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WORSHIP 2007 JUNE 2007 Projects and Topics Committee Ann Smith, convener, opened the meeting with the following. Reading 1 John 4: 7 to 11 Prayer: God of Love Watch over us this beautiful (or dreich!) morning). We thank you for our family and friends for all the laughter and joy we share with them. In this world of ours there is so much violence and bloodshed. We ask your compassion for all those caught up in this. At the start of another Guild year, we trust you will give us guidance, strength, and courage to do y our will here, at home, in our church life and in the wider community. Help us to listen for your voice. Thank you for the gift of your son and help us to love as he did. We ask this in Jesus name. Amen. Closing Prayer: From Day 19, of Pray Now, 2007. _____________________________________________

Finance and General Purposes Committee Margaret Carey, convener, opened the meeting with the following worship Reading 2 Samuel 23: 1 Reflection and prayer (Note - David is Israel‟s singer of songs) Eddie Askew‟s Music on the Wind (based on the life of David). Music Prelude (Girl with the Flaxen Hair) by Debussy _____________________________________________

August 2007 Annual Meeting Closing Worship Esme Duncan, national vice convener, closed the annual meeting with the following worship: The Apostle Paul wrote: Finally, brothers (brothers and sisters!) whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable - if anything is praiseworthy - think about such things. How much we have been given today to think about! Live and Learn 2007 indeed! Thank God for the promise of Jesus that His Holy Spirit Who is with us will teach us all things and will remind us of everything He has said because it is so important for us and for the Guilds whom we represent that we remember and pass on what we have learned today. In our first hymn - a very long time ago! - we sang: ‟All my HOPE on God is founded‟. And in Ann‟s Opening Worship, in the readings based on Ecclesiastes chapter 1 and on the opening words of Revelation chapter 21, Do not give up HOPE… On Friday of last week, with two friends and six dogs, I travelled through HOPE. Twelve hours later, we returned through HOPE which was, so far as we could see in the darkness, unchanged. The Geographers among you, or people familiar with the far north, will have realised that we were driving through the tiny Sutherland community on the North Coast overlooked by Ben Hope. It is not overstating the matter when I say that we travelled WITH HOPE HOPE of a good day in between the wet ones of recent weeks; HOPE of enjoying wonderful coastal and mountain views in the north west of our country; HOPE of being kept in safety on narrow, winding single track roads; Our HOPE was rewarded and we were richly blessed. God is good. In a few minutes we shall leave here - in HOPE - to return to our homes and to our Guilds To THINK ABOUT THE THINGS WE HAVE LEARNED Let us pray: All loving and all knowing God, We gladly thank You for this day and for all that it has meant to us. We thank You for one another, for old friendships strengthened and for new friendships begun. We thank You for those whom we represent and to whom we will return. We thank You for Your continuing Presence as we leave and travel home and in all the days ahead. And the Guild Prayer, made corporate: Heavenly Father, thank You for loving us right where we are. Help us to know Your love deep in our hearts and enable that love to flow from us to those with whom we are in contact. We pray in Jesus‟ name, Amen.

Because we go with Jesus, and we go for Jesus, our HOPE will not be disappointed

Malawi trip Ann Bowie, national convener, conducted the following devotions while on a trip to Malawi, representing the Guild We are parts of the Body of Christ Reading 1st Corinthians 12 V4-11 and Romans 12 V 4 and 5 As we gather this morning let us celebrate how God has blessed us through the service of so many people working in so many ways to fulfil our calling as people of God, the Body of Christ. It was on Pentecost that the Spirit was poured out upon all believers-changing them from folk who had hid in the upper room out of fear of the authorities to people who boldly proclaimed the good news of Jesus Christ “starting in Jerusalem and going to the ends of the world”. The spirit that was poured out is the living presence of God with us and it is the spirit that does those things to build up the Body of Christ, that we can‟t do on our own. In Paul‟s letter to the Corinthians, he reminds the Church that everyone who follows Christ is gifted-gifted by God, gifted in different ways and to different degrees, but that each gift and each person is important – none more or none less than another, that those who preach are not greater than those who listen. Each one of us if we are being obedient to the call of God in our lives is used of God. Where is the Gospel today? The Good News! The Good News is that God has given us a diversity of gifts, these are in use here in our midst and beyond, in the world to which we are sent as apostles of Christ. God is here in us and around us. The Church is like a human body, with many different parts uniting to make one body. Unity in diversity – what the Church is all about or at least what it should be. We‟re all Christians Anglicans, Roman Catholic, Baptist, Presbyterian Methodist, Salvation Army and countless others – but we each have our own distinguishing characteristics. Is that a weakness – it could be if we let it divide us, but it is quite the opposite, a source of strength as we celebrate our unity in diversity. We all profess Christ as Lord and all seek to follow Him. This morning I would ask you to think what part of the Body you are, are you the „ears‟ who listen to others, „hands‟ who do practical work, or „mouth‟ who tells the Gospel story. No matter how small a part we are may we be moved by the Spirit to build up the Body of Christ by sharing our faith and spreading the good news. In conclusion I would like to share with you a poem which describes being part of the Body of Christ. We are the hands of Christ he uses us each day To show our love to everyone in every kind of way. We are the feet of Christ His errands we must run To fetch, to carry and to help in every way we can. We are the eyes of Christ, all beauty we must share And hope one day to bring to you all those who do not care. We are the lips of Christ, He speaks through us to men To cheer, to comfort and to tell of His great love for them.

We are the friends of Christ we love his work to do His friendship is so wonderful will you not share it too? Now let us come before God in prayer: Lord, we each have some gifts but none of us have them all. We each have something to contribute to others and equally something to receive from them in turn. We each need one another and our lives are impoverished if we attempt to go it alone. You call us all to be part of your body, may we be aware of what it means to belong to the Body of Christ. You have made us body, mind and spirit, help us to make each part of ourselves what it ought to be. Teach us not only to exercise our own gifts wisely but at the same time appreciate those of others so that we may grow together, building one another up in love. Gracious heavenly Father we bring to you in prayer those who are struggling to cope with illness, sadness and difficult situations, be near them and sustain and comfort them with your love and understanding. We pray for those who work for peace where no peace seems possible, those who witness for truth and justice. We remember with gratitude all who have served your Church over many years and are no longer actively involved because of frailty or infirmity, surround them with your love and care. We thank you for the many blessings we have received and ask that you be with us as we chare fellowship together. Amen

September 2007 National Executive (Carberry) What to use as subject? I remember the advice of my boss in Scripture Union in the 70‟s - if in doubt, look at your Daily Bible Reading Notes for the day. So I did… Luke chapter 9 - so familiar. Jesus had been teaching the crowds and healing the sick… verse 12 onwards. This is so familiar - too familiar? Is there anything here for us? Think of the disciples. Focus on them Jesus used them to manage the crowd; to sort them out so that something could happen. Teachers know that if you want people to listen or to do something particular, you sit them down. Then the disciples received the food from Jesus and they served the crowd. They must have handled it reverently because they saw it being created before their eyes. It would have taken a long time to serve so many but they went back and forth, back and forth until everyone was satisfied. Did they get theirs then? (We aren‟t told). Did they eat as they went? I don‟t think so…. Jesus had entrusted each basketful to each disciple to give to the people. And then, once everyone was satisfied, the disciples gathered up the leftovers. 12 baskets: one for each disciple. Andrew didn‟t say: „I brought the child with his picnic - I‟ve done my bit.‟ Peter didn‟t say: „I‟m the leader: I don‟t do clearing up.‟ They all got stuck in and the job was done

We‟ve each been called within the Guild; we‟ve been sent by our Councils; we are trusted with a task. Above that, we‟ve been called by God, by Jesus, entrusted with tasks to do for His Kingdom. We are promised the joy of working together to serve those with whom we come in contact.

There‟s nothing more sure than that when we go to Him for something to share with others, He will give us the right thing. He will never fail us.

(Prayer followed by the Grace, said to one another)

October 2007 Projects and Topics Committee Ann Smith, convener, opened the meeting with the following worship Reading Psalm 139 Verses7-10 and meditation on t from "Wait and See" by Angela Ashwin.

Prayer O God Who made this amazing world Help us to remember that You are with everyone caught up in any kind of conflict. Be with us in body, mind and spirit at all times.

Help us to see what You would have us do and give us Your help to achieve it. Help us to reach out to others in love Stretch us and increase our sense of purpose That we may grow in Your service today, and every day, though Jesus Christ our Lord. We ask Your help in all our discussions this morning. Amen.

Closing Prayer

May you see love around you May you feel love walk with you May you know love holds you And may you hear love speak your name Amen

From "Pray Now 2007" Marketing and Publicity Committee Mary Notman, convener, opened the meeting with the following worship: Reading Matthew 6 : 25 to end (Max Lucado‟s Bible. Prayer The prayer was based on Psalm 23: The Lord is my shepherd……..and that‟s relationship And I shall not want……….and that‟s supply He made me lie down in still waters……and that‟s refreshment He restoreth my soul…….and that‟s healing He leads me in the paths of righteousness………..and that‟s guidance For his name‟s sake……..and that‟s purpose Yea thought I walk through the valley of the shadow of death….and that‟s challenge I will fear no evil………….and that‟s assurance For thou art with me………….and that‟s faithfulness Thy rod and staff they comfort me……….and that‟s shelter Thou preparest a table before me in the presence of mine enemies….and that‟s hope Thou annointest my head with oil ………and that‟s consecration My cup runneth over…….and that‟s abundance Surely goodness and mercy shall follow me all the days of my life…….and that‟s blessing And I shall dwell in the house of the Lord…..and that‟s security Forever……….and that‟s eternity

Closing Prayer Go now with your Life overflowing, ready to be poured out in the service of our Lord, amen.

November 2007 National Executive 6 November Ann Bowie, national convener, opened the meeting with the following worship based on unlikely choices: Reading John 15 v 16 and Nick Fawcett Daily Prayer Time with God....ISBN 1-84417-094-2 (reading for 17 November)

Prayer Living God, we praise you for the knowledge that you have chosen us to be part of your people. We rejoice in everything that means: that you did not just accept us because you had to, because no one else would respond; that you did not accept us reluctantly, hesitant because of our faults and weaknesses; and that you did not accept us provisionally, dependent upon whether we measure up to your expectations. Instead, we know that you welcome us freely, gladly and unequivocally, opening your heart to us without hesitation or reserve, glad to embrace us as your children. For the wonder of that truth, we offer our grateful worship. This morning we remember those unable to be with us ,we pray especially for _____, may she soon be restored to full fitness, surround them all with your love and care. These things we ask in your name. Amen Ann then read the words of a Hymn sung at Scottish Baptist Women's Fellowship, written by a member, Marion Cartwright of Ayr: Serving God in everything, let it be our aim In our daily living, let us praise His Name. Joyfully proclaiming, Jesus is our Lord Knowing sins forgiven and trusting in His Word Serving God in everything, let the chorus ring! Serving God in everything, for our Lord and King. Serving God in everything is our earnest prayer, Reaching out to others, showing love and care We as sisters in the Lord, let us ever be Loyal faithful servants to Him who died for me Serving God in everything, includes you and me Whether great or small the task we do it 'unto Thee' Grant us strength to witness as we start each day, That we magnify Your Name in all we do and say

Conveners’ Group 5 November Ann Bowie, national convener, opened the meeting with the following worship based on the theme of remembering what was: Readings Deuteronomy 7 v 18; 8 v 2 And from Nick Fawcett Daily Prayer Time with God....ISBN 1-84417-094-2 Prayer Almighty God teach me to remember all you have done and to give you the praise you deserve.

Teach me each day to recall your creative acts, your mighty deeds throughout history, and your faithful dealings with your people across the years. Above all ,teach me to remember your graciousness in Jesus Christ - your coming, living, dying and rising among us ,so that we might have life in all its fullness. For the memory of such things, and the constant reminder of them I receive each day. I give you my thanks and praise, through Jesus Christ my Lord. Amen

Education Reps Support Group Ann Bowie, national convener, opened the meeting with the following worship: Reading Philippians 2 v 1-4 Prayer: Heavenly Father, as we meet this morning we give thanks for all your goodness to us. We thank you for the privilege of being involved in the work of your Church. May we accept the tasks and challenges which present themselves to us. Lord may we be aware of your presence as we share fellowship together, guide our thoughts and our words, use them and us as seems best to you, for in your strength all things are possible. We pray that all that we do is a worthy offering to You,'Whose we are and Whom we serve' Amen.

December 2007 Annual Meeting Group Esme Duncan, national vice convener, opened the meeting with the following worship based on material from Scripture Union‟s Encounter with God, Oct to Dec 2006 Prayer From St John of the Cross “ My spirit has become dry because it forgets to feed upon you” Lord give us a real hunger for You. Reading Luke 1; 1 to 20 Reflection Routine religion is a trap we can all fall into, especially at this time of year as we look forward to Christmas. Zechariah was one of many priests serving in the temple built by Herod. Serving God was at the centre of his life, but all was not well. He and his wife Elisabeth were childless; they were getting on in years and although this was a source of great pain for them, they no longer expected their prayer for a son to be answered. But God had other plans; He loves to surprise us! With the other priests, Zechariah took his turn in serving in the temple and his normal religious routine was interrupted when he was chosen by lot to offer incense to the Lord in the most holy place. For him, with all the people praying outside, he would feel the presence of God and much closer than usual. What happens totally shatter any vestige of routine and, like the disciples after the resurrection, his response to God‟s messenger is one of fear which leads us to doubt. How impossible it seems is God‟s promise to change his life! We might ask ourselves how often we limit God by imagining He can only do what is humanly possible. For Zechariah, routine religious duty became a life-changing experience. Let‟s make sure that, amid the familiarity of the Christmas season ahead, we are open to God‟s life-changing interventions in our routine lives.

Projects and Topics Committee Ann Smith, convener, opened the meeting with the following Reading Isaiah 60 Verses 1-6 and the Poem "The Light Has Come " based on the above verses from "Shine On, Star of Bethlehem - A worship resource for Advent, Christmas and Epiphany" Prayer Dear Lord, as we gather here to discuss the business of the day, please be with us. We remember that this is the beginning of Advent and we are looking forward to Your Son's birthday Help us to see through the tinsel and glamour and to be able to celebrate Christmas in awe and wonder, as the wise men, who followed the star, did all those years ago. We ask this in Jesus' name .Amen Closing Prayer Celebrate the wonder of God; celebrate the moments when heaven dances with earth; celebrate the doorways that set justice free; and live your life as that celebration, everyday. From "Pray Now 2008"

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