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					Manitoba Business Gateway Brandon
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The Manitoba Business Gateway – Brandon is a resource centre providing information and referrals to a wide range of business and employment information and services. The Western Regional Office of

This is another step towards the Manitoba and Trade is the regional office for the government’s goal of making the province’s business Small Business Development Branch and employment information and services easier to find, and Canada/Manitoba Business use – easier to understand and easier to Service Centre. This office provides a gateway whether accessed online, by phone or

Manitoba Competitiveness, Training

business information and resources The Province of one-on-one business consulting, through Manitoba knows requirements of business and employment are continuously entrepreneurial workshops and training, changing. To continuouslylibrary and publication and an extensive improve and enhance the access, service, and efficiency of provincial section of business literature.
information and services, the Manitoba Business Gateway will continually seek information and feedback from the private sector.

Skills development, streamlining business and employment services and removing barriers for business are just some of the areas that the Province of Manitoba has identified as important to ongoing business competitiveness. The Manitoba Business Gateway - Brandon provides information and referrals for a variety of business and employment needs, including: •	 Starting	a	business •	 Regulations,	registrations,		 licenses	and	permits •	 Taxation	and	tax	incentives •	 Financial	programs	 •	 Market	research,	marketing		 and	market	planning •	 Business	planning	and	feasibility	 analysis	 •	 Recruiting,	retaining,	training		 and	managing	employees •	 Skills	development	 •	 Industry	and	market	specialists	 •	 Business	expansion	and	growth •	 Exporting •	 Doing	business	with	government •	 Workers	Compensation	Board		 of	Manitoba	(WCB) •	 Manitoba	Companies	Office Specific	services	and	initiatives	that	can	be	accessed	through	the	Manitoba	 Business	Gateway	-	Brandon	include:
Small Business Development Branch – Entrepreneurs and business owners can access a wide range of entrepreneurial and small business programs and services, including business counselling, workshops, training, and financial and non-financial programs. Canada/Manitoba Business Service Centre (C/MBSC) – Offers programs and services such as entrepreneurial workshops and training, business resource library, Internet access and business related self-help publications. Apprenticeship Manitoba – Apprenticeship is an attractive, cost-effective way to develop highly skilled and productive employees. Employers who hire apprentices can apply for wage subsidies and other financial incentives from the provincial and federal governments. Industry Workforce Development – Provides support to business and industry to develop a skilled and adaptable workforce. Manitoba Companies Office: Online Name Registration – Reserving a name for your business is easy and can now be done entirely over the Internet. Manitoba Agriculture, Food and Rural Initiatives (MAFRI) – Business Development Specialists provide support and programming to agri-food and agri-product processing business development in the Brandon and Southwest area. Employment Manitoba – Delivers employment programs and services to individual employers, and addresses labour market needs through partnerships with community, industry and employer groups. One Business, One Number – The Business Number (BN) is a 9 digit business identifier used nationally and assigned by the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA). Manitoba Taxation: TAXcess – An online tax service for provincial business that is a convenient, secure system that allows businesses online access to file, pay and view their Manitoba business tax accounts. BizPaL – Online service that assists entrepreneurs and small businesses identify permits and licenses required from three levels of government – Federal, Provincial and Municipal.

For more information, please contact us by: Phone: 204-726-6006 • Fax: 204-726-6026 Email: • Online: In-Person: Manitoba Business Gateway – Brandon 340-9th Street, Brandon, Manitoba