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UNU-Kirin Fellowship Programme


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									UNU-Kirin Fellowship Programme

Award Ceremony for 2003-2004 Fellows
2 April 2004 Elizabeth Rose Conference Hall, UN House 5F 5-53-70 Jingumae, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 150-8925

14:00-14:10 Welcome Yozo Yokota, Special Adviser to the Rector, United Nations University 14:10-15:50 Achievements: Presentation of 2003-2004 UNU-Kirin Fellows’ research results Chair: Tohjiro Tsushida, Director, Food Function Division, National Food Research Institute (NFRI), Tsukuba 14:10-14:30 Mr. Tian Jiesheng (China): “Cloning the Gene of Beta-1,3-GalGlyNAc Phosphorylase” 14:30-14:50 Dr. Ravi Bhushan Tiwari (India): “Effect of Pretreatment on the Quality of Frozen Vegetables” 14:50-15:10 Dr. S V N Vijayendra (India): “Characterization and Application of Exo-beta 1,3-Glucanase” 15:10-15:30: Ms. Saowaluk Rungchang (Thailand): “Solvent Extraction Study of Antioxidants from Tamarind Seed Coat” 15:30-15:50 Ms. Do Thi Huyen (Vietnam): “Regulation and Improvement of Exoenzymes and Peptide Synthesis in Bacillus subtilis” 15:50-16:00 Remarks on the research results Tohjiro Tsushida, Director, Food Function Division, NFRI, Tsukuba 16:00-16:15 Coffee break (5F Lounge) 16:15-16:45 Award Ceremony Chair: Birgit Poniatowski, Academic Programme Officer, United Nations University Congratulatory Remarks: Yozo Yokota, Special Adviser to the Rector, United Nations University Koichiro Aramaki, President, Kirin Brewery Company Ltd. Kazuki Shinohara, Vice-President, National Food Research Institute (NFRI) Award of certificates of completion and gifts to the 2003-2004 UNU-Kirin Fellows Award of letters of appreciation to the Fellows’ advisers 16:45-16:50 Brief introduction of 2004-05 UNU-Kirin Fellows, Satoko Musumi 16:50-17:00 Group photograph *―*―*―*―*―*―*―*―* UNU-Kirin Fellows for 2004-2005 Started training at NFRI on 1 April 2004: Dr. Alok Jha (India) Dr. Gunasekaran Nagamuthu (India) Ms. Tuyatsetseg Jambal (MongoIia) Mr. Wanchai Panthavee (Thailand) Ms. Doan Thi Thanh Huong (Vietnam)

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