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									___________ Gun Club The National Skeet Shooting Association COVER DESIGN OF CLUB’S CHOOSING And The ______ State Skeet Shooting Association

Welcome you to the



(club may write its own welcome!)

Two days before shoot if applicable Club facilities open for practice Day before shoot Club facilities open for practice Registration open ________________ First day of shoot List events and shoot off’s Day 2 of shoot List events and shoot off’s Cocktail Party Following Shootoff Sponsored by _________ Day 3 of shoot List events and shoot off’s Shooter Party Sponsored by __________ Day 4 of shoot List events and shoot off’s

The members, officers and directors of ____________ Gun Club cordially welcome you to the 20(xx) U.S. Open Skeet Championships. During your stay with us, please feel free to utilize all of the club's facilities, including (whatever other shotgun facilities if any), at member prices. We will/will not have practice available throughout the shoot. All popular brands of ammunition will/will not be available, at member prices. The club kitchen and bar will/will not be open throughout the shoot. Provide info for campers in this space. If you are interested in enjoying the activities and attractions in the Greater _______ area, we will maintain a "concierge desk" in the registration area, to answer specific questions about restaurants, how to get to attractions, name if possible. Before your trip, we recommend club’s web site to obtain the latest weather forecast, and terrific links to "things to do" in ________ area.

Good luck, and may you shoot your best ever!
1. All participants must be current members in good standing of NSSA. The shoot will be governed by NSSA rules and regulations.


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7. 8.



11. 12.

An up-to-date legible classification card will be required from every shooter. Junior and Sub-Junior shooters are permitted to complete on a "targets only" basis. All other competitors must be classified. Registration will be open (fill in the blank). Squads will not be announced. Shooters are requested to be at the assigned field 15 minutes prior to the scheduled start of the flight. Management reserves the right to move slow squads to the practice field, mechanical or weather problems excepted. Field electricity will be shut off in case of electrical storm activity. Champions and Ladies awards will be presented on the main shootoff field immediately following completion of shootoffs. All other medals and awards will be available the following day, with the exception of 410 and HOA/HAA awards. A schedule will be posted. All awards not picked up in person will be mailed within 15 business days. All winners and payouts will be posted on the scoreboards the following day, 410, HOA and HAA excepted. All payouts will be mailed within 15 days of the shoot. The protest committee will consist of shoot management and (decide if state directors, whoever) ___________ Gun Club reserves the right to alter or cancel any part of this program if conditions warrant. Shoot management also reserves the right to refuse any entry or cause the withdrawal of any contestant who annoys, endangers or interferes in any way with the harmony of the shoot. Spectators and contestants assume all risks resulting from accident or loss of property occurring on gun club property. All contestants, referees and field personnel are required to wear eye and ear protection while on any shooting field. Spectators are likewise requested to wear eye protection at all times that shooting is taking place. Campers and vendors, please reserve spaces in advance. Contact the club or go to the website to download a reservation form. We will attempt to comply with all special requests. Campers and vendors are requested to check in at the club office upon arrival to obtain site assignments. The club will be open for practice on (fill in the blank) and during the shoot whenever possible. The club kitchen will be open for breakfast and lunch every day, and for dinner on (fill in the blank if applicable).

Trophy to Champion

Fill in schedule for this ceremony

Will a photographer be on the grounds during to take team and individual pictures? [Insert photographer business card] Insert any other special notices regarding social events, drawings, etc.

Referee's Championship If scheduled the day before the shoot 100 targets, 12 gauge -- $5.00 to register targets

Doubles -- Date Sponsored by _________________ $_____.00 Entry, plus fees 6 Classes -- AAA through D Flight times: _____________________

Medals and Awards NSSA Championship Medallion to CH, RU and 3rd NSSA Championship Medallion to Lady CH, RU and 3 rd U.S. Open Medals to Class places 1-7 Concurrent medals awarded in accordance with medals chart pg. __ Purses and Payouts $500 to Champion $350 to Runner Up $250 to Third rd CH, RU and 3 Not Eligible for Class Purse $10.00 from each entry returned to class, by order of finish: 1-10 entries -- 100% 11-20 entries -- 60/40 21-30 entries -- 50/30/20 31-40 entries -- 40/30/20/10 41-50 entries -- 30/25/20/15/10 51-60 entries -- 30/20/15/13/12/10 61-70 entries -- 27/20/15/13/12/8/5 71 + entries -- 25/20/15/12/10/8/5/5 Optional Class Purse -- $00.00 High gun 1-20 entries (60/40) 20+ entries (50/30/20) Class Oklahoma Options (50's) -- $00.00 Returned 60/40 high gun Concurrent and Team class purses will be shot off

Sponsored by ________________ 6 Classes -- AAA through D Flight times: _______________________

28-Gauge -- Date Sponsored by _________________ 6 classes -- AAA through D Flight times: _____________________

410 Bore -- Date Sponsored by __________________ 6 Classes -- AAA through D Flight times: __________________________ Entry fees, Medals, Awards, Purses and Payouts Same as Doubles Event

HIGH OVERALL 12-Gauge -- Date Sponsored by ____________________ 7 Classes -- AAA through E Flight times: _______________________ Sponsored By __________________________ Consisting of 12, 20, 28 and 410 Events HOA class based on 4-gun average at last classification $00.00 Entry Fee 7 Classes -- AAA through E Medals and Awards -- Same as Doubles Event

20-Gauge -- Date

Purses and Payouts $1,000 to CH $750 to RU $500 to Third CH, RU and 3rd not eligible for Class purse $0.00 from each entry returned to class, by order of finish, same as Doubles Event Optional Class Purse -- $00.00 60/40 high gun, ties divide HOA TROPHIES SPONSORED BY WHITE FLYER HOA CH Trophy – Perpetual trophy to be displayed in NSSA Museum in San Antonio, TX White Flyer Replica trophy to HOA CH White Flyer Runner Up trophy to HOA RU & THIRD White Flyer trophies to HOA 4th through 10th places High All Around Consisting of Doubles, 12, 20, 28 and 410 Events HAA class based on 5-gun average at last classification 7 Classes -- AAA through E Entry Fee - $00.00 returned to class 100% By order of finish, same as Doubles event HAA is an honors-only event.
Class 1 2

Special Ladies Purse -- Optional Sponsored by

4-Guns and HOA CH -- $100 RU -- $75 Third -- $50 Class 1st -- $25 Concurrent Classification Tables
Doubles 94.00 12-Ga 20-Ga 28-Ga 410-Bore 97.50 97.00 96.00 93.00 Less Than Class 1 Minimum Average HOA 95.80

$5.00 Entry per event 2-Man Team U.S, Open Medals to CH, RU and Third. Group 1-1 and Group 2-1 Optional Class Purse $5.00 per entry returned 100% to class Same distribution as doubles $5.00 Entry per event Parent & Child, Husband & Wife Medals to CH Team Classification Tables
Class 1 2 DBLS 95.00 12-GA 20-GA 28-GA 410 98.00 97.00 96.00 95.00 Less Than Class 1 Minimum Average HOA 96.50

$5.00 entry fee per event (No entry fee for Junior and Sub-Junior shooters – club option) All concurrent events available Must play all guns in order to enter HOA Optional purses – if club wishes to run


Shoot-offs will be called no later than 30 minutes following the conclusion of the last flight each day and will consist of doubles miss and out by station, stations 3, 4 and 5. Shoot-offs will decide open CH, RU and 3rd , and all class places involving the return of the class purse. Concurrent events will be shot off concurrently with the championship where possible. All concurrent and team class purses
CH Ladies Sub-Junior Junior Collegiate Triple-Sub Sub-Sub-Senior Sub-Senior Senior Veteran Senior-Veteran Military Retired Military Wheelchair Parent & Child Husband & Wife 2-Man Team x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x RU 3RD Group 1 x Group 2 x

ROT # 1 2 3 4 5






Shoot Hotel (give driving time to club) List hotel where rooms have been blocked And contact information Directions to Club List directions to club from north, south, east and west, also from airport

x x x x x x x

x x x x x x x

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Club address Club Hours List club hours Club Phone -- ______________ Web Site -- __________________

not decided by the champion shootoff will be shot off. Ties for HOA CH only will be shot off one round of singles miss and out, then doubles 3, 4, and 5, miss and out by station. It is the shooters responsibility to report to the designated shootoff field, on time.

Champion of Champions Event C-D-E Class Purse -- 12 Gauge Event 3-Person Blind Draw on 410 Event Handicap HOA Event


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