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Melbourne Observer - Wednesday, July 23, 2008 - Page 11



Global warming sceptics

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All Wheels Show & Shine
■ The Rotary Club of Cobram is holding an All Wheels Show and Shine at the Cobram Showgrounds from 9am-2pm on Sunday, August 10. A swap meet will held from 6am, and a $500 farm bike challenge will be held. The challenge includes driving, balance and precision, camp, speed event and a whipcracking course. The final event will be campdrafting sheep, with no dogs allowed. Contact Adrian Bennett on 5873 4267.


Trespassers on farm land

Letter-to-the-editor writer Beverly Veale of Glenburn reports that North-South Pipeline workers trespassed on her family farm property, and also a neearby holding. She says the three people had not sterilised their boots in the time between the two properties, presenting the danger of cross-contamination, especially when there was a danger of Johne’s Disease.

Thug scores prison term

Christopher Folima, 24, of Emma Ave, Warrnambool, is to spend six months in jail after breaching an intensive corrections order, received after he launched a savage attack on a man he did not know. Folima explained the attack to Police: “No real reason. I just have a problem when people stare at me.”

Fascinating to see Australia’s two leading spiritual figures come out with statements sceptical about climate change. Cardinal George Pell and broadcaster Derryn Hinch are both voicing scepticism about the notion. “I myself am a little bit of a sceptic, but that means I’m open to evidence,” said Australia’s Catholic leader. “I’m a bit of a sceptic about the claim that hu● George Pell man activity is likely to to produce a man-made catastrophe,” Cardinal Pell said. Hinch is hitching his wagon to the Andrew Bolt school of doubt. Meanwhile, the CSIRO has released a study with predictions of increased temperatures for specific Victorian regions and towns. It can be viewed at:

New mum Corrina Farquhar, 21, told Police she went on a crime spree to escape from looking after her infant child and to get an “adrenaline rush”. She left her infant with a babysitter anf broke into cars and garages in the Delacombe neighbourhood, Ballarat Court has been told. She has been placed on a community-based order, and ordered to pay $440 compensation.

Glick’s bakery rolled
Glick’s Bakery looks like being knocked back from Chadstone Shopping Centre, reports Ashley Browne of The Australian Jewish News. “The board of Colonial First State, the Australian investment company that is the majority owner of the centre, is believed to have shunned the Jewish bakery because it would not have opened on Saturdays and Jewish holidays.” “They were the ones who first approached us to open at the centre,” said Nathan Glick.

A NSW farming identity Paul Hamilton has been sentenced to a minimum 17month jail term after being found to have neglected thousands of cows, horses and goats while boss of Starrate Pty Ltd, a biotechnology company. The RSPCA discovered starving and deceased animals on the property near Junee.

Every Wednesday in the Observer
“There are only two types of journalism - dull journalism and exciting journalism. The true journalism is exciting and decidely unobjective. True journalism, in my view, is devoted entirely to the revelation of facts which someone does not want revealed. That is the high point of journalism; it is the real meaning of being a journalist; it is also exciting and is interesting to read.” - Maxwell Newton

Jail over ambo theft

Dean Vimpani, 27, of Mitchell St, of Berrigan has been refused bail as he appealed against a 15-month jail sentence after stealing needles, syringes and drugs from the Finley ambulance station. Vimpani was also sought on offences alleged to have occurred at Sydney, Claymore and Tuross Head.

$800 fine for drug offences

Matthew John O’Connor, 37, of Wimmera St, Dimboola, told Police that he used cannabis for medical and social purposes. O’Connor’s home was checked by Police after an incident at Ararat Railway Station where he was intoxicated and abused staff. Magistrate Andrew Capell said: “You’ re likely to drift back into trouble and if you do you will be incarcerated.”

Plans for 90th birthday party
A 90th birthday party is being arranged for Don Henderson, a Bulldog rickman of World War II years. His daughter, Jan Seal, is interested in hearing from friends of yesteryear, wishing to attend. It will be from 12 Noon on Sunday, August 10. Henderson played only 11 games with Footscray, when an RAAF member about 1944. His career was recalled 30 years later when a local paper headed an article “The day Don donged Dyer”. Henderson joined the police Force and became a Sergeant in turn at Footscray and Sun■

Observer Larry


Dream location for power

East Gippsland could follow the Latrobe Valley as part of a “dream location” for geothermal power generation in Australia. The resource has the potential to supply 30 per cent of Australia’s power needs.

● Larry Noye

Attacker locked up

kevin Valli, 53, of Bendigo, used the terms ‘maggot’, ‘dog’ and ‘slut to describe a woman he had been living with temporarily. Valli threw furniture at the walls of a Long Gully house. “You have a lot of bagge on your prior history sheet,” said Magistrate Tim McDonald, imposing a onemonth jail sentence.

shine. He also coached sunshine club to Metropolitan and Footscray District League flags. He served Legacy and Deer Park Lions Club. Mrs Seal welcomes inquiries on 9826 0202.

Big bounce
The Charles Sutton Medal for 2008 will be presented for the Bulldogs’ best player on Tuesday, September 30. Cost is from $250. Last year’s winner was Brian Lake. Dog Tales, a 12-page colour publication produced by the club supp■

Drunk driver hit 165-kmh
■ Daniel John Vanzetta, 22, formerly of Daylesford, hit speeds of 165-kmh when he drove on the Western Fwy, Myrniong, with three mates as passengers. Vanzetta initially refused to pull over. He blew .093. Placed on a bond, he was fined $350, and disqualified for 18 months.


● Don Henderson

orters’ group lists a brisk round of social events. They began with an venet for Barwon supporters after the gala Geelong game last Saturday; and include at Mulgrave Country Club today (Wed.); at East Lake Football Club, Canberra on the evening at 6pm of the match against Sydney in Canberra on Sunday afternoon, August 3; at a Kangaroo Point hotel in Queensland at 6pm the evening before the match against Brisbane at the Gabba on August 16; at a similar match in Adelaide at 6pm the evening befopre a match against Adelaide tehre on Saturday, August 30 The club will stage a ‘Big Bounce’ Grand Final Eve lunch from 12 Noon to 3.30pm on Friday, September 26 at the Medallist Bar, Telstra Dome. Be prepared for a big bounce in one’s pocket cost is $225. Inquiries for most events with the club, phone 9680 6103.

Jack Collins
On the very evening preceding the Western Bulldogs’ legends dinner (see Page 41), legend Jack Colins died. He had taken ill at his home at Werribee and died not long afterwards. ‘Collo’ was brother of Alan Collins, a fine forward flanker who once kicked nine goals in a game for the Bulldogs in the World War II years, and of Bobbie, a ruckman in later years,’ He was a clever player, who played fullforward in the 1954 premier team and kicked a then-very-high seven goals in the flag team that beat Melbourne. Jack was in turn Secretary and President of the club after retiring and was made a forward pocket in Footscray’s Team of The Century. Simon Beasley was fullforward. Collins was not elected as a legend.


Melbourne staff agency, Westaff, is placing ads in local newspapers, seeking people to fill the role of Santa Claus this summer. The jolly men can earn more than $20 an hour, Max understands.

No show
Soldier James Grigor, 35, has failed to appear at Wodonga Court to defend a charge of possessing child pornography. A bench warrant has been issued.