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Signatures below confirm and guarantee the accuracy of all materials submitted and provide consent for the publication of the nominee’s name and photo or video footage in connection with the Rising Star Award. The nominee also provides consent that all submitted materials can be read by all of the Rising Star judges, committee members and BC HRMA staff. Nominee’s Signature __________________________________________________________ Nominator’s Signature _________________________________________________________

This form should be signed and emailed or faxed to or 604.684.3225 prior to sending in your nomination package.


At BC HRMA we believe that people practices are fundamental in delivering organizational outcomes.
The BC HRMA Rising Star award recognizes and publicly honours a BC HRMA member who is 'lighting the HR community on fire'. This award recognizes the individuals who hold the future of our profession in their hands and are the lifeblood for many of BC HRMA’s volunteer committees. Eligibility Nominees must:       Be a BC HRMA member in good standing at the time of the nomination. Be a new graduate (within the last 5 years) of a post-secondary HR or related program Have no more than five years experience working in an HR field and no more than a total of ten years career experience Consent in writing to the nomination and publication of both name and photo in connection with the BC HRMA Rising Star Award Be available to attend an in person interview and presentation to the judges on Thursday, March 12 , 2009 in Vancouver, BC. Be available to attend the Award presentation during the BC HRMA 47 th Thursday, May 7 , 2009 in Victoria, BC
th th

Annual Conference, on

Nomination Criteria: The BC HRMA Rising Star Award requires a demonstrated level of accomplishment in four areas. While the nominee may excel in one or more of the four areas, a demonstrated accomplishment in all four is required to receive the award. The Four Criteria are:

1. HR Contribution in the Workplace - The candidate makes large contributions to his/her workplace
through innovating and enriching HR policies and programs.

2. Education - The candidate is committed to pursuing HR-related higher education through University,
College, CHRP or other professional development means.

3. Volunteerism and Community Involvement - The candidate actively volunteers with BC HRMA and/or
other professional or community associations (Example: events, charities, community programs, etc).

4. Personal Traits - The candidate demonstrates: leadership, ambition, innovation, creativity, drive,
determination and energy in all he/she does. Here are a few tips to help you put together a strong nomination package:     Details - provide as much information as possible, including relevant dates, specific achievements and results When appropriate, highlight leadership roles Avoid using descriptors like “participated”, “was involved in”, or “sat on”. Instead offer concrete details on a nominee’s contributions Be concise - provide all the necessary details, but be careful not to bury any goldmines in too much text


NOMINATION PACKAGE CHECKLIST Please ensure your submission contains all of the following documents:


1. Intention to Nominate Form Sign and fax or email the first page of this nomination form to BC HRMA Quinne Davey at or 604.684.3225 prior to submitting your nomination package. 2. Nomination Form & Supporting Information Please complete and save the nomination form as either a PDF or word document. 3. Digital photograph of nominee Include a color photo of the nominee in digital format, passport size or larger. (Digital scans should be at least 300 dpi, in .tif file format.) 4. Resume Please include a recent copy of the nominee’s resume in either PDF or word format.




Email all of the above documentation to Quinne Davey at no later than 5:00pm PST on Friday, February 6th, 2009



Please complete this nomination form (please to not create or use another document) to explain why you believe the nominee should be recognized with the BC HRMA Rising Star Award. Total number of words allowable to complete this nomination form is 2000 words

1. Why do you wish to nominate this individual? Why do you feel that he or she is truly a “Rising Star” in the HR Profession? <Enter your text here>

2. Using specific examples, please comment on the nominee’s contribution in these specific areas: His/Her workplace: <Enter your text here>

Volunteerism/Community Involvement: <Enter your text here>

Pursuit of HR-related education: <Enter your text here>

Personal drive and ambition: <Enter your text here>

3. Describe the impact the nominee has had on his/her workplace and community. Give specific examples and outcomes.

<Enter your text here>


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