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Apple Press - Apr 2009pub


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Apple Valley Painters Bi-monthly Newsletter Chapter of the Society of Decorative Painters since 1997 AVP Website: www.applevalleypainters.com SDP Website: www.decorativepainters.org
Volume 14, Issue 1 April 2009

SDP AND APPLE VALLEY PAINTERS MISSION STATEMENTS The mission of the Society of Decorative Painters (SDP) is to stimulate worldwide interest in and appreciation for decorative painting; to recognize the diversity of and excellence in the art form; and to serve as the resource center for all aspects of decorative painting. Apple Valley Painters’ goal is to support and promote all aspects of the Society of Decorative Painters’ mission statement; to respect all chapter members’ input and opinions; to honor each member; to develop decorative painting skills; and to enhance and improve painting levels and abilities of all members.

Chapter Meeting: April 18, 2009 Social: 9:00 - 9:30 AM Meeting: 9:30 Lunch: Covered Dish Program: Birthday Celebration Items to bring: Item for Chinese Auction, show and tell painted items, covered dish. WEAR ORANGE . . . TO GET A GOLD TOKEN
Howard's has also asked that we bring goodies to the reception, so let me know if you can provide a dozen or so cookies and/or snacks. Opening Reception: Saturday, April 4 at 7:00 PM Silent Auction: April 4--18 Howard's Art Supplies & Frames 1256 Dual Highway Hagerstown, MD

Proceeds benefit Washington County SPCA in memory of Kitty Maurer.


2008 Apple Valley Officers and Committee Chairs President 1st Vice President 2d Vice President Secretary Treasurer Birthday Party Christmas Party Brooklane Project Coord Historian Hospitality Librarian Newsletter Editor Nominating Chair Paint-in Coordinator New Products Web Master Ways and Means Communications Rep Kathryn Fowler 717-261-9775 Connie Martin 717-457-0025 Norma Hinkle 304-725-4567 Kathy Bless & 717-352-7383 Karen Falcon 301-253-5863 Debbie Culler 301-662-7472 Pat Fagan/Joni Travis Barb Noel 717-263-5392 Mary Kay Anderson 304-876-2415 Kathy Bless 717-352-7383 Jane Tyson 717-328-5349 Faye Ganoe 717-762-4662 Eileen Spangler Mary Kay Anderson Rella Keller Linda.Novack Anne Smith Jacky Wingert 301-698-0189 304-876-2415 717-597-2823 304-274-9079 304-274-9079 717-261-0600 ckfowler@comcast.net conniemartin@comcast.net normahinkle@frontiernet.net kivakat2@comcast.net deb_culler@hotmail.com

noelallyear@comcast.net mkaydesigns@frontiernet.net kane@innernet.net bnfganoe@comcast.net espangler@hotmail.com mkaydesigns@frontiernet.net bandrk@comcast.net lnovack@hagerstownsurgical.com harrietanneg@stromberg-carson.org wingert2r@comcast.net

Meetings are held in the Community Room at Brook Lane Health Services, 13218 Brook Lane Drive, Hagerstown,, MD 21782. If you did not receive a newsletter please contact Faye Ganoe Information and directions can be found at : www.brooklane.org

The Apple Press, the newsletter for Apple Valley Painters, is published six times a year (February, April, June, August, October, and December.) In addition, The Apple Press is posted on the chapter’s website: www.applevalleypainters.com.

Ads can be submitted via email in JPG format to bnfganoe@comcast.net Checks for ads submitted by email should be sent to the Newsletter Editor at the address which follows. Send camera-ready ads along with a check made payable to Apple Valley Painters to: Faye Ganoe, 227 Geiser Avenue, Waynesboro, PA 17268. The deadline for submission is the 15th of the month prior to the month of publication.


January 4 January 17 February 21 March 1 March 21 & 22

Board Meeting Paint In General Meeting Board Meeting

Brooklane Art Barn Sun Catcher with Debbie Coover Rose and Bee Box with Barb Noel Brooklane Art Barn

Kathie George Seminar Batik Sea Turtle & Cup of Flowers General Meeting Board Meeting Paint In Birthday Celebration Brooklane Art Barn Gourd Painting with Anne Smith and Linda Novack Dyed T-Shirt with Kathryn Fowler Tea Bag Folding w/Barb Noel & Kathy Bless Brooklane Art Barn (following paint-in) Lia Anderson Technique with Mike Tate Brooklane Art Barn Susan Stamilio Anne Smith Brooklane Art Barn Kathryn Fowler

AVP 2009 Schedule of Events

April 18 May 3 May 16

June 27 July 18 July 18 August 22 September 6 September 19-20 October 17 November 2 November 21 December 5

General Meeting Paint In Board Meeting General Meeting Board Meeting Seminar General Meeting Board Meeting Paint In

Apple Valley Painters Christmas Party


Fiesta de Birthday
April 18, 2009
Please join us for our annual birthday celebration, which will have a fiesta theme this year. For lunch, please bring a covered dish to share (Mexican food preferred). In order to encourage full participation in the Chinese auction to be held during the fiesta celebration, your entrance ‘fee’ to the event is an item for the Chinese auction. This item can consist of a painted piece, an unpainted surface, painting books/magazines, new brushes, a set of paints, etc. Let your imagination go wild, but please participate! New products demonstration by Mary Kay Anderson. Come join us for our birthday celebration!!!!

Registration Form for Gourd Painting Paint-In With Anne Smith and Linda Novack 16 May 2009 Brooklane Name: __________________________________ _______________________________________________


Phone: ____________________________ EMAIL: Cost: ______________________________________ $15.00

Participants must provide their own gourds. Gourd size are 8” - 10” Size depends on your preference. Please contact Eileen Spangler for signups and information on obtaining gourds at 301-698-0189 or mail registration to Eileen Spangler, 14 Kline Blvd, Frederick, MD 21701

Anne Smith will be teaching the May class. The project will be painted on a gourd and the pattern will be available at the April birthday party, but before that, members need to obtain a gourd and have it prepped as follows: GOURD SELECTION AND PREPARATION For your birdhouse gourd, choose a bottle neck gourd preferably, but an apple gourd or martin house gourd makes a nice one too. Birds like cozy nests, so pick a gourd that measures approximately 6-8” in diameter. Gourds can be purchased from: www.welburngourdfarms.com www.amishgourds.com www.mbgourds.com The last website is for Meadowbrook Gourds in Carlisle, PA To clean a gourd, wash it in a dish pan or bucket. With a scrub brush, pot scrubber, warm water, and plenty of elbow grease, scrub off the mold. You’ll find a plastic palette knife useful for the heavy skin removal. When you’ve removed all the debris, wipe it with a little bleach and a paper towel, and let it dry for a day. Fill in any dents or small holes with Elmer’s Wood Filler. When dry, sand the entire gourd, concentrating on any raised bumps or ‘wart’ type blemishes to remove them. If the gourd stem is broken or has none, drill a small hole in the top end and glue in a new stem—a dowel can be usedin place of the stem if necessary. To make the entry hole of the birdhouse gourd, use a 1” drill. Empty the gourd seeds out. Birds like a roughened interior for their nest, so don’t clean it out too thoroughly. Also, a perch beneath the hole is not desirable, for it could provide a sitting place for predators. I like to drill two small holes at the top of the gourd so it can be hung by a cord or leather string. You may do this before or after painting—I have done both ways. Seal the gourd with a good sealer, like Jo Sonja’s Magic Mix, or First Step, as this prevents any discoloration from seeping through after painting. You are now ready to base coat your gourd. Directions for this, along with the design, will be e-mailed to you or will be in the newsletter.



? ?

Would you like to teach a project or technique at one of our meetings? We are looking for volunteers. It
can be as short as an hour or as long as three to four hours. Please contact Connie Martin if you would like to participate in 2009.


Would you like to teach a paint-in project? These are normally a project or technique for a day event
with the teaching time six to eight hours. Contact Connie Martin if you would like to participate in 2009. Do you get a “gold token” at the February meeting, if not you’ll hear more at the April meeting.. Wearing orange to the Birthday Party!! You can bring painted Christmas ornaments to all the meetings for our November show. Anne Smith and Linda Novack are planning gourd paint-in 16 May. The birthday committee is planning a special Fiesta in April. Please keep our members in your prayers, for all those with health issues and for those who are struggling with hardships in their lives and for our elected leaders. Check out the new revised 2009 calendar of events and mark your calendars, it always fun to paint with each other and the board members work hard to bring you events throughout the year. Yard sale coming up in June, go through your books, pattern packets, surfaces, brushes, paints and donate them to the yard sale at our June meeting, proceeds go to the Chapter. We had a great time with Kathie George, hope everyone enjoyed their weekend seminar. The August meeting has been changed on the calendar of events to accommodate those members who go to HOOT. Mark the change—meeting will be held 22 August. We are looking for volunteers to paint flower pots for Brooklane’s Scoop and Wickets Banquet in June, pots may be available at the April meeting. Contact either Barb Noel or Connie Martin..

• • • • • • • • • • •

Note from our Board
Happy Spring, First, a "thank you" to all members who have rejoined Apple Valley Painters, your board has planned another great year, please mark your calendars for the 2009 events. Most of you know by now that Kathryn’s daughter has been recovering from an illness and requires a lot of family support at this time. We the board would like to step in an assume those tasks that Kathryn has done as our President until she is able to resume. The meetings will be led by the Vice Presidents until or whenever Kathryn is available. We asked that you contact Connie Martin or Norma Hinkle for Apple Valley Painters business until further notice. The board will answer any questions, coordinate the upcoming calendar events and ensure a continuity of programs that we as a chapter do throughout the year. Please do not hesitate to contact any board member. Our thoughts and prayers go out to Kathryn and her family. AVP Board

Thanks to Kathy Bless for her Toasted Almond Dessert served at the Kathie George Seminar

Toasted Almond Dessert 1 cup flour 1/4 cup brown sugar 1 cup coconut 1/2 cup margarine 1/2 cup sliced almonds Instant pudding (any kind) Sliced bananas Redi-Whip Cream

Mix and brown 1st five ingredients in 325 degree oven for 30 minutes, stirring every 10 minutes or until light brown. Put 1/2 of the crumb mixture in bottom of 8” X8” baking pan and set aside other half of mixture. Spread instant pudding over mixture. Put sliced bananas over top of pudding. Put Redi-Whip over bananas and top with remaining crumb mixture. This recipe can be doubled.


Joyce Kathryn Rebecca Joni Norma Eileen

Gillispie Fowler Baer Travis Hinkle Spangler

3-Apr 20-Apr 28-Apr 1-May 4-May 27-May



APPLE VALLEY PAINTERS General Membership Meeting February 21, 2009 Previous to calling the meeting to order, Norma Hinkle explained the new theme for 2009, “Over the Rainbow.” Each month a different color will be featured and gold tokens can be earned. The featured color for February is red and a gold token was given to each person wearing red to the meeting and another token was given to those who stayed to paint. The meeting was called to order by 2nd Vice President, Norma Hinkle, standing in for President, Kathryn Fowler. Mary Kay Anderson noted we had a quorum. SECRETARY Kathy Bless reported that due to a misunderstanding the minutes of the December meeting were not sent to be printed in the latest newsletter. The minutes were put on hold for approval. TREASURER Debbie Culler stated that the beginning balance was $7,332.72. Income received was $640 from membership dues, while expenses were $50 for gifts and $150 for seminars. The balance as of February 1, 2009 is $7,772.72. Faye Ganoe made a motion to approve the report and Mike Tate seconded the motion. Norma Hinkle reported that she was standing in for Kathryn Fowler today as Kathryn’s daughter, Lindsay, is very ill with seizures, etc. and has been moved to several hospitals and now is in Johns Hopkins. Norma requested everyone to pray for strength for Kathryn and Craig and to contact her if needed rather than bother Kathryn. 1st VICE PRESIDENT Connie Martin was not present due to recent surgery on her hand and thumb, but she let Norma know the information needed for upcoming seminars, etc. She requested that those who are taking Kathie George’s seminar read the instructions carefully before applying the pattern to the paper, both the instructions and the pattern were given out at the meeting. Norma announced that the Kathie George seminar will be held in the Brooklane Art Barn. The Saturday class has 16 people signed up and the Sunday class has 13 people signed up. 2nd VICE PRESIDENT Norma reported that there had been no interest from anyone previously to organize the April birthday party. Kathryn and Mary Kay agreed to take over if there was no interest, but would need others to help. They were looking for the theme to be low key and maybe have a committee. Mary Kay asked if anyone had any ideas. Of the ideas mentioned, the fiesta was well received. Joni Travis, Pat Fagan, and Eileen Spangler all volunteered to do it. Karen Falcon suggested calling it “Fiesta De Birthday.” Everyone was asked to let the committee know if they had decorations useful for the party. Mary Kay requested that they work with Kathy Bless to use hospitality supplies if possible. Other matters for the birthday party were discussed, including a pot luck meal of Mexican food. Faye Ganoe will need to be informed of what is expected of members. In addition to the birthday party on April 18, a Chinese Auction will be held. Norma was asked to explain how it works. Tickets will be available for purchase and we can place a ticket(s) in a paper bag that is in front of each donated item. There will be a drawing for the winner of each donation. It was suggested that in addition to painted pieces, unpainted surfaces, etc. could be donated. Norma announced that Kathie George will be taken out to a restaurant Saturday evening after the seminar and anyone who wants to go along is welcome. We will be made aware of the type of food we are to bring each day of the seminar at a later time. Watch for more information on the Susan Stamilio seminar. This will be her last travel teaching for some time. There are 41 members at this time and no guests today. NEWSLETTER EDITOR Faye Ganoe said the deadline for the next newsletter is March 15th. She added that putting AVP in the subject line was working very well. WAYS AND MEANS Linda Novack said that Pat Fagan made up the raffle basket for the meeting. It was decided that the winner of the basket will make up the basket for the next meeting. PAINT-IN COORDINATOR Eileen Spangler announced that the paint-in items for the year were on display today. Kathryn Fowler’s whimsical dyed Tshirt and a beautiful silk scarf were on display. Anne Smith brought a beautifully painted gourd, Barb Noel brought two examples of tea bag folding decorations which is a real crowd-pleaser. However, due to a conflict in dates, Barb Noel will not be able to teach tea bag folding in July. In her place Debbie Culler will teach a class in colored pencil on a class 9 in colored pencil on a greeting card. It will be a “Christmas in July” card.

The schedule will be as follows: May – Anne Smith will teach painting on a gourd. June – Kathryn Fowler will teach the dyed t-shirt July – Debbie Culler will teach colored pencil on a greeting card There was a discussion on where or how to get gourds for the May paint-in. Linda Novack said we are to get them ourselves, possibly at a farmer’s market, etc. Norma passed a catalog from Meadow Brook Gourds. Those who want may contact Meadow Brook online at www.mbgourds.com or phone at (717) 776-6029. There was a discussion on safety factors in drilling holes in gourds. Contact Eileen if you have any information about obtaining gourds or handling them. Also, if you have any questions about them, she will try to guide you in the right direction. Debbie Culler showed the lamp for our main fundraiser and asked for volunteers. There is the lamp and six panels to paint. It was discussed that Betty Caithness patterns be used due to their universal appeal. See Linda Novack if you wish to volunteer to help. HABITAT FOR HUMANITY/HOWARD’S ART SHOW/BROOKLANE Barb Noel said that all painted pieces for Howard’s needed to be brought in by the last day of Kathie George’s seminar. A reception will be held Saturday, April 4th at Howard’s on the Dual Hwy. in Hagerstown. The proceeds from the sale of the art will go to the Washington County SPCA in memory of our beloved member, Kitty Maurer. Howard’s will frame any 5x7 or 8 x 10 canvas for free. Several beautiful pieces for the art fundraiser were displayed at the meeting. Brooklane – Photos taken of the premises at Brooklane were passed around. Kay Hoffman has said that paintings depicting various sites at Brooklane bring the most interest and money at the auction. A discussion was held on the size of the flowerpots being painted for centerpieces at the fundraiser banquet. Barb said she will email Kay Hoffman about that. It was suggested that a paper be passed to get volunteers for the Auction on June 12. The youth at Brooklane will grow the ivy to be trained on wickets for the flowerpots. Brooklane would like more of the springhouse slates painted for the auction. The slates were made available for pick up after the meeting. Brooklane has a 9’ x 15’ play therapy room and they would like us to paint a mural on the walls. The room is used by children under ten years of age and Brooklane would like the mural to be peaceful and soothing. Barb explained the layout of the room and said it is “blah”. As the room is not available through the week, we must do all the painting in one weekend. She suggested simple sponge painted animals, clouds, etc as being appropriate. Kay told Barb the design will need to be approved by the board but said that could be done very quickly. Barb said as we have free use of Brooklane’s facilities it is a good thing to do this. She also mentioned Kay was overwhelmed by the help given by our members for Christmas gifts for the children and told of how we helped with one girl in particular; $385 dollars in gift cards, etc. was given by 28 of our members. Chambersburg Arts Council member, Anne Finucane contacted Barb about a brochure being put together by the Council and the Visitors Bureau to promote the Arts in Chambersburg. She suggested that AVP be among those mentioned in it and is working on it. In addition, they plan on having demonstrations of crafts the 1st Friday of each month beginning in May. COMMUNICATIONS REPRESENTATIVE Jacky Wingert had nothing to report. Norma Hinkle reported that in February and March Tina Sue Norris will have a watercolor pencil teaching online. She also mentioned that SDP has new resources available online. She will email everyone with a list of discounts from SDP artists. CRAFTSHOW REPRESENTATIVE Jacky Wingert said she plans on holding a craft show again in Scotland Saturday, November 7. She is prepared to accept ornaments throughout the year. Mike Tate will be teaching a Lia Anderson ornament for the August paint-in. HOSPITALITY Kathy Bless had nothing to report on the hospitality, but thanked everyone for the tremendous amount of food brought in for the Spirit of Christ Community Church Food Pantry. She also mentioned that no thank you note has come from the ministry that is getting the Habitat for Humanity records as they have not received them. HISTORIAN Mary Kay Anderson had nothing to report. LIBRARIAN Jane Tyson had nothing to report. MEMORY BOXES Norma said that Connie Martin had nothing to report. 10

NEW PRODUCTS REPRESENTATIVE Mary Kay Anderson plans to give a products demo and allow us to work with a product at the April meeting. WEBMASTER Rella Keller is in Florida now but Barb Noel said she visited the website and everything looks good. CHRISTMAS PARTY Members from Pennsylvania will plan the party. There was no report. OLD BUSINESS There was nothing addressed. NEW BUSINESS Budget: The budget was to be brought with members. There were no questions or concerns. A motion was made by Joyce Gillespie to approve it as published and was seconded by Eileen Spangler. 2009 Calendar Norma announced that the board meets on the alternate months and said that any member interested is welcome to attend. March 21 – 22 – Kathie George Seminar April 4 (Saturday) – Howard’s Art Center Reception April 18 – General Meeting and Birthday Party May 3 – Board Meeting at the Art Barn May 16 – Paint-In – Gourd painting with Anne Smith teaching June 12 – Brooklane’s “Scoops and Wickets” Auction June 27 – General meeting and dyed t-shirt with Kathryn Fowler July 12 ? - Board Meeting at Art Barn – (this date may change) July 18 – Paint-In - Colored pencil Christmas card with Debbie Culler teaching August 15 ? – General meeting and Lia Anderson ornament with Mike Tate teaching (this date may coincide with HOOT convention and need to be changed) September 13 – Board Meeting at the Art Barn September 19 – 20 – Susan Stamilio Seminar October 17 – General meeting with Anne Smith teaching November 2 – Board Meeting at the Art Barn November 21 – Paint-In – Silk scarf with Kathryn Fowler teaching December 5 – General meeting and AVP Christmas party A discussion took place about the September board meeting being held after the August meeting and teaching is finished. Faye Ganoe made a motion to hold the meeting at that time and Mike Tate seconded the motion. ANNOUNCEMENTS Barb Noel had Bon-Ton’s Community Days coupons available for sale that were a good bargain for the Chambersburg store. CARES AND CONCERNS Kathryn’s daughter, Lindsay Fowler. Mike Tate’s sister, Lisa is scheduled for surgery March 11. Norma expressed our condolences to Anne Smith and Linda Novack on the loss of Anne’s husband/Linda’s father. Barb Noel motioned that the meeting be adjourned and Maggie Furry seconded the motion. The meeting was adjourned. Respectfully Submitted, Kathy Bless, Secretary

PAINTING OPPORTUNITIES • Joni Travis will be teaching a Christmas Tin Pocket March 11 at Debbie Culler’s from 5:30 to 9:30 PM. Lynne Andrews “Silent Night” will be taught at Debbie Culler’s April 4. Maggie Furry won the raffle basket. 11

Apple Valley Painters 2009 Membership Application/Renewal

Name _________________________________________________Birthday _______________________________ Month/Day Address ______________________________________________________________________________________

City ___________________________________________________State _________________Zip______________

Phone _________________________________________________Email __________________________________

Do you wish to receive your newsletter?

Electronically ____________ US Mail ___________

Society of Decorative Painters Member Number _________________ (You must be a member of SDP to join Apple Valley Painters) How did you hear about Apple Valley Painters?_______________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________________________ Would you like to volunteer on any of the following committees? ___________Hospitality ___________ Ways & Means ___________ Newsletter

___________ Library

____________ Historian

___________ Webmaster

____________ Service Projects (Memory Boxes, Habitat for Humanity) ____________ Special Meetings (Birthday Party, Christmas Party) ____________ Decorative Painting Month (Apple Festival, Meetings, Art Show) Send completed application with a check in the amount of $20.00 payable to Apple Valley Painters to AVP 2nd Vice President of Membership: Norma Hinkle 441 Pembroke Way Charlestown, WV 25414 Phone: 304-725-4567 Email: normahinkle@frontiernet.net

Visit Apple Valley Painters website for more information: www.applevalleypainters.com Visit Society of Decorative Painters website: www.decorativepainters.org


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