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									“My Handy Little Guide to a laughter-filled children’s party”
Here’s how to organise and host a children’s party that the everyone will always look back on fondly with broad smiles!
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Table of Contents
Introduction ________________________________ 3 Choose time/day ____________________________ 4 Choose a theme ____________________________ 4 Guest List _________________________________ 4 Checklist of supplies _________________________ 5 Venue ____________________________________ 6 Invitations _________________________________ 6 Food _____________________________________ 6 The Cake__________________________________ 7 Schedule of Events ________________________ 7,8 Batteries, Photos, Video & more ________________ 9 Gifts for the guests _________________________ 10 Decorating ________________________________ 10 About this guide ___________________________ 11


When you want to host a children’s party of any size, here’s how to create a truly memorable occasion.

☺ Plan. ☺ Follow through.
If you do these two things, your guests will remember the party, and speak fondly of it for years ahead. Our little Party Planner has been put together to make it so easy for you.

So, let the party begin!

Choose a suitable day, date and time for your party.
Day/Date ______________Time _________________________

Decide on a theme for the party. Do this with your child – they’ll love being involved in the excitement of the whole planning process from the beginning. If you’d like some ideas on themes, why not visit your local party supply outlet to see what’s available? You can browse and shop online at our site,, if you are nearby visit Kallangur Party Hire and Supplies, or simply phone us on 07 3285 5755. We’re always happy to help! Our Theme ______________________________________

Decide upon your guest list. Who’s invited?
________________________________ _________________________________ ________________________________ _________________________________ ________________________________ _________________________________ ________________________________ _________________________________ ________________________________ _________________________________ ________________________________ _________________________________ ________________________________ _________________________________ ________________________________ _________________________________ ________________________________ _________________________________ ________________________________ _________________________________ ________________________________ _________________________________


Here’s a checklist of items you might wish to consider purchasing for your party from your party supplies shop…

Happy Birthday Banners Pin the Tail Game Helium Balloons Costumes Blow-Out Whistles Other Party Games Paper/Plastic Plates Paper Table Clothes

Party Hats Pinata’s Balloons (air-filled) Sparklers Poppers Streamers Plastic Cutlery Serviettes


Choose a suitable venue.
Think about the area you have choose to hold your party, and take into account the children’s safety. Ensure your area is clear of any hazards. If you are going to hold the party in your own home, then you’ll want to make sure that none of your valuables are likely to be damaged by over-enthusiastic children! Your Venue ______________________________________

Sending your invitations
The sooner you send your invitations out, the more chance that you’ll avoid your child’s disappointment that some children don’t respond. You see, your chosen date might conflict with other children’s parties. And considering you will probably be inviting classmates, it is especially important to distribute your invitations as soon as possible.


Keep your food simple. Once upon a time children’s parties consisted of lollies, lollies and more lollies. It’s a good idea to incorporate some fruit and vegetables, like apples and carrots for the children. Of course, you’ll probably want to buy some party pies and party sausage rolls too!



Now, you could go out and buy a cake, or you may prefer to bake your own. If you bake your own, how about involving your children in the process. They’ll have a ball… and so will you! If you chose to order your cake, write down where you have ordered it from and when it will be ready for picking up. Bakery/Cake Shop ________________________________ When ready for pick-up ____________________________

Why not write a schedule of the big event?
You might like to write down a loose schedule of events so that you accomplish everything you’ve set out to. Note the word “loose”. You won’t need to, or want to, adhere to your schedule too strictly. The ultimate goal is for everyone to enjoy themselves. On the next page is a blank form you might like to use for your schedule…


Time Event

____________ __________________________________ ____________ __________________________________ ____________ __________________________________ ____________ __________________________________ ____________ __________________________________ ____________ __________________________________ ____________ __________________________________ ____________ __________________________________ ____________ __________________________________ ____________ __________________________________ ____________ __________________________________ ____________ __________________________________ ____________ __________________________________ ____________ __________________________________ ____________ __________________________________ ____________ __________________________________


Have you got your batteries ready?

There’s few things more frustrating than when batteries run out of steam just when you want to take those magical shots, or video footage!

Photos/Video Footage
Take plenty of photos and/or video footage because you’ll want to look fondly back on this day for years and years to come.

Don’t forget the little things… For example, what about matches?
After all, you’ll need to light all those candles on the cake, won’t you?


Gifts for the little guests…
It’s a good idea to hand each of the children a little gift for coming. A helium filled balloon and a bag of lollies are an ideal gift for coming and for taking part in your child’s day. You may have the balloons filled with helium ready to pick up the day of the party. Your party supply outlet should be able to do this for you. Otherwise, you can hire helium pumps and do it yourself. Kallangur Party Hire and Supplies has them in stock.

Let’s involve the kids in decorating!
Your children will have a great time creating a fun and colourful atmosphere for everyone to enjoy. Above all else, have fun! And remember, a good party supply company will be only too happy to help you in every step of the way to ensure a fun, hassle-free and fondly memorable occasion!


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