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					Consignment Agreement
Luxe Purses accepts authentic Designer Handbags and Accessories for Consignment sale on our website, our Bonanzle Booth and our eBay store. By signing this Agreement and consigning your items with us, you agree that Luxe Purses will attempt to sell your item in return for a percentage of the completed sale. Here are our Consignment Guidelines: Consignment Merchandise Must: 1. Be an authentic Designer Handbag or Accessory 2. Be in new, mint or gently used condition 3. Have a resale value of $500 or more Luxe Purses will not accept an item into Consignment if it does not match our high quality standards. In order for us to accept your item on consignment you must either: 1. Submit preliminary photos for consideration, or 2. Have your item recommended to us by a Sales Associate from a Boutique or major Department Store Here’s How our Consignment Service Works: 1. Email us about your item at 2. When you have received preliminary approval, ship your item to our office. 3. We will have your item authenticated and set pricing based on the condition of your item and what you would like to sell it for. 4. We will take professional photos of your items and post them on our websites with descriptive information and measurements. We will handle all inquiries on your item and will also ship the item once it is sold. Each item will be posted on our websites for a minimum of 90 days. 5. At 30 and 60 days you may choose to discount your item to potentially bring about a quicker sale. 6. Once a sale is made and finalized you will be mailed a check for your portion of the sale, minus our 20% Consignment Fee and other processing charges (see second page for details.) Your payout check will be issued 14 business days after payment for your item has cleared our bank. A detailed receipt will be provided to you along with your payout. We also charge $15 per item, to cover Authentication and website listing fees. This $15 charge is mandatory whether the item sells or not. 7. If your item does not sell after 90 days, we will discuss other selling options or we will return your item. (Return shipping costs will be your responsibility as well as the $15 charge to cover Authentication and website listing fees.) If you cancel your Consignment before 90 days you will incur a Cancellation Fee of $75.00 in addition to the $15 Authentication/Listing Fee and return shipping charges. Consignment Fees: Luxe Purses charges a Consignment Fee of 20% on the final sale price of your item plus $15 per item, to cover authentication and website listing fees. Our Consignment Fee covers Professional Photography, Descriptions and Measurements, and postings on our website, Bonanzle Booth and eBay Store. Disclaimers: At Luxe Purses, we put in a tremendous amount of time researching the authenticity of each item. If our research reveals an item is not authentic, we will return that item to you immediately, at your cost for return shipping, plus you will be charged our $15 listing/authentication fee. If an item is sold and later found P.O. Box 1901 • Valrico, FL 33595-1901 • 813.298.0408 •


Luxe Purses Consignment Agreement Page 2 not to be authentic, you as the Consignor, agree to compensate Luxe Purses for any damages we may encounter. By signing this Agreement you agree to the terms specified on the previous page and testify that you are the lawful owner of the merchandise you are consigning with us. This Agreement will expire six months from the date listed below. Please sign, date and return this agreement with the item(s) you would like to consign with us. Please insure your items and ship them using a trackable service to the address listed below. Please call or email us to let us know to expect your package. Consignor’s Name: ________________________________________ Date: ______________________

Street Address: _________________________________________________________________________ City: _______________________________ State: ________ Zip: __________________________

Day Phone: _______________________________

Cell: ________________________________

Email Address: _________________________________________________________________________ Signature: _____________________________________________________________________________ Please list my items on Luxe Purses: *Website _______ *Bonanzle Booth ______ **eBay ________

* Incurs 20% Consignment Fee + 2.9 - 3.9% Paypal Fees + shipping costs off Sale Price ** Incurs 20% Consignment Fee + 2.9 - 3.9% Paypal Fees + 10-12% eBay fees + final shipping costs off Sale Price All items are automatically listed on our Website and Bonanzle Booth. It is your choice to have your item also listed on eBay since the final fees are higher. Please check off your listing preferences above. Designer Name Item Name/Style # Year Made Purchased From Unique Traits/ Defects Original Retail/ Amount Wanted

Office Use Only

Date Item Rcv’d: _____________________________

Date Listed: _______________________________________

P.O. Box 1901 • Valrico, FL 33595-1901 • 813.298.0408 •


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