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									Report To Portfolio Holder Recreation and Culture

20 January 2006

Subject: Status: Report Ref: Ward(s): Key Decision: Report Of: Contact: Appendices: Papers relied on to produce this report SUMMARY 1 1.1 1.2 This Report

Leisure Initiatives Grant Scheme Routine Matter for Decision N/A All No Head of Leisure Services Lesley Murphy tel 01256 845236 or email l.murphy@basingstoke.gov.uk None None

Key Decision Ref: n/a

The purpose of this report is to consider applications for grant aid through the Leisure Initiatives Revenue Grant Scheme. The grant scheme criteria supports the council priority objectives by awarding grants to voluntary and non profit making organisations to develop new areas of work that directly benefit residents of the borough by broadening access to leisure. The contribution of each individual scheme to the council priorities is detailed within the report. Recommendation It is recommended that: a grant of up to £758 is awarded to Basingstoke WATCH group to support the purchase of books and equipment, hall hire and expert speakers. a grant of up to £2,000 is awarded to Drum Runners to support the organisation of the pilot disability arts project. a grant of up to £2,000 is awarded to Basingstoke Indian Association for a Fashion and Bollywood Dance project. a grant of up to £2,000 is awarded to North Hampshire Hospital to support a community/ patient textile project. A grant of up to £500 is awarded to Old Basing Royal British Legion Band to support the organisation of two concerts in Braine-l’Alleud.

2 2.1 2.1.1 2.1.2 2.1.3 2.1.4 2.1.5

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PRIORITIES, IMPACTS AND RISKS Contribution To Council Priorities This report accords with the Council’s Budget and Policy Framework Council 3 Year Plan References: Service Plan References: Other References: Contribution To Community Strategy Community Strategy Objectives: Impacts Type Impacts for Financial BDBC Personnel Legal Impacts on Wellbeing Equality and Diversity Crime and Disorder Health Environment Economic Involving Others Communication/Consultation Partners   All   4 No significant impacts    4 Some impacts Significant impacts 2.3, 2.8, 3.5, 3.10 2.16, 2.20, 2.23, 4.3 LE7

Risk Assessment Number of risks identified: Number of risks considered HIGH or Medium: Strategic: Operational: Already identified on Corporate Risk Register? Already identified in Service Plans? 0 0 Yes No Yes No  

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3 3.1

DETAIL/MAIN CONSIDERATIONS Members will be aware that the Leisure Initiatives Grant Scheme has a revenue budget of £52,700 for the 2005/06 financial year. Grants awarded to date total £30,726 thus leaving an overall budget of £21,974 available for new applications in 2005/06. New Applications The following applications are now in a position to be presented for a decision: Applicant: Scheme: Lead Officer: Cost: Basingstoke WATCH Group Pump Priming Funds to support environmental Watch group Amanda Robb £1462

4 4.1 4.1.1

Grant requested: £1000 Previous grants: None a) Application Summary:
Basingstoke WATCH group are seeking funding towards books, equipment and activities. WATCH is the junior section of the Wildlife Trusts. It aims to encourage children to engage in their environment and the issues affecting it. The Basingstoke WATCH Group does this by holding monthly meetings at various locations. Since setting up in June 2005 they have held a butterfly walk, a bat evening and other wildlife based activities. The books and equipment will be used on future activity days. Support for a programme of field trips is also requested. The Basingstoke WATCH Group activities support the new Leisure Strategy by being inclusive – aimed primarily at children and parents/ guardians charges are kept at 50p per child each meeting to cover costs of refreshments. Fund raising through raffles is also undertaken. The group hold events and activities in different areas of the borough, for example, Oakley, Crabtree Plantation and The Vyne. BDBC will have the opportunity to work with the WATCH group through local conservation groups i.e., the Popley Conservation Volunteers, the Oakley Woodlands Group and the Chineham Conservation Volunteers.

b) Support for Council Plan:
The project supports the objective of improving opportunities in learning and skills to support individual development, citizenship and raise awareness of environmental issues.

c) Financial Position:
Reserves – n/a (day to day running costs, contingency) Project budget – Books Equipment £162 £346

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Field Trips Hall Hire Expert Speaker

£704 £150 £100

Total Costs


d) Comments: The purchase of books and equipment will be used on future activity days run by the Basingstoke WATCH group. The project will educate children about the local and global environment through factual, informal and fun ways of learning. The group aims to encourage a caring attitude towards wildlife and participation in conservation, as well as ensuring that young people’s environmental concerns, ideas and opinions are recognised and developed, and opportunities are created to act upon them. Over the coming year the group have planned a full calendar of events including a winter walk, pond dipping, a talk about birds of prey and a trip to Brownsea Island. The group is run by volunteers. They currently have two leaders, although two more people have recently volunteered to lead the group. The group currently has 40 members, which consists of children accompanied by their parents and guardians. Basingstoke WATCH are supported by the Hants and Isle of Wight Wildlife Trust and work closely with other local conservation groups including Overton Biodiversity Group, Bramley Frith and HWT’s Basingstoke District Group. The WATCH group aims to minimise any fees so as not to discriminate against those on low incomes, and has requested funding for field trips to encourage participation by this group. However, the field trips identified are all outside the borough incurring transport costs and would not necessarily target those on low incomes. Council officers therefore intend to support the group and encourage work with local community conservation groups to develop field trips in specific areas within the borough and explore opportunities for encouraging target groups within the community to get involved. A separate application could be considered for this element of their work in the future. e) Recommendation: It is recommended that a grant of £758 be awarded to support the purchase of books and equipment, hall hire and expert speakers. 4.1.2 Applicant: Scheme: Lead Officer: Cost: Drum Runners Community Projects X5 - Arts and disability pilot project Daniel Garnier £3,875

Grant requested: £2,000 Previous grants: N/A
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a) Application Summary: Drum Runners Community Projects are seeking funding to help set up an arts and disability pilot project working in partnership with Proteus Theatre Company and five local groups catering for people with disabilities. The project aims to create a multi art form touring installation which will explore the 5 senses as seen through the lives and experiences of the participants. The final installation will be determined as part of this project and will be filled with materials created by the participants involving elements of dance, music, visual arts and literature. It is intended that the installation will be toured to venues such as Festival Place, Arts Centres around the region and possible schools and residential units. During the pilot project, arts workers will work together with staff and participants to develop ideas and start planning the longer-term project which will start in 2007 and for which additional funding will be sought though Arts Council and the Big Lottery. The partnership will involve arts workers from Drum Runnners, Proteus, Limington House School, Saxon Wood, Audley’s Resource Service, Basingstoke Day Services and the Learning Support Unit at Queen Mary’s College. An average of 12 to 15 participants per group will be involved in the workshops. There will be a total of 15 workshops, 3 per partner group. The pilot project will run from 18 April 06 to 19 May 06 and is needed to carry out some research and develop ideas for the full project. b) Support for Council Plan: The project supports the objective of improving opportunities in learning and skills to support individual development. The project also supports this Council’s commitment to equal opportunities and inclusion. c) Financial Position: The Drum Runners have no reserves other than for day-to-day running costs. Project budget Expenditure: Arts workers fees (music and theatre) Equipment (purchase of trigger cables) Materials (paint, card, etc.) Support Staff Transport costs Venue hire Administration costs (evaluation) Total Income: Materials (in kind) Venue hire (in kind) Support staff (in kind) Administration costs (in kind) Transport costs (in kind)
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£1,500 £500 £300 £375 £150 £750 £300 £3,875

£300 £750 £375 £300 £150

Total d) Comments:


This pilot project will pave the way to a larger and longer project which will enable participants to express their creativity in a safe and structured context. The participants will also acquire and develop creative skills such as writing, acting, filming, etc. The project will have a strong impact on personal development and self-esteem and confidence. The project will fill in a gap in arts provision for people with disabilities and bring together groups that would not normally work together. The final product (arts installation) will also raise the profile of organisations working with people with disabilities and their users by showcasing the work they have carried out and also foster inclusion and acceptance. e) Recommendation: It is recommended that a grant of £2,000 be awarded to support the organisation of the pilot project which will lead to a long-term project next year. 4.1.3 Applicant: Scheme: Lead Officer: Cost: Basingstoke Indian Association Indian Fashion and Bollywood Dance Show Lee Price £3,200

Grant requested: £2,000 Previous grants: 2005
2002 2001 1999 1999 qwuallie Jhoole Jhoole Lall Dance Music Music £2000 £2000 £900 £1000 £500

a) Application Summary: The Indian Association are seeking funds to run workshops in traditional Bhangra and Bollywood dance in March 2006. Aimed at young people the workshops will be led by Rakhi Sood, a renowned Indian dancer, choreographer and teacher who has performed throughout the world at various cultural and arts events. Working with her dance company Rakhi will deliver workshops to students from John Hunt of Everest, Cranbourne and one other school, approximately 6 students from each school will attend. The workshops will look at various forms of Indian dance, from classical to Bollywood with the movement to be incorporated into a fashion show which
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will take place at Fairfields Arts Centre. The outfits within the show will be a combination of student work produced by BCoT and QMC Fashion students as well as examples of Asian garb.

b) Support for Council Plan: The project supports council priorities 2.20 to develop the use of community based arts and leisure facilities to maximise community use and 2.23 maintain the leisure infrastructure to provide high standards of service and experience through assisting a local community organisation to extend its activities in the borough. The project also supports this Councils commitment to equal opportunities and inclusion.

c) Financial Position:

Reserves – £896.44

Artist’s workshop and training Venue P.A. system and lighting Costumes Administration Catering, transport Total Income Sale of tickets Costumes Administration Transport, catering

£2350 £350 £100 £150 £250 £3200

£700 £100 £150 £250

d) Comments: The Indian Association have staged a number of events in recent years which celebrate the Asian culture and encourage inclusion, awareness and understanding within the broader community. This project offers an opportunity to raise awareness of cultural diversity through provision of a mixed cultural event with a final show open to the public. However under the Leisure Initiatives Scheme criteria an organisation can receive only one grant from the Fund in any financial year. As there are sufficient funds available to support the application it is proposed that an exception be made on this occasion and that officers work with the Association to identify alternative funding streams that may be applicable to build on such events and develop a sustainable programme. e) Recommendation:
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It is recommended to approve a grant of up to £2000 from the 2005/06 Leisure Initiatives budget.


Applicant: Scheme: Lead Officer: Cost:

North Hampshire Hospital NHS Trust Community Textile Project Ceri Adams £4,367

Grant requested: £2,000 Previous grants: 2003/04 Jubilee Banner Project £2,000 a) Application Summary: As part of the refurbishment of the Sherborne Building, the North Hampshire Hospital would like to involve their users and staff in the creation of a community textile artwork for display in the reception area of the gynaecology and maternity ward. This will also help to establish a strong link between arts and health and measure its impact through participant surveys, a process which Officers will support. This project will be led by local artist Pauline Pepper, who will work closely with staff, patients and their families to create bespoke artwork or artworks, which are appropriate and sensitive to the space and its users. As well as enhance the ward’s appearance, the project will provide participants with the opportunity to be creative and explore new techniques, which can be particularly significant at times of stress or discomfort. b) Support for Council Plan: The project supports the objective of improving opportunities in learning and skills to support individual development. c) Financial Position: Reserves – n/a

Project budget – Artist Preparation (1 ½ days @ £150 per day) – £225 Workshops and one-to-one tuition (9 days) - £1,350 Follow up work and completion of artwork (4 days) - £600 Materials – £850 (equipment, dyes, fabric, paper, photography) Parking - £42 (in-kind) Access to Office space (on-site – in-kind) - £100 Support staff (in-kind) - £1,200 (estimated at 5 staff for 20 hours at £12 per hour) Total Costs £4,367
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Income Joint Investment Fund In-kind contribution Grant requested Total Costs

£1,025 £1,342 £2,000 £4,367

d) Comments: The aim is to create a new artwork/s to go on permanent display in the reception area of the gynaecology and maternity ward, which is based in the Sherborne Building on the North Hampshire Hospital campus. The maternity and gynaecology wards have recently undergone significant refurbishment, however the Trust recognise that the reception areas lack identity and would benefit from a piece of artwork. Over 10,000 patients, staff and visitors use the space on a yearly basis and the reception areas are particularly significant to the relaxation and orientation of these users. The artwork will take the form of a community textile/quilt, which will be created by ward users and be sensitive to their needs. This is particularly significant as those using the ward have a range of medical conditions, including fertility issues, as well as the full range of pregnancy care and may be in hospital for extended periods of time. The project will run during March and April 2006 and will be led by local artist, Pauline Pepper. Pauline will work closely with up to 100 ward patients, their families and hospital staff to create the work, which will consist of a series of patchwork squares. A key objective of the project is to introduce staff, patients and their visitors to new opportunities. To ensure maximum participation, a flexible approach will be taken. Squares can be made from crochet, knitting, embroidery, poetry and photography, techniques which are particularly suitable for those who require bed-rest and those with little arts experience. Work packs will be produced to facilitate this. The squares will be brought together and the final artwork will be completed by Pauline. The project will form part of a broader arts programme at the hospital during early 2006, which will focus on the Sherborne Building. This will be funded by a Joint Investment Fund (drawn from contributions from Arts Council England South East, local authorities in Hampshire and the PCT) and will result in two additional projects which will take place in the maternity and Early Pregnancy Assessment Unit. This forms part of a wider agenda which explores how the arts contribute to well-being. The hospital are not able to provide a cash contribution to the project, but are able to offer free parking to the artist on site and some office/workshop space as an in-kind contribution, plus staff time. They are keen to explore how arts can be integrated into their work more closely and see this project as a pilot to move art up their agenda. They are also exploring their arts links with both The Vyne School and BCOT. This project provides an opportunity to promote local groups and classes that provide art and crafts activities for those participants wishing to continue skills used in the project. Officers intend to work with the hospital to explore potential external resources and skills links that would enable them to build on the outcomes of the project.
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It is recommended that a grant of up to £2,000 is made available for the North Hampshire Hospital Community Textile Project. Final artwork displays must acknowledge the funding support given by the Council. 4.1.5 Applicant: Scheme: Lead Officer: Cost: Old Basing Royal British Legion Band Concert in Braine-l’Alleud Daniel Garnier ₤9,000

Grant requested: ₤500 Previous grants: N/A f) Application Summary: The Royal British Legion Band is seeking funds to support the organisation of two concerts in Braine-l’Alleud in April 06. In total, 44 band members will travel to Belgium from 7 to 10 April. The Band will perform in two sites in Braine-l’Alleud on Sunday 9 April (Grand Place in the town centre and the battlefield of Waterloo). The Band will travel by coach and will stay in local hotels. In addition to the two concerts in Braine-l’Alleud, the Band will also perform in Bruges on 8 April and in Brussels on 10 April. The two performances in Braine-l’Alleud will contribute to raising awareness of Basingstoke and Deane amongst the local population as well as raising the profile of the twinning links between the two partner towns. It will also provide an additional performance experience to the Band thus offering further opportunities for practise and development. g) Support for Council Plan: This project supports objective 2.23 -maintain the leisure infrastructure to provide high standards of service and experience as the British Legion Band is a very active local community group performing at various events in the region. Financial Position: The Band is only seeking support to help cover some of the costs associated with the two performances in Braine-l’Alleud. The rest of the trip is funded by club funds, personal contributions, other grants and sponsorship. The Band has reserves of £5,790. These are allocated for the purchase of new uniforms, new instruments, general running costs, and a donation for the Poppy Appeal. Project budget Expenditure: Transport (coach/ferry/petrol) Insurance
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£6,160 £440

Subsistence Wreaths Total Income: Club funds + participant contribution Insurance (paid by participants) Total

£2,200 £200 £9,000

£7,200 £440 £7,640

Costs directly linked to performances in Braine-l’Alleud Travel costs (additional coach hire and fuel) £650 Subsistence (44 x ₤6.50) £286 Total £936 There is a shortfall of £1,360. The applicant will compensate this shortfall through grants and sponsorship. The applicant is seeking £500 from the Leisure Initiatives Fund to cover part of the costs associated to the performances in Braine-l’Alleud. h) Comments: Although this is not a traditional exchange with reciprocal visits, the project will raise awareness of Basingstoke in Braine-l’Alleud and contribute to the development and continuity of our twinning links. It also addresses the Older Persons Strategy as the majority of the Band members are aged 55 or over and this event offers an additional opportunity to those members to be fully involved and to travel and experience a different culture in a safe, organised and supportive environment. i) Recommendation: It is recommended that a grant of £500 be awarded to support the organisation of two concerts in Braine-l’Alleud. 5 5.1
Financial Considerations

Currently £21,974 is uncommitted in the Leisure Initiatives Grant Revenue Budget for 2005/06. If the recommendation to award grants as outlined within the report is approved then a total of £7,258 will be allocated and the uncommitted balance will reduce to £14,716.

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