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From Travis L


									From: Travis To: Dave Subject: Re: Segal Date: Monday, November 22 "It doesn't work if the bad guys kill his mother's uncle's friend's neighbor's pet dog. You've got to make the stakes high." --Steven Seagal, explaining why the hero's woman must get shot Dave, As interesting as your musings about the Academy's elite snubbing Roberts because of bad boy Bogdonovich, I have to say the only saving grace of the Dorothy Stratton story is that it was directed by Bob Fosse, rather than a strung out, Playmate shtupping, has been, which is exactly what Bogdonovich became after the Last Picture Show. Sure, Eric Roberts did a serviceable job as a freak, 'cause well..he is a freak. In reality, Bogdonovich financed the movie to impress Dorothy's sister..and apparently it worked cause he ended up schtupping her as well. And to stoop to picking on lowly Clint you're reaching.. .Clint Howard (what Ron would look like without a hat and braces) has taken the art of being a bizzare little creep to new heights even working with the infamous Roger Corman in "Humanoids from the Deep" Corman you surely remember is the same flaky fellow that gave your boy Bogdonovich his big break? Oh yeah.. No, no, no Ron Howard's little brother, Clint has had a wonderful career in his own right. Star of TV's Gentle Ben, (Mark), Clint has been the voice of two Disney Characters (Roo) in 1968's Oscar winning Winnie the Pooh and the Blustery Day and the elephant in the The Jungle Book. Clint, freaky as he is, was featured in the Ramones cult classic "Rock and Roll High School" and 86, yes 86 other movies, including both Austin Powers Movies, Ron's Apollo 13 and most recently EDtv. Yes Clint is a freak, but I like him a lot better than Ron and Eric Roberts and Micky Roarke who has played the same greasy street savvy New Yorker in every ridiculous movies he's ever been in including the Pope of Greenwich Village. Lets not even get into Harley Davidson and the Marlboro Man. (And no, Mickey Roarke, had absolutely zero to do with the success of the brilliant Barry Levinson film "Diner".) Addressing some of your other points, The Mission Impossible story was a bit before my time. Good story though. I've been a Landeau late career fan since seeing his hilarious version of Bela Lugosi in "Ed Wood". The James Arness, Peter Graves connection..was sort of a reach. I do have to concur in your assesment of the not ready for prime time players. Of that particular group, Belushi was among the funniest. But I'd put any of the Python Players, Cleese, Chapman, Idle, Gilliam etc in an average sketch up against any of Belushi's funniest stuff. The Brits would win hands down every time. One of the funniest lines of all time comes from the "Life of Brian" where Brian's mom, addressing the crowd's pleas to see the messiah says "He's not the messiah and he's not comin' piss off!" By the way the black guy on SNL was Garrett Morris.

And just because you lived in Pittsburgh doesn't mean you have to bring Michael Camino every time you have an argument. I wonder if he ever feels guilty about all the ridiculous steel town Bohunk turned hero schlock we've had to suffer through since the Deer Flashdance..I hope so.. anyway..back to our discussion. I don't buy into this body of work=quality of career guff. Sir Lawrence might be the bees knees for the Brits and the Public TV crowd, but I'll take a DeNiro, a Fonda or a Pachino any day of the week. It's what I enjoy. What I don't enjoy is a Segal. Will he one day create as many dismal movies as Belushi? I sure hope not. Here's the thing though..I can't defend Belushi except to say that he is simply inept..sort of reminding me of a Decatur Illinois production of Guys and Dolls. Nobody was really that bad..they just weren't very good. Seagal on the other hand, believes he is truly the last action hero..thinks he used to work for the CIA..and may well be the official action figure of the Dali LLama. Belushi..knows he's the luckiest guy on the earth..the community theatre star with the famous last name. Seagal, is a middle aged man, with a pony tail --whose short and undistinguished film career is burning out faster than a Philippine made firecracker. Put up any of Belushi's films..his worst..against the best Segal flick. One to one there is no comparison. The difference between Segal and somebody like Jack Webb is that Steven Segal will never be cast in a Sunset Boulevard because he's already living it. Segal is still his own's only the people that have gotten small. As one of the small people, I have to say that the only thing big about Steven Segal is his head. I don't know where this leaves us. I think we'll have to agree to disagree on this one. I don't think I've ever watched a James Belushi film it it's entirety, because I really don't like him. However I've never ordered my wife to change the channel because he was on the screen. Segal may not ever again appear on my television's our only television rule.. Perhaps I'll hate him less, as his celebrity status wanes..but I sincerely doubt it.


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