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					ENGAGE-Tuesday (ask students to interview their parents about their family traditions for homework) Materials / Prep Work: Globe(inflatable is fun) Activity: Find Israel on the Globe (if available, use an inflatable globe and throw to different children) EXPLORE -Tuesday (designed to integrate some math TEKS) Materials / Prep Work: Hanukkah book HYPERLINK "" (menorah template) Make a class menorah using template but have candles prepared in different lengths using strips of construction paper. Activity: Read: Hanukkah Discuss that this is a holiday that lasts for 8 days. That is why there are eight spots in the candleholder. The 9th candle is used to light the other candles. Explain that the shortest candles have been burning the longest. As a whole group have children put lengths of candles in order longest to shortest on the class menorah. ELABORATEMaterials / Prep Work: HYPERLINK "" (menorah template) HYPERLINK "" (candles) Activity: students make menorahs EVALUATE-Tuesday(designed as an assessment)? Materials / Prep Work: Three different lengths of colored strips about an inch wide and one strip that is the same length as one of the others or 3 candles of different lengths and one that is the same length as one of the others. (one set to pull aside for assessment?) Activity: Evaluate: Were children able to put the lengths in order shortest to longest and find the one that is the same?

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