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Book review: Cancer prevention, treatment Drooling daily: Avoiding UTI’s, Bad breath, Ear pocket/flaps, Fiber treats, Heartworm medicine, Urine collecting Martha’s miracle Nine tips for improving ring performance Scratching surface of canine allergies The last battle Tips for training your stubborn Basset Warm weather advice, warnings

Are we there yet?

Lady Maggie, almost 7 months old (6 in the picture), is a very happy dog and loves to ride shotgun. One can put her in the back over and over, but she will manage to get right back in the front seat! She is owned by Tracy McKay of Greenhill, Nova Scotia.

2— July 2008, THE BUGLER

Deadline for August issue is July 1


Letters to editor
This is my 11th renewal check because I am a devoted reader of your great Basset Hound magazine! I was first introduced to the BUGLER via club members when my Bobo was just a pup. In the early years of my training, Bobo and then Lizzy, would make sure I read the magazine from cover to cover several times. And, of course, I did, since the articles definitely made me a better basset slave to them both. I would howl at other slaves’ stories and think, “I’d never do that” and then find myself doing exactly that. Now that I am fully trained, I am sad to say my dearly beloved Bobo left for a trip across the Bridge in August. He had just turned 11 and I foolishly thought he would live forever. So, as I’m sending this renewal for the 11th time, I also remember the 11 great years I had with my Bobo and am cherishing the 9 (and still going strong) years with Lizzy. Thank you for being there! Diane Powell Vacaville, California ----------------------------The Bugler—simply the best magazine cover to cover! Thanks for all your hard work. We enjoy it every month. The Harris’ Mt. Holly, New Jersey ----------------------------Enclosed is renewal for another year. This has been a huge year for Boyle basset news. In May ‘07, Douglas was named King for the 2008 Basset Blast hosted by the Washington Basset Rescue group in Spokane. That meant he’d preside over the May ‘08 event. Coming from the Topsfield kennels in Vermont, and related to many of their awardwinning show dogs, he always thought he was special—now he’s SURE of it! We enjoy the Bugler. the stories makes us laugh and cry, but it also serves as a monthly reminder (as if we really need one!) of how special bassets are. John & Anne Boyle Colbert, Washington I was shocked when I saw the red dot on my second reading—time goes by so fast when you have two Bassets to take care of. Never an issue goes by without my learning something new, even though we’ve had Bassets for 34 years. The McGuires Hawthorn Woods, Illinois ----------------------------I was so surprised to see Amos on the October Bugler cover, I guess I forgot to pay attention to the red dots! Needless to say, seeing Amos’ handsome face—full of tennis balls— made my day and quite a few more. He was such a character. I still miss him so. Was sorry to see that you lost Queen Becky last summer. It never gets any easier, does it? They leave such an empty hole in your life. I’m going to put my computer skills to the test and try the “total subscription” package. It will be neat to see the issues in color. As always, we love it. Don’t every\ stop! Carole Collins Tucson, Arizona ----------------------------Please sign us up for another two years— this time the Combo version. We really enjoy the magazine and have for over 20 years. Keep up the good work. Pat and John Villard Grayslake, Illinois (All the letters and comments make all the work seem like play—well, most of the time, anyway. Keep them coming and I’ll keep the Bugler going as long as I can and you care.)


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Bugle Notes
Send news, announcements and/or club newsletters to Riche Churchill, Publisher/Editor THE BUGLER 5972 Francis Ferry Road McMinnville, TN 37110-4162

e-mail: Telephone: 1-931-686-2012
NEW AD RATES In a fit of probable insanity, I have lowered advertising as of July 1. With everything else going up, it is hoped this will generate much needed greater advertising volume. Or maybe I’ll just lose my shirt. New rates are shown on page 23. FLEA MEDICINES Would be interested to hear what readers buy, from whom and at what cost. For myself, with 11 dogs, I recently ordered one six-pack Frontline (medium-size) at $56 and one for big dogs at $57. At the same time, a six-pack of Advantix (med) at $58 and one for large dogs at $60. I alternate doses each month, on vet’s recommendation: Frontline one month, then Advantix, back to Frontline, and so on. I buy online from (free shipping for orders over $50). This year, at the beginning of “the season” a few of the dogs got Bio-Spot in an attempt to cut costs. Wrong choice. In my opinion, this is

k l

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not a good product. It either didn’t work or did not agree with them as a couple developed flea bite dermatitis requiring medical attention. Yet neither had ever suffered this previously. One is six and the other seven years old. Neither is a Basset, but two others who also got Bio-Spot are and had no ill effects. So, could be just one of those things, but I don’t plan future use of and do not recommend Bio-Spot. FUN FOR ALL BASSETS JULY 12: It's Slobberfest Time! Droopy BR’s 9th Annual Slobberfest in Wattsburg, Pennsylvania (20 miles south of Erie). Registration starts at 10 a.m. Activities begin at 11. All friendly and social Bassets (and their people) are welcome! Registration is $15 for 1st Basset, $5 each additional Basset (includes all regular games). Games and contests include: Best Basset Costume, Musical Mats, Best Trick and Best Howler, just to name a few! There will be Clanimalzoo Basset plaques for the winners!! So bring your cameras, too! Carnivore Game booths are back again too. Your Hound can be 5th annual Bassetarian of the Year! (Information on our website). For more info, contact Shirley at 724-285-1954 or email her at or Connie 814-824-5414 ( or Judy ( or call 814-739-2082. JULY 16: Iowa Basset Waddle in Sioux City. For info or to sign up, go to (Continued on page 4)


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Drooling daily .....................................8 Cancer prevention, treatment ...........5 March show winners ........................20 Martha’s miracle ...............................16 New titles...........................................18 Scratching surface of allergies .........7 The last battle ...................................18 Warm weather tips .............................5

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ARIZONA Save a life adopt a Basset Hound today!
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4 — July 2008, THE BUGLER

AKC Show Quality Puppies Occasionally

Bugle notes
FUN FOR ALL BASSETS, cont: JULY 19: Oregon BHR’s first Waddle. It will be a Basset parade through the Woodburn Company Stores from 4 to 5 p.m. Meet in front of Pet Sense at 3:30. For more information on Waddle (or The Games next day) go to JULY 20: Oregon BHR’s “The Basset Hound Games” at Legion Park in Woodburn, Oregon. Entries taken from 8:30 to 10 a.m., events begin at 10:30. Directions to Woodburn from north or south, leave Interstate 5 at exit 271 (Woodburn). Go east to Hwy 214 for approximately two miles. Turn right on Park Street (just past railroad overpass). Legion Park will be on right. SEPTEMBER 20: North Texas BHR Shuffle will be held on Saturday, September 20, at Chisholm Park in Hurst, Texas. It will begin at 8 a.m. and last until approximately 1 p.m. A free lunch is served for all who register, and snacks will be available for purchase. There will be lots of games and contests, Tracking and Obedience demonstrations, and plenty of Basset stuff to buy. Contact Kathryn Johnson (972) 462-0510 or send email to BASSET SPECIALTY SHOWS MAY 30: Kentuckiana BHC specialty at Harrison County Fairgrounds in Corydon, Indiana. (Held day before the Southern Indiana KC all-breed show.) Judging regular classes is Doug Taylor and Heidi Martin will do Sweeps. JUNE 6: Greater Minneapolis-St Paul BHC specialty at Scott County Fair Grounds in Jordan, Minnesota. Contact Victoria Russell, Show Chair (860-564-1654) or email JUNE 6: Suncoast BHC of Tampa Specialty show (part of the Florida Combined Specialties) at Lakeland Civic Center, 700 W. Lemon St., Lakeland, Florida. JUNE 14: Ft. Dearborn BHC Specialty show in Cary, Illinois. Judges: Jodie Childers, Sweeps; Peter Martin, Conformation; Fred Burhoff, Obedience & Rally. Contact: Brian Pechtold at JULY 15: Badgerland BHC Specialty Show at Waukesha County Exposition Grounds in Waukesha, Wisconsin, held in conjunction with the Combined Specialty Clubs of Greater Milwaukee. Plus 4 All-breed shows on the same weekend! Conformation judge, Joan Urban. Contact AUGUST 1: BHC of Western Pennsylvania at Canfield Fairgrounds in Canfield, Ohio. (An independent Specialty to be held in the evening after the Columbiana County allbreed show.) Contact: Edna Morris— AUGUST 1-2: BHC of Greater Seattle specialty in Auburn, Washington. Contact Bill Russell at 253-952-2065. AUGUST 2: BHC of Western Pennsylvania Regional Specialty at Canfield Fairgrounds in Canfield, Ohio, in conjunction with the Beaver Valley KC all-breed show. Judges: Doug Taylor, conformation, and Brian Visokay, sweepstakes.



Potomac BHC Specialty
April 18, 2008
PUPPY SWEEPSTAKES: Judge Dawn Towne Junior puppy dogs 6-9 mos. 1. Bridi’s Sharp Dressed Man (Bacha & Kinnear) 2. Bridi’s Naughty Noble of Fireside (Ripper & Bacha) Junior puppy dogs 9-12 mos. 1. Spout Off Squawk Bachs (E & P Bach) 2. Spout Off Lunch Bachs (E & P Bach) Senior puppy dogs 12-18 mos. 1. Cheers Lullaby of Broadway (Tatarowicz & Winters) 2. Woodwright Zachariah Long (C & R Wright) Junior puppy bitches 6-9 mos. 1. Baileys Foxglen Betty Bomer (D Bailey) Junior puppy bitches 9-12 mos. 1. St Lo Barnyard Sunrise Sally (Merritt, Harder & Glover) 2. Sitruc’s Xanadu (Seubert & Curtis) 3. Hnd Holow-3 Oaks Keeping Faith (Portner & Shephard) Senior puppy bitches 12-18 mos. 1. South Dixie’s Witchy Woman (Zehring & Misurelli) 2. Saranade’s She’s Got A Way (Brown & Wilson) 3. Cheers Livtosleeparound (C Winters) 4. Saranade’s Uptown Girl (Brown, O’Brien, Merritt) BEST JUNIOR IN SWEEPSTAKES Spout Off Squawk Bachs (Continued on page 6}

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THE BUGLER, July 2008 — 5

K-State veterinarian advises Warm weather tips, warnings
While warm weather is welcomed by most people, spring and summer can bring certain dangers to pets. A Kansas State University veterinarian says pet owners should be alert to seasonal health issues. According to Dr. Susan Nelson, veterinarian and clinical assistant professor at K-State's College of Veterinary Medicine, heat exhaustion is a common ailment of pets during summer months. "It's best to exercise pets during the morning or evening hours to avoid the direct sun," Nelson said. "It's also crucial to have plenty of fresh water available and shade for protection. Cats tend to handle heat better than dogs, but both should be given extra care." The intense light from the summer sun can damage your pet's skin, including sunburn. "Pets with lighter-colored coats, especially white or shaved animals, need to be kept out of intense light," Nelson said. "It's best to keep pets in the shade during peak hours and use sunscreen or a protective jacket. Repeated sun exposure often leads to a serious form of cancer in white cats. Owners should be aware of red patchy areas on the ears and nose." Summer heat can be a danger to pets' food as well. "Like people, pets naturally eat less during warm weather; however it's important to watch for pet food spoilage in the heat," Nelson said. "Canned food should not be left out after feeding because of the warm weather and the amount of insects it will attract." Allergies are common in the spring, both for humans and pets. "Cats and dogs can have seasonal allergies just like us, especially during the spring from pollen and grass," Nelson said. "While some do sneeze and have watery eyes, most pets show allergies through skin rashes and itching, sometimes making the animal miserable. If your pet is being bothered by allergies, you should contact your veterinarian for advice." Fleas and ticks are health concerns yearround for pet owners, although summer months intensify the problem. "The best products to treat and prevent ticks and fleas are available from your veterinarian; other topically applied products aren't as effective," Nelson said. "There are numerous diseases that come from fleas and ticks that harm cats, dogs and people, so prevention is very important. Pet owners should also be aware of mosquito, chigger and fly bites which can be irritating and are especially common on outdoor animals." Shaving their coats may be beneficial to some pets, Nelson said. "There are some benefits from shaving your pet's hair," she said. "It prevents mats, which can be a hiding place for maggots, and it can make them more comfortable in the heat. It's easier to locate ticks and fleas if the coat is trimmed and it's more comfortable for the animal. The warm weather also makes it easier to bathe pets as it can be done outdoors without a chance of chilling your pet and less mess in your tub." Rainy weather sometimes leads to standing water, which puts pets at more risk to contract the dangerous disease leptospirosis. Nelson said pet owners should be cautious of their pet's environment, including standing water in the animal's area. Many pet owners travel during the summer and are faced with deciding what to do with pets. Nelson suggests making summer travel enjoyable for owners and pets alike. "There is the option of boarding your cat or dog. Be sure that your pet is updated on all vaccines and make reservations well ahead of the day. If leaving a pet with family or friends, be sure they know the pet's routine, have the phone number for your vet available and give them signed consent form so your vet can do what's needed in case of an emergency. "If your pet is traveling with you, have a health certificate. Try taking short trips and try tranquilizing medication before long trips. It's also helpful to bring comforting items from home as well as food and any medications. Always make sure your pet has some type of identification such as tags, tattoos or a micro chip."


Bill and JoAnn Nolan 2860 Via Rancheros Way Fallbrook, CA 92028 760-451-9645

Basset Hound Rescue of Southern California
PO Box 32734 Long Beach, CA 90832


Guide to the Prevention and Treatment of Cancer
by Deborah Straw Revised and expanded from Straw’s 2000 book, Why Is Cancer Killing Our Pets?, this edition is a good resource for those dealing with the disease. But it’s also for the prevention-minded, presenting a comprehensive look at the potential causes of canine cancer. In the chapter on environmental concerns for example, Straw discusses lawn-treatment products containing dangerous pesticides and herbicides. She examines potentially dangerous treats, like rawhide chews, which often come from countries where chemicals aren’t regulated. As a result, such “treats” could contain traces of lead, arsenic, mercury or formaldehyde. A whole chapter covers potential dangers in tap water. The roles of nutrition and vaccinations also are examined, with thorough footnotes. Straw then turns her attention to treatment, offering a great deal of information on both conventional care and alternative protocols. In addition, she looks at the role of animal emotions and the adverse effects of stress on health. The humans’ attitude toward cancer can make a difference, Straw writes, citing a number of practitioners who feel that the owner’s positive attitude, with a focus on wellness rather than disease, can play a role in recovery. The book also includes chapters on pain management, pet health insurance, and the grieving process. For those devastated by a diagnosis of cancer, Straw offers a comprehensive and essential sourcebook. For the rest, the content raises areas of choice that could help keep cancer at bay. Healing Arts Press, ISBN: 1594770573



6 — July 2008, THE BUGLER


Bugle notes (Potomac splty.)
BEST SENIOR IN SWEEPSTAKES South Dixie’s Witchy Woman VETERAN SWEEPSTAKES Veteran dogs 7-9 years old 1. Ch. Ol’ South’s Stonewall Salvatore (Mercer & Harder) 2. Ch. Wagtail’s Flying Dutchman (H Chipman) Veteran bitches 7-9 years 1.Ch. Spout Off Barnyard Elsa SEB (Bach & Harder) Veteran bitches 10 years & older 1. Ch. Bo-Na’s Dot Barnyard Belle (N & R Cooper) BEST IN VETERAN SWEEPSTAKES Ch. Ol’ South’s Stonewall Salvatore BOS IN VETERAN SWEEPSTAKES Ch. Spout Off Barnyard Elsa SEB BEST OF OPPOSITE SEX Cheers Livtosleeparound Owner, Cheryl Winters

Deanery Bassets
Est. 1976 • Perm Reg’d.


Rev. Patrick J. Kennedy

BHC of Sacramento
Held in Vacaville, CA • March 30, 2008
Open all-age dogs 1. CH Sanlyn Rc Maximum Enforcer (Palmer & Chryssanthis) 2. Rivercity Macavity (J Brazil) 3. Bluefence Theodore Cleavear (Watson, Turpin & Bickell) 4. Bluefence Charles Chowhound (Allison, Watson & Blackburn) Open all-age bitches 1. DC Rivendell Chocolat Jolie (P & G Palmer) 2. Tailgate Pipi Longstalkins (Schmidt & Kukuk) 3. Tailgate High Octane (N & J Ferris) 4. Blue Moon Tailgate Two To Tango (Kukuk & Schmidt)


BHCA Members Since 1972

REGULAR CLASSES Judge, Joseph Smith
Puppy dogs 6-9 mos. 1. Bridi’s Naughty Noble of Fireside (Ripper & Bacha) Puppy dogs 9-12 mos. 1. Spout Off Lunch Bachs (E & P Bach) Junior dogs 12-18 mos. 1. Cheers Lullaby of Broadway (Tatarowicz & Winters) 2. Woodwright Zachariah Long (C & R Wright) Bred-by-Exhibitor dogs 1. Bridi’s Sharp Dressed Man (Bacha & Kinnear) 2. Spout Off Squawk Bachs (E & P Bach) 3. Barkalows Sleeps In The Nude (M & A Svizeny) 4. Bo-Na’s Danko’s Benson (Danko & Cooper) Open dogs 1. Happy & Country JP Barnyard Picaso (R Tako) 2. Spout Off Squawk Bachs (E & P Bach) 3. Obie’s In The Nick of Time (Snell & O’Brien)

Tom and Cindy Underhill
4642 Hampshire Boulder, CO 80301 303-530-2896

Northern California BHC
Held in Vacaville, CA • March 29, 2008
Open all-age dogs 1. Bluefence Theodore Cleavear (Watson, Turpin & Bickell) 2. CH Sanlyn Rc Maximum Enforcer (Palmer & Chryssanthis) 2. Bluefence Storybook Hero (Watson, Allison & Dickinson) 4. CH Beemac’s Heart N’ Soul Toby (Machleit & Beeler) Open all-age bitches 1. Tailgate High Octane (N & J Ferris) 2. CH Rivendell Sanlyn Candy Kisse (Palmer & Wallen) 3. Bluefence Devoted Sistear (Allison & Watson) 4. DC Rivendell Chocolat Jolie (P & G Palmer)

“Where Form Follows Function”

Jonas’ Bassets
Conformation, Tracking, Obedience, Therapy

Jane Jonas 418 Eagle Watch Ct. Fort Collins, CO 80524


WINNERS DOG Bridi’s Naughty Noble of Fireside
Reserve: Cheers Lullaby of Broadway Puppy bitches 6-9 mos. 1. Bailey’s Foxglen Betty Bomer (D Bailey) Puppy bitches 9-12 mos. 1. St Lo Barnyard Sunrise Sally (Merritt, Harder & Glover) 2. Hnd Holow-3 Oaks Keeping Faith (Portner & Shephard) 3. Sitruc’s Xanadu (Seubert & Curtis) Junior bitches 12-18 mos. 1. South Dixie’s Witchy Woman (Zehring & Misurelli) 2. Saranade’s She’s Got A Way (Brown & Wilson) 3. Shadowalk-N-Obie-Chloe Too Boo (Trusen & Trenck) 4. Barnyard Chantilly Lace (Harder, Humphrey & Mercer) Bred-by-Exhibitor bitches 1. Cheers Livtosleeparound (C Winters) 2. Saranade’s Uptown Girl (Brown, O’Brien & Merritt) American-bred bitches 1. Bonhomie-Hnd Holow Black Magic Schroeder & Portner) Open bitches 1. Barnyard Ginger Ale (Wright, Harder, Glover, Mercer) 2. Craigwood Cellbee Lady Chelsey (E McGregor)

Ellen Ferguson
4098 Kirby Thompson Rd SW LaBelle, FL 33935

Susquehanna BHC
Held in Lebanon, PA • March 30, 2008
Open all-age dogs 1. Bayside Crackers (J Milko & M Milko-Kennedy) 2. Skyline Rudolph (L Horabin) 3. CH Westwind Sundance TD (Zengson & Hilliker) 4. Basset Rock Tsasta Wi (K Reilly) Open all-age bitches 1. Slippery Hill Quest (M Skolnick) 2. Memphis Minnie (R Harding) 3. Pettits Big Spot (Pettit & Barlow) 4. Big Time Sraha (R Harding) .......DEADLINE FOR AUGUST ISSUE....... IS JULY 1


JoAnn Hilliker
10119 SW 122nd St. • Gainesville, FL 32608 • 352-495-3323

Serving Florida Bassets 352-371-8082


Nancy Mulligan PO BOX 734 MIAMI, FL 33170 (PINE ARK ACRES) 305-245-4201

WINNERS BITCH & BOW Cheers Livtosleeparound
Reserve: Bonhomie-Hnd Holow Black Magic Veteran dogs 7 years & over 1. Ch. Ol’ South’s Stonewall Salvatore (Mercer & Harder) 2. Ch. Wagtail’s Flying Dutchman (H Chipman) Veteran bitches 7-9 years 1.Ch. Spout Off Barnyard Elsa SEB (Bach & Harder) 2. Ch. Bo-Na’s Dot Barnyard Belle (N & R Cooper)

Robert & Mary Kay Lucas 380 SW Feather Lane Ft. White, FL 32038 386-454-8976

South Dixie Bassets
Michele Misurelli 954-499-0430 8111 NW 13 St. • Pembroke Pines, FL 33024

BEST OF BREED Ch. Barnyard Legends Of The Fall
Owners, Barbara Mercer, Pat & Max Harder, Susan Smyth

THE BUGLER, July 2008 — 7

Scratching the surface of

by John S. Williams, DVM While there are countless allergens and various types of allergies in dogs, the vast majority fall into three categories. We’ll look at these, in decending order of occurrence. Flea allergy dermatitis It probably comes as no surprise to any dog owner that fleas are the most common cause of your dog’s scratching. What may be a surprise is that not all dogs itch when they have fleas! Only those dogs that are truly allergic to fleabites will exhibit typical symptoms. Typically, these individuals develop a thinning in the hair over the lower back, the socalled “burned-out forest” lesion pattern, from intensive licking and chewing. The skin surface is usually red, raw and crusty, depending on the degree of self-mutiliation the dog inflicts on the area. Continual self-trauma to a single area often results in infected, excoriated areas commonly called “hot spots.” So if flea allergy is a true allergy, where is the allergen? Believe it or not, the sensitizing protein is in the saliva of the flea. Every time a flea bites a dog, a small amount of its saliva is left at the site. The ultra-tiny amount of protein in the saliva sensitizes the dog’s immune system so that subsequent exposures result in a histamine release. Dogs that are flea-allergic will react to a single flea-bite, and that reaction may continue long after the fleas themselves have been eradicated. Treatment for flea allergy dermatitis is directed at two fronts: controlling the self-trauma and removing the source—the flea. Various palliative measures are used, including antihistamines, steroids and fatty acid supplements. Typically, these medications are administered singly or in a combination sufficient to provide relief from the scratching and licking. Similarly, flea control is accomplished using various remedies, including baths, dips and spot-on preparations, as well as various natural remedies. It is critically important, however, that all flea treatments include some form of control for the dog’s immediate environment. Regardless of the medication used to control the symptoms, flea infestations in the house, yard or pen are the single most common reason flea-allergy treatment fails. Even if whatever treatment is used causes death of the flea, that occurs only after it has bitten and released the problematic saliva and this will continue the adverse reaction. Allergic inhalant dermatitis Similar to human hay fever, canine atopy is usually seen during the spring and fall, and is a result of sensitivity to plant allergens inhaled or absorbed through the skin. Unlike humans, who experience runny eyes and stuffy noses, atopic dogs typically exhibit intense scratching and licking at the armpits, feet and face. Additional skin lesions may be found at the elbows, face and lower abdomen. “Hot spots” are very common. Most dogs will experience their initial allerlogic (blood and serum) testing. The former is conducted via a series of intradermal injections containing various allergen extracts. As many as 50 allergens may be used. After 30 minutes, the injection sites are then evaluated for their degree of reaction. Serologic testing ascertains the same type of information, but does so via blood tests that detect the specific immunoglobulins responsible for allergic reactions. While still felt by some to be less accurate than intradermal (skin) testing, serologic testing has gained popularity by veterinarians because of its simplicity. Often, ambiguous results from serologic testing will be confirmed by intradermal testing. Whatever test are used, the information gleaned not only confirms the diagnosis of atopy, but more importantly is used to design an appropriate treatment regimen. Most cases are routinely treated with medications that diminish itching and scratching, thereby decreasing the potential for self-trauma. Commonly used products include omega-3 fatty acid supplements, antihistamines, steroids and immune modulating drugs such as cyclosporine. Topical treatments such as hypo-allergenic shampoos, emollients and moisturizing rinses also are popular and sometimes are effective. For dogs that suffer year-round, do not respond to conventional therapy, or cannot tolerate the various medications, immunotherapy can bring relief. More commonly referred to as “hyposensitization,” immunotherapy has gained in popularity. Affected dogs are given a series of injections containing allergens that their tests have shown to be the worst offenders. Usually, the amounts of allergen are steadily increased over a one- to two-month period. Although the exact mechanism remains unknown, as many as 50 percent of these dogs experience a noticeable reduction in their allergy symptoms, without the use of any symptomatic medication. Presumably these injections effect production of a “blocking antibody” which somehow thwarts the immunoglobulins that mediate (Continued on page 10)

gy symptoms at 1 to 3 years of age, and continue to exhibit signs on a seasonal basis every year thereafter. Surprisingly, many dogs (some reports indicate as many as 80 percent) may develop year-round signs, with winter offering no respite. Specific allergens incriminated in atopy include pollens, grasses, trees and molds, as well as house dust, feathers, dust mites and kapok. While observation and patient history usually confirm diagnosis of atopy, dogs that have atypical symptomology, or do not respond to conventional treatments, usually require allergy testing. The two main types of tests commonly used in dogs are skin testing and sero-

8— July 2008, THE BUGLER

Drooling daily
Reprinted from the Daily Drool with permission of the listowner and individual contributors. To subscribe, go to

Avoiding UTI’s
“Jaime had a UTI, so we gave her medicine to make her better. Everything is fine now, but the vet called today after doing tests on her urine and said her pH level is 8, which means she has an alkaline level (or more prone to not fighting off infections). So the vet said we can either buy a pill (which I don't want to do if we do not have to), feed her cranberries or give her 500 mg of vitamin C on a daily basis. Does anyone else have experience with this? We don’t want our poor girl getting UTI's all of the time, but I want to do what is best. I am just not quite sure how to get a dog to eat cranberries (or how many) when I won't even eat them! Any suggestions or comments from fellow droolers?” Amy Ribick ++++++++++ “I use cranberry capsules for a couple of my girls. I buy them at Wal-Mart, open them up, and sprinkle the dry powder on their food. They don't seem to mind the taste—most dogs tend to like sour stuff. I usually give one cap twice a day.” Kathryn Beard (Skalawag Bassets) ++++++++++ “About a year ago our Chloe was constantly getting UTI's until we started feeding her Science Diet C/D along with two 475mg cranberry capsules with each meal. Since then not

one UTI, I am a firm believer in using cranberries to eliminate UTI's.” Gary Kurtti ++++++++++ “Wal-Mart sells super concentrated cranberry capsules I use them all the time for me and the hounds to prevent UTI’S and also to get rid of them... works better then antibiotics.” Nancy Kirby ++++++++++ “I give Cranberry tablets every day to my 2 girl Bassets. I buy mine at Wal-Mart in the vitamin section and the bottle says "Super Concentrated Cranberry Fruit 1680 mg plus Vitamin C. They are softgels and I give each of them 1 per day in their food. I stuff it into the Kahn's Brand Braunschweiger meat found in the cold cases at Wal-Mart by the hot dogs and pepperoni. The stuff is like play-dough and it does a good job of disguising the pill, any pills they may need to take. It is smelly and my dogs seem to love it.” Diane Surman

Basset breeders
A poster researched and asked about thoughts on this breeder... “You would have much better luck finding a good breeder by starting with the Basset Hound Club of America website and contacting members in your area. Most serious breed-

Warm blankies— Wesley and Winston with their heated blankets. When they hear "heated blankets" they get soo excited and get into this position on the couch. Then we put the warm blankets over them and they snooze. I can't express how much happiness these boys have brought to our lives! Owned by Alyson Roy of Sackville, Nova Scotia

ers will belong to BHCA or a regional club.” Becky (Rebec Bassets) ++++++++++ “In general, the internet is not someplace I would look for a dog. You are looking for a companion that you hope will be with you for many, many years, and the best way to find one of sound temperament, good health and excellent early socialization is to get personal recommendations of breeders. Beyond that.... I would not buy from a breeder that places their puppies at 6 weeks of age, which is the age that this website is placing their pups at. This is too young to go to new homes. A critical period of puppy development begins at 6 weeks and lasts through about 10 weeks. This is the period of developing positive dog-on-dog behavior and of developing bite inhibition - the knowledge that causes dogs to pull or moderate their mouthy biting behavior. Because the dam (momma dog) does an *excellent* job of correcting biting behavior, and puppies in the litter give each other immediate feedback when biting is too rough, the *best* place for puppies to learn bite inhibition and other good dog behavior is in the litter during this learning phase. Puppies separated too young from their litter often have difficulty with bite inhibition, which can make them very challenging to raise. We see a lot of them in rescue, because people are concerned about their nipping and even biting tendencies. Beyond that, I would have a lot of questions of the breeder, and would want references of other people who have bought their puppies. A good place to start on questions to ask and research to do is this article: Scroll down past the first part that asks whether you know about Bassets - clearly, you do, since you've had more than one beloved Basset....the sections on "what should I expect from a breeder" and "What will the breeder expect of me" and "There are no dumb questions" will be useful to you as you do your research. Again, if you are interested in finding a *reputable* breeder who will back up their puppies and be a resource to you for the lifetime of your dog, just let me know and I'll be happy to make inquiries in your area and get a referral for you.” Sylvie McGee (HeavenScent Bassets)

Bad breath
“Has anybody had a problem with their

THE BUGLER, July 2008 — 9

pups having extremely bad breath? Both Trudy and Hazel (American cocker spaniel) have the grossest breath, enough to turn your stomach. They were both to the vet last week, no bad teeth, no tartar buildup or plaques just stink. It?s just weird that it?s both the girls. I brushed their teeth and mouths (oh how they loved that) with baking soda and a tiny bit of salt last night. I have doggie breath mints; they hate them and spit them out. ” Marty ++++++++++ “Are you POSITIVE the odor is from the mouth and not from AROUND the mouth? Cockers have some lipfolds— not like Bassets, but smaller and shallower. It is easy for those to get seriously infected and (you) not know—until you get a whiff of the sewerlike odor! Check all around the mouth and jaw, pull loose skin aside so you can see if it is red and irritated. If it is, you need an anti-biotic and something astringent to wash those folds with for awhile. This may sound stupid, but we had my first Basset on the table for a dental when we discovered, quite by accident I might mention, that the problem was severe lip-fold pyoderma. Even the vet had thought it was his teeth.” Beverly Szaton ++++++++++ (Ed. note: Another source of bad breath is

poop eating; let’s hope that’s not the cause!)

Ear pockets/flaps
“Does anyone's basset have a little 'pocket' on the ear? ?Amelia has along the edge of her ear like a doubling of the ear skin. ?It's not dirty or a problem, just that Flash doesn't have that and neither did our other two. ?Of course, Amelia does have some ear damage that looks like her ear was torn at one point, but this doesn't look to be related to that.” Karen ++++++++++ “I believe nearly all dogs have that little skin fold at the base of their cute little ears. All my Bassets do, and so does Quiller, although his is hidden very nicely by his heavy fur. I have looked for the correct terminology for that little flap of skin, and I am sure there is one, but have been unable to find it and the next time I see Doc if I remember I will ask. It is probably one of the questions they ask on the Board exams that no veterinarian ever needs to know and will never again encounter.” Beverly Szaton ++++++++++ “Clara has very large, obvious ear flaps. Rolph's are there but small and hidden by his manly curls, Henry does not like his ears touched and would rather keep that information to himself, thank you very much. I guess these flaps are like ear lobes, most

people have them - in different sizes - and some, like me, don't. I don't miss them, they serve no purpose and I suspect dogs without ear flaps feel the same.” Sally King ++++++++++ “I looked up the bit on ear flaps. They are called CUTANEOUS MARGINAL POUCH and, according to the article they serve no purpose. I think they sound better as ears flaps.” Marty (Continued on page 10)

10 — July 2008, THE BUGLER

My idea of an agreeable person is a person who agrees with me. —Benjamin Disraeli

Drool (Fiber treats, Heartworms)
(Ear flaps subject, continued) “Yes, this is common, and no, it's not an injury. A quick check of my hounds shows that four out of four have these small doubleflaps. In fact, I thought that all Bassets had them, so I'm sort of surprised that your dogs don't....” Sylvie McGee (HeavenScent Bassets) need some, and if they're not getting it in their food you'll need to supplement. You can add canned pumpkin to Joey's food (pure pumpkin, not pie filling), or sprinkle some all-bran cereal over it. As for treats, Waldo particularly loves Sam's Yams, which are dehydrated sweet potatoes. You can find them online, or at smaller independent pet supply stores in your neighborhood. There's a retail locater on their site: Esther Strom ++++++++++ “We have an older rescue who had major anal glad problems and lots of loose stool. Our vet recommended adding Metamucil or other powdered fiber to his regular food and this worked fairly well. We used Beneful or something. No flavor no smell. Eventually we switched his food to Honest Kitchen because of its high veggie content. He's been doing great with it for about four months now and no more infected glands.” Meredith Tennis


BlueBelle Bassets
44W985 Route 72 Hampshire, IL 60140 847-683-2684

Fiber treats
“Last night when I had Joey at the vet’s and they suggested more fiber would help with his anal glands filling up and not expressing themselves. Has anyone else heard this? Also, they gave me these bone treats for him that are almost all fiber, but are also made with peanut husks (which I didn't find out till I was home and reading the ingredients) which is a big nono for me. Anyone know of any treats that are high in fiber? (And preferably not peanut based?) Also, is it good for dogs to have lots of fiber? I have had Joey on the Evo now for a few weeks, and it's all meat, I believe. (The fiber thing was never mentioned to me until last night, so I'm again flying blind with it.)” Karrie ++++++++++ “Too much fiber isn't good, but dogs do

INDIANA DeerHill Bassets
Archie & Carole Kintner 6030 Old Forest Rd SW Corydon, IN 47112 Phone or Fax 812-738-4308 e-mail:


Heartworm med year-round?
“We live in Pennsylvania and our vet takes our dogs off heartworm meds from the end of (Continued on page 12)

Scratching surface of canine allergies
allergic reactions. Periodic “booster” shots are sometimes necessary to maintain the effect. Food allergies Because almost every protein in a dog’s diet is foreign to its body, almost any food protein has the potential to be allergenic. Signs vary, but most affected dogs will scratch and lick at their armpits, legs, feet and groin, and continue to do so year-round. Strangely, 25 percent of food-allergic dogs will have only itchy ears. The most common food allergens include beef, dairy, wheat, soy, chicken, eggs and corn. Although there is some disagreement, current research indicates that allergies to fat, various carbohydrates and food additives are rare. As might be expected, many of the dogs that have food allergies are also atopic or flea-bite allergic. Because serologic and intradermal testing are considered unreliable in detecting food allergies, diagnosis is routinely confirmed by feeding trials using so-called “novel proteins.” Dogs are fed only rations containing proteins that they have never eaten—such as venison, rabbit, turkey, and even kangaroo. Such diets, theoretically, will not elicit an allergic reaction because of the lack of prior sensitization. Dogs that show at least a 50-percent reduction in symptomology are considered allergic to one or more of the proteins in their former diet. A reintroduction of the former ration, with a recurrence of allergic symptoms, is sometimes done to confirm the diagnosis. Symptomatic treatments commonly used in atopy and flea allergy are unfortunately not efficacious in food allergies. The advent of the “novel protein” approach and newer protein hydrolysate rations, however, have greatly facilitated the treatment of food allergies. Hydrolysate rations are foods that have their protein fractions already broken down to smaller peptides and amino acids, thereby eliminating their potential reactivity. Varieties of these types of rations are readily available and can be found in both over-the-counter and veterinary prescription formulas. Examples of hydrolysates include some animal proteins, soybean, liver, oat and pinto bean proteins. To find the right combination for your individual dog, consult your veterinarian or specialist. While homemade diets also are sometimes used, dog owners should not attempt to formulate such rations without first consulting a veterinarian, veterinary nutritionist, or other trusted canine health professional. Homemade diets can lack proper nutrient balance, and may be deficient in vitamins and fatty acids. Most importantly, no matter which diet is selected, it must be fed solely, without any other foods or treats. Even the smallest amount of an offending protein can effect an allergic reaction. —DogWorld

A/C Ch. Me-Don’s Cloverhill Encore CLOVERHILL BASSETS Judy L. Tuck • 207-666-5950 28 Preble Road • Bowdoinham, ME 04008


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12 — July 2008, THE BUGLER

We give dogs time we can spare, space we can spare and love we can spare. And in return, dogs give us their all. It’s the best deal man has ever made. —M. Acklam

Drooling (Heartworm meds).............
October to April. Since it gets cold here, she says we do not need to use it. Been doing this for a number of years here with no problems at all. Since we have 4 Bassets here we treat, it used to get pretty expensive to treat year round. Anyone else take their Bassets off the heartworm?” Renee ++++++++++ “Yep, I take Merlin off the heartworm meds for the cold months. If it gets warm enough to see mosquitoes, he starts again. We live in Upstate New York.” Linda H ++++++++++ “According to the Purdue University (Indiana) Extension Service, mosquitoes have been found in their city at 4 degrees below zero, so our rescues are required to be kept on heartworm prevention year round. Maybe way up north you'd be OK, but down here with the wild fluctuations in temperatures (75 degrees in February?!), we can't chance it.” Susan ++++++++++ “We live in Schenectady, New York. I used to only give my pups heartworm pills from May-December until I started seeing mosquitoes wintering in my house. Now I give it to them year-round.” Linda G ++++++++++ “Gina has been on Heartgard year round since the day I adopted her. We lived in New Jersey and were advised to keep her on it all year and now that we are in Texas I have no intentions of changing it. Just because a particular vet hasn't had any heartworm cases doesn't mean that there haven't been some in the area. I just wouldn't take a chance... just my 2 cents.” Susan Green ++++++++++ “The relatively small cost of the heartworm medication compared to the heartache of losing your dog seems to make this answer rather obvious. Even if they get HW and are "cured" damage is done that will likely shorten their lifespan. Working in rescue I can tell you that we get more HW positive dogs than negative. Mosquitoes have been found alive in below zero temperatures. If you have them in the summer, it's likely that you have a few in the winter also.” Marylin Butorac ++++++++++ “The Heartworm Society is the best resource around for information on treatment and prevention of this deadly parasite. The society's website offers an explanation of how the life cycle of the heartworm works, as well as pages geared toward owners and vets. The Q&A section has lots of good answers for the questions that get asked most often. This site is sponsored in part by Fort Dodge they are a drug company making many different things. That being said, it is still an overall good site. Sandy Gaston ++++++++++ “I am chiming in a little late, but wanted to share my experience. We live in southern Illinois where the winters are cold. Years ago I would take my dogs off of their heartworm preventative after the first frost and until the spring thaw. Well, one winter I noticed my female beagle had a cough. Assuming it was a respiratory infection, off to the vet we went. Unfortunately, it was more serious, she had heart worms. (I hadn't seen any kind of bug that winter.) Treatment was expensive & very hard on my old gal. They had done so much damage that she was diagnosed with congestive heart failure. She had to take laxis for the rest of her life. Worried about the others, I had all the dogs tested. Turns out the female Alaskan Malamute had them too. So, I am now a firm believer in giving it 12 months out of the year. What I had saved in not purchasing during the winter months was spent plus on their treatment. Not to mention the pain & suffering the girls experienced. I still feel guilty about it!” Lisa ++++++++++ “Just wanted to put my 2 cents in on the Heartgard topic. When we were on the road in a motorhome for 8 years, we always kept the furkids on Heartgard year round as we were following the sun and not usually in cold areas. Now that we are back in Colorado, we have kept the doggies on Heartgard year round because the weather doesn't always get that cold in Pueblo and they have had reports of (Continued on page 14)


Me-Don Bassets
Arthur and Shirley Ponsart 469 Snipatuit Rd. Rochester, MA 02770

508 763-4054


CATHERINE TEIFER 6854 Ready Road Ph. 734-379-3799 S. Rockwood, MI 48179 FAX 734-379-3312

Dawn’s Bassets
DAWN JARONOSKI 5771 Meisner Road China, MI 48054 1-810-765-9504

Michigan BHR
Bassets Available for Adoption Foster Care Homes Needed Breed Information Available
248-623-1698 • Fax 248-623-2553

MISSOURI 4the Hounds Basset Rescue
439 State Hwy 00 Reeds Springs, MO 65737 Gladys: 417-739-4905


Cleve’s Basset Hounds
Est. 1976

Barbara Cleveland
Owner-Breeder-Handler 2578 Lamar Place N Hernando, MS 38632 662-449-1632

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Deanery Bassets
Est. 1976 — Per. Reg’d.

Am. & Can. Ch. NYC Mohawk Von Skauton
EIGHT ALL-BREED BESTIN SHOW WINS IN CANADA Owner-handled by Patrick J. Kennedy “Hawk” was sired by Am/Can. Ch. Deanery’s Pere Noel.

14 — July 2008, THE BUGLER

Drooling (Urine collecting: not so easy to do)
Heartworm incidences year round. help with the cost and because I don't like to put unnecessary toxins in my or my dogs' bodies, we went to a dose of Heartgard every 40 days rather than 30 days. A Heartworm can rehatch every 45 days and as long as you "break the cycle" every 45 days with the Ivermectin, theoretically, the dog is protected. Forty-five days was too close for comfort for me so we compromised with 40 and it's super easy and it saves about $100 a year total for four dogs. Also I think Heartgard went with the every 30 days so it would be easy for consumers to remember (always give it on the 1st, etc). But giving it every 40 days is almost as easy. We give it Feb 10th, March 20th, and April 30th, skip May, June 10th, July 20th, August 30th and skip September, October 10th, November 20th, and December 30th, skip January. We've been doing it like this for years and it has worked great...I'm not a vet of course, just a suggestion, and it's another way to justify the price of high end food and treats for our furkids.” Karen Steflik be suspicious of someone following them around carrying this ...THING. To say that Zelda was unco-operative is the understatement of the century. Now the boys do tend to lift their legs. The leg-lift on a Basset can be barely visible. Many squat. I mean, the little jar and the THING are just not acceptable with a Basset. Therefore. As horrible as it sounds, I have opted to have Doc collect. He does this by doing a cystocentesis on Zelda, which involves flipping her over and, using the ultra sound as a guide, collecting urine directly from the bladder using a syringe. This sounds terrible. I have almost never seen a bitch even flinch: they do not even seem to notice. The boys, alas, get a catheter. The important thing here is to be sure it is lubricated and then to flush at the end with an antibiotic solution. Takes two minutes, whoosh you're done: you have sterile, absolutely fresh samples. I do not do this with a dog with legs, unless I cannot get a sample any other way. Nobody seems the worse for it, and it saves both of you stomping around outside in the rain for a half an hour while people drive past, pointing and laughing.” Bev Szaton ++++++++++ “I bought a 99 cent plastic soup ladle at Wal-Mart (the kind you use in teflon cookware) and attached it to a wood dowel with some packaging tape. With either the boys or girls it works well. Then I just pour it into the little collection jar.” Jacqie Marvich (Oakrydge Bassets)


Gin Dic’s Bassets
S-6354 Scherff Road Orchard Park, NY 14127 716-662-7544 Virginia Lemieux & Morgan Kiefhaber

Basset Rescue of Mt.
Providing care for abandoned, abused, relinquished Bassets. A full service shelter/home

Urine collecting
“Vets don't seem to understand the physical dynamics of Basset anatomy when it comes to collecting urine. They hand you a little sterile jar and say "here, take him out and see if you can get some urine" and then go back to what they were doing, totally ignorant of the fact that the little jar is too big to get between the ground and the dog (or bitch, for that matter.) My vet, who is usually pretty sharp, is just as bad as all the rest. He now has this THING. It looks like the mirrors that the FBI uses to look beneath automobiles for bombs, except instead of a mirror it has a little saucer. This is what he handed to me to collect from Zelda. I don't know of any any dog that wouldn't

Leslie Ames
President & Shelter Manager 1-406-207-0765 • Frenchtown, MT


SANDRA HOPPER PO Box 937 Hawthorne, NV 89415 775-945-3042 NEW!

Nine tips to help improve performance in the ring
James Moses, of Carrollton, Georgia, is a respected handler with more than 40 years of success with German Shepherd Dogs. His top tips to improve performance in the show ring include: 1. Don’t move your dog too quickly. 2. Keep your eye on the judge, but don’t glare. 3. Train your dog to gait on a loose lead, and to show his mouth before you take him into the ring. 4. Dress appropriately. 5. Never question a judge’s opinion. 6. Don’t throw liver in the ring and not pick it up. 7. Don’t feed your dog before or while the judge is trying to examine his mouth and bite. 8. Don’t volunteer information about your dog. 9. This is the biggest of all: Don’t pose your dog all day. Time the pose at two or three seconds before the judge comes to look at your dog. Then, let your dog relax and have fun! (from DogWorld)


Established 1962 Boarding and Grooming for Dogs and Cats Nationally known Basset Hound breeders GARRY E. TOWNE 3711 E. Brutus St. Road., Weedsport, NY 13166 315-689-7941 or 315-689-3687

All Bassets Cherished
Basset Hound Rescue, Inc. 716-656-1760 P.O. Box 463 North Collins, NY 14111

Huckleberry Floodhound Invites You To Visit His Very Own On-Line Shop

The Hound of Basketville
Great gift ideas for all your family and friends. COME ON AND IN LOOK AROUND!

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Bandit’s Bassets
204 MILLER BLVD. HAVELOCK, NC 28532 PHONE 252-447-2872


Red Bay Bassets
Patricia Alton 2817 Densmore Drive Toledo, OH 43606 419-535-5861

Sue & Russ Riggle 9700 Stonecreek Road Newcomerstown, OH 43832 740-498-5646 •

Basset Hound Rescue
Available for Adoption • Foster Homes Needed (513) 625-2036 • (937) 848-4047 • (216) 661-2965



Chris & Chris Wallen
15010 Monmouth Hwy. • Monmouth, OR 97361 503-623-2710 or

Martha was sitting in her living room watching television this Christmas Eve, alone as she had been for the last five years. All of her children had married and moved to the four corners of the nation, her youngest, Sally, a surgery resident at the Vet School across the state had planned on coming home, but had been assigned to work the emergency clinic and couldn't find a replacement. Martha told herself that having Sally working to help the sick and injured animals this Christmas Eve was worth being alone, besides, Sally would be driving over for Christmas dinner the next afternoon. All the animals had been fed and now were safely in either the kennel building or lazily laying around the house. Martha had to stop to think how many dogs she had at her house this Christmas, she sighed when she realized there were 16. She did rescue and the number of dogs was always changing with some dogs being adopted, and new abandoned dogs coming in. Feeling overwhelmed by the number of dogs she had and all the dogs still left in shelters to die because there was no room for them in rescue, Martha seriously wondered if she should stop working rescue. If she didn't have all these dogs, she could have flown to any of her other children's homes for the holidays to be with family. Besides, the heartbreak of seeing each dog in such need was beginning to really weigh on her. Tonight she had a new dog, brought home that day. Martha didn't really plan on adding another dog but on her way home from the store she saw a dog lying on the side of the road. Certain the dog was dead, Martha stopped, to pick up the body and take it home for a burial. As she got closer, she recognized the shell of an Alaskan Malamute, the breed she rescued. Covered by cuts and festering wounds, what fur was left was matted and filthy, it was so skinny that laying there you could see each rib and it's hipbones were the widest part of his body. With tears in her eyes, mourning for what once had been a majestic animal now reduced to almost a skeleton she reached down to give the poor dog one last pat on the head. 'Oh, you poor boy, what a way to end your life. Well, at least I can name you and give you a decent farewell.' As her tears fell on the dog's head, one eye slowly opened and the tail gave a single wag. “You're alive! Everything will be OK now, I'll take you home and you will have a soft bed and food tonight,” she said, tears streaming down her face, this time from happiness. The rest of the afternoon was spent cleaning the dog's wounds and making sure he was able to eat and drink water. Martha set up the large run in the kennel building for him. A soft blanket and a thick foam pad was to be his

Martha’s miracle

bed, fresh water and food beside him. Papers for his 'necessary functions' were placed at the far end of the run. He lay there watching every move she made. Martha left the dog resting on his bed, somewhat surprised at the reaction of the rest of the dogs in the kennel. Pandemonium usually broke out with all the other dogs wooing and barking when a new dog was brought in, tonight all the other dogs just stood and silently watched as Martha cared for the new dog. Thankful the other dogs were not disturbing the new boy, Martha went to the house to finish preparations for tomorrow's dinner. Later that evening Martha went down to the kennel to check on the new boy and feed the other dogs. As she walked in the door the new boy shakily stood to greet her. As she was straightening up the kennel after feeding and exercising the dogs, she saw her microchip reader. 'Well, this will be a waste of time' she thought as she ran the reader over the dog's body. BEEP! The reader had located a chip! Writing the number down, she hurried to the house to call the chip registry and report the found dog. As she suspected on Christmas Eve, all she got was a machine. Very late that night, the phone rang. Martha answered and a strange voice was on the other end. 'Did you find a dog with a microchip?' 'Yes, are you the registry needing more information?' Martha asked. “No, the registry called us and told us you found our dog!” and then the man broke down crying. After composing himself, he continued. “The dog you found is BISS AM/CAN/INT CH Wasilla's Ice Sculpture, WPD, WTD, WLD, TT, CGC, but to us he is our heart, the love of our life, Icy. “Three years ago, Icy was stolen from his exercise area in our back yard. We did everything we could think of to find him, but lately we had almost given up hope of ever seeing him again. This is a miracle. We are leaving now to come pick him up. We are about 14 hours from you so we will see you and Icy in the morning.' Martha was crying, indeed it was a miracle! And the new dog now had a name, his

JUDITH A. TAFT 2807 Dogwood Circle Rock Hill, SC 29732 (near Charlotte, N.C.) 803-980-6646

Home of Ch. Penkay Amadeus Heartbreaker Ch. Tri-M’s Ol’South’s Lady Chablis Satori Sadfaced Miss Boo

THE BUGLER, July 2008 — 17

own name and his people were coming for him. What a wonderful Christmas gift. Martha hurried down to the kennel to let Icy know that his humans had been found and they were on their way to take him home. As Martha walked up to Icy's kennel he stood to greet her, “Icy, yes, I know your name and I have spoken to your people. They're coming to take you home.” As she was talking to Icy, she heard the old clock in the building strike midnight. Much to her amazement, Icy said “Thank you.” Martha thought, now I am sure I have been around dogs too long, I could swear I heard Icy speak. Icy continued 'Martha, yes I am talking to you in human language, you see, at the stroke of midnight on Christmas Day, all animals can speak. Let me tell you what happened to me today.' “I have been kept in a dark barn for a long time by some very mean people who beat me and often forgot to feed me. Two days ago I found a loose board on the barn and was able to escape. I walked as fast as I could, looking for my people, or at least for some kind person to feed me and give me a warm place to sleep before I died. I was in the middle of a big field when I couldn't walk or even crawl any more, I laid down, knowing I was about to cross to the Rainbow Bridge. As I stepped onto the Bridge, an Angel came towards me.' “Icy,” the Angel said “If you agree, He has a job for you before cross the Bridge. There is a very kind human who needs you today to restore her sprit.” “Of course I agreed to help a human -- that is what Malamutes do. The Angel picked up my body and carried it to the side of a road and laid it down. The next thing I remember is you were scratching my ear and talking to me and your tears were falling on my face. You have cared for me this day.' Martha heard a chorus of voices all about her. To her amazement she was surrounded not only by her dogs, but dogs she had rescued and sent on to forever homes, all voicing stories how Martha had cared for them and restored them to health and loved them, thanking her for her love. The first Malamute Martha had rescued many years ago stepped to the front of the gathering and said, 'Martha, you took us in to your home, cared for us, healed us both in body and spirit then, even though it broke your heart, sent us on to our new forever families. This gave us a life we would never have had without you. Others of us here, never were adopted and lived out our lives with you, loved and cared for as if we were your own dogs. In our hearts we are your dogs. Thank you.' Then one small mixed breed puppy stepped forward from the back and said, 'Miss Martha, you never held me nor fed me, you see I am speaking for all the shelter dogs and cats gathered here for which you did all you could. We

understand that you can't save us all, but you read our shelter stories, knowing we would cross the Bridge without knowing a home of our own, and you cried for us. We thank you for that. You see, we knew you cared and loved us, too. And that love helped us as we crossed. We thank you and all the other Rescuers for that small act of love.' Icy looked at Martha and told her, 'It is getting late and you will have many people here tomorrow to celebrate Christmas. And you have your rescue work to continue. Our time to be able to talk to you is growing short, but always remember what happened tonight. What you do for the animals is a gift to us and to Him, the Father of us all. Each of us, animals of every species, needs people like you. Please keep on helping. You are doing the work of Angels.' At that point all of the dogs in unison said

'Thank You,' and theirvoices blended into a joyous howl which echoed from the heavens to the ends of the earth. Humbly offered as a Christmas Gift to all who love animals. —Bilinda Marshall 2007

Trivia test
1. During America’s Revolutionary War, what friend of George Washington inroduced the Basset Hound to our new country? 2. In what year did the AKC first recognize the Basset Hound as a breed? 3. What was the original Hush Puppy mascot’s name? 4. In what 1970’s TV show was a Basset Hound known simply as “Dog”? .4 ,nosaJ .3 ,5881 .2 ,etteyafaL .1 :srewsnA obmuloC You walked into Mom’s world on a bright and sunny day, with a big, bright pink ribbon on your collar. Mom knew you were coming, but not what day, and when you came waddling down thehall and around the corner, she was shocked and surprised. She couldn’t get over how cute you were. Your brothers came in to check you out and decided that you could stay. At times Fred would get upset and try to put you in your place, but would end up getting into trouble. Theodore took you under his care and became your best buddy and playmate. Mom took to calling you

Lady Katherine of Dulin • July 1, 1992 — May 12, 2008
Boo Boo because of all the little accidents you would do. For your 1st birthday, Mom threw a neighborhood party for you and just about everyone that knew you attended —even your Grandma, who said “she would never attend a party for a dog.” When you lost your sight in one eye, Mom had a fit and spent days worrying about you and how you would get around. Theodore put her a ease when he started going around with you when you were outside. Then you lost your other eye, and Mom thought you would just lay around, but Theodore saw to it that you got out and about. Once you knew how to get in and out, there was no stopping you. Inside or outside, you knew where you were going and how to get there. Being blind did not stop you from getting around. Anything you wanted, you got—Mom saw to that. When Theodore decided it was time to go to the Rainbow Bridge, you mourned for him and we thought you soon would join him. That was when Mom decided to get you another companion and that is when Sugar and Spice came to stay with us. They gave you a few more years with us. Then you decided it was time to join your brothers at the Rainbow Bridge. You left a huge hole in everyone’s heart that knew you. At the doctor’s office, everyone stopped what they were doing and came to pay their respects to you before you left. A huge thank-you goes out to Dr. Nelson and her wonderful staff whom mom trusted dearly with your care. The last of the original three in our house—you will be missed just as much, if not more than your brothers. We love you with all our heart and soul. Lisa (mom), Richard (dad), Miss Sugar and Miss Spice

18 — July 2008, BUGLER

Energy-saver pet door
Solo Pet Doors makes an automatic, motorized, self-latching security pet door that lets your pets in and out, but stops skunks, rodents and other neighborhood pests from coming in your home (unless they steal your pet's collar). The door is activated by a sensor in the collar, so our dog or cat can wander in and out but nobody else can. The manufacturer claims that you can save 15 percent on your energy bills by installing this seal-tight door and they offer a five-year warranty. Go to or phone or 1-877-766-3900

The Last Battle
If it should be that I grow frail and weak and pain should keep me from my sleep, Then you must do what must be done, For this--the last battle--can't be won. You will be sad I understand; don't let grief then stay your hand, For on this day, more than the rest Your love and friendship must stand the test. We have had so many happy years, what is to come can hold no fears You'd not want me to suffer, so. When the time comes, please let me go. Take me to where to my needs they'll tend, only, stay with me til the end And hold me firm and speak to me until my eyes no longer see. I know in time you will agree it is a kindness you do to me. Although my tail its last has waved, from pain and suffering I have been saved. Don't grieve that it must be you who has to decide this thing to do; We've been so close—we two—these years, Don't let your heart hold any tears.
Author unknown



Ellen & Arnie Johnson 903-636-5059

7986 Persimmon Rd. Big Sandy, TX 75755



Stud Service • Puppies Occasionally 251 PR 3334 Big Sandy, TX 75755

New title holders
CONFORMATION CHAMPION = CH. CH Bobac Joan Baez (b) Ch. Hobbit Hill Cayenne CD TD x Ch. Bobac Isabella. B= Richard & Sharon Nance. O= Richard & Sharon Nance, Hugh & Constance Lefler. CH Bugle Bay’s Six Pack (d) Ch. Southlake Big Buddy TD x Ch. Bugle Bay’s Fettuccine TD. B= Margery Cook. O= Sheila & Terry Giles. CH Bumbling’s Hershey Kiss (b) Ch. Bugle Bay’s Five Alarm Chili x Ch. Bumbling’s Prof. McGonagall. B= Brian & Marilee Epperson & Joy Benedict. O= Brian & Marilee Epperson. CH Candyland Poor Pitiful Pearl (b) Ch. Oldefashion Great Balls of Fire x Candyland Black Label. B= Sue Riggle & Rachel Riggle. O= Melissa Fenchel & Joanne Smith. CH Classic Brisa (b) Ch. Sasquatch Double Exposure x Ch. Classic Riva. B/O= Claudia Lane & Vickie McMackin. CH Craigwood-Baywind Hot Java (d) Ch. Showtime’s Shock And Awe x Ch. Baywind-Craigwood Flurry. B/O= Sandra Campbell & Debbie Moore. CH Fort Merrill Jolly Time Feliz (b) Ch. Topsfield Bumper Cars CD x Ch. Jolly Time Peppertree Lola. B= Celeste Gonzalez & Joan Urban. O= Joan Urban. CH Fort Merrill Special Agent (d) Ch. Foxglen Special Forces x Ch. Fort Merrill Black Ice. B/O= Joan Urban. CH Hullabaloo’s Jubilatntcornpone (d) Ch. Bayowulf’s Longfellow of Obie x Ch. Hullabaloo’s IPO. B= Debra Hull. O= Lee-Anne Setterington & Michael Shapiro. CH Huskerland Oz (d) Ch. Rebec’s Fuzzy Navel x Chandra’s Huskerland Dreamer. B= Chandra & Tom Cooney. O= Becky & Reed Pomeroy. CH Jonmar-Bar-B Rhapsody In Blue (b) Ch. Topsfield-Sanchu Ka-Ching x Ch. Bar-B Judging Amy. B= Camille Cestare. O= Verna & Stacy Hegeman. CH Keepsake’s Ol’ South’s Lojack (d) Ch. Me-Don’s Ol’south’s Top Priority x Ch. Classic Briciolo. B= Claudia Lane, Vickie McMackin, Steve & Carolyn Holder. O= Carolyn & Steve Holder. CH Obie’s Kiss My Grits (b) Ch. Obie’s Ready T’Rumble O’Maredge x Obie’s Unforgetable O’Chasan. B= Margaret O’Brien & Rodica Stoicoiu. O= Margaret O’Brien. CH Renaissance Hydraulic Jack (d) Ch. Stoneybluff Freightliner x Stoneybluff Vertigo. B= Corey Rigoni. O= Harvey Harger. CH Showtime’s Unanimous Decision (d) Ch. Foxglen Delta Force x Ch. Showtime’s Amazin’ Gracie. B/O= Howard & Barbara Haskell. CH Southlake Kate Shugak (b) Ch. Brierwood Galileo x Ch. Southlake Kinsey M TD. B/O= Bubba & Freda Burks. CH Switchstand Storm Queen (b) Ch. Switchstands The Meteor x Ch. Bobac Duluxe of Switchstand. B/O= Douglas Taylor. CH Windsock’s N.A. T-6 Texan (d) Ch. Windsock’s Louis Zamperini x Ch. Windsock’s Anne Morrow. B/O= Kay Haggard. (Continued next page)

Harriet Richman
321 Woody Creek Ct. Springtown, TX 76082


THE BUGLER, July 2008 — 19

FIELD CHAMPIONS = FC FC Rivendell Chocolat Jolie (b) DC Cj’s Keepin’ The Faith x Rivendell’s Kissed By A Rose CD. B= Chris & Christopher Wallen, Sandi & Mark Chryssanthis. O= Patricia & Gary Palmer. TRACKING DOG = TD Bayowulf’s Hokieland Jeopardy TD (d) Ch. Bayowulf’s Longfellow of Obie x Bassetarium Lara Croft. B= Rodica Stoicoiu & Michael Ambrose. O= Karen Highley. COMPANION DOG EXCELLENT = CDX CH Wagtail’s Johnny Cash CDX (d) Ch. Wagtail’s Flying Dutchman x Ch. Vahhala’s Sword of Mercy. B= Harry Chipman. O= Clara Markham. UTILITY DOG = UD Bellgrey Bella UD RE (b) Ch. Castlehill’s Hot Shot x Ch. Castlehill’s Peaches of Lakota. B= Julie & Miles Kelley & Sharon Dok. O= Sharon & Robert Hall. RALLY NOVICE = RN Clarence RN NAP NJP (d) O= Kathryn Foster. CH Splash’s Peanut Butter Cup RN (b) Ch. Me-Don’s Ol’south’s Top Priority x Ch. Splash’s My Girl. B= Joann & Bill Nolan. O= Cathy & Nathan Wheeler. RALLY ADVANCED = RA CH Robarb Chucker Back To Basics RA (d) Ch. Ro Barbs Freddie Freeloader x Silvan Pistol Packin Mama. B= Barbara Santino & Julie Jones. O= Karen Spiess & Barbara Santino. NOVICE AGILITY PREFERRED = NAP CH Bugle Bay’s Primavera VCD1 RE TDX (b) Ch. Hobbit Hill’s Cayenne CD TD x Ch. Bugle Bay’s Noodles TD. B= Margery Cook. O= Sara Katzmark. AGILITY EXCELLENT PREFERRED = AEP Renaissance It Takes A Thief AXP AJP (b) Ch. R Paws Midnight Full Moon x Bluvali Poppin’ Fresh CD TD NJP. B= Marjorie Wikerd & Colleen Clemett. O= Colleen Clemett. NOVICE AGILITY JUMPER PREFERRED = NAJP Buford T Flatfoot RE NAJ NAP NJP (d) Railey Richard Perrin x Johnson’s Sandy Lass. B= Thomas Johnson. O= Lisa & Jackson Lucas. OPEN AGILITY JUMPER PREFERRED - OAJP Bob-O-Link OA AXJ NAP OJP (d) O= Mary Ann Nugent & Mariann Jackson. Brendans Zodiac RA OAP OJP (b) Ch. Maredge Tarheel x Brendans Orla. B= Gwen & John McCullagh. O= Roxanne & Donald Harris.

EXCELLENT AGILITY JUMPER PREFERRED = EAJP Renaissance It Takes A Thief OAP AJP (b) Ch. R Paws Midnight Full Moon x Bluvali Poppin’ Fresh CD TD NJP. B= Marjorie Wikerd & Colleen Clemett. O= Colleen Clemett. AGILITY FAST NOVICE = AFN High Desert Rose CDX RE OAJ NF (b) Samuel Migeal Montoya x Suzie Lou Girl Montoya. B= Holli Montoya. O= Jane Reed. AGILITY FAST NOVICE PREFERRED = AFNP Rivendells Get O’Vr Im Drivin’ TD NJP NFP (b) SCh. Sanlyn Rivndl Driving Force x Ch. Riverdell’s Bodacious Onyx. B= Chris & Christopher Wallen. O= Chris Wallen & Steve King.

August issue ad & news deadline is JULY 1
You can e-mail ads, photos, news to

UTAH Marcia & Allen Hilton
355 South 300 East Spanish Fork, UT 84660 801-794-1756 SassyBassets@

Tips for training your stubborn Basset Hound
• Scolding and punishing does NOT work for Basset Hounds... and it can make your dog even harder to train! • When using treats to train your Basset, choose a treat that is quickly chewed and swallowed. The longer the treat takes to be eaten, the more distracted your dog will become. • Basset Hounds have a special mental “trigger” that can be used to make them obey your every command like you had a special “doggie remote control.” • Basset Hounds’ attention spans are like their legs— short! Train your dog in small time intervals. Your hound is not going to want to spend hours working on training... that’s perfectly good napping time. HOW TO TRAIN TO SIT & LIE DOWN


Dom and Claudia Orlandi, M.B.H. P.O. Box 169, Essex Jct., VT 05453 802-878-5508 or 800-451-5190

Train your dog to sit:
Hold a small treat in one hand, and while you have your hounds attention, slowly move the treat over the dog’s head. Eventually, your hound will have to sit down to keep an eye on the treat. Reward the behavior and do it again.


Barnyard Bassets
Max & Pat Harder Verona, VA barnyardbassets@ 540-248-2026 Barbara Mercer pabarnyardbassets@

Train your dog to lie down:
While your hound is sitting, place your hand holding the treat on the floor in front of your hound. Slowly move the treat in between your pup’s front paws. Your hound will lay down to keep the treat in its sights. Reward the behavior and do it again. —from BHR of Georgia newsletter

WASHINGTON Washington Basset Rescue

Basset Hounds & Arabian Horses Gail Allen & Gill Tankard PO Box 797 Coupeville, WA 98239 360-678-5760

Pat Benstine 509-466-1538

20 — July 2008, THE BUGLER

“I’ve caught more ills from people sneezing over me and giving me virus infections than from kissing dogs.” —Barbara Woodhouse

March show winners
Adam Von Skauton G Towne WD-BW 1 pt at North Country KC (New York) 3/27 WD-BW 1 pt at Central New York KC 3/28 Ch. Alexander’s Hawaiian Exposure S Patterson-Nickleson BOB over 3 at Kings KC of California 3/1 BOB over 3 at Kings KC of California 3/2 Alexander Logon First Love G Clark WB-BW 1 pt at Oakland KC (Calif) 3/23 Alexander’s Semper Fidelis Temmermand & Johnson WD-BW 1 pt at Kings KC of California 3/1 WD-BW 1 pt at Kings KC of California 3/2 Alexander’s Where For Art Thou Johnson, Moreno, Trickel WD 1 pt at Oakland KC (Calif) 3/23 Ch. All My Life Great White Hope J Dietrich BOB over 17 at Wisconsin KC 3/1 Ambrican Carmelina R & P Frederiksen WB 4 pts at Louisville KC (Kentucky) 3/14 WB 4 pts at Evansville KC 3/15 Ch. Ambrican Casey S Sutfin BOB over 29 at Louisville KC (Kentucky) 3/14 Ambrican Deja Vu Frederiksen & Mooree WD 2 pts at BHC of Greater San Antonio (TX) 3/8 Argus Von Skauton G Towne WD-BW 4 pts at Onondaga KA (New York) 3/29 Barkalows Sleeps In The Nude M & A Svizeny BOB/2 (WD 1 pt) at KC of Northern New Jersey 3/2 Bassin Bay-Manor’s A Rebel Yell B Prather WD 1 pt at Canada Del Oro KC (Arizona) 3/22 Bay-Manor Bassin’s Lalala Lola B Prather WB 1 pt at Canada Del Oro KC (Arizona) 3/22 Bay-Manor’s Penny Laine E & J Dow WB 1 pt at Canada Del Oro KC (Arizona) 3/23 Bay-Manor’s Remington E & J Dow WD-BW 3 pts at Superstition KC (Arizona) 3/3 WD-BW 1 pt at Canada Del Oro KC 3/23 Bearcreek Morningwood Quigley North & Keene WD-BW 4 pts at Faith City KC (Texas) 3/2 Beclove D’San Juan Prince Akiffa Nevarez & Becerra WD-BW 1 pt at St. Petersburg DFA (Florida) 3/29 Beclove Ol’South Preciosa Misurelli & Joiner WB 4 pts at South Florida BHC specialty 3/7 WB-BW 1 pt at Palm Beach County DFA 3/9 Benchmark Briarcrest Beluga J & L Gruen WB-BW 1 pt at San Antonio KC (Texas) 3/9 Benchmark Ftm Bonsai J & L Gruen WD 1 pt at San Antonio KC (Texas) 3/9 Ch. Birnam’s Killian of Kaizen N & M Wiginton GROUP 4/68 (BOB3) at Pensacola DFA (Florida) 3/1 GROUP 3/69 (BOB/4) at Pensacola DFA 3/2 Birnam’s Mischievous Mattie N & M Wiginton WB 1 pt at Pensacola DFA (Florida) 3/2 Blackjack’s First Class Willow J Fogel WB-BW 3 pts at Wisconsin KC 3/1 Blossomhil’s Hello Dolly S Shor GRP 4/231 (BOB/15 = 2 pts) San Mateo KC (CA) 3/22 Blossomhil’s Mama Mia S Shor WB 1 pt at Santa Cruz KC (Calif) 3/20 WB 1 pt at KC of Salinas 3/21 Blossomhil’s Movin’ Out S Shor WD-BW 1 pt at Santa Cruz KC (Calif) 3/20 WD-BW 1 pt at KC of Salinas 3/21 WD 2 pts at San Mateo KC 3/22 Ch. Bobac Chablis Jjb R & S Nance GROUP 1/169 (BOB/19) at Faith City KC (Texas) 3/1 GROUP 2/170 (BOB/19) at Faith City KC 3/2 GROUP 2/62 (BOB/10) at Brazos Valley KC 3/29 BOB over 9 at Brazos Valley KC (Texas) 3/30 Bobac Get Rhythm R & S Nance WB-BW 2 pts at Brazos Valley KC (Texas) 3/29 Bobac Joan Baez Nance & Lefler WB-BW 4 pts at Faith City KC (Texas) 3/1 WB 4 pts at Faith City KC 3/2 Bo-Na’s Danko’s Benson Danko & Cooper WD 1 pt at Lancaster KC (Pa) 3/13 WD-BW 1 pt at Delaware County KC (PA) 3/15 WD-BW 1 pt at Delaware County KC 3/16 Ch. Briarpatch’s Semper Fi C & R Vogel BOB over 7 at Scottsbluff KC (Nebraska) 3/29 BOB over 5 at Scottsbluff KC 3/30 Bridi’s Sharp Dressed Man Bacha & Kinnear WD-BW 1 pt at Durham KC (No Carolina) 3/21 Bugle Bay’s Butterfinger Kelmic M Cook WB-BW 2 pts at Brazos Valley KC (Texas) 3/30 Bugle Bay’s Six Pack Jensen & Gilles WD-BW 1 pt at Garden City Kansas KC 3/7 WD-BW 2 pts at Garden City Kansas KC 3/9 Bumbling’s Godiva Truffle B & M Epperson WB 1 pt at Garden City Kansas KC 3/7 Bumbling’s Hershey Kiss B & M Epperson WB 2 pts at Garden City Kansas KC 3/8 Ch. By U Cals Margarita A Gilmore SBIS over 10 at BHC of Greater San Antonio (TX) 3/8 BOB over 4 at Houston KC 3/15 BOB over 3 at Galveston County KC 3/16 Callaway Dewsweeper of Arrowhead Heine & Kano BOB/2 (WB-BW 1 pt) at Clinton Iowa KC 3/29 Candyland Poor Pitiful Pearl Fenchel & Smith BOB/14 (WB-BW 4 pts) Detroit KC (Michigan) 3/2 Ch. Castlehill’s Art Deco J & S Dok GROUP 4/329 (BOB/32) Valle del Sol BHC (AZ) 3/2 Castlehill’s Guilty By Association M & J Tysseling WD-BW 4 pts at Valle del Sol BHC splty (AZ) 3/2 Castlehill’s Winter Magnolia Davis & Baker WB 3 pts at Scottsdale DFA (Arizona) 3/1 Chez Bonheur Craigwd Gr8escape Fowler & Campbell WB 4 pts at BHC Western Pennsylvania splty 3/29 Cj’s Sapphire C Feldhausen WB 2 pts at Seattle KC (Wash) 3/8 Cj’s Zippity Doo Da Feldhausen & Haskell BOB/11 (3 pts) WB-BW at Seattle KC (Wash) 3/9 Classic Brisa Lane & McMackin WB 3 pts at Missouri River BHC specialty 3/7 Ch. Classic Frisson Lane, McMackin & Kremenek SBIS over 26 at Missouri River BHC specialty 3/7 GROUP 3/86 (BOB/15) Columbia Missouri KC 3/8 SBIS over 23 at Lincolnland BHC specialty 3/8 BOB over 13 at Columbia Missouri KC 3/9 Craigwood-Baywind Hot Java Campbell & Moore WD 3 pts at Kentuckiana BHC specialty 3/14 WD-BW 4 pts at Louisville KC 3/14 WD-BW 3 pts at Louisville KC 3/16 Craigwood-Baywind Jo Muggs Campbell & Moore WB 1 pt at Pensacola DFA (Florida) 3/1 Craigwood-Baywind Terrazenha Campbell & Moore WB-BW 4 pts at Kentuckiana BHC specialty 3/14 Craigwood-Briea Keep it Pithy Monk & Campbell WB 3 pts at Louisville KC (Kentucky) 3/16 Deerhill Raynic Whimsey A & C Kintner WB 2 pts at Mid-Kentucky KC 3/13 Delcrest Rumbridge Rabbit-Nip F Nygood BOB/3 (WB 1 pt) at Union County KC (NJ) 3/28 Fairytails It’s All About Me J Aitken BOB/7 (WB-BW 1 pt) at Peninsula DFC (Wash) 3/22 WB 1 pt at Peninsula DFC 3/23 Farfelu Alegria O’Brstlecn Bryant & Makowski WB 2 pts at Garden City Kansas KC 3/9 Fort Merrill Jolly Time Feliz J Urban WB 4 pts at Valle del Sol BHC specialty (AZ) 3/2 Fort Merrill Special Agent J Urban WD-BW 3 pts at Scottsdale DFA (Arizona) 3/1


Lazy River
Bobby Albott 7128 SE Sedgwick Road Port Orchard, WA 98366 360-871-4141


Kahl Me Bassets
Barbara Kahl
8125 Fish Hatchery Rd. Burlington, WI 53105 262-539-2432

Rebec Bassets
Reed & Becky Pomeroy N5803 Jordson Coulee Road West Salem, WI 54669 608-786-3495 E-mail:

Pup pie sO cca sion ally Member

Bassets and Bloodhounds by the Gross Sue and Sonny Gross 5161 North 60 Street Milwaukee, WI 53218 414-463-7017

THE BUGLER, July 2008 — 21
Foxglen Ashley S & B Deans WB 1 pt at Tullahoma KC of Tennessee 3/7 WB 2 pts at Nashville KC 3/9 Foxglen Cmdr Harmon Rabb B & S Deans WD 1 pt at Nashville KC (Tennessee) 3/6 Ch. Foxglen Bracken Brown Beauty Deans & Servais BOB over 7 at KC of Greater Victoria (Texas) 3/6 GROUP 1/129 (BOB/14) Comal KC 3/7 GROUP 3/149 (BOB/13) at San Antonio KC 3/8 GROUP 2/142 (BOB/8) at San Antonio KC 3/9 BOB over 13 at Mid-Kentucky KC 3/13 SBIS over 37 at Kentuckiana BHC specialty 3/14 BOB over 26 at Evansville KC 3/15 BOB over 14 at Louisville KC 3/16 SBIS over 28 at Dal-Tex BHC specialty (Texas) 3/21 BOB over 22 at Fort Worth KC 3/22 BOB over 18 at Fort Worth KC 3/23 Ch. Foxglen Delta Force S & B Deans BOB over 3 at Newnan KC (Georgia) 3/29 BOB over 3 at Douglasville KC of Georgia 3/30 Ch. Foxglen Special Forces S & B Deans GROUP 4/113 (BOB/3) Nashville KC (Tennessee) 3/6 BOB over 3 at Tullahoma KC of Tennessee 3/7 BOB over 4 at Tullahoma KC of Tennessee 3/8 BOB over 8 at Nashville KC 3/9 Foxglen You Bet Your Life B & D Sikes WD-BW 1 pt at Raleigh KC (No Carolina) 3/22 Heirline Quantas TD Cameron & Fair WD 1 pt at Emerald Empire BHF specialty (Ore) 3/14 Hilltop’s Shades of Gold R Goodwin WD-BW 1 pt at Tullahoma KC of Tennessee 3/8 Hoodwink’s Lilly of the Valley L Hood WB-BW 3 pts at Fort Lauderdale KC (Florida) 3/15 Houndsbay’s Miss Congeniality S & B Powell WB 1 pt at Claremore KC of Oklahoma 3/29 Hullabaloo’s Jubilatncornpone Setterington & Shapiro WD 4 pts at Finger Lakes KC (New York) 3/30 Huskerland Oz B & R Pomeroy WD 3 pts at Wisconsin KC 3/1 Jolly Time Fort Merrill Madrid Jackson & Kantak BOB/3 (WD-BW 1 pt) at Grtr Clarksburg WV KC 3/8 BOB/3 (WD-BW 1 pt) at Blennerhassett KC (Ohio) 3/9 BOB/2 (WD-BW 1 pt) at Sand and Sea KC (NJ) 3/29 (Ch.) Jonmar-Bar-B Rhapsody In Blue V & S Hegeman WB 2 pts at Superstition KC (Arizona) 3/3 BOB over 8 at Canada Del Oro KC 3/22 BOB over 7 at Canada Del Oro KC 3/23 Kahl Me This Great Budda Rocks B Kahl WD-BW 3 pts at Wisconsin KC 3/2 Kaleidoscope Sasparilla Gorilla E Ferguson WD-BW 4 pts at South Florida BHC specialty 3/7 WD-BW 1 pt at St. Petersburg DFA 3/30 Kaleidoscope Vanilla Priscilla E Ferguson WB-BW 1 pt at Seminole KC (Florida) 3/22 WB 1 pt at St. Petersburg DFA 3/29 WB 1 pt at St. Petersburg DFA 3/30 Katzmark’s Barefoot Contessa S Katzmark WB-BW 1 pt at Newnan KC (Georgia) 3/29 WB 1 pt at Douglasville KC of Georgia 3/30 Katzmark’s Sweet Jorga Red J & K Sommers WB 1 pt at Belle City KC (Illinois) 3/1 WB 1 pt at Three Rivers KC of Missouri 3/2 WB 1 pt at Columbia Missouri KC 3/9 Keepsake’s Ol’ South’s Lojack C & S Holder WD-BW 3 pts at Missouri River BHC specialty 3/7 WD-BW 3 pts at Lincolnland BHC specialty 3/8 Kelmic’s Chipolte of Bugle Bay Adams & Helms WD 3 pts at Faith City KC (Texas) 3/1 Kelmic’s Habanero of Bugle Bay Adams & Helms WD 4 pts at Dal-Tex BHC specialty (Texas) 3/21 Kelmic’s One Drummer M,M & C Helms WD 4 pts at Fort Worth KC (Texas) 3/22 WD-BW 4 pts at Fort Worth KC 3/23 Legend’s Mackenzie of Rebelglen NewMyer, Asher, Houseman WB (BOS 2 pts) at Apple Valley KC (Calif) 3/8 WB-BW 4 pts at BHC of Southern California splty 3/23 Limited Edition Walker Dirty Talker M Jones WD 1 pt at Fort Lauderdale KC (Florida) 3/15 Lola It’s So Floppy Martinez & Bivens WB 1 pt at Apple Valley KC (Calif) 3/9 Lloyal’s Valentino of Bar-B A Pittman WD-BW 2 pts at Scottsbluff KC (Nebraska) 3/29 Markim’s Skivvie Honcho K & M Finn WD-BW 1 pt at Fayetteville KC (No Carolina) 3/23 McNaul’s O’Grady McDuff P McNaul WD-BW 2 pts at Seattle KC (Wash) 3/8 WD 1 pt at Peninsula DFC 3/22 Meadoway’s Nice N Easy J Torgerson WB 1 pt at Scottsbluff KC (Nebraska) 3/30 Meadoway’s Norton Commando J Torgerson WD-BW 1 pt at Scottsbluff KC (Nebraska) 3/30 Meadoway’s Optical Illusion Lamontagne & Torgerson WB 1 pt at Scottsbluff KC (Nebraska) 3/29 Morningwood American Graffiti Keene & French WB 1 pt at Claremore KC of Oklahoma 3/30 Morningwood A Moment In Time Keene & French WD-BW 2 pts at Garden City Kansas KC 3/8 WD-BW 1 pt at Claremore KC of Oklahoma 3/30 Ch. Morningwood BearcreekMojo Rising Keene & North BOB over 8 at Garden City Kansas KC 3/7 GROUP 3/83 (BOB/11) Garden City Kansas KC 3/8 GROUP 4/69 (BOB/10) Garden City Kansas KC 3/9 BOB over 6 at Claremore KC of Oklahoma 3/29 BOB over 6 at Claremore KC of Oklahoma 3/30 Ch. Must Be Rose Anna Dana T Cherney BOB over 1 at Dubuque KC (Iowa) 3/22 Oakae’s Dutch Treat A & E Johnson WB-BW 4 pts at Fort Worth KC (Texas) 3/22 Oakrydge Rivndel Holiday Magic Marvich & Wallen WB 2 pts at Chintimini KC (Oregon) 3/16 Oakrydge Sticks N’ Stones J Marvich WD 1 pt at Chintimini KC (Oregon) 3/15 WD-BW 2 pts at Chintimini KC 3/16 Obie’s Bobaloo Miller & O’Brien WB 1 pt at Delaware County KC 3/16

(Continued on page 23)

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22 — July 2008, BUGLER

Steve and Ch Deanery's Night Storm discuss show tactics. Owned by Dr Betsy and Dr Steven O'Neil of Summerside, Prince Edward Island.

More porridge, please? Deanery’s Eeyore is still hungry.

Harley, smelling the lupines in sunny California. Owned by Ellen Johnson of Healdsburg.

Yep, they’re clean! Deanery's Eeyore belongs to Cory and Julie White of White's Lake, Nova Scotia.

Taffy and friend. —William, Kitty & Jeanne Ackerman Ashtown, Maryland.

Seti Flies through the air with the greatest of ease! Kaleidoscope Set In Stone is loved by Terri Ralenkotter of Walton, Kentucky.

THE BUGLER, July 2008 — 23
Obie’s Dutch Treat A & E Johnson WB 2 pts at Fort Worth KC (Texas) 3/23 Obie’s Kiss My Grits M O’Brien WB 1 pt at Fayetteville KC (No Carolina) 3/23 PenniesLogo My Girl WB-BW 2 pts at Detroit KC (Michigan) 3/1 Renaissance Four Wheel Drive C Rigoni WD 2 pts at Detroit KC (Michigan) 3/1 Renaissance Hydraulic Jack H Harger WD 4 pts at Detroit KC (Michigan) 3/2 WD 1 pt at Fort Lauderdale DC (Florida) 3/16 BOB/16 (WD-BW 4 pts) Western Pennsylvania KA 3/30 Ch. Renaissance Trapeze C Rigoni BOB over 8 at Detroit KC (Michigan) 3/1 Reveille’s Fiesta of Scottland Haly, Scott & Trumbull WD 1 pt at Brazos Valley KC (Texas) 3/30 Reveille’s Kojak of Vicky Be Hagy & Froelich WD-BW 1 pt at Galveston County KC (Texas) 3/16 WD 1 pt at Brazos Valley KC 3/29 Sanlyn’s Straight Tequila Nite A & W Jones WD-BW 1 pt at Douglasville KC of Georgia 3/30 Saranade’s She’s Got A Way Brown & Wilson WB 1 pt at Raleigh KC (No Carolina) 3/22 Saranade’s Uptown Girl Brown, O’Brien & Merritt WB 1 pt at Durham KC (No Carolina) 3/21 Ch. Sasquatch Double Exposure Brandt & Coker GROUP 3/36 (BOB/3) Tanana Valley KC (Alaska) 3/22 GROUP 3/43 (BOB/3) at Alaska KC 3/23 Sasquatch Fairy Tails Do Come True Brandt & Coker WB-BW 1 pt at Tanana Valley KC (Alaska) 3/22 WB 1 pt at Alaska KC 3/23 Sasquatch Olde Fashion Cinderella Baetz, Berger, Brandt WB 2 pts at Wisconsin KC 3/2 Sasquatch Silver Bullett Brandt & Coker WD-BW 1 pt at Alaska KC 3/23 Ch. Sasquatch Talk About Me Berger, Baetz & Brandt BOB over 16 at Wisconsin KC 3/2 Scomar Brcrst D Dennis & Scott WB 1 pt at Houston KC (Texas) 3/15 WB 1 pt at Galveston County KC 3/16 Sedgwicks Tully H Farthing Pierog BOB/3 (WD-BW 1 pt) at Peninsula DFC (Wash) 3/23 Shoefly’s Campari Martini S & A Shoemaker WB 1 pt at Del Sur KC (Calif) 3/15 Shoefly’s Canadian Club Bianchino & Shoemaker WD 4 pts at BHC of Southern California splty 3/22 WD 3 pts at BHC of Southern California splty 3/23 Showtime’s Raising The Woof H & B Haskell WB 1 pt at KC of Greater Victoria (Texas) 3/6 WB-BW 2 pts at BHC of Greater San Antonio (TX) 3/8 WB 1 pt at San Antonio KC 3/8 Ch. Showtime’s Shock And Awe Haskell, Cryssanthis & Wallen BOB over 11 at Seattle KC (Wash) 3/8 SBIS over 21 Emerald Empire BHF splty (Ore) 3/14 BOB over 10 at Chintimini KC 3/15 GROUP 3/138 (BOB/10) at Chintimini KC 3/16 Showtime’s Unanimous Decision H & B Haskell WD-BW 1 pt at KC of Greater Victoria (Texas) 3/6 WD 3 pts at Comal KC 3/7 WD-BW 3 pts at San Antonio KC 3/8 WD-BW 2 pts at Mid-Kentucky KC 3/13 WD-BW 4 pts at Evansville KC 3/15 Sitruc’s Chenoa-Mollie Margaret Brinker & Curtis WB 4 pts at Western Pennsylvania KA 3/30 Snowshoe Here’s Dolly Girl Clark, Turk & Allen WB-BW 4 pts Emerald Empire BHF splty (Ore) 3/14 WB-BW 2 pts at Chintimini KC 3/15 Soque’s Bold Moves K Pugh-Wolfrom WD-BW 2 pts at Nashville KC (Tennessee) 3/9 Soque’s Runs Lika Packard B Blair WD 3 pts at Columbia Missouri KC 3/8 WD-BW 3 pts at Columbia Missouri KC 3/9 WD-BW 1 pt at Claremore KC of Oklahoma 3/29 South Dixie’s Witchy Woman Zehring & Misurelli WB 1 pt at Delaware County KC (PA) 3/15 Southlake Hey Porter G Mahar WD-BW 1 pt at Houston KC (Texas) 3/15 Southlake Kate Shugak B & F Burks WB-BW 3 pts at Comal KC (Texas) 3/7 Splash’s Beachside’s Banzai Pipeline Wheeler & Nolan WB-BW 1 pt at Del Sur KC (Calif) 3/16 Splash’s Beachside’s Big Kahuna Lovejoy & Wheeler WD-BW 1 pt at Del Sur KC (Calif) 3/15 WD 1 pt at Del Sur KC 3/16 Splash’s Cannon Ball Klein, Hicks & Nolan WD 1 pt at Kern County KC (Calif) 3/29 Splash’s Jack Knife Epps & Nolan WB 1 pt at Kings KC of California 3/2 Ch. Splash’s The Professor Nolan & Ponsart BOB over 30 at Scottsdale DFA (Arizona) 3/1 BOB over 28 at Superstition KC 3/3 BOB over 13 at Apple Valley KC (Calif) 3/8 BOB over 11 at Apple Valley KC 3/9 BOB over 13 at Del Sur KC 3/15 BOB over 16 at Del Sur KC 3/16 SBIS over 74 at BHC of Southern California splty 3/23 Switchstand Katy Flyer of Bobac S & R Nance WB-BW 5 pts at Dal-Tex BHC specialty (Texas) 3/21 Switchstand Storm Queen D Taylor WB-BW 3 pts at Columbia Missouri KC 3/8 WB 3 pts at Lincolnland BHC specialty (Md) 3/8 Ch. Symphony’s Stars And Stripes Hicks, Nolan, Whelan BOB over 9 at Kern County KC (Calif) 3/29 BOB over 8 at Kern County KC 3/30 Ch. Topfield-Cloverhil Buggybumpers Steidel & Shor GROUP 2/125 (BOB/12) Santa Cruz KC (Calif) 3/20 BOB over 6 at KC of Salinas 3/21 BOB over 9 at Oakland KC 3/23 Topfield-Sanchu-Spectrm Hopscotch Orlandi, Testoni, Steidel & Frischmann WB 1 pt at Onondaga KA (New York) 3/29 WB-BW 4 pts at Finger Lakes KC 3/30 Topsfield-Sanchu Visa J & G McCullagh WB 1 pt at Sand and Sea KC (New Jersey) 3/29 Ch. Topsfield Vision Silvernoodles Orlandi, Steidel, Richmond, Testoni, Zetterlund GROUP 1/132 (BOB/3) at Belle City KC (Illinois) 3/1 GROUP 1/133 (BOB/2) Three Rivers KC of Missouri 3/2 GROUP 1 over 46 at Belle City (Illinois) 3/3 GROUP 1 over 26 at La Porte County KC (Indiana) 3/7 GROUP 1/60 (BOB/2) at Logansport KC 3/8 GROUP 1/67 (BOB/2) at Logansport KC 3/9 BOB over 3 at Lancaster KC (Pa) 3/13 GROUP 3/136 (BOB/3) at York KC 3/14 GROUP 1/248 (BOB/6) at Delaware County KC 3/15 GROUP 2/179 (BOB/5) at Delaware County KC 3/16 GROUP 2 over 78 at Danville KC (No Carolina) 3/18 GROUP 2/103 at Salisbury North Carolina KC 3/19 GROUP 2 over 114 at Alamance KC 3/20 BOB over 5 at Durham KC (NC) 3/21 GROUP 4/212 (BOB/6) at Raleigh KC 3/22 GROUP 1/178 (BOB/6) at Fayetteville KC 3/23 GROUP 1/107 (BOB/4) North Country KC (NY) 3/27 GROUP 1/127 (BOB/4) at Central New York KC 3/28 GROUP 1/170 (BOB/10) Onondaga KA 3/29 GROUP 1/152 (BOB/10) at Finger Lakes KC 3/30 Ch. Tri-M’s Mile High of Pineark Mulligan & Simones GROUP 1 over 51 at South Dade KC (Florida) 3/2 SBIS over 16 at South Florida BHC specialty 3/7 GROUP 4/129 (BOB/5) Palm Beach Co DFA 3/8 BOB over 5 at Palm Beach Co DFA (Florida) 3/9 BOB over 9 at Fort Lauderdale DC 3/15 BOB over 9 at Fort Lauderdale DC 3/16 BOB over 6 at Seminole DFA 3/22 BOB over 5 at St. Petersburg DFA 3/29 BOB over 5 at St. Petersburg DFA 3/30 Tri-M’s Some Like It Hot N Mulligan WB-BW 1 pt at Palm Beach Co DFA (Fla) 3/9 WB-BW 3 pts at Fort Lauderdale DC 3/16 BOB/4 (WB-BW 1 pt) at Seminole DFA 3/23 Walnut Groves Mickey’s Pluto Mohr & Kladis WD 1 pt at Clinton Iowa KC 3/29 BOB/2 (WD-BW 1 pt) at Clinton Iowa KC 3/30 Westwind Cassidy TD J Hilliker WD 1 pt at Seminole DFA (Florida) 3/22 WD 1 pt at Seminole DFA 3/23 Ch. Windsock Dazyduc of Alivares Hurford & Haggard SBIS over 83 at BHC of Southern California splty 3/22 Windsock’s Memphis Belle Hernandez & Haggard WB-BW 1 pt at Kern County KC (Calif) 3/30 Windsock’s N.A. T-6 Texan K Haggard WD-BW 2 pts at Apple Valley KC (Calif) 3/8 WD-BW 1 pt at Apple Valley KC 3/9 Windsocks Runsway Penelope Cruz V Epps WB 1 pt at Kings KC of California 3/1 WB-BW (BOS 4 pts) BHC of So California splty 3/22 WB-BW 1 pt at Kern County KC 3/29 Wishbones Saka “Tonka” Tonic Ori B Keenan SBIS/17 at BHC Western Pennsylvania splty 3/29


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