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									MINUTES OF THE PARISH COUNCIL MEETING HELD IN RANSKILL CHURCH ROOM ON TUESDAY 18 March 2008 AT 7.30 P.M. PRESENT: Councillors: Valentine (Chairman), Blatchford, Brown, Kercel, Bown, and West. District Councillor Mike Gray Clerk: Mrs M Annable 1 Member of the public In attendance: Annie Thurgarland (Warden - Daneshill Lakes) OPEN FORUM 01/0308: APOLOGIES: Councillors: Walker and Denman (Holiday) The Clerk referred to the Planning Applications received during February and apologised for omitting Item 9 (a) on the Agenda. DECLARATIONS OF PERSONAL AND PREJUDICIAL INTEREST – Councillors Valentine and West declared a Personal but not Prejudicial interest in item 9 (a). MINUTES OF THE MEETING HELD ON 19 February 2008 - The Chairman referred to the voting figures on the proposals for the Community Centre ensuring that all present were in agreement of the figures before signing the minutes as a true record. Resolved: Agreed and signed as a true record. COMMUNITY CENTRE The Parish Council considered the inclusion in the discussion paper of a second site plan for the park option, showing the building at ninety degrees to the position already approved for inclusion. Resolved: Unanimous decision for the inclusion of the second site plan. BDC request information on the actual garage sites for any intended car parking areas for the proposed Community Centre. Additionally BDC require information on the source/amount of funding for the project. Resolved: Cllr Bown will respond to this request for information by letter. An email received by the Clerk from Cllr Walker was noted by the Parish Councillors present - the rationale for change in location of the Community Centre was felt by the Steering Group to be beneficial - whether or not Authority is required to include Torworth villagers in the voting process Clerk to contact the Legal Department BDC CRIME FIGURES – There had been five crimes committed during the previous month. Details to be published in the STAR. 1



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DISTRICT COUNCILLOR – Distict Councillor Gray made reference to the unpopular 6.00 pm closure of the Daneshill Lake Site. Annie Thurgarland informed the meeting of the difficulties with Staffing to lock the site at a later time and of vandalism and abuse to the site i.e. stolen and burnt out cars had been left, litter and obscene articles discarded, also the threat of the car park being used as tipping ground following closure of the Daneshill Recycling Tip. This information was useful to the reasoning behind early closure. District Councillor Gray will be attending a meeting with NCC to discuss the matter further. The Chairman thanked Ms Thurgarland for attending the meeting. HIGHWAYS & TRAFFIC– The Parish Council noted the following matters Great North Road Signage – the Parish Council considered the positioning of two new Road Signs. Resolved: one to be placed on the building side facing Blyth Road and the other to be placed in front of the Blue Bell public house facing Mattersey Road/Station Road. Trees and Benches – 2 benches are to be placed, one at the corner of Folly Nook Lane on the A638 another on the New Road pathway (Mattersey Road side). 12 trees to be planted (10 on grassed verge Westside A638 2 either side of bench on A638). Installation date week commencing 17 March 08 courtesy of Building Better Communities. Land adjoining Victoria Cottages, Blyth Road – awaiting information from NCC Highways investigation. Local Businesses – the Parish Council noted a letter from NCC Highways Department regarding loss of income by local businesses as a result of the recent roadworks carried out in Ranskill. The letter states that the County Council, as Highway Authority has a general duty under the Highways Act 1980 to maintain, and a power to improve the Highway. The Act makes no specific provision for compensation in these circumstances. Oaks Close Barrier – research was carried out to establish the usage, origin and responsibility for the barrier via NCC, BDC and local residents. Further enquiries will be made to NCC to find out if they will cover the cost of removing the existing barrier when the Parish Council decide what can be installed as an alternative option. Litter Left – several bin liners and other refuse had been left out on the pavement area close by the Antique Shop. The Clerk will notify BDC to have this cleared. Station Road – pot hole near Eldon House. Mattersey Road – repeating flooding on the corner close to Whitton Close junction. Drain outside the park is blocked. Request for flooding signs to be removed when not in use. FINANCE Hanging Baskets Income 28 baskets had been sponsored to date. £1120.00 2


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RESOLVED: that the following cheques be passed for payment: 1142 1143 1144 1145 1146 1147 Post Office Ltd. Stamps for SAE Ranskill Methodist Church NCC Supplies Mrs M Annable Clerks Salary Petty Cash N.A.L.C. Subscriptions 08/09 £221.00 £30.00 £72.03 £353.16 £30.00 £183.25


The Clerk asked for approval to appoint Sarah James as Internal Auditor. Resolved: The Parish Council approved. PLANNING - Applications Received: At this point Cllr. Valentine left the meeting Location: St.Ives, Folly Nook Lane, Ranskill Proposal: Demolish Existing House & Erect Dwelling with Detached Double Garage. No objections At this point Cllr. Valentine rejoined the meeting. Location: Thorne House, Blyth road, Ranskill Proposal: Change of use of part of Existing Paddock to Residential Curtilage & Retention of Surfaced Driveways. Resolved: that the Parish Council objected to the plans on the grounds that:a) The land is proportionally outside the village envelope b) There would be a considerable highways issue for safe access Location: Land Adjacent Thorne Cottage, Blyth Road, Ranskill Proposal: Erect Detached Dwelling & Garage & Alter Existing Access. (Resubmission of P/A 39/06/13) Notice of a Public Inquiry to take place on 08 April at 10.00 am in The Venetian Room, Worksop Town Hall, Potter Street, Worksop. Location: Thorne Cottage, Blyth Road, Ranskill Proposal: Conversion of Outbuildings and Stores to Form 2 No. Cottages with Car Shed. (Resubmission of P/A 39/06/14) Notice of an Informal Hearing to take place (as above). Resolved: that the Parish Council have already expressed a view on the above two resubmissions. Location: 4 Stonehill Close, Ranskill Proposal: Erect Detached Garage Permission Granted Location: Ranskill Bowls Club, Station Road, Ranskill Proposal: Erect New Wooden Pavillion Permission Granted 3

09/0308 a)




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AMENITIES AND FACILITIES The Parish Council noted: Bus shelter – the base had been laid in preparation for the bus shelter to be installed on the Great North Road. Youth – the Youth Shelter was installed in the Park on Tuesday 18 March 08. Courtesy of Grants received from the Big Lottery Funding and Veolia Trust. Village Park: Cllr Bown had acquired a quote from Fencing Zaun Systems for new fencing at the front of the park, amounting to approximately £6,000. The Clerk was asked to seek funding for this project. The Play Area Inspections by BDC began in February and will continue on a monthly basis. Grant for Play equipment – Nothing to report. Hedge Laying – enquiries had been made to the Senior Nature Conservation Officer. This specialist work is very costly. Clerk to find out if an Agricultural College is planning a course in hedge laying and the park used as a training site. Other alternative would be to apply for a grant. Web Site – the Parish Council discussed the importance and need for the continuation of the Village Website. Currently managed on a voluntary basis by the previous Clerk in the hope that the new Clerk will take over sometime in the future. Birch Wood – the area remains heavily waterlogged and the Clerk will approach NCC and Anglian Water to assess the problem. Hanging Baskets – sponsorship for the hanging baskets is steady and will continue to be advertised in the STAR. CEMETERY A revised Quote from Robert Fisher to repair 4 headstones without trace of relatives amounted to £100. Resolved: the work be undertaken and Torworth Parish Council be informed. CORRESPONDENCE: The Parish Council noted: A request for support for the Village Festival:- £200.00 + VAT for Traffic signs - £21.00 for the Temporary Event Notice - pay the invoice for Marquee Hire with monies from the Festival Committee Parish Council reclaim VAT - inform the Parish Council Insurers of the event Resolved: the Parish Council agreed to support the Festival in the same way as the previous year. A request for financial assistance from a member of 1 st Ranskill Guides to represent Nottinghamshire Guides on a trip to Switzerland in February 09, as part of a group of guides from the Midlands region. 4


12/0308: a)


Resolved: the Parish Council agreed to give £25.00 towards the cost of £750 as well as providing further contacts/ideas for further funding. 13/0308: CORRESPONDENCE TO BE CIRCULATED: Travel and Transport Briefing NHS Primary Care Trust – Positive Planning and Landscape Police Press Release x 2 Questionnaire for GP Led Health Centre Location Bus Timetables INFORMATION TO BE FORWARDED TO NEXT MEETING – New village Notice Board DATE OF NEXT MEETING: Tuesday 15 April 2008 Signed as a true record Chairman








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