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INTRODUCTORY PARAGRAPH Year-round, in the restful beauty and warmth of the tropics, emerge yourself in free-flying butterflies from around the world. Enjoy bench-sitting, tranquility and renewal. And if a butterfly lands on you …Take It For A Walk! Cameras are an absolute must! Closed only on Easter Sunday, Thanksgiving and Christmas Day. Open all other holidays. Located in Sertoma Park 4320 S. Oxbow Ave, Sioux Falls, SD. (800) 349-4152 (605) 334-9466 (605) 334-9622 FAX Provide Link to Ad provided for Sertoma Park – One Great Park – Three Times the Fun

At the bottom of the page in a complimentary color and script to the orange (blue perhaps) WE LOVE BUTTERFLIES & BUGS…… AND KIDS, TOO!

HOME PAGE TAB / CATEGORIES TAB ONE - Mission Information Found Under Document: SBH & Club Mission Statement with Photos and Logos Tab – Link: Seeking Donations of Memberships & Free Passes or Use of the Facility Butterfly Photos: Use orange butterfly / purple flowers by Diane Oglesby – Photo credit TEXT: The Sioux Falls Noon Sertoma Club and Sertoma Butterfly House embrace the concept of Service to Mankind, with an emphasis on offering support to those individuals and organizations that focus on enhancing our human experience through education, health and well-being. If your organization is seeking a donation of free passes or memberships to use in a fundraising event, e-mail the Executive Director at director@sertomabutterfly.org. Each request will be processed within 5 business days. Include the Following Information  Include your event logo, date and time of the event  Who benefits from your event  Provide a 5 sentence description on how the donation will enhance the purpose of your event.  Necessary contact information. Conditions  We prefer to have your request 1 month prior to your event.  We ask only that our Sertoma Butterfly House logo be placed on any and all advertising your event may offer. o Link for fundraising event to download SBH logo for marketing use

TAB TWO – Visitor’s Guide Admission Costs Easy to Read Excel Worksheet – File Name: Admission Fees With a Photo ID Sertoma Butterfly House honor Personal & Travelers Checks, Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express as well as all Debit Cards Facility Hours Open year round - Except Easter Sunday, and Thanksgiving and Christmas Day Due to roosting butterflies our last admission is 30-minutes before close Early morning and evening reservations available. Call at least 14 days in advance for fees and conditions Fall-Winter Hours Tuesday after Labor Day through the Friday before Memorial Day weekend Monday thru Saturday Sunday Spring – Summer Hours Memorial Day Weekend - Labor Day Weekend Monday thru Saturday Sunday 10:00 a.m. - 6:00 p.m. 1:00 p.m. - 5:00 p.m. 10:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m. 1:00 p.m. - 4:00 p.m.

Welcome to Our House
The Cartoons Are in a Separate File Under Cartoons. Learn To Look … Look To See. Touching or catching us harms our wings and feet. We rest on the side WALK. So watch your step! Encourage Walking Feet. We need flowers & fruits for food. Let the butterflies do the tasting and touching. Goldfish swim in our pond. Be cautious of children around water. We love it hot & humid. Step out … Cool down … Come back in! We butterflies picnic inside our house… Save all drinks, gum, and snacks for the lobby. Also Add How to Enter the Flight Room and How to Exit

HITCH –HIKING BUTTERFLY ALERT In accordance with our approved guidelines with the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA), our facility must be extremely cautious of butterflies leaving the conservatory area. Our staff and volunteers strive to reduce the number of incidents. We encourage your assistance in the following areas: Before Leaving Your Vehicle Grab your camera to remember your day’s exploration.  Tri-pods and very large camera bags can be used only during Shutterbugs on the First Saturday and Monday of each month. Provide link here for this activity.  If there are items you will need, we ask that you leave your camera bag with the staff at the admissions desk. You may exit as often as necessary. Strollers, Baby Carriers & Diaper Bags  Due to the smallness of our conservatory, we ask that all strollers, baby carriers and diaper bags remain in your vehicle.  If you chose to bring them in, you may park them within our lobby. If you are in need of an item in your diaper bag, you may step out of the conservatory, use your item then return to the conservatory. Gum, Food & Drinks  Water is acceptable – Please no baby snacks or bottles filled with milk or juice inside the conservatory.  Small ice cream and snack items from the gift shop can be enjoyed in the lobby.  During the summer months the patio as well as the Sertoma Park pavilion is ideal locations to eat a picnic lunch or large snack.  During the winter or on cold blustery days, we encourage you to ask permission at the admission desk before using our lobby tables or classroom facility. Upon occasions large groups are scheduled, causing you to perhaps have a bad experience while visiting.  Please no gum – Some individuals often find other ways of disposing of this item while in the conservatory. Please dispose of your gum prior to going inside the conservatory. Purses & Hats & Outer Garments  Purses should be zipped closed prior to entering the conservatory.  ALL Hats Including: Baseball, cowboy, stocking caps and those from the Red Hat groups should remain inside your vehicle or in the lobby. Butterflies absolutely love the smell of a hat that has been worn many times. To help with reducing the number of butterflies escaping from the conservatory, we encourage your assistance.  All coats, jackets and sweat coats can be hung in our lobby prior to entering the conservatory. Our yearly temperature is between 80 – 85 degrees while our humidity is between 65 – 70 percent. The range is geared to keep you as comfortable as possible. Please understand that the butterflies would prefer 90 degrees and 90 % humidity. Handicapped Accessible & Wheelchair Use  Our entire facility is handicapped accessible for your convenience.  We have three wheelchairs which may be borrowed; Inquire at the Admission Desk.  Items such as blankets and coats should remain within our lobby area.  Pathways within the conservatory have a very slight incline/decline. o Please apply the brake when at rest.  We encourage that only adults assist individuals with wheelchairs.  When exiting the conservatory a staff or volunteer will assist you. o We carefully check underneath and around all chairs to make certain that no butterflies are hitching a ride. If there is a bag or basket attached to the chair, we prefer that it is closed prior to entering the conservatory. Thank you for assistance.

Expectations Climate controlled always comfortable to visit Temp Humidity Cloudy vs sunny Greenhouse In Use: Cameras / Video Cameras / Web Cameras Contact Us Sertoma Butterfly House 4320 Oxbow Avenue Sioux Falls, SD 57106 (605) 334-9466 Due to new butterfly arrivals and watering in the conservatory Our staff will return all calls after 9:30 a.m. each day, except on Sunday. FAX (605) 334-9662 Toll Free (605) E-Mail Addresses Wendy Lewis, Director Audrey Willard, Education Coordinator Jan Enger, Volunteer Coordinator Cheryl Wyant, Gift Shop director@sertomabutterfly.org education@sertomabutterfly.org volunteer@sertomabutterfly.org giftshop@sertomabutterfly.org

Staff Portfolio – I think this will make a nice addition. They will be ready shortly.

USDA Permit

Map & Directions Sertoma Butterfly House is located in Sertoma Park in the southern part of Sioux Falls. Our facility is easily accessible from both Interstate 29 and Interstate 229. From I-29 Take the 41st Street Exit and proceed east on 41st Street to Louise Avenue. Turn south (right) on Louise Avenue and proceed to 49th Street. Turn east (left) on 49th Street and proceed to Oxbow Avenue. Turn south on Oxbow Avenue. Take the first left into Sertoma Park. Sertoma Butterfly House is the first building on the left. From I-229 Take the Louise Avenue Exit and proceed north on Louise Avenue to 57th Street. Turn east (right) on 57th Street and left on Oxbow Avenue a short distance ahead. Take a right into Sertoma Park. Sertoma Butterfly House is the first building on the left. Nearby Attractions Within 1 Mile The Outdoor Campus Sertoma Park Empire and Empire East shopping malls

There are many restaurants and motels situated nearby for your convenience. Other Sioux Falls Attractions – Within 10 Miles Visit Siouxfalls.com for more information Siouxland Heritage Museum Pettigrew Museum Center for Western Studies Washington Pavilion Great Bear Recreation Area Battleship South Dakota Memorial Great Plains Zoo and Delbridge Museum Falls Park and Overlook Café Travel Packages Link to hotels & other facilities Coupons Sunshine Foods HyVee Local Best Sioux Falls Visitor Guide KELOLand.com Argus Leader Community Links Sertoma Park One Great Park…Three Kinds of Fun Description & Photo of Pavilion Playgrounds, Bike Path The Outdoor Campus Photo of butterfly garden and hiking trails Monarch Tagging Falls Park Washington Pavilion Joyful Living Great Plains Zoo & Delbridge Museum of Natural History Museum of Visual Arts Old Courthouse Museum Calendar of Events Shutterbugs Senior Wings Classes (not education) Cecil’s Day Sertoma Club Events Photo Gallery Cameras / Video Cameras Shutterbug Schedule & Rules Send us your photos and we will post Facility Rental Weddings Look who is getting married Wedding Today Closing Early Birthday Parties Family Reunion

Workshops Business Parties Hearts-A-Flutter Inspirational Reading Writing Tattoo Education Butterfly Life Cycle & Care / Rearing Monarch Black Swallowtail Cecropia Moth Link to The Outdoor Campus for Monarch Tagging Journey North Monarch Watch Our Butterfly Suppliers IABES Tropical Butterfly Houses Educational Goals Listed Kid’s Page Butterfly Trivia Teacher Resource Page Activities: Summer Day Camp, Yoga, Heart-A-Flutter Reservation Form School Programs Offered Registration Form Cecil’s Reading Room Containment Room Our Favorite Sites Bug Quip Reimen Gardens Butterfly ID Cards Green Eggs & Ram Dakota Security Midwest Alarm Sioux Merchant Patrol The Real Estate Company Take Flight … Sponsorships / Donors Gift Shop Travelers Checks, Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express Checks taken with photo ID Six-Legged Wonders Mexican Red Rump Brazilian Salmon Pink Birdeater Chilean Rose Hair Chilean Rose Hair Chilean Rose Hair Brazilian Black Pink-toe Colbalt Blue Emperor Scorpion Turtle

Red Brachypelma vagans Stel Lasiodora parahybana Rosie Squirt Tiger Lily Bandit Cha-Cha Henry the VIII Sting Franklin

Armored Skink Grey Tree Frogs Chorus Frog Fire-bellied Toad

Knight The Osmonds Melody The Jackson Five

In Spanish: "Cuatro Espejos" (four mirrors) However, there are a few of Madagascar's 100,000 insect species that warrant special mention: Madagascar Hissing Cockroach. When under threat, it ejects air out of holes on the side of its body, making a loud hissing noise and buying it some time to escape. It also hisses to protect its territory (the male) or during courtship. Giraffe Beetle, looks like a regular beetle body should, but then it has a long thin neck with the head at the end.

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Volunteers are a large part of what will make the Sertoma Butterfly House a success. Volunteering can also be a family affair and it makes a great family outing! There are many opportunities for you to volunteer at the Sertoma Butterfly House. Volunteers are needed to help in a variety of areas including tending the plants, caring for the butterflies, educational programs. If you are interested in joining our team, click here for an application. PDF of volunteer application

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