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Page 1 asks: Why do people sit in a huge line-up to save 3 cents per litre on gas, but take the first price quoted for car insurance?
Let’s look at this logically. If you owned a tickets can cause the spread between insurance mid-sized car and pumped 40 litres of gas into company rates to widen to over $4,400. That’s the tank every week at 98 cents per litre, this enough to pay for your gas bill and then some. would cost you approximately $2,038 per year.
Lowest Highest Difference If you searched for the best price and always managed to save an extra 3 cents per litre $1,976 $2,038 $62 Gas each time you filled up, how much do you think you would save? About $62…for the entire $1,135 $3,497 $2,362 Insurance year! What can you buy with those savings? Maybe a well deserved night out…for one. And that doesn’t include the babysitter…or dessert. Most drivers don’t realize they are paying hundreds, sometimes thousands of dollars So why are people sitting in huge more than they need to for their car insurance. line-ups to save $62 a year in gas, but willing to pay thousands of extra dollars Find out which company has the lowest rate in car insurance rates? for you. You don’t have to drive anywhere or wait in line. Just cruise on over to Look At The Difference, enter in your driving information, and receive an instant quote with Now let’s look at what you are paying for the lowest rates from 30 of the top Canadian insurance. For a good driver, there is about a insurance companies. $2,300 spread in rates between 30 of the top Canadian insurance companies. A couple of While you’re at, check out who has the lowest price for your home, Lee Romanov – President, life and business insurance as well. And as an added bonus, if you’re still interested in saving that $62 per year, visit our Resources page. We’ll tell you where you can find the best gas prices in the city - because old habits die hard.

Drive away with a little “good karma” by going to to find which insurance company has the best price for you. Capricorn - Dec. 22 to Jan. 19 You are so proud of your perfect lane changes and precise parking jobs. But sometimes, spontaneity and fast-thinking trump ‘perfection’! Aquarius - Jan. 20 to Feb. 18 Stop daydreaming and get a grip behind the wheel, or you might be the next guest on Canada’s Worst Drivers. Pisces - Feb. 19 to Mar. 20 As a Pisces you very focused on your inner journey. Today you would do well to focus on your ‘outer journey’ and keep your eyes on the road! Aries - Mar. 21 to Apr. 19 As the ‘baby’ of all the astrological signs, you sometimes like to act up. If you see a puddle next to a bus stop – keep your distance. Taurus - Apr. 20 to May 20 You always enjoy a good meal. Just don’t enjoy it when you’re behind the wheel. Gemini - May 21 to June 20 Gemini’s like to explore multiple avenues. The downside to this, however, can be a lack of follow-through. When you put your turn signal on – make the lane change. Cancer - June 21 to July 22 You’re in one of your moods today and would like nothing better than to retreat into your shell and hide away. Those errands can wait until tomorrow. Leo - Jul. 23 to Aug. 22 The King of the Highway, Leo’s love to drive. Get out there and enjoy the open road. You’ll feel right at home. Virgo - Aug. 23 to Sept. 22 Yes. That girl is checking her lipstick in the rearview mirror. And that guy is closing his eyes as he’s singing along with the car radio. Quit pointing out other people’s faults and focus on your driving. Libra - Sept. 23 to Oct. 22 Libra’s are always seeking balance. Start with your tires. Scorpio - Oct. 23 to Nov. 21 You’re highly suspicious by nature. But today, if that nice lady waves you into her lane, she doesn’t have a hidden agenda – unless she’s a Scorpio too! Sagittarius - Nov. 22 to Dec. 21 There’s nothing you love more than hitting the open road. Just make sure that’s all you hit.

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Gas Up with a Lower Insurance Rate!

Car Karma
Here’s how the stars will influence your driving for today. finds this rate for drivers!
$5,000 $4,500 $3,500 $3,000 $2,500 $1,500 $1,000 $500

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