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VOLUME 1 ISSUE 2 NOVEMBER 2008 NEIGHBORHOOD WATCH THE BEGINNINGS OF NEIGHBORHOOD PRIDE TAKING OUR CITY BACK As we get into the Thanksgiving Holiday and the Christmas shopping season goes


									VOLUME 1, ISSUE 2



As we get into the Thanksgiving Holiday, and the Christmas shopping season goes into full swing, I want to caution our citizens on something that tends to increase during this time of year; thefts of purses from grocery stores and shopping centers. Some of these are "purse snatchings" where the offender rips away the purse by force, many are crimes of opportunity where a purse is left unattended in a vehicle, or in a shopping cart. I know that I have noticed many times a purse being left in the top of a shopping cart, and the lady shopping has walked away. This is an easy target for criminals. They can quickly grab the purse, or just the wallet containing cash and/or credit cards. Even leaving your purse on the trunk lid or roof of the vehicle while you load bags into your vehicle can be an easy target. Please keep close tabs on your purse at all times. Many have suggested that ladies should not carry a purse at all while out shopping. Keep cash and credit cards in a small holder in your pockets. At the very least, don't carry the big purses that have the long straps that would give a thief something to grab onto. Some thieves will specifically look for senior citizens, believing they will be an easier target. Be aware of your surroundings, especially after dark. Having your car keys in your hand, even setting off your car alarm if someone approaches can help you avoid being the victim of a crime. As always, please report any suspicious activity to the police. One follow-up from last month's message. Last month we talked about burglaries to homes and garages. One thing that is a great help to our department when we are called to investigate these types of crimes, is descriptions and SERIAL NUMBERS to the stolen items. Everyone should keep a list of the description, model and serial numbers to all your valuable purchases. Many people take photos or use video cameras to document the items. This information should then be stored in a safe place. All of these can be of great assistance in returning property to the rightful owner. Have a Great Thanksgiving. Thanks for your time,

Inside this issue:
• Chronic Nuisance Abatement Program "Story from the Streets" Start Your Own Neighborhood Watch Program “A Note from the Neighborhood Watch Chairperson” Events




Chief Larry Booth
Chief Larry Booth


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For Emergencies:

Chronic Nuisance Abatement
The Nuisance Abatement Ordinance stretches beyond the removal of problems that go against public and private policy. It also encourages Property Owners/ Landlords to cover all aspects of a thorough background check on prospective tenants. When complete background inquiries are done, it promotes a safer environment for the current tenants, the neighbors and an overall peaceful place to live. Although this is a wonderful tool that helps secure our neighborhoods; we CAN NOT do this without your help. We need your commitment and watchful eye to help with this task. I wanted to give answers to just a few of the most frequently asked questions concerning the nuisance ordinance. Q. What should I do when I’m afraid to report suspicious activity in my neighborhood? A. We understand some people may have a fear of reporting criminal activity for various reasons. Here’s what you can do: Call the Police Department and remain anonymous – 911 For Emergencies and (847) 872-8000 – press 0 for Non Emergencies Instead of calling, come into the Police Department and file a complaint

CALL 911
For Non Emergencies, Call: (847) 872-8000 Nuisance Abatement Coordinator: Sheryl Jones (847) 746-4091

Chronic Nuisance Abatement
“When a property
has received 3 or more police service calls within 90 days for nuisance activity”


- Notify your Block Captain and ask them to call the police and request extra patrol for your area Q. What happens when a property is listed as a chronic nuisance? A. When a property has received 3 or more police service calls within 90 days for nuisance activity, we will send a written warning asking the property owner to take immediate corrective action against the tenant. Corrective action can range anywhere from serving a lease violation to serving an actual eviction notice. For questions or concerns please contact: Sheryl Jones - Nuisance Abatement Coordinator at (847) 746-4091
OUR NEXT EVENT: Chronic Nuisance Abatement Meeting With Landlords Zion Police Dept. 2101 Salem Blvd, Zion, IL 60099 December 11, 2008 — 6:00pm

Neighborhood Watch Newsletters will be Published Monthly
If you have any ideas for stories or have some content you’d like us to share with the rest of the community, please call (224) 430-9960 or email at

City of Zion, 2828 Sheridan Road, Zion, IL 60099 (847) 746-4000

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THE CLOWN THAT NEVER EXISTED A few weeks ago our police department began receiving phone calls of a person dressed up in a clown costume trying to force his way into houses. After a couple of days little children in the grade schools were coming home and telling their parents they were being chased by a clown. We were flooded with phone calls from concerned parents and school officials. Everyone was on the lookout for a clown. When asked none of the children could give a description only that it was a clown. The only adult who supposedly saw the clown is the person who started the rumor by going door to door in his neighborhood telling a story of the clown. It turned out that he was just trying to make himself out to be a hero. All he ended up being was the clown he was trying to catch! How can you help with a story like this? Contact your police department if you hear or your children come home with story that just doesn’t sound right. Get as much information to pass on to the police as you can. Details such as description and location are important to remember when you hear a story. If the story is true then your information can help locate the person or give us an area where we can direct our patrol officers to spend more time looking. If the story is just a story then you can help by passing on true information to your children and your neighbors that will help get rid of rumors and bad information. Thank you to the neighborhood around 29th street and Gideon. On November 6th, our officers were called to that area because a passing motorist noticed a 2-year old boy walking near the road with out any shoes or warm clothing. Officers began checking the neighborhood trying to find the child’s home. Several families, adults and children came out to help. The child’s guardian was located almost 2 hours later when she woke up and noticed the child missing. Her house was one of the first houses officers checked, but she never came to the door. Before our next newsletter comes out the Christmas shopping season will have begun. Please look out for one another. Guard your checkbooks, credit cards and money. It’s getting dark earlier, so drive carefully in your neighborhoods. Please, slow down and watch for children. Lt. Leslie


“Taking Our City Back”
It is so exciting to be moving along into our 2nd newsletter already! We're fresh from attending a block captain meeting at the Zion Senior Cottages. If anyone from your neighborhood is interested in becoming a block captain, please contact me at your earliest convenience. Another area noted on from our recent meeting included talks about securing possible dates for your own neighborhood block party for next year (Summer). This will be a wonderful time where I will invite the Lake County Sheriff K9 unit to come out and perform for us. They did a great job this year at Shepherds Crossing’s neighborhood picnic. Next year we will be planning our 2nd Annual All City Block Captain Extravaganza. We may host it at the library since our first meeting had the room filled to capacity with special panelists and neighborhoods throughout Zion. - Please remember to call the police about anything that disturbs your peace! - Report any and all suspicious activities - Do not take anything for granted. - Call 847-872-8000 and press 0 for any non-emergency and 911 for emergencies. Next month you will begin seeing a special write up from the Fire Department. Fire Chief Labelle has agreed to offer one of his Lieutenants to share a few words of wisdom to us from the Fire Dept.’s view on safety concerns. Exciting!! Our mission is to keep our neighborhoods and families safe and informed against every form of evil. Feel free to contact me with any suggestions or concerns as to how we can continue improving this newsletter to be the best. Have a wonderful and blessed Thanksgiving holiday!

Shantal Taylor Neighborhood Watch Coordinator

Want to start a Neighborhood Watch Group in YOUR Neighborhood?
Call Shantal Taylor, the City of Zion Neighborhood Watch Coordinator, at (224) 430-9960 or email her at to get your neighborhood organized! Shantal will coordinate a meeting with your group along with Zion Police Chief, Larry Booth and help your group establish a successful and viable neighborhood watch group that will consist of people just like you that care about the safety and well being of your neighborhood. All to accomplish our goal of “Zion - a Great Place to Bee!”
This newsletter is published by the City of Zion’s Neighborhood Watch Program. For more information, please contact the Committee Chairperson, Shantal Taylor, at (224) 430-9960 or

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