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FPSH Reunion Committee Meeting Notes - July 26_ 2009


									FPSH Reunion Planning Meeting Minutes – October 4, 2009
2:00 to 5:00 pm at the Holiday Inn & Suites, Hwy 138 @ I-75, Stockbridge, GA
Members present at this meeting include: Burt Knowles (Co72); Jeanie Knowles (Co74); John Carbo (Co73); Linda Donaldson Spier (Co73); Beth Robinson Durmire (Co74), Ron Durmire (Co74); Michelle Knowles Maynard (Co75); Vicki Lord Johnson (Co73); Sim Banks (Co80); Debbie Cooper Piper (Co75); Cheryl Durden Looney (Co74); Pam Williams Atkinson (Co74); Steve Gibson (Co74); Eddie Buckholts (Co75): Tim Crowe (Co74); Vickie Southern Chacha (Co74); Cindy McCrea (Co75); Nina Wheeler (Co73); Lynn Satterfield Rabideaux (Co74); Susie Chapman (Co73) Members absent from this meeting include: Margie Campbell Gill Gibson (Co72); Lance Norris (Co74); Susan Payne Moody, Co72; Mark Butler (Co74); Joe Cobb (Co74); Tara Howard Landry (Co72), Nancy Holloway Suarez (Co73), Susan Edmonson Butler (Co74), , Chuck Bussey (Co74); Millie Hollis Gober (Co74); Terrie Martin Wnuk, Co73; Benny Andrews (Co72); Guests at this meeting include: Pat Troup Higgins (Co76); Shelley Webb (Co93) The meeting called to order at 2 p.m. 1. All new faces are acknowledged and welcomed. There were no new faces at this meeting. 2. Treasurer’s Report - John Carbo presented a summary of fees and contributions collected and expenses paid to date. He reports that our expenses are essentially covered at this point unless there is rain and we need to put up the second tent. In a rain scenario, we still need approximately $3600 more to cover these costs. The suggestion was made by John of rolling the costs back to the $55.00 during this depressed economy to make it possible for more alumni to attend. The committee approved this idea and Burt will revise the website and future e-mails to reflect the cost savings. 3. Jeanie to report on number of paid registrants – Jeanie reports right at 300 paid registrants at this time. We also have 4 teachers confirmed to attend the brunch event. 4. Open the floor for comments and suggestions for the website – Enhancements have been made to the website and Burt urges members to check out the changes. 5. Procurement Committee - Burt Knowles a. Burt is waiting on a certificate of insurance from all vendors to be included with our own application for general liability insurance. Of particular interest, certificate of insurance from drink vendor for alcohol service and liability insurance from the tent vendor. Burt is also checking on general liability insurance for the committee. b. Eddie Buckholts: Report on the availability of EMS service personnel – We will have 2 EMS personnel on duty during the evening event with a total cost of $240. The committee approves this plan. c. Clayton County Environmental Health dept, Mr. McCollough, is working on the permit for The Varsity. Beth Durmire will follow up with Walter to see the status of the permit. d. The tent/rental vendor must complete requirements for the CC Fire Marshall to allow permit to be issued. Requirements were passed to vendor @ meeting on 10/2. Burt to advise when this task is completed. 6. Update Program /Directory sponsorships info – printing effort a. Several alumni have paid to have their business advertised 1. The hard cutoff for the ads was 9/25 but can be accepted until we finalize the layout of the program where they will be listed. b. Need a plan for the Program / Directory, layout, graphics & printing 1. Info is being gathered from registration and footprint forms.


2. A sample directory from another reunion is passed around and the committee approves to use the same size for our version. 3. Three basic sections are approved for program elements, registrant information, advertisements and a page for “Fallen Panthers” to be recognized. 4. The group discussed the possibility of using Larry and Cindy Foles Bradley and their company, Sunbelt Graphics on this standard size directory, based on costs to be quoted. 7. Update on classmate lists & search/research for individual class years. a. Calling unregistered classmates 1. All committee members are urged to make personal calls to as many unregistered classmates as possible in an effort to encourage more participation. b. Pass out lists of who is registered 1. John will be sending an e-mail for members so they don’t call folks who are already registered. 8. Update on donations & fund raising efforts – Vickie Chacha a. Donation from Don Barnett of the Market Grocery needs to be picked up sometime before our event. 1. Clarification is that this is $100 worth of items from the Market Grocery to be used for our snack mix. b. The drink vendor confirms – CASH ONLY bar 1. Signs will be posted at the brunch, on the website and any other correspondence as a reminder of the cash only bar. c. Need to know how many items will be raffled and decide on giveaways for program inclusion 1. Vickie reports around 25 items have currently been collected for raffle. She suggests we not solicit any more contributions and the committee approved. 2. Two wine and gold flower (roses) arrangements will be delivered to FPHS at 6pm on Friday evening for use at the registration tables at the brunch. 9. Update from Benny on printing of alumni scanned ID photos & posting each class’s yearbook online. Benny is not able to be present at any more meetings due to pending relocation with a new job. a. Pages for yearbook pictures are scanned, but not as individual pictures. Burt and Jeanie have searched for a program that will separate these with no easy results so far. Plans are still in the works to have a computer with an air card on site to print out pictures for badges the day of the reunion. Pages previously scanned are being redone because of quality and use of pdf formatting issues. b. Review name badge choices, production and printing options – Burt displayed samples of badge holders and quoted pricing at .43 cents each for an order of 500 for the 4 x 3 size. Linda Spier is going to check out a resource for possible donation of these items and report back. Badge holders have been ordered and will arrive NLT Wednesday the 14 th. 10. Update on publishing info to local papers a. Jeanie is checking to see if re-listing is necessary. b. Update on expansion into Spalding and Coweta counties. An announcement is being aired on a local Griffin radio station through Joel Willis. c. Update from Gail Carrouth on WJGA – Gail is not able to be here to report today. 11. Reunion posters have been placed in the following locations as of this meeting: Lee Tire FP Army/Navy Store Campbell Hardware - Ash-Morrow Oakwood Café - Farmers Market Carter’s Cleaners – FP Attina’s - FP & Fayetteville Brookwood Animal Clinic Chick-fil-A - Eagles Landing-Paul White People's Janitorial – FP Red and Gold Florist - FP Delta Technical Operations Center bulletin board X 2 Johnny’s Pizza – Hapeville Heritage Bank – FP & Hudson Bridge Alan Vigil’s Southlake Ford Class of 1979 Reunion, held 10/3/2009 @ Stone Mountain El Puente Mexican Restaurant – Hwy 155, McDonough Walmart in Griffin Chick-fil-A - FP


12. Brunch Event timeline & program – Update from Beth & Ron a. Update from Burt re: follow-up meeting with FPHS folks – still awaiting contact from Mr. Fox & Ms. Ross 1. No update at the time of this meeting. b. Update on contact w/Mike Wheeler (Co72) and his jazz group 1. No contact reported. John Carbo will confirm with Mike on Wednesday. c. Set-up/Clean-up/Decorations Committee - Update 1. Linda Spier, Committee Chair for Brunch – a. Ideas for use of wine and gold balloons – report from Cheryl Durden Looney and Linda Spier on helium tank rental. Tim Crowe can obtain a tank without a deposit required. He will update with pricing this week. b. Linda has table centerpiece ideas for the tables. No tablecloths are to be used. A count of the total number of tables to be obtained. There are 60 6-foot round tables being used for the main dining area. Each will include white table cloths. d. Request delivery date from Tara on the class year banners/slogans 1. Tara is not able to be present but has sent a detailed e-mail with a complete update. e. Event Managers report on volunteer status and needs for: Registration & Greeting  There have been several volunteers for registration. A confirmed list will be compiled. Helpers for group photos Setup, Décor & Clean-up  A number of volunteers have committed for setup, decorations and clean up. Program action folks to distribute raffle & giveaway items, and act as escorts for older faculty, etc  Beth Durmire passed around a detailed outline of sign up needs for the brunch event. Committee members signed up for these positions. There will be radios available for communication on the day of the event. It is suggested that the same roles be filled at the evening event. 13. Dinner Event timeline & program – Update from Tim  Tim reported that at the Friday’s meeting at the arena, the grounds surrounding the area were very overgrown and suggested assurance from them that the area would be cleaned up.  Tim will check on the tent after it is set up.  He suggests a diligent walk through for slip and trip hazards after all the lighting and cords are in place. Burt has strongly suggested that most cords be coming from behind the stage.  Prior to start of event, time to state guidelines on roles and responsibilities for security. a. Update from Sim, Tara & Michelle re: program  There is a work time planned for next Sunday to firm up the program content. b. Sheryl Dixon Sanford has agreed to voice the opening prayer, FPHS ROTC will present the colors, Lauren Attaway Veach will lead us singing the national anthem (She also can do America the Beautiful if wanted)  The committee approved this idea with the singing of the national anthem. c. Open discussion on program elements  This will be taken care of with e-mails now that the general content has been decided on.

d. Discuss methods/timing of awarding giveaways / raffle info Update from Margie or Steve Gibson - Steve reports that the tickets have been purchased and bowls have been secured. e. Memorabilia update – Sim  Sim will be setting up event on Friday night and Saturday during the day.  There will be secure storage on site for him to leave items.


Projector & big-screen availability update - Burt/Mark/Linda  Linda reports that her resource can not confirm availability at this time.  Burt is still checking on availability from other sources. We have secured the use of a projector from Dennis Bishop that will be available the week of 10/12/09. We still do not have a reliable screen resource. Any suggestions would be welcome. g. Set-up/Clean-up/Decorations Committee - Update 1. Tara & Michelle, Co-Chairs for Dinner – Work is progressing on evening event plan. h. Event Manager report on volunteer status and needs for: Registration & Greeting – Tables are to be provided for both events. Raffle ticket sellers – This will be done just beyond the registration table area at evening event only. We will have extra pictures of items at morning event to show everyone… Memorabilia security - Items are secure behind a locked area. Setup, Décor & Clean-up – We can use the meeting room at the arena for set up needs. Program action folks to distribute raffle & giveaway items, and act as escorts for older faculty, etc Lori Harris Wade (Co81) - Report on recruiting and registering these volunteers – Lori is not present to report Be sure to send all contact information for possible recruits to her e-mail address:  Linda has sent a referral to this address but the volunteer has not been contacted.  Beth request that volunteer information be forwarded to her as well. Remember, registered workers who are outside the 72-75 classes will not buy tickets to attend - they will be working. Should there be a minimum time commitment for these “volunteers”? Not addressed at this meeting. Suggest a minimum time to be decided. We must have a list of these folks by the Sunday before the reunion (10/18) to make up name badges for them. 14. Update for past teachers & admin – John Carbo a. Discuss how to recognize these attendees at the event. As teachers seem to be attending the brunch event, this will be discussed and brought to the next meeting. 15. Update on shirts/jerseys – Jeanie a. Jeanie has received her Jersey and will show it off Jeanie forgot her jersey but is extremely pleased with the quality. b. Go to or for ideas on what is available. Several others have ordered from each but have not yet received their merchandise. 16. Next meeting date is set for October 18, 2009. Start time for the next meeting is 2 pm and go until 5:00 or 5:30?



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