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Samuel W. Houston Garden Club News 2006-2007
Mission Statement: To provide the students of Samuel W. Houston Elementary School with a learning experience which spreads throughout the community by engaging in planting seed crops and flower gardening. This will provide a community commitment which will continue long after the last crop is harvested. All vegetables harvested and donated to Good Shepherd Mission. Ways to Join: Nomination Process starts at the beginning of each school year and lasts for only TWO WEEKS. See your homeroom teacher when school begins for nomination forms.  Self-motivated in learning  Cooperative with group peers and adults  Maintain a passing average in all subjects  Teacher recommendation  Parent/Guardian permission and provide transportation  Members who are nominated and still meet the guidelines will remain in the Garden Club the following year until request to resign.  Members MUST attend 14 meetings prior to all field trips to be able to participate in end-of-year field trips.

Cartridges for Kids Recycling
 Members continued recycling used
cell phones, ink jet, and laser printer cartridges to raise funds for garden projects. Used digital cameras and student computer video games were added to the list of recyclables accepted by Cartridges for Kids. All funds raised during collection of above items are used to purchase seeds and materials for gardens.

Try2Recycle (a private recycling company)

Garden Club Members are excited to have Try2Recycle continue providing services to our campus, a district wide program started right here at S.H.E. Members daily collect Cardboard, Newspaper, Classroom Paper, and Magazines for our entire campus. Every morning after breakfast and announcements members go door to door and collect recyclables deposited in sorting boxes by classroom students and teachers. Students at our campus have truly understood the recycling process so much so that students are asking each other to remember to recycle papers once tossed in the trash. Way to go S.H.E.!

August – September began the tedious efforts to pull weeds from the reading garden and vegetable garden. Gardens are maintained and vegetables harvested by members. All vegetables grown in garden are donated to Good Shepherd Mission to feed people in need in our surrounding community.

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Everyone can do a LITTLE to help our Earth. What have you done today to provide clean air?


Wal-Mart Donation
December 2006

Cornell University Citizen Scientists:


Wal-Mart recently donated $1,000 to Samuel Walker Houston Elementary and Huntsville Elementary to fund the “Helping the Earth by Re-cycling its Treasures” grant written by Paula Foreman, Garden Club Founder & Sponsor. The generous contribution will help HISD students gain a deeper understanding of where their food gets its nutrients by participating in a unique composting endeavor. Daily students will deposit lettuce, apple cores, and uneaten vegetables into a deluxe compost bin to create soil for campus gardens. The soil will become the foundation for growing vegetables for the Good Shepherd Mission and the Huntsville community. Students will also collect classroom paper, cardboard, magazines and newspapers to recycle. HISD thanks WalMart for their generous donation. Food harvested from vegetable garden donated to Good Shepherd Mission:

Another program members participated in was Classroom FeederWatch to chart progress of spring songbirds flying North during the great migration. Data collected is entered on-line. A total of 17 different species were counted with 1,096 individual birds counted within these species. All birds were counted on playground and at bird feeders. The previous years’ song bird count was 915.  Members assisted Cornell Lab of Ornithology, Ithaca, N.Y. by counting birds during the National Great Backyard Bird Count in February. Great Backyard Bird Count Breaks All Time Record for observations recorded!

Statistics from 2007
Total Checklists Submitted: 81,203 Total Species Observed: 631 Total Individual Birds Counted: 11,082,387

Texas Beaches Art Contest:
 Members sketched and colored entries for Texas Beaches - an awareness program to help prevent beaches from becoming overrun with trash.

Recycling News continued
Carrots, lettuce, onions, turnip greens, and potatoes were among the crops harvested for people in community. Garden Club Members collect newspaper (not damaged by sunshine), cardboard, classroom paper, and magazines on a daily basis. A collection schedule is used

3 for each grade level lasting ten minutes each morning shortly after announcements. Collected materials are delivered in plastic bags to three dumpsters near our school. Black plastic bags are used for newspaper to prevent sun damage which prematurely ages the newspaper and clear plastic bags for cardboard, magazines, and classroom/daily use paper. Members are excited about helping the earth through recycling. They have collected THREE dumpsters full of classroom materials each week since beginning the program in April, 2006. Try2Recylce (a private company) graciously donated the dumpsters for use and collect materials weekly.

Peyton and her Grandmother at Ella Smither

Sara and her Grandmother at Ella Smither

The bus ride to Ella Smither

Ella Smither Grandparents Center Field Trip May 1st:
Garden Club Members delivered smiles, cards, and flower seeds to the residents of Ella Smither Grandparents Center. The members were eager to share with residents their smiles and gifts. The residents enjoyed the laughter of the kids in their hallways.

The bus ride to Ella Smither

Prairie Trail Field Trip, May 22
Garden Club Members took a walk on the prairie trail near campus. Members discovered many flowers and insects thriving in a prairie ecosystem. After cataloguing several species of Texas Prairie Wildflowers, each member took a photograph of their favorite prairie wildflower to add to their journal. Members enjoyed their investigative walk on the prairie trail.

Members Provide Fresh Mint from Garden:
Garden Club Members delivered fresh garden mint to teachers during Teacher Appreciation Week. The teachers enjoyed fresh mint for their tea.

Golden Ray Series Certificate of Completion:
Macy Floyd Kaci Moore Alexizanderia Rideaux


State Certified Junior Master Gardeners
1st Grade
Micah Best Peyton Carranza Sara Cox Michaela Fugate Madison Herrington Karneisha L. House Peyton Irwin Joshua Kennon Justin Kennon Morgan Newman Lauren Singletary Colby Vaughan Brianna “Annie” Wakefield Jacki Wilson

Garden Club Members Read Tree Poem on Earth Day to draw awareness for recycling paper products. Parting Photo’s from the Garden…

Carrots as far as the eyes can see…

2nd Grade
Hunter Henry Jessica Jones Maci McKenzie Daizlie Marroquin Jaci Moore Jessamine Nguyen Dawson Park Casen Shiflet Samantha White

3rd Grade
Christine Aguilar Charlie Blalock Katie Blalock Carah Davis Mason Garner Jennifer Gonzalez Collin Herring Gary Holl Olivia Jenkins Raven Oates Jessica O’Bryant Logan Rosenwald Wesley Smith Emily Vaughan

Harvesting Veggies in the rain….

Samuel Houston Reading Garden in spring….

4th Grade
Shay Centilli Khalia Davison Angel Huerta Sheridan Quick Essence Ross Bryson Shiflet Keara Wheaton Garden Club Sponsors for 2006-2007 Mrs. Foreman, Mrs. Figueroa, & Ms. Kidd (campus teacher sponsors) Mrs. Shiflet and Mrs. Blalock (parent volunteers) (936)439-1200

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