New 4” pot and Hanging Baskets Variety Descriptions for 2006 by forrests


									New 4” pot and Hanging Baskets Variety Descriptions for 2006
Angelonia; Angelmist Lavender Stripe
Angelmist Lavender Stripe love heat and humidity, and tolerate dry conditions. Upright plants that can reach 12 – 14” love full sun. Great in beds and containers.

Argyranthemum; Pink, White, Yellow
Argyranthemum, upright plants with daisy like flowers, are heat tolerant and have lacy foliage. We offer the Butterfly Yellow, Madeira Pink, and Madeira White varieties which may attain a height of 15”. Good full sun performers.

Begonia; Dragon Wing; Red, Pink
Begonia Dragon Wings are amazing begonias with full arching habit. Great for baskets, large containers and landscapes. Named for its eye-catching angelwing leaves and large blooms, this award-winning Dragon Wing are heat tolerant and gardener friendly. Height of 15” + and a spread of 18”. Shade or morning sun. Will tolerate more sun if kept moist.

Bracteanthe (strawflower); Copper/Red, Yellow
Bracteantha (Strawflower) Dreamtime Copper and Dreamtime Yellow are very attractive and versatile plants that can be used in any sunny garden area or container. Dreamtime’s have a full mounding habit that can reach 12” with blooms atop the plant. The ‘crispy’ straw-like flowers are fun to touch and can be used as a dried flower.

Bacopa; Blue, White
*Bacopa Abunda White and Abunda Blue are living carpets of low growing foliage and flowers. They have a vigorous trailing habit with lots of small bright white or blue flowers. Both colors bloom heavily in spring, but less in long hot days of summer, yet will continue to grow and bloom. Must be kept moist in full sun or afternoon shade.

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Calibrachoe; Red, Rose, Purple
Cabaret series offers bright colors and spreading plants that resemble mini-petunias. Used for beds, baskets, and containers of all types in a full sun environment. Plants will reach a height of 6 – 8” with a spread of 12 – 18”. Steady fertilization recommended for best results. Full sun.

Diascia; Pink, Red
Diascia Wink Garnet & Wink Pink: Lots of small bright colored flowers cover these bushy plants. Diascia bloom heaviest in cool spring and fall weather but Wink has proven to bloom well through summer heat. Great plant to combine in containers and garden beds in full sun to afternoon shade. Tight/mounding habit reaching up to 8 – 10”.

Dracenae Spikes
Traditional container garden mixer for years, dracenae spike is useful as the center plant in mixed containers or gardens. Non flowering, growing to a height of over 2’ in just one summer, this complementary plant will blend well with most all plants.

Asparagus Fern Sprengeri
Traditionally used in combinations or gardens requiring a green and spreading plant that can handle abusive conditions or neglect. Use Sprengeri as a filler for locations where other plants will not survive. Height of up to 1’ and spreads out up to 2’ in one summer.

Lantana; Red, Yellow
Lucky Red Hot and Lucky Pot of Gold: Improvements in the world of Lantana. Same great garden performance as other heat loving lantana with a fuller more bushy habit. Red Hot is a red and yellow bicolor with Pot of Gold being a solid deep yellow. Height of 12 – 14”.

Coleus; Black Cherry, Mocha, Peach, Raspberry
Aurora series is compact sun coleus with attractive multicolored leaves. Plants reach a height of 12” and make great companion plants. Full sun.

Cuphea; Allyson Heather
Allyson Heather: Tight spreading habit with lots of small purple flowers. Heat loving plant that can be sued for all purposes in full sun. Height of 6 – 10”

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New Guinea Impatiens; Cherry, Orange, Pink, White
The series we offer is shade loving and has large blooms in choices of red, white, pink, orange and fuschia. The plant can reach a height of over 2’ and will do well all summer, though blooms less in the midsummer heat.

Gerbera Daisies; Orange, Pink, Red, Yellow
Festival Gerbera series has bright colors and flower buds, and does well in container plantings or beds. Grows to a height of just 8” with flowers lifting to over 12”, this species will handle heat and likes sun to part shade.

Ipomea (Sweet Potato); Marguerite, Blackie
Marguerite has bright lime colored leaves while Blackie is true to name with dark purple/burgundy color. Both have a vigorous trailing habit that can be used anywhere. Full sun

Double Impatiens; Cherry, Peach, Salmon
Fiesta series is the leader in double impatiens. Very full, compact plants that produce lots of rosebud like flowers; Bright colors for shady gardens and containers; Will do fine in some morning sun locations. Height of 10 -12”.

Tuberous Begonia; Orange, Pink, Red, Yellow This is a very beautiful
spring flowering potted plant and will last until the extreme heat of summer arrives. The a frilly flowers will sell themselves, and the colors are clear and bright. Reaches a height of 6 – 8”.

Osteospermum; Orange, Purple, Yellow
Osteosprpermum is a mounding and spreading plant with beautiful daisy like flowers, and a great combination plant. Symphony series is more heat tolerant. Reaches a height of just 8 – 12”.

Scaveola; Brilliant Blue
Scaveola Brilliant Blue has a trailing plant habit with loads of bright blue ‘fan’ shaped flowers, thrives in heat and full sun, reaching a height of 8 – 10’ and spread of 12 – 20”.

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Torenia; Summer Wave Blue
Torenia Summer Wave Blue has a spreading plant that is heat loving with attractive blue ‘snapdragon’ like flowers. Plants will trail out of containers or spread across a garden bed. Prefers morning sun or afternoon shade but will tolerate more sun and heat. Height of 6 – 8”.

Lobelia; Waterfall Blue
Lobelia Waterfall Blue offers multitudes of solid blue flowers with very good heat tolerance and a trailing habit. Great spilling from baskets and combination planters. Full sun to afternoon shade. Low growing height of 4”.

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