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									O.K. Ladies…some of you have been asking for a script so I thought that I would update it for you….. Here goesThis is the Gift Bag Party!!!! “My name is Corrie Edling and I am a senior director with Thirty-One. I always like to start by asking for a show of hands….Who hear has never heard of Thirty-One? Well, for those of you that have not, Thirty-One is a Christian-based company, the name comes from Proverbs 31 which describes the characteristics of a virtuous woman and how she works in her home, taking care of her family, day in and day out, as well as in the community with no personal reward. Does that sound like any of you??? Can I get an AMEN???? HA So, we at Thirty-One want to CELEBRATE the virtuous women of today, we want to ENCOURGE other women to always be the best they can, and we want you to REWARD yourself for all of your hard work! Our 3-word motto is celebrate, encourage, reward! O.K. with saying that, let’s jump right in….each of you have a gift bag numbered 1 to 10. When I call your number, if you could come up, pull out what is in your bag, and model the product for us.” (As the guests come up one by one you can talk about the products as they model) Now, to eliminate bags, I did put more than one product in some of the bags..for exampleBag 1- Storage Tote, Zipper pouch and thermal tote Bag 2- Our 2 most popular purses…the skirt purse and the organizing shoulder bag Bag 3- Hanging cosmetic bag and the pull apart ETC…….. I had 8 bags! I did plant a few things in a few of the bags. Bag 1- inside the storage tote I put the hostess gift and that is when I thank my hostess for having a party, etc. Bag 2- Inside the purse is the CER card and I said- “Like I mentioned before, our three word motto is celebrate, encourage, reward so I would like to take a couple minutes and encourage the hostess.” I always start and I say my word out loud for all to hear! If it is a small group you can have

everyone else say their word out loud, as well as writing it in the card. (If you personally know her have your name and adjective already in the card. If you do not know her I will write “gracious”-thanks for hosting! Then pass the card around the room, having the guests write their name and one word to describe the hostess. Tell the hostess –“You will now have a card to keep reminding you of how much you are loved by your friend and family!” Bag 5- question card inside of product. The guest that has this bag would read the card. Say_________, it looks like you have a question! The card says, “What do I receive for scheduling a fun night out with my friends?” “Wow, what a great question!!!!” Then pick someone to come up to be your guinea pig. (I always plan before the party even starts whom I am going to pick! Watch for someone peppy or someone that is excited about the products…chances are when you pick her, she will then book a party!) Say- “O.k…..Debbie come on up! Let’s pretend Debbie is having a Thirty-One party. Now, the average party is 500.00 so I am going to show you what she can earn for having one.” I then use my cheat sheet of the items that I will use and I start stacking…..”O.k. Debbie is going to get the basket because she has a great spot in her bathroom for it…she is going to get the thermal tote because she needs something to keep her Pepsi in when she travels….and because she travels a lot she is going to get the hanging cosmetic bag…etc!” Hand each product to her, drape them on her arms, etc and as you stack them have the audience yell…. “WOO-HOO!!!!!!” Once you have stacked 75.00 worth and 3 half-price items say… “Now, if Debbie were to purchase all of this tonight which I am sure the hostess would LOVE for her to do….she would pay $XXXXXX (whatever the total is) If she has a 500.00 Thirty-One party she will pay $XXXXXX!!!!! Woo-HOO!!!! Now, we are all women and we all like to know what we save! By having a Thirty-One party, Debbie will save XXXX amount of dollars!” Have the audience clap, etc!!! Keep them cheering and make sure they are still involved! Thank Debbie for coming up…give her a nail file for participating! Finish the rest of the bags. In the last bag you could have some tickets and play the ticket game about the business opportunity. (If you need more directions about this game, let

me know!) I play this game once I have passed out the lapboards and catalogs. Play Deal or No deal or whatever booking game that you wish! I hope that this helps!!!!!!!!

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