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NEXT MEMBERSHIP MEETING: February 28 at 7:00 PM at the Cokesbury United Methodist Church on the corner of Summit and Spanish Trail. If you are coming from Bayou Boulevard, turn on to 12th Avenue, take a right on Summit and follow it to Spanish Trail. If you are coming from the east, take Scenic Highway and turn on to Summit and the church will be on the right. TRAINING REPORT: ECEC Weekly Training Class (Tuesdays 6:30 pm – 8:00 pm): Training is back in full swing at the Equestrian Center on Tuesday nights with both Rally courses and Agility Back-Yard-Dog (BYD) exercise set up for everyone’s use. In addition, we often have other jump exercise, weaves poles and the teeter set up for use between turns. Classes are free for Five Flags and PDFA members. Here’s the schedule for the next 6-weeks: Feb 20th, 27th & Mar 6th - BYD and Rally Mar 13th & Mar 20th – BYD, Rally and Square Dance practice (6:30 – 7:15) Mar 27th – Special agility class presented by Diane Fyfe Y’all come! MINUTES OF MEETING: FFDTC Meeting Minutes January 2007

The minutes for December were approved. The Treasure’s Report was approved as presented. Tami Grinstead thanked Jim and Juanita Garfield for supplying the refreshments for the meeting. Beth Hudson has agreed to be the AKC agility trial chair. Board Meeting Report - Tami Grinstead briefed the minutes from the general board meeting. If anyone has anything they would like to be brought up at the next Board Meeting, please see the appropriate board committee representative. The board approved member committee representatives as follows: Club Operations – Michele Fletcher

Member Services – Jim Garfield Public Services – Connie Fleming Communications – Susan Shimel Performance – Beth Hudson The board approved $35 to upgrade Trial Genie. Obedience Committee Report –

wants to bring a Rally course and setup one there, to please feel free to. Setup is at 6:00. They start at 6:30 and usually finish up by 8:15. All that is asked of those who attend is to please help set up and clean up. Please note for the month of March Square Dancing practice will be on the second Tuesday of the month. Special Events –

Nancy Clinchy stated that she still needs a volunteer to be the trophy chair, since Anne Feathers is going to be the Trial Secretary this year. Ann Feathers will be the Rally Ring Steward Chair and Joanne Permowicz will be the Obedience Ring Steward Chair. Agility Committee Report – Beth Hudson asked for people to think of a theme for our next trial. The agility planning committee will meet on Feb 2. Beth will put the information on the Yahoo Group, if you’d like to attend. Please let Beth Hudson or Suzanne know you will be attending because reservations have to be made at the restaurant. They will be discussing the PAL USDAA trial date. Training Report – Beth Hudson reported that they are beginning the Agility Level 2 series at Flyover Farm. The field is open for member use on Saturday afternoon. Please call her ahead of time. Connie Fleming invited everyone to come out for the Square Dancing practice on the first Tuesday night of the month at the Equestrian Center. Following Square Dancing they will have club agility practice (experienced dogs only). She added that if anyone

Connie Fleming read aloud a thank you letter from the Salvation Army for the club’s bell ringing effort. They asked that we come back next year and consider doing two Saturdays instead of one. She asked that the members please keep that in mind. The club raised almost $600 in donations and had a great turnout. Festival on the Green (FOG) is coming up and Connie passed around the sign up sheet for members. There will be a fundraiser this year called “Strut Your Mutt”. This campus walk will support a spay/neuter program. If you sign up (they ask for a minimum donation of $25) you get a nice t-shirt. We will start our public demonstrations at 11:00. Connie asked that the Square Dancers please be there by 10:30. We will have a later show this year at 3:00. Thera-Paws – Betsy Daniels reported that TDI will no longer allow their members to hold duel membership in another organization (i.e. Thera-Paws and TDI) because of liability issues. Please contact her for further information. She reported that the Delta Society will have some local classes if anyone was interested.

Membership – Toni Rohlke reported that the new membership roosters are out. She and the President thanked Connie Marse for all her effort in getting it put together so quickly. There were 3 first readings. MEMBERSHIP ROSTER UPDATE: Corrections to Membership Directory: Please add Joey Owens with Mary Owens. They have a family membership. My home email address has changed it is now toniroh@bellsouth.met Also my work email had a typo it is toni.touartrohlke@dep.state.fl.us If any one else has corrections, please let me know and we will publish in the next newsletter. First Readings: Robin Barber 6072 Antelope St. Milton, Florida 32570 Home: 850-981-9492 Home Email: robin.barber@bellsouth.net Interests: Agility, obedience and pet therapy Rottweilers, Sheltie, Aussie Becky Shearman 14 Sabine Dr. Pensacola Beach, Florida 32561 Home: 850-932-1082

Work: 850-393-1335 Home Email: beckyshearman@bellsouth.net Interests: Obedience, Agility, Tracking German Shepherd Theresa Jean Hutchison 7130 Chapel Street Pensacola, Florida 32504 Home: 850-478-0721 Home Email: traccie@gmail.com Interests: Agility, Obedience, Pet Therapy Chinese Crested Daulta Niles Three Portofino Drive Pensacola Beach, Florid 32561 Home: 850-525-9246 Home Email: heydk2000@yahoo.com Interests: Pet Therapy, Agility, Tracking, Obedience Standard Poodle BRAGS, BRAGS, BRAGS: “Prince” Garfield (Sheltie) passed his TDI. Juanita and Jim Garfield. “Nike” Rohlke (Tibetan Spaniel) obtained his Novice FAST title at PDFA with 2 1st places and 1 3rd place. “Ziggy” Rohlke (Tibetan Spaniel) got his 2nd Open JWW leg at the PDFA trial with a 1st place. “Boo” Rohlke (Tibetan Spaniel) got her first 2 Novice FAST legs at PDFA with 2n places. Toni Rohlke

“Blackjack” Shimel (Cocker Spaniel) completed his Novice Preferred Standard title at the PDFA trial with all 1st places. He also got his first FAST leg with a 2nd place. He recommends starting over in Preferred classes to all dogs suffering from early retirement brought on my owners getting their “next dog.” “Jordan” Shimel (Cocker Spaniel) finished his Novice Standard title at PDFA with all 1st places. Susan Shimel “Allie” Morgan (Cocker Spaniel) has a new sister, “Monique”, a black and white parti Cocker. She may be renamed, but she can already hold a dumbbell, loves to fetch, and wants to jump. Gina Morgan “Lily” Walters (Papillion, daughter of “Spice” Mills) officially has her Flyball Dog Champion title and is 143 points away from her Silver. The higher up you get the longer it takes to earn another title. Once she gets her Silver (1000 points) she won't get her next title, Flyball Dog Champion-Gold, until she earns another 1500 points then the next title, Flyball Master, takes a total of 5000 points. Linda Walters “Callie” Hosler received her Flyball Dog award AND her Flyball Dog Excellent Award last weekend in Lakeland, FL. This was my little Rat Terrier's first tournament--she was very focused and ran like she has been racing all her life! Her team was a new one, and did very well all weekend. I rescued her only 6 months ago, I am so very proud of her and her accomplishments! Cindy Hosler ED’S NOTES: Newsletter deadline for articles, brags, etc. is the 10th

day of every month (with some occasional exceptions). Please continue to update me on your changes of address. Susan  Beth Hudson is the owner/moderator for the yahoo group for the club. New members can go to Yahoo! groups and request membership. For FFDTC, you can use this link: http://groups.yahoo.com/group /fiveflagsdogs/ SPECIAL EVENTS: Festival on the Green We are just a little over a month away from Festival on the Green at the University of West Florida. The big day is Saturday, March 31st. We will be doing Canine Square Dancing, agility demonstrations and Flyball races. Our shows this year will begin at 11:00, 1:00, 2:00 & 3:00. That is a change from previous years in order for everyone to participate in the “Strut Your Mutt” walk being conducted to raise money for the Humane Society and the Jury Duty Spay/Neuter program. That event is new this year and will begin in our agility area starting at 10:00 am and ending back at the agility field just in time for our first show. If you are interested in participating in the walk, there is a registration package attached.

Coming up at Pets Behave Canine CPR and First Aid course-Sat. March 10, 1-4 p.m. Cost $45 includes

Red Cross First Aid book and pet first aid kit. AKC CGC testing - Thursday, March 29 6-8 p.m. Saturday, April 21, 10 11:30 a.m. NEW FEATURE: WEBSITE OF THE MONTH: Thanks to Karen Prichard who suggested our new feature and contributed two of her favorites. Please share your treasures with the rest of our members.

MEDIA REVIEWS I encourage all members who would like to share information about inspiring books or videos to contact me, Susan Shimel, at shimelp@bellsouth.net. The following was sent to me by the author, Andrea Dugan, who also provides workshops. A HOLISTIC APPROACH TO DOG TRAINING by Andrea Dugan I am proud to announce that “A Holistic Approach to Foundation Training” workbook IS NOW AVAILABLE! Whether your sport is Obedience, Agility, Tracking, Schutzhund, you must first create a strong foundation between yourself and your dog before you develop drive. Discover the magic techniques that create such a foundation. This workbook is available from: Dogwise www.dogwise.com <http://www.dogwise.com/> Here is an excerpt of the book review by C. Wiest. She says … “A Holistic Approach to Foundation Training is well-written and easy to understand. The information is so important to dog trainers. Andrea gives credit to her teachers such as Patty Ruzzo, Chris Bach, etc., as she gets right down to the core of dog training. There is no fuzzy logic, no magic potions (spin the dog around twice before fronts) etc. Just good, cleanly worded INFORMATION.”

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