QINGPU COUNTY, SHANGHAI, October 20-24, 2004

To: All International Dragon Boat Federation Member Associations Dear Sports Colleagues, Commissioned by the President of the IDBF, Mr ZHANG Faqiang and the IDBF Executive President, Mr Mike Haslam, on behalf of the IDBF Council, you are cordially invited to participate in the 5th World Dragon Boat Racing Championships, in Qingpu County, Shanghai, China, from 20 th – 24th October 2004 The 5th IDBF World Championships will be hosted by the IDBF and organised by the Chinese Dragon Boat Association, Shanghai Sports Bureau and the People’s Government of Qingpu District of Shanghai City. All our IDBF friends and ICF Member Federations are welcomed to attend. For this World Championships, each IDBF Member and ICF Members in countries where an IDBF Member does not presently exist may enter a Representative Team. Within this Team, two crews in the Senior and Junior Divisions and one crew in the Premier Division, may be entered in each Competition Class. The total maximum number of Team Members for a Representative Team is shown in the IDBF Competition Regulations. The outline programme for the World Dragon Boat Racing Championships will be as shown in Information Bulletin No.1, attached to this Invitation. All other Entry Conditions, Entry Forms and the details of all fees will be notified by the Organising Committee through 5th World Championship Information Bulletins, between now and October 2004. The deadline for Provisional Entries is 1 st May 2004. The date for Confirmed Entries is 15 July 2004 and the date for Named Entries is 12 September 2004, after which no entries will be accepted. You are reminded that entry to the 5th World Dragon Boat Racing Championships 2003, is restricted to Representative Teams selected by IDBF Member Associations and ICF Members, as above. As such all competitors must be a citizen of the country or region they represent, by birth or marriage or through having been a current resident for a period of three or more years. Other information of qualifications, entry form and fees will be circulated by the Organizing Committee through the Information Bulletin. The IDBF Council encourages your association to enter the World Championship and together with the CDBA are waiting to meet all the participating teams and your delegates in Shanghai.

LI Jie President of the CDBA and IDBF Secretary General

Mike HASLAM IDBF Executive President


5th IDBF World Dragon Boat Racing Championships 20-24 October 2004, Shanghai, China

c/o: CDBA No.9 Tiyuguan Road, Beijing, China.

Fax: + 86 -10-67133577

Tel: + 86 -10-67128832

Email: lzls@263.net or idbfdragon@126.com The 2004 IDBF 5th WDBRC will take place on the Water Sport Centre, located at the Dianshan Lake, Qingpu District, Shanghai, China from the 20-24, October 2004. The Opening Ceremony will be held on the 20 October 2004, with Championship Racing from 21-24 October, inclusive. Competing Teams are expected to arrive in Shanghai by Monday 18 October 2004. The race venue is a purpose built placid water regatta course, some 2250 metres long. It is wide enough to set eight racing lanes of 13.5 metres wide each. The racing course will be fully buoyed and fixed starting pontoons will be set at each starting points for 200, 500 and 1000m races. The following Competition Classes will be contested provided sufficient entries are received from IDBF Member Associations for each of the competition classes shown. That is, six or more entries from different IDBF Members are required per competition class for World Championship status, while a minimum of three entries per competition class qualifies for only IDBF Championship status.
Premier Racing Division Open Mixed Women 200m, 500m, 1000m 200m, 500m 200m, 500m, 1000m Senior* Racing Division 200m, 500m, 1000m 200m, 500m 200m, 500m Junior** Racing Division 200m, 500m, 1000m 200m, 500m BCS 200m, 500m

* Seniors - over 40 as of 01/01/04.

** Juniors - under 18 but over 11as of 01/01/04.

The Championships will be conducted under the IDBF Competition Regulations and Rules of Racing. All the participating teams are required to return a completed Provisional Entry Form to the Organising Committee by no later than 1st May 2004. All correspondence with the Championships Organising Committee must always come through the IDBF Member Association concerned, who should direct their enquiries to the attention of CDBA, in Beijing, China. ADMINISTRATION FEE The administration fee for each person attending the Championship, including Official Supporters, is USD 45. The fees will be used towards the transportation, drink, lunches, souvenirs, credentials and incidental costs. Please pay the fees to the Organising Committee on the arrival day.


Arrival and Training Before the Championships It is expected that most Teams will arrive during the period Friday 15 October to Monday 18 October 2004. On this basis the Main Regatta Course will be available for Official Training from Monday 18 October, as the course is fully in use before that date by the Chinese National Rowing Team. Early Arrivals. The Organising Committee have been asked to try and arrange an alternative location for training before the 18 October but this cannot be guaranteed. To help the Organising Committee assess the training requirement, Teams wishing to train before the 18 October are requested to inform the Organising Committee of their likely training requirements on the Provisional Entry Form. Teams arriving in Shanghai before the 15 October must make special arrangements with the Organising Committee for their accommodation and training. Early arrivals will also be expected to pay the costs of any extra transport, training charges, administration and accommodation costs, incurred. Pre- Championship Race. It has not been possible to organize a Pre-Championship race in Shanghai City. However, after negotiation, the Organizing Committee have provisionally arranged to hold an International Dragon Boat Invitational Tournament before the championships in Longyou County of Zhejiang Province which is 4 hours driving way to Qingpu District. Teams arriving early may wish to participate in these races and could arrive in the Hangzhou International Airport (2 hours driving way to Longyou County) rather than Shanghai. The Organizing Committee will meet Teams travelling to Hangzhou, at the airport and will provide free transportation, food and accommodation during the Longyou racing time. If you plan to participate, please send your Entry to the CDBA with WDBRC Provisional Entry Form by 1 st May, 2004. ACCOMMODATION PACKAGE The Organising Committee will provide only those participants who live in the Official Hotels with bus transportation from the Airport to their hotels and from their hotels to the Airport and to and from the Regatta Venue. Lunch will be provided to all competitors at the race site from 21–24 Oct. Shuttle buses will be provided from the Official Hotels to the Championship Regatta Site and return. (See Annex A for the list of Official Hotels). All enquiries regarding hotel accommodation should be made to the Email addresses shown above. PLEASE NOTE, that the prices shown for accommodation are for guidance only. In the interest of not being able to accommodate complete Teams together, the Organising Committee reserves the right to allocate Hotel accommodation at a Standard Price, per person, per day. October 18, Monday October 19, Tuesday October 20, Wednesday October 20, Wednesday October 21, Thursday October 22, Friday October 23, Saturday October 24, Sunday October 24, Sunday October 25, Monday OUTLINE PROGRAMME Crews arrival & Training Crews arrival & Training Training Opening Ceremony (early evening) 1000m Heats and Finals of Open, Premier and Women IDBF Meetings 500m Heats and Finals of Mixed (Afternoon only) 200m Heats and Finals of Open, Women and Mixed 500m Heats and Finals of Open, Women Awards Ceremony (Evening) Teams Depart International Dragon Boat Federation

5th World Dragon Boat Racing Championships October 20-24, 2004 Qingpu County, Shanghai, China

The Return Date For Provisional Entries is 1st May, 2004 Name of Representative Team (Country/Territory) _______________________ Address____________________________________________________________ _ Contact Person_______________________ E-mail__________________________ Telephone___________________________ Fax____________________________ __________________________________________________________________ _ Send all Provisional Entries by 1 st May 2004 to: Chinese Dragon Boat Association No 9, Tiyuguan Road, Chongwen District, Beijing, China Email: lzls@263.net or idbfdragon@126.com Fax: + 86 10 6713 3577 / 6712 8832 Tel: + 86 10 6712 8832 Notification of Entry
Place an X in the boxes below to enter each event. If Mixed crew is formed from Open & Women crews, mark ‘C’ (combined)

National Team Name (e.g. Canada ) ----------------------------------- Initials (e.g. CAN) Premier Senior Junior 200m 500m 1000m 200m 500m 1000m 200m 500m


Open Mixed Women
xxxxx xxxxx xxxxx BCS 200, 500m xxxxx

Number of People expected to travel to Shanghai
Team Members* Supporters** Media IDBF Race Officials Members Delegates Total

Arrival Date

for Team =

Departure Date

For Team =

* includes all competitors, managers, coaches, medics, etc. ** includes spouses, family & friends. Entry Form For Longyou International Dragon Boat Invitational Tournament Name of the Team Crew No. Official No. Total

Training Request for Dates before 18 Oct 04 PLEASE TICK DATES

17 Oct. 16 Oct. 15 Oct. 14 Oct. 13 Oct. 12 Oct. 11 Oct. 10 Oct. Earlier (state dates)


Annex A to Info Bul No.1 OFFICIAL HOTELS – ACCOMMODATION LIST 5th IDBF World Dragon Boat Racing Championships 2004, Shanghai, China
No. Hotel Name Star Level Sub Four Rooms
Price* USD

Room No. 81 27 11 80 16 110 15 60 90 100 65 25 3 106 40 90

Max No. 162 27 11 160 16 220 30 120 180 200 130 50 3 212 80 180


Oriental Green Boat Hotel


Qingpu Hotel



Sun & Moon Holiday Resort


4 5

Dianshan Lake Forest Holiday Resort
Training Center of Shanghai Ind & Commercial Bank

Three Sub Three Three


Shanghai Jiahua Training Center Hong Zhu Yuan Hotel




Jing Yuan Village On Water

Sub Two


Shanghai Yuan Hu Yuan Hotel


10 11

Heng Wu Yuan Hotel Cai Yuan Hotel

Sub Two Two


Zhu Jie Ge Hotel


Oriental Green Boat Flats

Standard Room (Double) Standard Room (Single) Suite£¨Single£© Standard Room (Double) Suite Standard Room (Double) Sightseeing£¨Doub le£© Standard Room (Double) Standard Room (Double) Villa Standard Room (Double) Villa£¨Double£© Suite£¨Single£© Standard Room (Double) Standard Room (Double) Luxury Standard£¨Double£ © Standard Room (Double) Single Suite£¨Double£© Standard Room (Double) Standard Room (Double) Suite Standard Room (Double) Suite£¨Double£© Luxury Suite£¨Single£© Flats£¨8-12 bed rooms£©

53 70 125 35 46 28 40 28 26 32 25 34 38 26 25 29

Distance to Race Site 2



6 8




25 35 60 26 25 40 23 30 37 20

46 8 2 54 34 2 30 2 1 200

92 8 2 108 70 2 60 4 1 2000


6 4



*Price is per person, per day (including Breakfast, Dinner and taxes).

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