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					Maryville Village Gazette
Volume 6, No 1 May 1, 2009 The Maryville Village Gazette is published bi-monthly under the authority of the Village of Maryville as a means of disseminating information of general interest to all Maryville residents. Although both official and unofficial information is included, this publication is not to be construed as an official document for legal notifications or other legal purposes. More Village information is available at the Village Website at: Public input, written or emailed, must be received in the Village Offices, attention Village Gazette, no later than the 15th of the month preceding the month of issue. Future issue months and last date to receive submissions are: Dates of Issue Last Date for Submissions July 1, 2009 June 15, 2009 September 1, 2009 August 15, 2009

From the Village:
It is time again for the Annual Mayor’s Prayer Dinner. The dinner will be held on Thursday, May 7th at 6:30 p.m. at the First Baptist Church of Maryville located at 7110 State Route 162 in Maryville. This year’s guest speaker is Col. Sue Busler (Ret.), USAFR. Dinner will be provided by several local area restaurants. The Prayer Event is sponsored by the Maryville Ministerial Alliance. A freewill offering will be received to benefit the Maryville Outreach Center. The Outreach Center benefits local area residents by providing free grocery items including food, cleaning products and toiletry items through the Food Pantry. The Outreach Center also maintains ―Grandma’s Attic‖ which provides clothing and some household goods. Additionally, the Center includes a Residence Assistance Program which assists local area residents with housing rent and utility payments. Tickets for the dinner are free but are required for attendance as there is limited space. You may get tickets from any of the Maryville churches or at Village Hall. If you are unable to attend the dinner but would like to make a contribution towards the Outreach Center, you may send checks made payable to the ―Maryville Ministerial Alliance‖ to my attention here at Village Hall or to the following address: P.O. Box 911, Maryville, IL 62062. Please mark all checks as designated for the ―Maryville Outreach Center‖. All contributions are tax deductible. The evening’s program and dinner will be held in the First Baptist Church’s All-Purpose Room. Dress is casual. Please plan on attending if your schedule will permit. Thank you for your time, consideration and generosity. I am currently looking for volunteers to fill vacancies on 2 of our volunteer committees. Openings are available on the Maryville Community Improvement Board (MCIB) and the Parks & Recreation Committee. MCIB meets the first Monday of each month at 7:00 p.m. at Village Hall. The Parks & Recreation Committee meets the third Monday of each month at 6:00 p.m. at Village Hall. If you would be interested in serving on either of these committees, please contact me as soon as possible. Our volunteer committees are one of the main reasons that Maryville has become the great community that we all enjoy today!

As always, I welcome your input. Please feel free to contact me at Village Hall at 345-7028 ext. 7 or by email at

Larry Gulledge, Mayor

Village of Maryville Election Results:     Mayor/Village President – Larry Gulledge Trustee – Linda Garcia Trustee – Edward Kostyshock Trustee – Craig Short

Congratulations to each of these individuals. Thank you to the residents of Maryville who exercised your right to vote and made your voice heard. These elected individuals represent you, so please feel free to contact them with your comments and/or suggestions. For your information, Caucus meetings, which allow for public input, are held at 6:30 p.m. on the 2nd and 4th Wednesday of each month.

Voter registration and change of address may be done at Village Hall Monday thru Friday 8:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m. Voting is a privilege, take advantage of it! In order to register you must meet the following qualifications:  Be at least 18 years of age  Be a United States Citizen  Live in Madison County  Show 2 types of identification (1 of which must have your current address listed). Also, it is required that you use your Social Security Number (or at least the last 4 digits or your driver’s license.)  Been at your current residence at least 30 days prior to the date of the next coming election We also have notary publics available to notarize documents for you. Notaries are available Monday through Friday between 8 a.m. and 4 p.m. Please call Village Clerk, Thelma Long at 345-7028 ext. 4 for more information.


First Baptist Church of Maryville I want to say ―Thank You‖ to the First Baptist Church of Maryville members, Maryville Fire Department and all the law enforcement agencies that assisted on the Sunday morning of March 8 when the life of Pastor Dr. Fred Winters was taken. I want to acknowledge the actions of the church members that apprehended the gunman prior to the officers’ arrival. Their bold and courageous behavior secured the scene and prevented injury to others. The rapid response from the Troy and Glen Carbon Police Departments to assist Maryville police officers was critical in bringing control to the incident and preserving the scene for an investigation. The Maryville Fire Department was exemplary and professional in providing medical treatment to the victims and in assisting to secure the premises. The church leaders and members were extraordinary with their cooperative spirit and patience. The assistance from the Madison County Sheriff’s Department and the Illinois State Police helped solidify a leadership team to begin the investigation. The Illinois State Police at a request by the Maryville Police Department accepted to lead the investigation due to its magnitude. All the departments called off-duty investigators and officers to assist in the investigation that involved over 150 interviews and victims at three different hospitals. The Illinois State Police Crime Scene personnel were very diligent in collecting and preserving evidence for prosecutorial purposes. On Sunday, March 15 at the request of the Maryville Police Department, twenty-four different law enforcement agencies from four counties stood guard as a sign of support and in honor of Pastor Winters during the morning services at the First Baptist Church of Maryville. This action brought a feeling of security to church members and a feeling of affection to the officers. An abundance of church attendees expressed a ―Thank You‖ to the officers. The departments are too numerous to mention but I express great gratitude for their participation. Pastor Winters was the Maryville Police Chaplin and a supporter of law enforcement. Chief Rich Schardan of the Maryville Police Department leaves this comment to him, ―Fred, my friend, meet me at the Gates. I’ll have a few coupons and we’ll play some hoops. You are missed.‖ Officer Update Officer Jared Missey has successfully completed the Field Training Officer program to the Solo Patrol Phase. He was trained by Officer Brandon Ponce and Officer Tony Manley under the guidance of Sgt. Rob Carpenter. Catch a Kid The Maryville Police Department will continue the Catch a Kid program this summer. Officers may carry a ball glove and play catch with children during their patrol duties. The officers will distribute a limited supply of Wiffle ball and bat sets along with additional Wiffle balls. The program was well received the last two summers. Be Careful Spring is here and summer will be arriving. Outside activities are increasing. Drivers of vehicles need to be alert for people that are jogging and walking, bicycling, and children playing. Although the roadways are intended for vehicles, people utilize them when sidewalks are not available and children play in them for recreational activities. Please be careful and enjoy the summer.

The Fire Department had 68 responses in February. 57 were for medical service with the remaining being for fire/ rescue. The Fire Department had 65 responses in March. 45 were for medical service with the remaining being for fire/rescue. Congratulations to Ryan Anderson, John Canull and Danny Gulledge who successfully passed their paramedic exams and were recently licensed as paramedics. This will greatly enhance our ambulance service. Good job guys! Work continues on the Training Facility. The containers have been stacked and finishing touches are being completed. When finished this facility will be an excellent place to train not only Maryville firefighters but personnel from surrounding communities as well. The Fire Department Ladies’ Auxiliary will be holding a ―Scotch Doubles‖ bowling fund raiser on Saturday, May 9th at 8 p.m. at Camelot Bowl in Collinsville (registration table opens at 7 p.m.). The cost is $25 per couple for four games. There are 3 couples per lane with 6 couples per pair of lanes. There will be attendance prizes and 50/50 drawings. This will be a good time so let’s get out and support the auxiliary. All proceeds benefit the Fire Department. Please call 344-5611 with any questions or for more information. The Maryville Fire Department is hosting a “Ride for MDA” on Saturday, June 13th (rain or shine). Registration begins at 10:00 a.m. at B.S. Boogies (2082 Vadalabene, Maryville). Last bike out is 12 noon. Entry fee is $20 for the biker and $5 for a passenger. The entry fee includes a t-shirt and ride donation to benefit the MDA. After the Ride there will be live music, food and drinks in Firemen’s Park. There’s also a 50/50 raffle and silent auction planned. For more information contact Kevin Watts at 779-2617 or by email at or Tiffany at MDA at 624-8235. Please plan to attend and support MDA ―Helping Jerry’s Kids‖. It’s not too early to start thinking about this year’s Homecoming. The dates this year are July 10th and 11th. The theme for the parade is ―A Tribute to Disney‖. Homecoming Association President, Jimmy Johnson has set up a ―Facebook‖ account ―Fans of Maryville Firemen’s Homecoming‖. Information about the Homecoming will be posted and Jimmy is hoping to use the ―Facebook‖ forum to garner feedback from attendees as well as to get the word out about the Homecoming to a wider audience. The ―Facebook‖ page can be reached at the following site: Why not check it out and post your comments about past Maryville Homecomings and after this year’s event, post your review of 2009’s Homecoming?

Kevin Flaugher, Fire Chief

Building Permit fees collected in February were $2,603.30 with an estimated valuation of $679,000. Building Permit fees collected in March were $6,331.62 with an estimated valuation of $2,040,000. The following permits were issued in February, 2009:

Perm No/Name/Address/Zoning/Type/Use

Chief Rich Schardan

09-005/Dean Luessenheide/901CopperRidge/SR-2/Electrical/Single Family 09-006/Britt Balster/1301 Jacquelyn Ct./SR - 2/Fire Repair/Single Family 09-007/Maclair Asphalt/100 E Main/B - 1/Demolition/Commercial 09-008/T.C.S., Inc/19 Seasons Ridge Ct.-Lot #37/SR-1/New/Single Family 09-009/Vantage Homes/2275 Haverford-Lot#95/PD-R/New/Single Family 09-010/Dr. Andrea Foley/2016 Vadalabene/B-1/Interior Fin./Commercial


The following permits were issued in March, 2009:

Perm No/Name/Address/Zoning/Type/Use

09-011/Vantage Homes/2283 Durham-Lot#101/PD-R/New/Single Family 09-012/Vantage Homes /6740 OxfordLn-Lot#14/PD-R/New/Single Family 09-013/CMG Custom Const./128 W. Zupan St./MR-2/Demo/Single Family 09-014/Creative Beginnings/2926 Maryville Rd./B - 1/Banner/Commercial 09-015/Steve Reed/2528 Liberty Dr. /SR - 2/Patio Room/Single Family 09-016/CMG Custom Const./128 W Zupan St.1-8/MR-2/New/Multi Family 09-017/CMG Custom Const./128 W ZupanSt.9-12/MR-2/New/MultiFamily 09-018/Assembly of God /2620 N Center St. /B-2/Elec Upgrd/Commercial 09-019/MMPKY, LLC/2090 Vadalabene Dr-Lot#15/B-1/New /Commercial

Brush and Limb Collection  Brush and limb collections are the first Monday and Tuesday of each month.  Residents will need to have all brush and limbs placed within 10’ of the street curb (please be aware that the debris must not block sidewalks, streets or alleys).  Brush and limbs need to be cut into manageable pieces ―able to be carried by one person‖.  Residents must call 345-7028 ext. 1 prior to the collection days (the first Monday and Tuesday of each month) with the address needing collection.  Brush and limb drop off will also be available at the Water Tower (located at the end of East Main St.) on the first Monday and Tuesday of each month.  Residents who would like the resulting mulch (free of charge) may call 345-7028 ext. 1 to make arrangements for pickup.

Patrick Presson, Public Works Director

FEATURE SERIES “The Departments of the Village of Maryville” Volume #2 MARYVILLE FIRE DEPARTMENT
The Village of Maryville first established a Fire Department in October 1904 as a volunteer fire suppression service. It began with a horse drawn engine that was housed and manned mainly by workers from the local coal mines, whose families at the time made up a majority of the residents of the Village. In 1916 a firehouse was built at the corner of Donk and Zupan Streets. An addition was added to the building at a later date to house the police department and village hall. In 1972 expansion was completed at the firehouse to add 2 more bays to accommodate additional equipment. This building served as the fire station until 1994 when the new state of the art station was built at 300 N. Donk, the site of the old Maryville Elementary School. The building at Donk and Zupan still stands today and is the home of the Maryville Historical Museum. In the 1940’s the Maryville Homecoming Association was formed and began holding annual picnics to raise monies to help support the Fire Department. This event still takes place each summer and is always held the 2nd weekend in July. Proceeds from this are now used to support the Fire Department’s Ambulance Service. The Homecoming Association has purchased several ambulances and much of the equipment that is used today to serve the community. For years ambulance service was provided to the Village first by the local funeral homes in Collinsville and later by Laughlin Ambulance Service. In 1980 it was decided that the Village had need for its own ambulance service, so the Fire Department also began providing this service. This started with 5 volunteer EMT’s and 2 used ambulances. In 1987 the service was

upgraded to an ILS (Intermediate Life Support) service when several members obtained their license. This enabled the staff to administer IV’s and give more advanced treatment. In 1994 the service was upgraded to ALS (Advanced Life Support) or Paramedic. Today 2 fully equipped ambulances with the latest technology and equipment are staffed by 3 full time firefighter / paramedics and 12 part time either EMT’s or paramedics. The Fire Department, with DCEO grant fund assistance, is currently constructing a Fire Fighter Training Facility. The facility is located on Village owned ground near our water tower. The goal for building this training facility is to improve the skills and knowledge of the fire fighters by creating a more realistic fire fighting environment. Presently, very few dedicated training areas are established in the immediate area. By establishing an area to provide realistic and challenging props we can improve the level of competency and overall skills that are vital to our fire fighters and the neighboring mutual aid departments we work closely with. This training area will have several props initially with room to add more in the future. These props include a Three Story Live Burn Building, a 25’ x 25’ Auto Extrication Pad, and a 12’ x 12’ Class A Fuel Vehicle Fire Prop. This facility will benefit the Maryville Fire Department and its neighboring mutual-aid departments by assisting in preparing fire fighters with adequate training in realistic environments. This facility, with permission, will be open to all fire departments or other public safety agencies that wish to use it. The public will also benefit by having fire fighters better trained and more proficient in their skills. Today the Village continues to provide not only fire suppression service, emergency medical services, rescue services, fire prevention education and inspections, and responds to hazardous materials incidents. The Department is served by a combination of 30+ paid per call members and 3 full time career Firefighter/Paramedics. The station is staffed from 6 am – 6 pm 7 days a week by full time and part time employees with the remainder of the day being staffed by volunteers who are notified by pagers and respond from their homes in the event of an emergency. The Department protects approximately 10,000 residents residing within 8 square miles that includes the Village of Maryville and the unincorporated surrounding Maryville Fire Protection District, a separate governing body. The Department operates out of 1 station located at 300 N. Donk Avenue utilizing 3 fire engines, 1 rescue unit, 2 paramedic ambulances and 1 staff/utility vehicle.

Maryville Bike Safety Rodeo May 9 The 11th annual Bike Safety Rodeo co-sponsored by the Maryville Park Committee and Maryville Police Department will take place on Saturday, May 9 from 8:30 a.m. to 10:30 a.m. at the Maryville Elementary School. The rodeo promotes bike safety for children from six to twelve years old. Free helmets will be available to participants, bikes will be registered to help if they are lost or stolen and all bikes will be checked for mechanical problems. With the help of our sponsors, 2 bicycles will be given away. Other attendance prizes include air pumps and bike locks. The refreshments and prizes are made possible by donations from the Maryville Elementary PTA. For more information contact Event Chairpersons Judy (288-9232) or Angel (288-1274). Maryville’s Fishing Derby Maryville Parks & Rec will host the 9th Annual Fishing Derby at Drost Park, on Saturday, June 20 for those aged 3 - 14. Registration will be from 11:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. and


participants can claim their shoreline fishing spot. The derby will start promptly at 12 noon and end at 1:00 p.m. Awards and refreshments will be from 1:00 p.m. - 2:00 p.m. The headquarters for registration will be at Pavilion 1 in Drost Park, off Schiber Court. Additional parking will be available at Maryville Library. Bring your child’s fishing gear, bait and a lawn chair to watch the proceedings and to assist if necessary. Don’t forget your camera to record that exciting catch! Adult supervision is necessary for the participants. A local IDNR Biologist will give a special presentation on fishing and water safety at 11:30 a.m. Each participant will receive a small gift bag. The derby is a catch and release event. Prizes will be awarded in each age group for the most fish caught, the largest and the smallest fish as well as the best non-fish catch. Call Carol Frerker (288-3142) or Dennis Reynolds (343-1299) for more information. 2009 Calendar of Events May 9 8:30a-10:30a Bike Safety Rodeo May 22 7p-8:30p Concert in the Park Free Event Firemen’s Park Buddy Holly & Elvis June 12 DUSK Movie in the Park Free Event Library Parking Lot Jumanji June 20 11a-2p Fishing Derby Drost Park June 26 DUSK Movie in the Park Free Event Library Parking Lot Stuart Little August 7 DUSK Movie in the Park Free Event Library Parking Lot Indiana Jones & the Temple of Doom August 14DUSK Movie in the Park Free Event Library Parking Lot The Neverending Story August 28DUSK Movie in the Park Free Event Library Parking Lot Happy Gilmore Sept. 13 6:30p-8p Concert in the Park Free Event Firemen’s Park Zydeco Crawdaddy’s Sept. 18 DUSK Movie in the Park Free Event Library Parking Lot Pink Panther (w/Peter Sellers) Sept. 25 DUSK Movie in the Park Free Event Library Parking Lot Superman, The Movie Oct. 3 1p-4p Maryville Pooch Party Drost Park Oct. 11 3p-5p Concert in the Park Free Event Firemen’s Park George Portz / Fiddlers’ Frolic Nov. 14 9a-10:30a Turkey Trot – Drost Park 5K Run & 1M Accuracy Event Dec. 14 Holiday Lighting Contest Outdoor decorations judged throughout the Village.

From the Community:
The Maryville Outreach Center is located at 504 East Division Street (next to the Senior Citizen’s Center). Telephone: 345-9693 E-Mail: Food Pantry Hours of Operation Tuesday: 5:30 p.m. to 7:30 p.m. Thursday: 10:00 a.m. to Noon Saturday: 10:00 a.m. to Noon Grandma’s Attic Hours of Operation Tuesday: 5:30 p.m. to 7:30 p.m. Wednesday: 10:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. Thursday: 10:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. Saturday: 10:00 a.m. to Noon Residence Assistance Program Thursday: 10:00 a.m. to Noon

The Kiwanis Club of Maryville, in conjunction with the Maryville Ministerial Alliance, is asking for your help in stocking the shelves of the Maryville Outreach Center. On Saturday, May 9th volunteers will be leaving collection bags at each home in the Village of Maryville and Maryville Fire Protection District. Please place non-perishable food items, toiletries and cleaning products in these bags. Bags left outside your front door will be collected on Saturday, May 16th and delivered to the Outreach Center. (Please have your bags outside your door by 9:00 a.m.) Below is a list of needed supplies. The Kiwanis and Ministerial Alliance thank you for your support! Needed Supplies: Pasta Toilet Paper Paper Towels Cake Mix Flour Sugar Cleaning Supplies Salad Dressing Toothpaste Toothbrushes Shampoo & Conditioner Deodorant Shaving Cream Laundry Detergent Fabric Softener Any other non-perishable food items Monetary donations to the Outreach Center are also appreciated and may be mailed to the following address: P.O. Box 911, Maryville, IL 62062. Please make checks payable to the ―Maryville Ministerial Alliance‖ and note ―Outreach Center‖ on the memo line.

The Maryville Community Improvement Board is sponsoring a Community Garage Sale on Saturday, June 27th from 7 a.m. until 1 p.m. You may have your garage sale at your home or set up a table at the central point which is Kurt’s Carstar and Cosmos Car Care parking lot (directly behind Red Apple Restaurant). The fee to have a space at the central point is $10. If you chose to have your sale at your home and want your address included on the community garage sale map, the fee is $1. Maps with the garage sale addresses will be available online and at Village Hall beginning June 16th. Information and registration forms are available at Village Hall, online at or by contacting Nancy Shoup by email at or by telephone at 792-4034.

Location: #8A Schiber Court Web Address: Telephone: 288-3801 Email: Library Hours: Monday/Tuesday/Thursday 1:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. Wednesday 9:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. Friday 1:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m. Saturday 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. Closed on Sunday


Upcoming Programs Sponsored by the Library Story Time & Preschool Storytime Every Wednesday at 10:30 a.m. for Preschool Storytime and Saturday at 10:30 a.m. for regular Storytime. Teens @ the Library If you would like to read a book and discuss it with the Teens @ the Library at their next meeting, stop by the Maryville Community Library to join and receive a free copy of the next book. LARC (Ladies Adult Reading Group) LARC meets once a month. If you would like to read a book and join our discussion group please contact the library for the next meeting date and time. Neal Proud Deer - Reading and Book Signing Local author Neal Proud Deer will join the Maryville Community Library for a Reading and Book Signing at 10:00 a.m. Saturday, May 2. Neal Proud Deer has recently published several fiction titles such as Twilight Dawn, Mindtrapped, and Trickle, Trickle, Fountain Flow, which is soon to be released as the motion picture Mind to Mine. Mindtrapped will soon be a cartoon network TV series. Read on the Wild Side! Registration for Maryville Community Library Summer Reading Program begins Monday, May 18. The Summer Reading Program begins Saturday, June 6 and runs through Saturday, July 18 (excluding Saturday, July 4). The World Bird Sanctuary presents ―Wings for Tots‖ for our kick-off on Saturday, June 6 at 10:30. Sign up and join all the Wild fun! Friends of the Maryville Library Fundraiser The Friends of the Maryville Library have collaborated with "My Books About Me!". This fundraising event allows you to create a personalized child or adult book for many occasions. Please take a moment to visit to see these wonderful books. If you wish to participate in this program, the Friends will receive a portion of the proceeds from each book sold. When ordering your book, please remember to select Friends of the Maryville Library from the Organization Name drop-down box on the ordering page to guarantee that we receive a portion of each sale. Book samples are available at the library for preview. Resources Visit the library’s web site to find additional resources available to you such as these listed below:  Tumble Books  Online Book Clubs  OCLC FirstSearch  NetLibrary  EBSCOhost Research Databases  NoveList  Numerous other database resources Did You Know??? The Maryville Community Library is part of the Lewis and Clark Library System. This means you can request materials from other libraries, which you can check out and return to any system library. Book Drop For your convenience, we have a book drop located on the library’s front porch. Please do not place video tapes, CD’s, or DVD’s in the bookdrop because they can be crushed by books or damaged by extreme temperatures. Books Only Please!

First Baptist Church of Maryville 7110 State Route 162 (618) 667-8221 Maryville Christian School Fundraiser “Paradise Island” Dinner Auction May 16, 2009 at 6:00 p.m. Maryville Christian School is pleased to present our annual auction fundraiser, "Paradise Island‖. Cruise with us on May 16th at 6 p.m. and enjoy delicious food, live entertainment by the Bethel Beach Boys, and fabulous finds at both silent and live auctions! Tickets are only $20/person and can be purchased Sunday mornings at First Baptist Church Maryville. For those who have already bought tickets, please hold on to them because they are still valid. Tax deductible donations are being accepted from both local businesses and private individuals. To make donations or purchase tickets, please contact Mr. Terry Bullard (910-2704 or email, Mrs. Corie Eckstrom (7952602), or the MCS Office (667-8221 x130 or email Upward Basketball Camp For Grades 2 – 6 June 22 – 26, 2009 6:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. Register now for First Baptist Church Maryville’s 2009 Upward Basketball Camp scheduled for June 22 - 26, 6 - 9 p.m. in the FBCM Gymnasium. All boys and girls entering 2nd grade - 6th grade are invited to attend a nightly camp to learn new basketball skills and teamwork. Sign up now! Brochures/registration forms are available at FBCM or online @ Cost is $35/camper. For more info, please contact Camp Coordinator Mike Moore @ 345-5854 or Recreation Ministry Director Mark Carnes @ 667-8221 x123. Thank You! The Winters Family, Staff and Congregation of First Baptist Church Maryville greatly appreciate your prayers and acts of kindness in our time of grief. We grieve with hope because we know one day we will be with Pastor Fred in Heaven. You too can know for sure where you will go when you die. Want to find out how? Come to one of our Sunday services at 8:15, 9:30 or 10:55 a.m. or 6:30 p.m. St. Luke’s United Methodist Church 6325 West Main Street Maryville, IL 62062 (618) 345-9911 Rummage & Bake Sale May 2, 2009 7:00 a.m. – 1:00 p.m. St. Luke’s is hosting their annual church-wide Rummage Sale and Bake Sale on May 2, from 7:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. The event is held in the basement fellowship hall, rain or shine. Bargains galore! Proceeds benefit mission and outreach projects. Internet Safety Seminar May 14, 2009 7:00 p.m. St. Luke’s is hosting a community-wide Internet Safety Seminar on Thursday, May 14, at 7:00 p.m. Adults and youth, 7th grade and above, are invited. Find out about My Space, Facebook, and other networking sites. Get expert advice on what you need to know about texting. Hear first-hand accounts of cyber-bullying. Learn how to determine what is posted about you on-line. Finally, get the straight scoop on You-Tube fame versus jail time. Babysitting is available by calling the church office at 345-9911.


Vacation Bible School - Crocodile Dock June 15 – 19, 2009 9:00 a.m. – 12 noon You won’t want to miss Vacation Bible School at St. Luke’s! Our theme this year is Crocodile Dock, and we will be heading down the river to the bayous of Louisiana to show we are ―fearless kids who shine God’s light‖. Mark your calendars now and plan to get your children, grandchildren, nieces, nephews and neighbors enrolled for a terrific week of Christ-centered learning and fun. VBS is open to children from grades K - 6 (completed). The dates are June 15 - 19, from 9:00 a.m. - 12 noon. Call the church at 345-9911 to register.

Residential rates, effective February 1, 2009 for the Village of Maryville are as follows: 2009 = $12.21 per month; 2010 = $12.69 per month; 2011 = $13.19 per month. Seniors monthly rates will be $9.00 for all 3 years. A letter regarding a rate increase was mistakenly included in the bills sent to Maryville residents. Allied Waste apologizes for this error. Maryville’s rates will not be affected by this increase. Maryville rates are set by contract and will remain as stated above. For your information Allied Waste of Edwardsville recognizes six holidays. They are New Years Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day, and Christmas Day. Should your pickup day fall on or after the holiday your trash, recycle, and yard waste will be collected one day late. For example: if your service is on Monday and Monday is a holiday, your trash and recycling pick up would then be on Tuesday. The Tuesday pick-ups would then be on Wednesday and so on. If the holiday falls on a Saturday or Sunday there will be no change in the collection schedule. Throughout the year please call Allied’s office at 656-6883 to schedule pickups of bulk material that falls outside the listed items for weekly collection and white good (appliance) pickups with the exception of the specified spring and fall clean up dates. There is a $20 charge per white good and a minimum $50 charge for bulk material pickups (cost depends on amount of pick up). Subscription yard waste collection is available. To sign up for yard waste service, call our Customer Service Department at 6566883. The cost for yard waste collection is $39.63 per quarter (minimum one-quarter sign up). Yard waste service provides collection of paper yard waste bags (no plastic bags) or trash cans, which must be marked with a 2’x2’ red ―X‖ facing and as close to the roadway as possible or they will not be collected. Sticks and twigs up to four inches in diameter will be collected as long as they are no longer than four feet in length and tied in bundles with twine. Yard Waste collection is limited to 8 bags or cans each week. Yard waste collection will not be performed in the months of January, February and March. Trash & Recycle Tips  Please set trash, recycling, and yard waste out by 6:00 a.m.  Do not set out loose trash or trash in cardboard boxes. Please bag and contain trash in 32-gallon size trashcans.  Do not set out any liquid waste. Paint cans must be totally dry.  Set trash and recycling as close to the curb as possible.  Please remember to call Allied Waste at 656-6883 for white good and large item pick-ups.  Place recycle material in bin.  Please don’t set recyclable materials out in plastic grocery bags or newspapers in plastic wrappers.  Please rinse all bottles and cans, also remove all caps from milk, detergent, and soda bottles and place caps in trash.  Any size cardboard boxes need to be broken down and made into bundles of no larger than 2’x3’ and stacked no higher than 10 inches tied with non plastic or non metallic twine (example: kite string). If you have any questions about this information or any services please call Allied’s Customer Service Representatives at 656-6883.

Dr. Larry Rapp has moved his dental practice from Collinsville to Maryville as of March 1, 2009. Dr. Rapp has been a dentist in Collinsville for 33 years. His new office address is 2 Oak Drive, Suite A which is located behind the Maryville Post Office. The new telephone number is 288-4452. New patients are welcome!

Listed below are the Central Illinois Community Blood Center’s (CICBC) scheduled blood drives for May in Madison & St. Clair Counties. The CICBC is the exclusive supplier of blood for patients in 19 area hospitals, including Anderson Hospital, Gateway Regional Medical Center, Greenville Regional Hospital, Memorial Hospital - Belleville, Saint Anthony’s Health Center, St. Joseph’s Hospital, Kenneth Hall Regional Hospital and Touchette Regional Hospital. Please consider donating at one of the below drives. For more information, please contact the CICBC at 618659-0542.
Date Blood Drive/Sponsor 5/1 Governor French Academy 5/5 Memorial Hospital 5/5 Troy Physical Therapy 5/8 E.St.Louis HighSchool 5/9 1st United Methodist 5/11 Central Christian Ch. 5/11 Korte Co. 5/12 Lewis & Clark Jr High 5/13 K of C Hall 5/13 Stearns Nursing & Rehabilitation 5/13 Mary Brown Center 5/14 IDOT 5/18 Main Street United Methodist Ch. 5/19 Senior Citizens Bldg. 5/19 Calvary Baptist Ch. 5/19 Icon Mechanical 5/19 1st United Methodist 5/20 St. Anthony’s Health Center 5/27 St. Joseph’s Hospital 5/27 United Pentecostal Church 5/28 Gateway Regional Medical Center 5/29 Olin Community Credit Union Address 219 West Main City Belleville Time 1p-5p 10a-4p 10a-2p 8a-2p 10a-3p 4p-7p 10a-2p 2p-7p 3p-7p 2p-6p 10a-2p 8:30a1:30p 3p-7p 3p-7p 4p-7p 10a-2p 3p-7p 9a-3:30p 1p-6p 3p-7p 10a-3p 2p-6p

4500 Memorial Dr. Belleville 300 Edwardsville Rd Troy 1005 State Street E.St.Louis 1100 Airport Road Godfrey 1420 Illini O’Fallon 12441 Hwy. 40 Highland 501 E. Lorena Ave Wood River 7132 Marine Rd. Edwardsville 3900 Stearns Ave. Granite City 1500 Piggott 1102 Eastport Plaza Drive 1400 Main Street 500 E.Division St. 2249 S.State Rt157 1616 Cleveland Av 207 West Church #1 St. Anthony’s Way 1515 Main Street 312 S. Main Street E.St.Louis Collinsville Alton Maryville Edwardsville Granite City Collinsville Alton Highland Troy

2100 Madison Ave. Granite City 731 E. Bethalto Dr. Bethalto


**May Birthstone = Emerald** **May Flower = Lily of the Valley & Hawthorne** May 7th – National Day of Prayer May 10th – Mothers’ Day May 25th – Memorial Day **June Birthstone = Pearl** **June Flower = Rose** June 14th – Flag Day June 21st – Fathers’ Day June 21st – First Day of Summer

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