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					Siren A. Star


With a background rich in the visual and performing arts, Siren Star’s artistic passion was established at an early age. Music, theatre, and writing have always been an important part of her early life; from learning violin to performing plays at the age of eight. At age ten, she was writing stories, poetry, and plays. In middle school and high school, Siren studied bass guitar and music theory, heavily influenced by alternative rock, metal, and industrial music. She was involved with community and school theatre. She also began to write stories again and she started to write songs. Her senior year of high school, she was apart of her high school’s vocational education program, where she spent half of her school days at the Eastern Monroe Career Center learning TV and Radio Broadcasting. It was the radio broadcasting that led her interest in audio recording. After she graduated, Siren attended Finger Lakes Community College (FLCC) for an Associate’s degree in Music Recording and Music Business. For the program, Siren studied not only audio recording techniques and music industry practices, but she also had to study music theory and an instrument, which she chose voice and piano. For electives, she took a few theatre and acting classes. It was in these years that she started to write frequently, especially poetry and journaling. After her two years at FLCC, she transferred to Northeastern University in Boston for a Bachelor’s degree in Music Business. She took an intro to art class and enjoyed it so much that she considered a minor in Art. While in Boston, Siren worked at Allston Beat, an alternative clothing store located on hip and fashionable Newbury Street. In her spare time, she continued to write frequently and was motivated to self publish her own book of poetry, Sinful Delite; under the name Athena Star, which Athena is her middle name. Before she finished her degree, she decided to take a chance and move back to her hometown to pursue an independent record company with a few friends. Unfortunately, it did not work out, but Siren doesn’t regret it. It was a great experience for her and she got to perform with her friends in the local synthpop band, Silent Auction. Over that summer, while Siren was trying to figure out what to do next (she couldn’t afford to move back to Boston and finish school), she started to paint with oils and acrylics. Six months later, she was registered at Monroe Community College studying fine art. She took classes in drawing, painting, illustration, 2D design, art history, graphic design, and sculpture. She then transferred one more time to another local college, SUNY Brockport, to finish her Bachelor’s degree as a Sculpture concentration. After yet another semester of Sculpture, where she casted bronze for the first time (while she was eight months pregnant!), she decided she needed a change in her concentration. She didn’t feel enough satisfaction with her artwork in sculpture. Her second semester at Brockport, she signed up for Photography I at the Visual Studies Workshop in Rochester (a graduate art school apart of SUNY Brockport) and found her new concentration. She also signed up for a theatre class in Brockport, Costume Construction, and re-found her love for theatre. Un-amazed by what Brockport had to offer, she decided to use it to her maximum benefit and study everything she loved that was available at Brockport. Besides Photography, she heavily concentrated on Film, Costume Design, and Creative Writing. She spent many long days between classes to design costumes for the latest student theatre production, using her overnights to work on her film and photography. She received her Art degree and minors in Theatre and Creative Writing in August 2005. She really feels as though Brockport didn’t have everything that she wanted in a visual and performing arts school, but she used Brockport to her full advantage and got more out of it than most students do. Beginning that same summer, Siren started to write screenplays, finishing her third feature length screenplay in December. She has come to realize that directing, screenwriting, cinematography, and costume design are her passion, which are all encompassed in the world of filmmaking. Filmmaking was the direction she was headed. Siren finally felt like she found her true passion and what she wanted to devote her life to. In the fall/winter of 2005/2006, Siren applied to many graduate schools for a MFA in

Filmmaking/Screenwriting. She was accepted to two of the most prestigious film schools in Hollywood; the American Film Institute (AFI) Conservatory for a MFA in Screenwriting and the New York Film Academy (NYFA) in Universal Studios for a MFA in Filmmaking. Her and her family prepared for the big move, but unfortunately things did not go as planned and Siren had to pass up the opportunity. She knows that the idea of film school is not dead, just on hold for a few years. In November 2006, she was offered a place in the MBA program at Keller Graduate School of Management. She is currently in her second year, working on a dual degree; a Masters of Business Administration and a Masters of Accounting and Financial Management with a CFA emphasis. In September 2006, Siren had poetry nationally published in Susan B. & Me, a book dedicated to Susan B. Anthony. She volunteered at the Community Darkroom, teaching photography to inner city youth, and at the Allendale Columbia School, designing costumes for the upper school productions.

Currently, Siren is working on her forth screenplay and a new photography project. She is also trying to publish her own zine called Awaken From Shadows.

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