Pre-Party Rules of Thumb by forrests


									Pre-Party Rules of Thumb
Dress for the weather
Programs will include outdoor activities rain or shine.

*Rain– party-goers should wear a raincoat with hood or hat, boots, no umbrellas.

*Snow or cold weather– party-goers should wear snow pants, coat, hat, mittens/ gloves, boots.

Stay on the designated trail.

Remain with the group.

Everyone listens.

330 N. Main Street, Crystal Lake, IL

Take only memories, leave only footprints

Crystal Lake Park District Nature Center

Crystal Lake Park District Nature Center

Mailing Address:

Crystal Lake Park District One East Crystal Lake Avenue Crystal Lake, IL 60014






Nature Center Address:

330 N. Main St. Crystal Lake, IL 60014

Phone: (815) 455-1763 Fax: (815) 455-1226 Visit us online at Email:

.B I R T H D A Y


Your child’s birthday party will be unique, memorable and at the same time educational and fun. Nature Center Birthday Party Packages are geared to your child’s interests and age. Whether you are looking to host a party at your own location with one of the ‘Traveling Naturalist Staff’,” or if you are looking for both a party location and program, the Nature Center has exactly the birthday party package you are looking for.

Have A ‘WILD’ Birthday!!

N A T U R E C E N T E R W I S H LI S T P . A . L . S . B I R T H D A Y P AR T Y


What treasure do you have hiding in your closet? Some of these items may not seem that important to you, but can make a profound difference to one of the many children that explore the Nature Center and discover the world outside. Help us in our mission to "connect people with nature." We accept donations of any of the following items, as well as others. If you want to support the Nature Center but can't offer any of these items, we also accept cash donations. Thank you for your continued support and friendship.
Animal Food and Supplies bird seed pine bedding ferret food rabbit food frozen mixed vegetables timothy hay reptile sand metal water bottle holders water bottles rodent igloos aquariums aquarium covers aquarium hoods/lights heat lamps/bulbs (fluorescent, UV & heatlamp) large animal cages plain clay kitty litter litter box scoopers food scoopers strainers white vinegar dog nail clipper fingernail clipper creamy/chunky peanut butter sandwich size ziplock bags Tools peat potting soil large bird feeder bird bath heater clay pots plastic pots wheel barrels

P.A.L.S. Birthday Party: $110. The P.A.L.S. Party requires that Birthday goers bring supplies worth a minimum of $5 each to help fund the Nature Center animals. P.A.L.S. stands for “Providing Animals with Loving Sponsors. Traveling Naturalist Party: $70 residents/$100 non -resident. $4 resident every child over 15/$6 non -resident every child over 15. Forty-four cents/mile round trip for sites outside of Crystal Lake Park District boundaries. Basic Nature Center Party: $130 Regular Birthday Party for Residents or Non-Residents during our open or closed hours. *Birthday Party fees are for a maximum of 15 children. Each additional child is $4 (Resident)/$6 (Non -Resident).

Exhibits and Programs
owl pellets small paint brushes paints (Acrylic and Home) bird bath heater binoculars waders nets lighted microscopes microscope lights water viewers educational play rug long tables nature puzzles nature books nature games rubber animal tracks animal puppets nature stamps ink pads markers glue glue sticks crayons construction paper pelts chalk pipe cleaners scissors Tools loppers leather work gloves shovels hand shovels coil hose misting system potting bin

A 2 1/2 hour rental includes: a 1 hour naturalist led program plus 1 1/2 hour set-up and party space for your activities such as drinks, cake and presents. A variety of topics are available and customized for the age range of the party guests. Most topics include a hike, meeting an animal and a craft. Kids should dress for fun in any weather. All decorating, food, set -up and light clean up is the renter’s responsibility and must be completed within the 2 1/2 hour rental period. Additional time is charged extra. We kindly request a two week notice. Topics include:  Animal Adventure  Planting Party  Reptile Safari  Science Magic Seasonal Topics include:  Incredible Insects  Pond Pals   Beautiful Butterflies
Call (815) 455-1763 to book your party.

Call The Nature Center at (815) 455-1763 for date and time availability.

Information on PALS Sponsorship Discount on attached flyer

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