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Minutes of the Keynsham Town Council Meeting held on Tuesday 15th September 2009 at 7.30pm in the Town Hall, Keynsham. ______________________________________________________________________


Councillor R Staddon – Chairman Councillors R Clark, T Crouch, C Davis, C Fricker, G Hellier, C Kirwan, K Kirwan, A Matthews, B Simmons, K Simmons, C Tucker and A Wait


Cllr C Gerrish (B&NES), E A Giles – Town Clerk


APOLOGIES FOR ABSENCE Apologies were received from Councillors D Brassington (work commitments) and S Gill (moving home).


DECLARATIONS OF INTEREST To receive any Declarations of Interest under the Local Authority (Model Code of Conduct) Order 2007, issued under SI No. 11/59 including paragraph 12 (2). There were none.


CONFIRMATION OF MINUTES RESOLVED: That the minutes of the meeting held on 11th August 2009 be confirmed as a true record and be signed by the Chairman.




CHAIRMAN‟S ANNOUNCEMENTS The Chairman had one announcement; ALCA had obtained a seat on the Avon Pension Fund and were looking for a volunteer for this post. Volunteers had to be notified by 24th September and if there is more than one volunteer than a ballot would be held. Councillor K Kirwan volunteered for this.


QUESTIONS ON NOTICE BY MEMBERS Councillor Crouch raised the issue of attendance at the Town Plan Steering Group by Town Council officers. As B&NES send two officers he believed that the Town Council should do the same, especially as the Town Clerk would miss the next meeting because of holiday. It was agreed that the Deputy Town Clerk attend the meetings.



15th September 2009


MINUTES OF MEETINGS RESOLVED: That the minutes of the Planning Committee (17th August and 7th September 2009) and the Victorian Evening Working Party (8th September 2009) be received.


SCHEDULE OF ACCOUNTS – MONTH 5 (August 2009) Councillor Crouch asked about Chq 1562 – why was it necessary to buy new shuttering, does it get worn out? In the past the Council have used timber shuttering which needs regular replacement as it rots and with timber the shuttering has to be done horizontally from inside the grave space. This new shuttering is metal and will last 20 years. It also has the advantage that the shuttering is vertical and can therefore be done from ground level. A serious Health and Safety improvement. Councillor B Simmons asked if the Wessex Water Bill for the Cemetery was just for water, in view of the fact that the cemetery has a septic tank. The Clerk said she did not know but would check. (Note: it is purely for water). Councillor K Kirwan thought the bill for the advertisement in Denton‟s was high. The Clerk said it was the standard charge for a third of a page. RESOLVED: That the schedule of accounts for month 5 (August 2009) be approved.


BANK RECONCILIATION - Month 5 (August 2009) RESOLVED: That the bank reconciliation for month 5 (August 2009) be received and noted.


PETTY CASH EXPENDITURE – Month 5 (August 2009) RESOLVED: That the petty cash expenditure for month 5 (August 2009) be approved.


BUDGET MONITORING REPORT – Month 5 (August 2009) Councillor Wait asked about the minus figure for the audit. The Clerk replied that this was for the external audit for 2008/2009 and was a carried forward figure. It will disappear when the bill is paid. Councillor Wait then asked about the income from the cemetery having reached 85% of the income expected already and was concerned about how much longer the cemetery would last. The Clerk explained that not all of the burials were new plots and she believed there was a good five or six years left. RESOLVED: That the budget monitoring report for month 5 (August 2009) be received and noted.



15th September 2009


MOTIONS ON NOTICE Councillor Crouch spoke to his motion. He said that there were sufficient funds in the Community Safety New Initiatives budget. This was seconded by Councillor Hellier. The vote was 12 in favour with 1 abstention. RESOLVED: That £2,000 be reserved for the Town Plan (if needed).


FUNDING FOR DISABLED RAMP AT KEYNSHAM STATION The Clerk informed the Members that when this matter was first raised some 3 to 4 years ago the Town Council agreed to add £2,000 to the project. The project never materialised and so the money eventually went into the general reserve. After a short discussion it was agreed that this project be supported and that the Clerk should write to First Great Western.


BANDSTAND DAMAGE The Clerk reported that the grounds staff had repainted the wall and had completed the process of recoating the surface with anti-graffiti paint. The amount of graffiti has reduced almost to nil since the police have been visiting the site on a regular basis. With regard to the repairs to the canopy the Clerk believes that at this stage the cheapest repair should be made because if the Council decide to put money in the budget for 2010/11 to build the store then the rear section of the canopy will need to be removed and a replacement panel added at that point. After a discussion in which it was agreed that the police should be pressed on the use of the mobile CCTV camera that a further report be brought in October in which the following points are investigated; What the view of the insurance company is in delaying the claim/repair? Look at the cost of purchasing a dummy camera. Look at the cost of a composite dome repair.


UPDATE ON SKATE PARK The Clerk reported that she had received a reply from Mr Chipp which gave as the reason for planning permission, that the facility would be more than 200cubic metres. The Clerk queried this with the designers who confirmed to her that it would only be 170 cubic metres which is within permitted development rights. Gravity sent to the planners some technical information to support this and the Clerk was told by Mr Chipp that a further scaled plan had been asked for. The planning officer went on holiday but failed to make the request. The Clerk followed this up with Gravity and Mr Chipp and the information was supplied in hard copy on Friday 11th September 2009. The Clerk said that she had spoken to Gravity that afternoon and if the order were confirmed within the next 10 days then a build slot starting at the end of October was programmed in.



15th September 2009

Councillor Crouch proposed that the order be confirmed. This was seconded by Councillor Hellier. The vote in favour was unanimous. 128. ENTERING KEYNSHAM IN THE SOUTH WEST IN BLOOM COMPETITION The Clerk reiterated her point in the report that with her retirement due in the Summer of 2010 then it might be better for the Members to make a commitment in principle to entering in 2011 which would give the new Clerk time to „get into the job‟ and obtain some costs for the 2011/12 budget. After a debate Councillor Wait proposed that an „in principle‟ decision be made to enter in 2011. This was seconded by Councillor Davis. The vote was 6 in favour, I against and five abstentions. RESOLVED: That the above motion be agreed. 129. SUPPORT FOR FAIR TRADE Councillor Crouch proposed that the Town Council should agree to the request to send a letter as detailed in the agenda. This was seconded by Councillor Hellier. The vote in favour was12 with 1 abstention. RESOLVED: That the above motion be agreed. 130. MORE POWERS TO PARISH AND TOWN COUNCILS Councillor Crouch was concerned that the wording of the EDM would turn Local Council Associations into mini principal authorities, however he agreed we should write to our MP. Councillor Wait asked if this had any impact on the Power of Wellbeing. The Clerk said “no”. Councillor Crouch proposed that we write as requested and this was seconded by Councillor Wait. The vote in favour was unanimous. RESOLVED: That the above motion be agreed. 131. B&NES TENDERS FOR SUPPORTED BUS SERVICES After a discussion it was agreed to support, in principle, the service that runs through Keynsham from the villages on Sundays and Bank Holidays. 132. REMOVAL OF BT SERVICES AND ADOPT A KIOSK SCHEME After a discussion, in which it was established that the red telephone kiosk outside the Old Manor House was listed, Councillor Crouch proposed that no objection would be raised regarding the removal of the kiosk in The Centre but there seemed to be a significant amount of usage on the one by the Old Manor House so this should be opposed. This was seconded by Councillor K Simmons. The vote in favour was unanimous. RESOLVED: That the above motion be agreed.



15th September 2009


TOWN PLAN STEERING GROUP MEETING RESOLVED: That the minutes of the Town Plan Steering Group held on 25th August 2009 be noted.


SAFETY TESTING OF HEADSTONES AT CEMETERY RESOLVED: That the report be received and noted.


DAMAGE/VANDALISM SHEET RESOLVED: That the report be received and noted.


CORRESPONDENCE ITEMS RESOLVED: That the correspondence items as listed on the agenda be received.


INFORMATION ITEMS RESOLVED: That the information items listed on the agenda be noted.


DATE OF NEXT MEETING RESOLVED: That the date of the next meeting be Tuesday 13th October 2009 at 7.30pm.

The meeting closed at 8.40pm. There were 2 members of the public present.

Signed: ………………………………………… Date: ……………………………. (Chairman)

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