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					Safari bowl morton BIRTHDAY PARTY PACKAGES
Any time there is open bowling except Galactic. Limit of 2 parties at same time!
RESERVATIONS MUST BE MADE WITHIN 14 DAYS OF PARTY (no walk-ins) $30.00 DEPOSIT IS REQUIRED AT TIME OF BOOKING NO CHECKS, cash or credit card please! Deposits are applied to the total billed party. NO REFUNDS ON DEPOSITS Party may rescheduled if cancellation was made at least 4 hours in advance

1 1/2 HOURS (all activity is to be done during this time limit) Bowl for one hour, party for the other half MINIMUM 6 BOWLERS Bumpers if AGE APPROPRIATE RENTAL SHOES BOWLING PIN FOR GUESTS TO SIGN BOWLING COUPON ($3.75 VALUE) FOR ALL GUESTS BALLOONS ONE 16 OZ. FRUIT PUNCH (additional drinks may be purchased) CAKE WILL NOT BE PROVIDED BUT YOU MAY BRING ONE IN (You must provide plates, forks, and napkins)

$9.00 PER BOWLER Bowling only $11.00 PER BOWLER (choose one from below for entire party) HOT DOG AND CHIPS 2 SLICES OF CHEESE PIZZA

call today to reserve your special day Safari Bowl 309-266-7010

Dear Parent: We are glad you are having your child's party at Safari Bowl. Our goal is to make your time in the center enjoyable as well as safe. In order for this to occur we need to help you understand why we have certain rules in our facility. These rules have been carefully thought through to not only protect your family and guests but also the bowling center. 1. Parents: you must watch the children at all times. Children are very curious and they want to explore and find out about how the bowling machines work. There are a lot of motors and belts that make up our bowling alley that will not stop for little fingers or bodies. Please do not let your children put their hands down the ball return or in other places that could hurt them. 2. Walking down the lanes is very slick due to oil we use on the lanes to maintain them. If a child slips, walks or crawls on the lanes, the oil will get on their clothes and it will not come out. And they will slip and fall. 3. If a ball or pin becomes stuck, do not try to get it yourself. Please come and get one of the Safari Bowl staff to take care of the problem. 4. Please encourage the children to roll not toss or throw the balls down the lanes. Those children who CANNOT SWING & ROLL the ball will be asked to have an adult carry the ball to the foul line and place the ball on the floor for the child to PUSH down the lane. Lofting and dropping the ball on the lane will not be allowed. Safari Bowl still has wood lanes, not synthetic and the maintenance to remove these dents is very costly. If you will look at the lanes you will see a lot of dents where people have lofted or dropped bowling balls, which will not only hurt the lane but the bowling balls as well. 5. We are now having more and more parties in our bowling center. Please help us by placing all trash in the proper place, returning balls to the racks. No food or drink is allowed past the carpeted area. Please be respectful of the time frame so that we may clean up afterwards should another party be arriving after yours. 6. Parents please help carry the bowling balls to the lanes; many of the bowling balls weigh at least 16 lbs. If a child drops a ball on their foot it will break a bone. Lightweight 6 lb. balls will already be on your lanes if age appropriate. 7. Please only allow one ball at a time to be rolled down the lane at a time. When several balls are rolled together the bowling machines will stop working. Please make sure the bowlers use the same ball both times they bowl. Do not let them bowl one and then go and grab another. Please make sure the pinsetter, resets after each ball. If you do not, all the balls will get stuck and it will stop the machine. Each time that someone has to go to the back end for this, bowling time is lost. 8. Only people who will actually bowl will be counted towards the cost. The Safari Bowl staff member on duty will count the number of on your monitors and that is the number that will be used to calculate your total, free drinks, and birthday coupons. 9. If you should have any concerns or questions, please do not hesitate to ask. We are here to insure that this birthday is one your child will never forget for the right reasons!!! We always want fun, but safety comes first!!! Thanks for helping us keep everyone safe!!

1. Our Birthday Party packages are 1 ½ hours long. All activity will be done within this time limit. Bowlers will bowl for one hour and then taken off the lanes to unwrap gifts, cake, etc. The time that you reserve for your party is the time the party begins regardless if everyone has arrived We have found that if you tell your guests that the party starts 15 minutes before they are to be here it will give them ample time to get shoes, sign the bowling pin, settle in and even those that are always late will be on time. 2. There is a $30.00 deposit require at time of booking. This deposit is applied to your entire party total. However, we do not refund deposits if the party is cancelled and NOT rescheduled. Parties MUST be cancelled within 4 hours of reserved time to be able to be rescheduled and apply the original $30.00 deposit to the rescheduled time. We accept credit card and cash payments only. Please NO CHECKS! 3. The MINIMUM is 6 bowlers. We put 3 - 4 bowlers per lane depending on age. 4. Each guest will receive a bowling coupon to be used at a later date. We decorate with balloons and give the birthday person a bowling pin so that all of the guests may sign. If you bring in goody bags for guests, we ask that you give those out at the END of the party. 5. Shoe rental is included. All bowlers must be able to wear bowling shoes or they will not be allowed to bowl. 6. We only do 2 parties at any given time and the lounge area will be reserved for the larger party at that time if there are 2 parties booked. The other party will be place down on the low end of the house. You may bring a birthday cake in, however, no other food or beverage will be allowed. THIS IS STRICTLY ENFORCED!!! You will need to supply you own plates, forks, napkins, etc. if you chose to bring a cake in. We will provide a fruit drink to be served with the cake. You will eat before you bowl.


8. Your choice for the package with food will be for ALL bowlers. You cannot select hot dogs and pizza. Just one choice for the entire party. 9. We encourage you to bring enough adults to chaperone your party. We will talk to your party before it begins about safety and what is expected of them in behavior. You have already received the safety letter. Please make sure that you read all the info for that on the other side of this page. We love children at Safari Bowl and safety is always first. We hope that you will enjoy your time with us and if there is anything that we can do, just let us know.

Thanks for your support. We appreciate your business!!!