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					FINANCE CLUB RECOMMENDED CLASSES (CORPORATE FINANCE) Bold = Definitely take Italics = Definitely consider taking Normal = Consider taking depending on your interests Finance > Essential 580 Options and Futures in Corporate Decision Making 612 Principles of International Finance 614 Managing International Portfolios 615 Valuation 621 Corporate Financial Policy 622 Corporate Financial Engineering > Others 623 Venture Capital Finance 624 Private Equity Finance 626 Global Private Equity 645 Advanced Valuation Techniques 647 Corporate Financial Strategy Accounting A 564 Corporate Financial Reporting A 624 Advanced Financial Accounting A 712 Financial Statement Analysis A 560 Federal Taxation & Managerial Decisions Other Departments CSIB 669 Advanced Competitive Analysis CSIB 682 Mergers, Acquisitions and Corporate Development BE 560 Macroeconomic Environment of Business BE 580 Competitive Tactics LHC 508 Securities Law MO 512 Bargaining and Influence Skills MO 611 Business Leadership in Changing Times

Description: Investment Banking Interview Preparation