfare, culture, education, recreation, religious practices, communal affairs and urgent human welfare needs. PANIM: Institute for Jewish leadership and values. Shomrei Adama: Jewish environmental group. Yedid: Carlebach-type Kabbalat Shabbat services in Washington DC. Zooz: Celebrating Jewish festivals and Shabbatot for young adults. Home hospitality, Shabbatonim, retreats etc.

Delaware YAD (Young Adult Division):

Florida – North
Birthright Israel Southern Alumni: RAVAK: Congregation Shaarei Zedek’s singles group. Sarasota Singles. Sarasota. Tampa Bay Young Adults: Tampa Bay young adults. Fort Myers Singles:

Florida – South
Alumot Miami Yahoo Group: Alumot South Florida Yahoo Group: Birthright Israel Southern Alumni: Greater Miami Jewish Federation: Hillels of Miami area: Jewish Enrichment Center (Isralight) of the community Kollel. Baruch A. Plotkin: 561-702-6015; Center: 561-883-1511; Kollel office: 561-394-3904; E-mail: Jewish Federation of Palm Beach County: Jewish Florida: Jewish resources and organizations in Florida. Jewish Singles in South Florida: Kollel: Classes through Isralight. United Jewish Community of Broward County: Young Leadership Council of YAD of Miami:

Georgia – Atlanta
ACCESS: Young adult division of the American Jewish Committee. 404-233-5501. AIPAC: Israel advocacy. Young Leadership Division 770-541-7610. Atlanta Alumot Yahoo Group: Atlanta Singles Birthright Israel Southern Alumni: Chai/Atlanta: Atlanta on-line resource. Comprehensive Atlanta Young Adult Event Calendar: Federation Young Adult Division: Includes GAP (Grad students/young professionals). Hillel Grad Students and Young Professionals events: Interact: Division of the Jewish Family and Career Services. Provides young adults with opportunities to volunteer, network, and socialize. 770-677-9300. Israel Center:, 404-870-7686. Jewish Community Center: Jewish Pages: Events in the Atlanta area.


Jewish Times: Jewish newspaper. Lev Shalom: Reconstructionist egalitarian minyan. MetroAtlanta: Jewish events and activities. NAYA North Atlanta Young Adults of Congregation Etz Chaim: 770-563-5120 or Pardes Atlanta. Falyn Schmitt coordinates classes and Jewish learning, both through Pardes and in conjunction with other Jewish institutions in Atlanta. Russian Jewish Singles of Atlanta: Sam’s Group: organizes Shabbat dinners and services. Jewish Arts and Culture: In the intown community. TAG of Atlanta: Temple Young Professionals: Year-round activities, including religious observance and study, social action, community outreach, and social programming. 404-873-1731 1589 Peachtree Ave.

Illinois – Chicago
Alumot Chicago Yahoo Group: Anshe Emet: Conservative congregation with young adult programming. Chicago Jewish News: Chicago’s Jewish newspaper Jewish Federation of Metropolitan Chicago: GesherCity: Events calendar for Chicago, information about other Chicago Jewish organizations. Guide for Jewish living: Links to Jewish organizations throughout the Chicago area. HaMakom: Hillel GAP: Graduate Students and Professionals. Lori Lyons, Graduate/Professional Program Coordinator: Events are posted on the GesherCity site Israel Center: Israel Government Tourist Office: Jewish Young Adult Events Hotline: gives information about upcoming events for Jewish young adults..312-444-2870. Kehilla: Joint project of Heller JCC and 6 area synagogues. Lengthy List of Lists: Portal for all sorts of Jewish websites. Emphasis on Chicago Young Jewish Professionals Networking.

Baton Rouge Jews: Birthright Israel Southern Alumni:

Alumot Baltimore Yahoo Group: Alumni of Livnot U’Lehibanot and other Israel Experience Programs, and their friends. Baltimore Hebrew University: Classes and programs on Jewish subjects and themes. Birthright Israel Southern Alumni: B’nai Israel Synagogue: Includes many young adult activities. Etz Chaim: Jewish knowledge and spirituality taught with warmth and sensitivity. Rabbi Jason Gelber, 410-952-0441, GesherCity: Events calendar for Baltimore; information about other Baltimore Jewish organizations. Hillels of Baltimore: In Search Of: A network of singles of all ages from various parts of Maryland attend functions and help coordinate events to enable the single Jewish community to meet. JAM: Young adult program of the Jewish Community Center. Jewish Community Federation of Baltimore:

— 10 —

Young Adult Division of Federation: Jewish Maryland Singles: Jewish Times: Local Jewish newspaper, has page listing upcoming activities in the community. J-LINK: Activities for young Jewish adults through the JCC-DC. Sponsors Shabbat dinners with Makor-Baltimore. Society of Young Professionals: An innovative networking and social organization specifically targeting young professionals in the Baltimore area. TAG: 20somethings and grad students in the Baltimore area. Young Jewish Adults: Zooz: Celebrating Jewish festivals and Shabbatot for young adults. Home hospitality, Shabbatonim, retreats etc.

Massachusetts – Boston
Alumot Boston Yahoo Group: Birthright Israel Boston Alumni: Chai Center East: Jewish spirituality. Shabbat dinners, holiday celebrations, classes. Combined Jewish Philanthropies of Greater Boston: YAD division: GesherCity: Events calendar, info about other Boston Jewish organizations. Hillels Harvard Hillel: Tufts Hillel: Wellesley College Hillel: University of Mass Hillel Israel Center Israel Programs Desk :617-457-8655 or email Jewish Advocate: Boston’s Jewish newspaper Jewish Community Center — Strier: Jewish Community Center — Levental-Sidman: JinterAction: Coordinates social and community service events for Boston 20/30somethings. Kavod House: The Kavod Jewish Social Justice House is an innovative project to create community for 20-30-something Jews and connect them with social action opportunities . Kehillath Israel: Conservative synagogue with extensive outreach to young adults, incentives for membership/ programs/activities, etc Ma’ayan: provides opportunities for women to learn traditional texts. Minyan Shalem: Young adult minyan. Mishpucha Club: Group for young Jewish Russian-speaking adults and their friends. Hosts cultural, educational and social events. Pathways: A collaborative text study program of Aish HaTorah, CHAI-Harvard’s Jewish Graduate Student Association, GesherCity Boston, Jewish InterAction, Keshet and CJP’s Young Leadership Division, in partnership with Combined Jewish Philanthropies and Hebrew College. Porter St. Minyan: Informal community of Cambridge/Somerville young adults, meeting in members' homes approximately once a month for Friday night services (egalitarian, traditional all-Hebrew) and potluck vegetarian (dairy) dinner. Sign up online for their e-mail list. For more information, contact Linda Rosen 617-576-2820. Progressive Chavurah: Egalitarian young adult group which meets for Shabbat. Shalom Boston: Information for and about the Jewish Community of Greater Boston and beyond, including searchable directories of synagogues, minyans, agencies, services. Tremont St. Shul: Temple Beth Shalom of Cambridge, Extensive programming for20/ and 30-somethings. Egalitarian and traditional Shabbat minyanim.

— 11 —

Michigan – Detroit
Alumot Detroit Yahoo Group: Beth Emet Twenties and Thirties TNT: (Ann Arbor). B’nai Brith Young Leadership: COEJL: Michigan Coalition of Jews for the Environment. Community Directory: Detroit Jewish News: Jewish Federation of Metropolitan Detroit: Federation home page. Hillels of Metro Detroit: Includes a Graduate/Young Professional group. Israel Action Coalition: Campus pro-Israel advocacy group. Israel Center: Joey Selesny Machon L’Torah: Classes and discussion groups for exploring Jewish heritage. MetroGuide: Guide to Detroit’s Jewish community. Mosaic: Jewish hiking club. Shabbat Unplugged: Kabbalat Shabbat experience at Temple Israel for young adults. University of Michigan Hillels:

Alumot Yahoo Group: American Jewish World: Twin Cities Jewish weekly newspaper. Friends of Israel: Pro-Israel advocacy group. Hillel: Minneapolis Jewish Federation: TAG: Jewish grad students and young professionals. U of M students from the former Soviet Union:

Birthright Israel Southern Alumni: Deep South Jewish Voice: Jewish newspaper for Alabama and Mississippi.

Alumot Yahoo Group: Hillel Graduate and Professionals: Jewish Community Center: Jewish Federation of St. Louis:

New Jersey
Birthright Israel New York Alumni Association: Jewish Learning Experience: in Teaneck. Offers classes on all aspects of Judaism from an Orthodox perspective Singles:

New York – New York City
Alumot New York Yahoo Group: Bangitout: Fun website about being young and Jewish in New York — what to do, where to go. Birthright Israel New York Alumni Association: B'nai Jeshurun: Board of Jewish Education New York:

— 12 —

Brooklyn Jews: Activities, events, classes, prayer, social action, etc with young 20something / 30somethings in Brooklyn. Families and singles. Brooklyn Singles: Brooklyn/Queens Singles: Carlebach Shul: Dor Chadash: Young adult organization created to express connection to Israel through social, educational and cultural interaction. Israel Consulate: Hineni: Based in New York. Learning, connecting, classes, events. Orthodox. JCC on the Upper West Side: Jewish Enrichment Center: Classes, Shabbatonim, programs and holiday gatherings in lower Manhattan for young Jewish adults. Jewish Flame: Non-denominational classes on Jewish and Torah subjects. Jewish International Connection in New York:, Social group for Jewish people who are not originally American. Jew2Jew Network: Networking (specifically regarding employment) for young Jewish adults. Kehilat Hadar: Postings about classes and programs for NY. Lisa’s List: Activities list for young adults in NY — observant. Lishmah: Dedicated to highlighting Jewish learning by creating an extraordinary one-day experiences for Jews from across social, political, and denominational lines. Luach: Website that lists the goings- on in NY area. Manhattan Jewish Experience: Classes, Shabbatonim, get-togethers for young Jewish adults. Rabbi Ezra Cohen nd Makor/92 St. Y: Mosaic: Jewish outdoor/hiking. NY Blueprint: Classes, groups, happenings, events retreats. New York Jewish Post: NYC Young Jewish Professionals: Oyhoo: Web calendar of Jewish cultural happenings in the downtown area. Over 30s So What: Yahoo Group. Ramat Ora: Carlebach-style minyan on the Upper West Side. Rabbi Steven Friedman 917-734-0710. Located at 110th & Broadway. Schmoozing Yahoo Group: Zooz: Celebrating Jewish festivals and Shabbatot for young adults. Home hospitality, Shabbatonim, retreats etc.

New York – Upstate
Albany Young Jewish Adults: Buffalo Jewish Singles: Mosaic - Albany: Jewish outdoor/hiking club. Rochester GAP:

North Carolina
Alumot North Carolina Yahoo: Group Birthright Israel Southern Alumni: Chavurah: A graduate/professionals group open to couples and singles who share Jewish spirituality and community at monthly Shabbat services and dinner. To subscribe to the email list, send a blank email to Chabad of North Carolina: Rabbi Herman Charlotte Singles: Duke Freeman Center for Jewish Life: (grad students.) Durham-Chapel Hill Jewish Federation Jewish Federation of Greater Charlotte: North Carolina Hillel Chapel Hill Graduate Students:

— 13 —

Raleigh-Cary Jewish Federation. Raleigh Jewish Community Center: Triangle Jewish Professionals (Durham/Chapel Hill/Raleigh/Cary): TYJP – Triad Jewish Twentysomethings: (Greensboro/High Point/Winston-Salem area.) University of North Carolina Hillel at Ashville: Western North Carolina:

Ohio – Cincinnati
Hillels of Cincinnati: Israel Center: Barbara Miller, 513-985-1528, Jewish Spirituality: Affiliated and unaffiliated Jews seeking an "experiential" approach to spirituality. Their Yahoo Group is

Ohio – Cleveland
Alumot Yahoo Group: Anshe Chesed/Fairmount Temple: "The young people's congregation." An independent congregation of young adults (22-36) for singles, couples and young families. Jewish Community Federation of Cleveland: Israel Center: Jewish News: Events Calendar Jewish Resourcebook for Cleveland: Ruach: Siegal College’s program for non-denominational spiritual learning.

Ohio – Columbus
Columbus Jewish Federation: Jewish Community Center – Yassanoff: YJP Events: Young Jewish Professionals.

Oregon – Portland
Alumot Portland Yahoo Group: Jewish Connections of Portland: JCP’s goal is to provide social, professional, educational and civic activities for adults, 20's to 40's in the Portland Jewish community. Jewish Federation of Portland: Jewish Review: L’Harim Yahoo Group:, Hiking and outdoor events. Shaarie Torah: Orthodox synagogue with classes, programs.

Pennsylvania – Philadelphia
Aish in Philly: Rabbi Michael Stern Alumot Philadelphia Yahoo Group: Beth Zion Beth Israel: Conservative synagogue with a young adult group. Collaborative: The Collaborative connects Jewish professionals in their 20’s and 30’s to the Philadelphia Jewish community and provides access to Jewish organizations and local resources. Hillel of GesherCity: Lists events for young Jewish adults. Israel Center: JCC Gershman Young Adults: Jewish Exponent: Jewish newspaper. Jewish Federation of Greater Philadelphia:

— 14 —

Jewish Graduate Student Network: Jewish Philly: Comprehensive website listing information and events for Philadelphia Jews. Mosaic Pennsylvania: Jewish outdoor/hiking group. Philadelphia Singles: Philly Singles: Zooz: Celebrating Jewish festivals and Shabbatot with young adults. Home hospitality, Shabbatonim, retreats etc.

Pennsylvania – Pittsburgh
Alumot Pittsburg Yahoo Group. Hillels: Jewish Chronicle: Jewish newspaper. Jewish Education Institute: Classes in Hebrew and Judaism. Mosaic: Jewish hiking/outdoors group. Pittsburg Jewish Community Centers: Pittsburgh GAP: United Jewish Federation of Pittsburgh:

Rhode Island
JCC: Jewish Federation of Rhode Island:

South Carolina
Birthright Israel Southern Alumni: U of South Carolina Hillel:

Alumot Tennessee Yahoo Group: Baron Hirsch Synagogue Memphis: Birthright Israel Southern Alumni: Memphis Jewish Federation: Nashville Jewish Organization of Young Adults: Nashville JCC:

Texas – Austin
Jewish Community Association of Austin: Hillel: Jew 2 Jew Social Group: Thirtysomethings.

Texas – Dallas
Alumot Dallas Yahoo Group: Beit Midrash: DATA –Dallas Area Torah Association: Orthodox. Classes on Jewish texts/themes/etc. Chavurah groups. Dallas Jewish Singles Events: Dallas Virtual Jewish Community. Temple Emanu-El: Reform temple with an active Young Adult group. Contact Rabbi Goldenberg: Jewish Federation of Greater Dallas: Guide to Jewish organizations in Dallas: Write to request. Dallas Jewish Week: Jewish newspaper.

— 15 —

Dallas JCC:

Texas – Houston
Alumot Houston Yahoo Group: Hayom: Programs and activities for the young adult community in Houston. Hillels: Includes programming for Graduates and Professionals. Israel Center: Lori Actor. JCC of Houston: Events for young adults. JCC young adult list. Jewish Federation of Greater Houston: Jewish Herald-Voice: Jewish newspaper. Mosaic: Jewish outdoors/hiking group.

Bais Menachem: Chabad Lubavitch in Salt Lake City. 467-7777 or Brith Sholem: Ogden. (Reform). 392-7688. Chavurah B’Yachad: Salt Lake's Reconstructionist congregation. 325-4539 or Har Shalom Park City Jewish Center (Reform). Rabbi Josh Aaronson. 435649-2276 or Hillel: Kol Ami: with the Reform and Conservative movements. 484-1501. Shaarei Tfillah: (SLC) (Modern Orthodox). 466-2258.

Birthright Israel Southern Alumni. Charlottesville Graduates and Professionals:

Cool Jews: E-mail list for non-married Seattle 20- and 30somethings. Georgetown: GesherCity: Lists events and activities for young Jewish adults. Jconnect: Josh Miller: Young adults. Jewish Transcript: Jewish newspaper. Kol HaNeshama:, Progressive synagogue with outreach to young adults. Rabbi Michael Latz. MAEYC: Coalition of young adult programs in the DC area. Mercer Island Jewish Singles Yahoo Group: Panim Hadashot: Brings Jews of varying backgrounds and views of Judaism together to celebrate and learn together. Puget Sound Singles Jewish Community: Western Washington University:

GAP of University of Wisconsin/Madison Hillel – Madison: Hillel – Milwaukee: Jewish Chronicle: Jewish newspaper. Madison Young Professionals/Grad Students (YJAM): Milwaukee Israel Center: Milwaukee Jewish Organizations:

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Milwaukee Jewish Federation:

British Columbia – Vancouver
Adam ve-Adamah: Jewish environmental group.

Ontario – Toronto
Adath Israel: Conservative synagogue with Young Business and Professionals Network Bathurst JCC: Canadian Jewish News: Doing Jewish in Toronto: list of activities and events in the Toronto Jewish community. Hillel Graduates and Professionals Israel Experience Center: Anette Crandell,, phone: 416-635-2883. Kollel: (Reform) learning and prayer. Mosaic: Jewish outdoor/hiking group. Narayever Synagogue: Programming for young adults. Torat HaTeva: Jewish environmental organization. Alexandra Kuperman, 416780-0436. Toronto Singles: UJA Federation of Greater Toronto: Village Shul: (Orthodox) learning and prayer. They have a Shabbat program called ―Nashira‖ for young adults.

Quebec – Montreal
Bronfman Israel Experience Center: with Birthright follow-up. 514-345-6559.

England – London
JLE Jewish Learning Exchange: Rabbi Danny Kirsch 0044-208-458-4588. Offers learning opportunities for people on all levels. Golders Green. LIMMUD: Offers seminars and workshops on Jewish subjects. Retreats.

HaAretz: Israeli newspaper. Israel Tourism Ministry: Jerusalem Connection: HaMekubalim St. 3/5, in the Old City, on the square, in the same building as "Ahava" and "Mottis's Cafe." The entrance is in the middle of the building, between Ahava and Motti's, and we're on the top floor. Phone: 02 627-1283. Jerusalem Post: Israel newspaper. Jewish Agency Website: LOCAL: Local links from Israel. Mosaic: hiking group. Virtual Jerusalem: Articles and news about Israel and the Jewish world.

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