Auckland Provincial German Shepherd Dog League _Inc_ by forrests


									Auckland Provincial German Shepherd Dog League (Inc).

Re-printed January 2008


OBJECTS 2. (a) To associate with the New Zealand Kennel Club. (b) To hold Championship Shows, Open Shows, Ribbon Parades and Obedience Tests. (c) To encourage the breeding of German Shepherd Dogs to the recognised standard, such standard to be adopted by the club. (d) To co-operate with, extend and amplify the efforts of other Clubs, Societies and Associations formed for the like and similar purposes subject to N.Z.K.C. approval. (e) To provide and contribute prizes, awards and distinctions or merit in connection with the breeding, rearing, training and exhibition of German Shepherd Dogs. (f) To make known to the Public the outstanding qualities of the Breed and to do all things that be deemed advisable and necessary to promote the Breed and the interest of the members of the club. (g) To encourage by frequent meetings and social activities of members and to further members knowledge of the Breed by lectures as and where possible. (h) To support the aims and objects of the German Shepherd Dog Advisory Council (i) Only to promote a recommend (by way of the ‘Puppy Register’) to the public progeny of Hip-Scored parents. HEADQUARTERS 3. The Headquarters of the Club shall be the address of the person for the time being holding the office of Secretary of the Club.

ZONE OF INFLUENCE 4. The Zone of Influence of the Club (hereinafter referred to as ‘the approved Zone of Influence) which is that portion of New Zealand in which the Club may organise recognised activities under authority of the New Zealand Kennel Club Rules, or any Rules passed in substitution thereof shall be that portion of the North Island north of the 39th parallel of latitude.

MEMBERS 5. (a) Any person except a person suspended or expelled from this Club or under suspension or expulsion by N.Z.K.C. shall be eligible for membership of the Club. The liability of a member shall be limited to his annual subscription. (b) The names and addresses if members shall be entered by the Secretary in a book known at ‘The Register of Members of the Auckland Provincial German Shepherd Dog League (Inc)’ and which shall be open to the inspection of members at all reasonable times. It shall be the Secretary’s duty to have this ‘Register of Members’ present at all meetings. Junior Members: Any person up to the age of 16 years shall be eligible for nomination to membership of the Club. Junior members shall enjoy the full privileges of the Club but without power to vote or the right to hold office. Every member joining the Club automatically accepts all rules and by-laws of the Club. It shall be the duty of all members to notify the Secretary of any change of address. ADMISSION 6. New members shall apply in writing for membership to the Committee of the Club, attaching to such applications the relevant subscription for the year then current. The Secretary shall in each and every case acknowledge receipt of such application. Election to membership of the Club shall be by a simple majority of the members of the Committee present at any duly constituted meeting of the Committee, and the decision of the Committee on such application shall be final. A receipt shall not be issued until the member has been duly election in Committee, when he will be supplied with a set of rules and issued with an official receipt. In the event of the application for membership being unsuccessful, the Secretary will return the application form to such applying person, together with his remittance in respect of subscription.


ANNUAL SUBSCRIPTION 7. The annual subscription for the forthcoming year shall be set by the Committee at a meeting prior to the end of October. In the event of the Committee failing to set any such annual subscription, the subscription payable shall be the same as for the immediately preceding year. When a partnership exists in respect of the ownership of a dog, each partner may become a member at single rates. The subscription shall be payable in advance at 1st January each year. Notices of subscription due shall be forwarded to all members prior to the expiration of the third week in December each year. No member shall be allowed to vote or receive any prizes or trophies of the above, or in any way whatsoever enjoy the privileges of the membership until the member’s current subscription and all other outstanding amounts due by the member to the Club have been paid. Subscriptions must be paid before the closing of the entries of shows. RESIGNATION OF MEMBERSHIP 8. Any member may withdraw from the Club on sending notice of the member’s intention in writing to the Secretary at any time Any member leaving the Club shall not be entitled to receive back any money that the member may have paid to the Club during membership or have any claim against the Club. Any member so withdrawing from the Club shall be deemed to be a member until such time as the member’s resignation shall have been accepted by the Committee and duly acknowledged in writing by the Secretary. Within 7 days of the member’s resignation being accepted by the Committee, the member shall return to the Club any cups or other trophies that, being the property of the Club, are in the member’s possession at that time. FORFEITURE OF MEMBERSHIP 9. The Committee may declare a member to have forfeited membership and may direct the member’s name to be removed off the Club’s register but without releasing that member from any antecedent liability to the Club. (a) If, by the end of February the member’s subscriptions are in arrears and if the member shall neglect to pay such dues by the end of March after notification to the member before the 20th March, that the member is in such arrears. (b) Any member wilfully infringing any rule, or by-law, or forming or endeavouring to form any other club, without the prior approval of N.Z.K.C., to foster the interest of a Breed of Dog already represented or catered for by this Club inside its approved Zone of Rule 2 (d) or acting in an unbecoming or dishonourable manner concerning any dog or matter or thing affecting this club likely to bring discredit on the Club, or to lower its status, or to be in any prejudicial to the interests of the Club or Breed shall be liable to suspension and subsequent expulsion from the Club in accordance with this rule. In any such event a meeting of the Committee shall be held to consider the alleged offence and the member concerned shall have 14 clear days written notice stating the nature of the charge or charges sent to such member by post in a prepaid person to person registered letter addressed to such member at the member’s last known place of abode or business and requesting the member’s presence at such meeting. The Committee, may, after hearing the member concerned or in the member’s absence should the member fail to attend, on a resolution passed by the vote of not less than two-thirds of the Committee present resolve to warn the member, or to accepted an apology for the member’s conduct or to suspend such member. In the event of the Committee resolving to suspend such member, a Special General Meeting shall be convened within a period of one calendar month to consider the expulsion or suspension for any term of such member, At such meeting the member concerned shall be entitled to show cause why the member should not be expelled or suspended and the Vote of not less than two-thirds of the members then present shall then be necessary to carry any resolution expelling such member from the Club, or suspending such member for a term. In the event of any such resolution not being carried, then the suspension imposed at the prior Committee meeting shall thereupon cease. Any resolution to suspend or expel a member shall not release that member from any antecedent liability to the Club. The decision of the Special General Meeting shall be final. Any person or persons wishing to lodge a complaint must do so in writing to the Secretary accompanied by a deposit of $20.00 which will be returned of the complaint is upheld. (c) Whenever any person shall cease to be a member of the Club, that person’s name shall be removed from the Register, and the person shall from the date of their ceasing to be a member, cease to have any claim or interest in respect of the Club, and shall forthwith return to the Club any cups or trophies that, being the property of the Club, are in the person’s possession at the time of such expulsion. (d) Any person who lays a complaint against a member, which a majority of the Committee decides is untrue, or vindictive, or malicious shall be liable to be dealt with under the provisions of this Rule themselves. OFFICERS AND COMMITTEE 10. (a) The Officers of the Club shall consist of a President, Two Vice-Presidents, Senior and Junior, a Secretary, Treasurer, or Secretary/Treasurer. The Officers shall be ex-officio members of the Committee. The Committee shall consist of eight Committee persons. The Executive and eight Committee persons have the power to increase the Committee to no more than twelve Committee persons. The Officers and Committee shall be elected for the ensuing year at the Annual General


Meeting by secret ballot and shall hold office until retirement or removal from office or re-election of successors to office. (b) The Building and Property Board shall consist of four members who shall be elected for a term of two years, with the first Board having two members elected for a term of years, and a further two members elected for a term of one year only. The President and Secretary shall for the time being or two other Committee members as nominated by the Committee for the time being, shall also be deemed to be members of the Board ex-officio. The members of the Board shall be elected or re-elected at the Annual General Meeting upon the same terms and procedures as are hereinafter provided for the election of Committee members (c) The Officers and Committee shall retire annually but be eligible for re-election. In the case of two or more members with the same name standing for committee the Chairman shall clarify the nominations before election. Only financial members for the current year shall be eligible to vote. (In the event of the delegate being required by the Auckland Kennel Club, they will be elected by the Committee from Committee members serving at that time.) (d) That from the general body of members present at the Annual General Meeting in the first quarter may elect a representative to the Committee of the German Shepherd Dog Advisory Council. Provided said representative meet the criteria set down by the German Shepherd Dog Advisory Council. The position to be elected annually. OBEDIENCE COMMITTEE 11. (a) A separate committee shall be elected to conduct the affairs and training at Obedience Classes. (b) Members of this Committee need not necessarily be members of the main Committee, and the Obedience Committee shall not be regarded as a Sub-Committee in the sense of Rule 13 first paragraph. (c) The Obedience Committee shall consist of not less than seven members who shall be appointed by members at training class not later than the month of April for a twelve month term. This Committee shall appoint for their numbers a Chairman, Secretary, Treasurer and a Chief Instructor. The duties shall be: Chairman: Secretary: Treasurer: Chief Instructor: To chair all meetings held by the Committee To take minutes and attend to all matters and correspondence relative to Obedience and to send duplicates of all correspondence to the Main Committee Secretary. To collect all training fees and pay same into bank account. To be counter signatory for cheque account with Secretary and keep records of all financial matters relative to Obedience training. To attend all training sessions. To organise instructors for each class, correct instruction to all trainees at correct level of training as per instruction sheet.

(d) The Obedience Committee shall act in close liaison with, but independent of, the General Committee. They shall conduct their own affairs and be responsible for the own finances and their funds shall be included in the general funds, but separately recorded and detailed. They may, if thought necessary by both Committees, operate a separate bank account. They shall report to the Annual General Meeting. HONORARY OFFICERS 12. The honorary Officers of the Club shall consist of one Patron and such number of Vice-Patrons as shall from time to time be appointed at each Annual General Meeting The Annual General Meeting may by resolution (in recognition of services rendered to the Club) elect Life Members who have previously been approved by the Committee, such Life Members shall be exempt from all subscriptions, and shall subject to these rules and by-laws, be entitled to all rights and privileges of an ordinary member. In addition to the above Officers, the Club shall also elect annually an Auditor and Club Solicitor. FUNCTIONS OF COMMITTEE AND PROPERTY BOARD 13. The Committee shall be charged with the full administration of the affairs and business of the Club. The Committee shall have the power to delegate their powers to sub-committees consisting of the Secretary and two or more financial members of the Club who may be Committee Members or not. The Committee, or the Property Board, shall have the power to co-opt any additional financial member or members provided that in the case of the Property Board, members co-opted as aforesaid, shall be for the purpose of fundraising, building, or any other approved project only. The Committee shall have the power to make by-laws provided they are not inconsistent with the Rules of the Club, and may alter or appeal any by-law for the good government of the Club. Such by-law, altered by-laws or appealed by-laws shall be duly recorded and the issue of each new by-law, altered by-law or appealed by-law shall be duly notified to each member.


CASUAL VACANCIES 14. The Committee shall have the power to appoint a member to full any casual vacancy on the Committee until the Annual General Meeting and any member so appointed shall retire at the next Annual General Meeting with the rest of the Committee but all or any of the retiring Committee shall be eligible for re-election. BUILDING AND PROPERTY BOARD FINANCE 15. Any required expenditure or raising of monies by the Board for the purpose of buying or developing property, in excess of the working capital of $600.00 shall be approved by a Special or General Meeting called in accordance with these rules. (a) Any funds raised in excess of the working capital as required from time to time by the Board and previously determined by a resolution of the Board shall be placed in a reserve sub-account under the control of the Board until such time as they may be needed. RE-DIRECTION OF FUNDS 16. All questions of re-direction of building or property funds shall be determined by way of a vote carried out at the Annual General Meeting provided that in the event of such a re-direction being made by the meeting the said funds shall be, for a period of not less than 15 months from the date of that meeting, be frozen. VACATION OF OFFICE 17. (a) If the office of President becomes vacant for any reason whatsoever, then his place shall be filled by the Committee from existing Committee Members (b) The office of a Member of the Committee may be declared vacant by the Committee, and such members thereupon cease to be a member of the Committee. 1) 2) If the member shall forward to the Committee a written resignation of office. If a member be absent from three committee meetings, either consecutive or otherwise, without leave of absence which the Committee resolved by a simple majority is failure in the member’s duty as a Committee member. If the member be removed from Office by resolution of a Special Meeting of the Committee by Rule 9 (b).


MEETINGS OF COMMITTEE 18. Meetings of the Committee shall be held monthly or at such other times as may be decided by the President, VicePresidents or Secretary. Seven clear days shall be given verbally or in writing of any Committee Meeting. The Committee shall have the power to call an Extraordinary Meeting to decide matters which may arise requiring an immediate decision, provided there are enough members present to form a quorum. At all meetings, six members shall constitute a quorum including one Officer. PROCEDURE AT COMMITTEE MEETINGS 19. (a) At all Committee meetings the President, or in the President’s absence, one of the Vice-Presidents, or in the absence any other duly elected Chairman shall take the chair. (b) Minutes of all Committee meetings must be kept in a properly constituted minute book, such minute book to be available for inspection by any member by arrangement with the Secretary. (c) On all questions whether upon an election or consideration of a motion or amendment, every financial member lawfully present shall be entitled to one vote to be exercised in person, and such voting shall be by a show of hands unless a ballot is called for by two members. (d) On all questions, elective or otherwise, the President or other person occupying the chair shall have a deliberate vote or in the case of an equality of votes, that person shall have a further casting vote. GENERAL MEETING 20. (a) The Annual General Meeting of the Club shall be held during the first quarter of each year at such place and time as shall be determined by the Committee, except in the event if some unforeseen circumstances, the Committee may decide to hold such meeting not later than the end of July. Fourteen days notice of such meeting stating the nature of business to be dealt with thereat, also a copy of the President’s Report and Balance Sheet, duly audited, shall be forwarded to members by circular. A quorum for any Annual General Meeting shall be 15 members.


(b) General Meetings – In addition to the Annual General Meeting, the Club may hold quarterly general meetings at such convenient places and times as may be determined at any Committee Meeting. Not less than seven days notice of such meeting shall be sent to members by circular. A quorum for any general meeting shall be 15 members (c) Extraordinary General Meetings – An Extraordinary General Meeting of the members of the Club shall be called on requisition in writing to the Secretary signed by six members and the Secretary shall within 14 days notice in writing of such meeting, specifying the objects of the meeting to which alone discussion shall be confined. A quorum for any Extraordinary Meeting shall be 15 members. At all general meetings on questions of order, procedure or interpretation of the rules, the ruling of the chair person shall be accepted as final. (d) Special Meetings – 14 days written notice specifying the purpose of the meeting shall be given of all Special General Meetings. A quorum for any Special General Meetings shall be 15 members ORDER OF BUSINESS 21. (a) The order of business for every General Meeting, Ordinary, Annual, Extraordinary or Special, shall be prepared by the Secretary. (b) In the case of an Annual General Meeting, the order paper shall include: 1) 2) 3) 4) 5) 6) A report of the proceedings of the Club during the year. A duly audited Balance Sheet and Income and Expenditure Account for the year. The election of Officers for the ensuing year, including the Committee (one Auditor) and Club Solicitor. Any general business approved by the Committee. Any other business which concerns the Club. Notices of Motion. These must be in the hands of Secretary 28 days preceding the date of the meeting.

PROCEDURE AT GENERAL MEETINGS 22. (a) At all General Meetings the President, or in the President’s absence, a Vice-President, or in their absence, any other duly elected chairperson shall take the chair. (b) 1) On all elections of Officers for the Club, voting shall be by ballot. 2) (i) On all questions or considerations of a motion or amendment every financial member lawfully present shall be entitled to one vote to be exercised in person, and (ii) Such voting shall be by a show of hands unless a motion is moved and seconded for voting by ballot in respect to such matter. 3) Any motion moved and seconded pursuant to the provisions of Rule 21 (a) (6) hereof. (c) On all questions (elective or otherwise) the President or other person occupying the chair shall have a deliberative vote and in the case of an equality of votes, shall also have a further casting vote. (d) Standing Orders – The mover of a motion shall be allowed five minutes in which to introduce the motion and three minutes to reply to the debate thereon. No other member will be allowed to speak for more than five minutes, and then for once only to any question except to clarify a previous speaker’s remark, subject to Chairperson having power to vary this at the Chairperson’s discretion. No member shall speak to any question after it has been put by the Chairperson except to point of order. Questions of order shall be decided by the Chairperson whose decision shall be final. No second amendment shall be accepted until either the first motion or amendment has been disposed of. REPORTS OF MEETINGS 23. No member shall publish or cause to be published either in part or in whole, any account or proceedings of any meetings whatsoever of the Club. Reports of the proceedings may be furnished to the Press or otherwise when and where deemed advisable in the interest of the Club, provided such matter is approved by the Committee. 24. (a) These Rules may be altered, added to, rescinded or otherwise amended by a resolution passed by two-thirds of the members present at a Special Meeting duly convened for the purpose to which alone discussion will be confined. A copy of every such amendment shall forthwith be sent to every financial member. (b) All alterations to the Rules shall be prior to registration under the incorporated Society’s Act be notified to N.Z.K.C. approval


(c) No addition to or alteration or rescission of the Rules shall be approved if it affects the payments to members or winding-up clauses. ACCOUNTS AND AUDIT 26. (a) The Secretary/Treasurer or Treasurer as the case may be, shall cause true accounts to be kept of all monies received and expended by the Club, for whatever purpose and the matters in respect if which such receipts and expenditure takes place, and of the assets, credits and liabilities of the Club, and receive and bank all monies. (b) 1) The Secretary/Treasurer or Treasurer shall furnish a statement of receipts and expenditure, together with a statement of cash in hand and in the bank to each Committee Meeting that such Secretary/Treasurer or Treasurer is requested so to do by the President and the Secretary/Treasurer or Treasurer may furnish a statement of receipts and expenditure together with a statement of cash in hand and in the bank to be read at any quarterly General Meeting and 2) In the event of the Secretary/Treasurer or Treasurer submitting any such statement pursuant to the provisions of sub-paragraphs 1) and 2) of this clause such statement shall on each and every occasion be duly entered in the minute book. (c) The working or current expenses and all other outgoings of the Club shall be paid from time to time by the Secretary/Treasurer or Treasurer from the appropriate accounts on the direction of the Committee. (d) The account should be made up to the 31st day of December each year and a balance sheet containing a summary of the property and liabilities of the Club on that date, and the yearly accounts and receipts of expenditure to that date should be made out. Such accounts with all vouchers and receipts and all books kept by the Club, also the balance sheet shall be submitted to the examination of an Auditor who shall report thereon to the members of the ensuing Annual General Meeting certifying in such report as to the correctness of such balance sheet and account. (e) The Auditor shall retire from Office at the next Annual General Meeting following such Auditor’s appointment but shall be eligible for re-election. (f) No member of the Club shall be eligible to election as Auditor. (g) The operation of the Club’s banking account shall be: 1) 2) By the President and Vice-President and the Secretary/Treasurer or Secretary and Treasurer. Any two of the signatures as given in sub-clause 1)

(h) No member or person associated with a member of the organisation shall derive any income, benefit or advantage from the organisation where they can materially influence the payment of the income, benefit or advantage. Except where that income, benefit or advantage is derived from: 1) 2) NOTICES 26. All notices shall be sent to the last recorded address of the respective member in the member’s register and shall be considered as being duly delivered when such notices are posted. DUTIES OF MEMBERS 27. It shall be the duty of every member to promote the interests of the Breed and the Club and strive for honourable dealings in all Canine matters, and to report to the Officers or Committee any irregularities affecting the Club or its members. VOLUNTARY TERMINATION 28. The Club may be wound up voluntarily if the Club, at a General Meeting, passes a resolution requiring the Club so to be wound up and the resolution is confirmed that a subsequent General Meeting called together for that purpose and held not earlier than 30 day after the date in which the resolution so to be confirmed was passed. Upon the dissolution or winding up of the Club, in any manner, the surplus assets thereof (after payment of all liabilities) shall be paid to the New Zealand Kennel Club or such other body as approved by the General Meeting called for that purpose upon trust for payment to any replacement club subsequently formed with the approval of N.Z.K.C. INTERPRETATION 29. If any doubt shall arise as to the construction of, or interpretation of, any clause or any rule of the Club, the decision of the Committee shall be conclusive and binding on all members of the Club provided that such decision shall be reduced to writing and recorded in the minute book. And provided however, that notwithstanding anything hereinbefore Professional services to the organisation rendered in the course of business, charged at no greater rate than current market rates, or Interest on money lent at no greater rate than current market rates.


contained, and in the event that the rule or clause whose interpretation is the subject of doubt is a rule or clause relating to the powers of the Committee, then in such case but not otherwise the interpretation of that rule or clause shall be referred to a single Arbitrator appointed by the President or duly appointed Chairperson of the meeting and the decision of the Arbitrator shall be conclusive and binding on all members of the Club. TROPHIES 30. (a) 1) Only the financial members of the Club shall be entitled to compete for, receive and hold cups, trophies and other awards and prizes of the Club except those present for Open Competition. Each new Committee for the Club shall appoint as its inaugural meeting, a Trophy Steward, whose duties and powers shall be those from time to time set by the Committee and recorded in the Minute Book of the Committee. It shall be the duty of each member holding cups or trophies belonging to the Club to return the same in good order and condition 28 days before the show for which they are due for competition.


(b) The proper control, custody, care, maintenance and availability of trophies and awards hereby invested in the Committee, and to ensure such proper control, custody, care, maintenance and availability of trophies and awards, the Committee shall have the following specific disciplinary powers: 1) To direct that a person or persons return any trophy, award, trophies or awards to the Trophy Steward within seven days of the receipt of such direction. Such direction to be signed by the President and sent by ordinary registered post to the holder’s last known place of residence or business. The date of receipt of such direction shall be deemed to be three days after the date of mailing thereof. To impose fines for failure to return any trophy or award in response to any direction in accordance with subclause 1) hereof up to and including the sum of $20.00 or the replacement cost thereof. To impose fines of up to and including the sum of $20.00 for damage to any trophy or award or the replacement or repair cost thereof. To suspend the right of any person or persons to hold or receive a trophy or award either in particular or general for any period of up to and including 12 months from and inclusive of the date of determination of the Committee in that matter. To institute the disciplinary powers contained in Rule 9 hereof with a view to forfeiture of membership. To issue proceedings for the return of any specific trophy or award or trophies or awards.

2) 3) 4)

5) 6)

The Committee shall have the power in its absolute discretion to impose all or any of the above remedies contemporaneously. COMMON SEAL 31. There shall be a common seal of the Club bearing words the “common seal of the Auckland Provincial German Shepherd Dog League Incorporated” which shall be kept in the custody of the Secretary and shall be affixed to a document only in pursuance of a resolution of the Committee and in the presence of two members of the Committee who shall affix their signature thereto. INVESTMENT 32. The Committee may from time to time invest and re-invest in such securities and upon such terms as it shall think fit, any part of the funds of the Club not required for the immediate business of the Club. BORROWING 33. The Club shall have the power to borrow money from time to time with or without the security of the whole or any part of the Club’s property and generally on such terms as the Committee shall think fit. Any borrowing must first be approved by a resolution of a General Meeting and notice of the Committee’s intention to propose a motion to that effect with brief details to the terms and purpose of the loan to be obtained must be given with a notice calling the meeting. 34. On approval by two-thirds majority at any Annual or Special General Meeting the Club shall have the power to sign any lease, hold, sell, exchange or mortgage land or erect any building on the same with power to alter and pull down buildings and re-erect the same and all power of laying out such land or property in accordance with the “objects” of the Club.


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