Chanukah Quiz by forrests


									Chanukah Quiz Answer the following questions: On Chanukah we…?
*Light bon fires *Blow the Shofar *Light in Menorah *Dwell in booths

Chanukah lasts for…?
*Eight days *Seven days *One day *Forty days

On Chanukah we eat…?
*Matzo *Potato pancakes (latkes) *An apple dipped in honey *Haman’s cookies

On Chanukah children…?
*Play with cap guns *Play with Tops (dreidels) *Dress up in costumes *Drink four cups of wine

The hero of Chanukah was…?
*Queen Esther *Moses *King Solomon *Judah Macabee

The miracle of Chanukah was…?
*Dreidels never stopped spinning *The temple was rebuilt *A little jar of oil stayed in the Temple for eight days. *The Red Sea split

The Chanukah story happened in…?
*Persia *Egypt *Israel *Italy

Every night we sing…?
*The Song of Songs *Maoz Tzur *Hallel

Before we light the Menorah we…?
*Say a blessing *Clean our home from all leven products. *Eat jelly doughnuts *Spend gifts to friends.

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