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					Personal Questions 1. How many people are there in the group? 2. How many associates vs. VP and MD are in the office? 3. How long have people been in the group? Is there high turnover? 4. Is the group expanding? 5. How many deals to you have going at a time? 6. What does your firm do to strengthen firm culture? 7. Discuss mentoring, training, & development? 8. What do you enjoy most about banking? Enjoy least? 9. What drew you to this firm? 10. What is the best project that you have worked on? Or best type? 11. How is an associate's specialty (e.g., industry group/deal-type specialty) determined? 12. How did you get into this field? 13. Can you tell me about your background before coming to this job? 14. What made you decide that this was the kind of career for you to pursue? 15. What training, skills, special credentials, or experience were prerequisite to getting hired in your function or industry? 16. What are your responsibilities and what do you actually do during a representative workday? 17. What are the greatest satisfactions which derive from this kind of work? 18. What don’t you like about this function and industry? 19. Where do you see your career going? 20. Internal competitiveness? Office Methodology Questions 21. Do you do origination and execution of the deal? 22. Talk about the balance b/w underwriting and advising? 23. Are you doing a lot of pitches? How do you create business? 24. What do you evaluate when deciding to take a transaction? 25. Do you work mostly with public or private clients? 26. How often are associates assigned to live deals? (as opposed to deals that are merely being pitched to a client) 27. Do you represent the buy side or sell side more often? 28. Do you mostly debt or equity deals? 29. Do you do a lot of M&A advisory deals? 30. What areas are you expanding to? 31. What percentage of your business is repeat business? Industry Questions 32. How has Sarbanes-Oxley impacted your business? 33. What are your specific practice areas? 34. How much do you work with the research analysts? 35. What is the culture like? How is the culture in your group different from the firm culture? 36. How often do you work with other banks on a deal?

37. What forces do you see affecting this industry and your job in the foreseeable future? Government regulations? Changing competition? Changes in the work force? 38. What is it about this industry do you find least appealing? General Questions 39. Do associates themselves help steer their specialty or does the firm as a whole dictate all placements? 40. Which skills are most necessary for success? 41. Typically, how many people report to someone in your function? 42. How is performance measured? 43. Beyond league tables, what differentiates you and if I were a CEO why would I select your firm? 44. Talk about the differences b/w firm commitment and best effort? Do you even do best effort? 45. How do you “market” securities? How do you decide who gets what? 46. How do you price a security?

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