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					Threatened Flora on Kangaroo Island Vulnerable
Downy Star-bush Asterolasia phebalioides
What does it look like? • 	 Downy Star-bush is a small slender shrub to 1.5 m tall. • 	 It has golden yellow flowers with five petals, that grow singularly on the tips of its stems. • 	 The grey-green leaves are densely crowded and less than 1 cm long. • 	 The star shaped hairs that cover the leaves give it the name Downy Star-bush. How do they live? • 	 Downy Star-bush is a long lived early coloniser following fire or soil disturbance. • 	 It flowers during winter to early spring. • 	 This species may require ten years between disturbances to set seed. • 	 Downy Star-bush is found in heath with the occasional Kangaroo Island Mallee Ash Eucalyptus remota. • 	 It is found growing in sandy soil. Conservation rating Downy Star-bush is rated as VULNERABLE under national and state legislation. It is rated as vulnerable on Kangaroo Island.

Where does it occur? Downy Star-bush is found on western Kangaroo Island, South Australia, and in the Grampians and Little Desert National Parks, Victoria. Only one population is known to occur on Kangaroo Island. This population occurs in Flinders Chase National Park and roadside vegetation and private property that adjoins the Park. This single population contains about 50,000 individuals. Where is it conserved on Kangaroo Island? Downy Star-bush is conserved in Flinders Chase National Park on Kangaroo Island. In Victoria it is conserved in Little Desert National Park and the Grampians National Park. Threats
Photo: Darryl Kraehenbush

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For more information contact the Bush Management Adviser, Department for Environment and Heritage, (61 8) 8553 2381

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