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Job Description: Director of Technology Fourth Grade Elementary Teacher Education: Bachelors of Science in Bachelors of Science in Linguistics & Masters in Elementary Education Business Administration Favorites: Childhood Memory Childhood Memory Summers at the Neighborhood Spaghetti Sundays Lake Dream Family Vacation Railroad Trip across Europe Family Activity Trips & Vacations We appreciate your willingness to open your heart and learn about us. If you do choose to help us build a family, we will be forever grateful. We will do everything within our power to raise your child into the caring and confident individual you wish your child to be. Dream Family Vacation Disney Cruise Family Activity Picnics

Hobby Hobby Hiking & Gardening Reading Memory with Spouse Memory with Spouse Whale-Watching Cruise in Day Trips to Hocking Hills Alaska Children: None

Some Childhood Memories
Liz: My mother was one of eleven children, so I always had a cousin to play with every Sunday when we would gather at my grandma's and grandpa's for supper. My favorite Sundays were when I would help my grandparents make the spaghetti sauce. We would go to the garden and pick the tomatoes and then wait on the porch swing for them to boil. Squishing them was the best part. Finally, after my grandparents threw many different spices and the meatballs in the mix, we would have a great meal with the whole family. We hope to build many lasting memories for your baby. Jeremy: My favorite childhood memories were the lazy summers playing with my brother and sisters and the neighborhood kids. We would go on adventures in the woods, camp in each other's backyards and spend hours in the small lake near our house. We can't wait to share a childhood filled with Big Wheel races down the driveway, obstacle courses in the backyard and building haunted houses in the garage.

Our Favorite Vacation Spot
Our favorite vacation spot is the beach in North Carolina. Boogie boarding, swimming, playing in the sand, collecting shark teeth, and hunting for shells takes up most of the day. We make sure to squeeze in a trip to the local pirate museum and turtle rescue. At night we play games or take walks. The kids all bring flashlights to find sand crabs peaking out of their holes. Last year, we were on the beach when three baby turtles hatched and found their way to the ocean. Our families can't wait to share our experiences with a little one soon.

Our House and Neighborhood


Our house is located in a warm and welcoming community. The town is filled with parks, nature preserves and green spaces that are regularly filled with school-aged and newborn children. Your baby will have many friends right next door. Opportunities for creativity, education and fun are abundant in our area. We belong to the local activity center and enjoy taking our nieces and nephews to the indoor and outdoor water parks all year long. Our nephews' favorite is the umbrella fountain, while our nieces prefer the twisted slides. The center also offers programs, camps and lessons in art, dance, magic, science, sports, theater and more. We look forward to trying out family events such as the canoe run, family hoops and picnics.

Our Home

Our House and Neighborhood, continued
The school district that your child will be attending is rated excellent by the state of Ohio and has a superior reputation. Since we are both in the field of education, we personally know many of the teachers and believe they go above and beyond to give each and every student a meaningful, quality education. These educators love their jobs and the students they work with. This child will feel support throughout their entire education from school and home.

Part of Our Backyard, Including Our Puppy and Swing Set

Our Extended Families
Family has always been near and important to us. On Sundays we get together at one of our parents' houses to spend time with our siblings, cousins, nieces and nephews. It is important for us to see the kids' latest Lego creations or to go on an adventure with them in the backyard woods. Helping Grandma and Grandpa take care of the tomatoes in the garden and playing a game of bocce ball are all part of a relaxing evening. We deeply value this time with our families. In addition to our weekly and daily visits, our families love to get together for special occasions. Anniversaries are a cause for celebration. Our parents have all been married for over 30 years and our grandparents have been married over 60 years. We have followed in their footsteps and have been together now for 10 years and married for five. Elizabeth’s Extended Family

Our Bi-Annual Trip to the Beach with Jeremy's Family

Our Pet and What We Look Forward to Sharing with a Child

A home is not a structure or a building. To us, it is a place where there is comfort, peace and love everywhere. So far our home is filled with endless feelings for each other and our puppy. She is full of energy and gentleness. The neighborhood children know her by name. The kids will call out their windows for her to come and see them. Of course our pet is trained to stay in the yard when this happens. She sits at the edge of the yard wagging her tail until the children come out to pet her. There are many other things we look forward to sharing with a child, besides our puppy. There are too many to count, but one thing we can't wait for are backstage visits to the zoo. Jeremy's younger sister works in the education department at our local zoo. Even before there were any nieces and nephews to take, we would never Jeremy Taking a Nap with Our Puppy miss a chance to go behind the scenes; we love meeting and petting the animals. Now that there are little ones in our extended family to bring, we have an excuse to get up close and personal with the animals more often. Feeding the sloth and the sea lions are moments we hope to recapture as a family in the near future.

Whale Spotting in Alaska

Snorkeling Trip in the Carribean Sea

Jeremy Elizabeth
Dancing at a Friend's Wedding An Evening Out


Visiting Fort Niagara in New York

The View from the Top of Whiteface Mountain

Dear Birthparent(s),
This letter is written for many purposes. The first and foremost reason to write to you, however, is to say thank you. It would be impossible for us to start our family without someone as courageous as yourself. Just by considering adoption, you have shown selflessness that is indescribable. Just by considering adoption, you have already given us the gift of hope. We pray for the day that we will be able to tuck a little one in at night and hear little feet running across the kitchen floor. We appreciate your willingness to open your heart and learn about us. If you do choose to help us build a family, we will be forever grateful. We will do everything within our power to raise your child into the caring and confident individual you wish your child to be. Our Story After much travel and many years of marriage, we decided it was time to start planning a family. We learned quickly that all aspects of our life cannot be easily mapped out. Being the positive people that we are, we quickly accepted the pieces of our life that we cannot change and asked for guidance. As we moved forward in our lives, our adoption journey naturally began. We have close friends and colleagues who were adopted and offered sound advice. Liz had many families and students who were touched by adoption and have been with us every step of the way. We hope there is some peace in knowing that, if you do choose adoption for your child, he or she will be surrounded by a solid support system. Quirks After making ourselves look so fabulous, we must take a minute to be realistic. We know raising a child will not be a pretty picture of sunflowers and moonbeams at every moment. We all can look back on our childhoods and think of bumps in the road that occurred when we were growing up. As potential parents, we cannot promise that we will be perfect because, after all, who is? We can promise you this-- Our entire life will be dedicated to your baby. He or she will feel warm, safe, and most importantly, loved. We will try our hardest with all we have to be whatever your child needs us to be. If your child loves fishing, we will be there with raincoats or sunscreen. If your child likes dancing, we will be in the front row at every recital. We will let your child become a strong independent person and love the honor of being by their side through it all. What we will tell your child about adoption In addition to the letters and pictures delivered to the agency, we are willing to discuss what adoption plan is best for you. We would like to share as much about your personality and interests as possible with your child, but only if it is within your wishes. We will also be gentle and open. The information we share will always be delivered in an age-appropriate manner. We will make it a priority to tell your baby what a caring and unbelievable mother you are. In the past ten years we have built a strong relationship based on honesty and respect. We aim to bond our family in the same way. We are committed to becoming parents and are excited to hear about you and what you envision for your baby. We understand that choosing adoption for your child is a difficult decision and we cannot begin to understand your feelings. We respect your bravery. If you do choose adoption, we want you to know one more promise we wish to make. Your child will know that any decision you made, was made from all the love you hold in your heart. With great appreciation,

Jeremy and Elizabeth

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