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DEADLINE May 25th May 29th

Yellow = convener tasks; Green = recruiting/survey-related item; Red = status report due

TASK BTP posts final event template BTP hosts introductory conference call to discuss timeline, template & major questions Sites begin work on: 1) recruitment follow-up staffing plan; 2) staffing plan for: events, backgrounders, production, web, recruiting, survey 3) locking in local media partners; 4) finalizing partnerships with five community organizations 5) finalizing local topic ; 6) determining local event venue; 7) contacting local elected and other officials for inclusion in event Sites give BTP status report with: 1) recruitment area for DOP and 2) site-specific information required for recruitment calls: venue, amount of stipend, schedule, sponsors, language of invitation, diversity objectives and local topic summary+B23 BTP posts 1) copy of telephone pre-survey; 2) outline of national backgrounder Sites give BTP status report on: 1) recruitment follow-up staffing plan; 2) staff names/contact info for: events, backgrounders, production, web, B22 3) local media partners; 4) letters from at least five community organization partners on board, and their roles; and 5) proposed format/schedule (items 25 will be promoted on BTP national website); BTP posts draft of national background materials Sites begin booking panelists/panel moderator National participant recruitment begins. "Yes" names transferred, on rolling basis, to sites. Sites 1) send, on rolling basis until early October, welcome letters to participants and 2) email BTP weekly status of participant contact/response (numbers and types of contact) Sites send outline of local background materials to BTP BTP submits comments on local backgrounder outlines Sites make first phone calls to participants Sites confirm panelists and panel moderator and other participants/observers including elected and other officials

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May 29th


June 29th July 23rd

Recruitment Survey

July 30th


August 3rd August 3rd August 6th August 13th begin, and continue through end of project August 20th September 4th September 4th and ongoing September 10th

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September 19th September 19th Week of September 17th September 24th September 28th On rolling basis starting September 28th October 1st October 1st October 12th-19th October 8th Week of October 8th October 8th Week of October 15th October 20th By the Tuesday after the event By the Friday after the event Late October and beyond November 8-11 November 12th November 19th December 2007/January 2008 TBD

Sites give BTP status report with 1) complete rough draft of local background materials; 2) names of panelists, panel moderator, other local official attendees Sites confirm group assistants BTP posts national background materials on internal website BTP makes final comments on local background materials Sites give BTP 1) complete local background materials for posting on BTP site; 2) sites also submit local survey questions to BTP for approval Sites 1) send second letter to participants, w/ map, directions, background materials; 2) make additional targeted follow-up calls as necessary to encourage diversity Sites confirm all event logistics National recruitment of new participants ends; calls to 'maybe's' continues Sites make reminder phone calls to participants BTP distributes 1) full participant list, including random assignments to small groups; 2) Final surveys Sites train local moderators Sites send status report with update to BTP w/ 1) panelists, panel moderator; 2) agenda; 3) participant status Sites 1) train group assistants; 2) make small group assignments by this date; 3) complete event materials (including observer, press & participant packets); 4) train group assistants Events Sites doing surveys enter data and submit to BTP BTP distributes survey data to each site participating in survey Local broadcasts air Convocation at Colonial Williamsburg Conveners must provide final reports to BTP by this date Producers must provide final reports to BTP by this date National Broadcast airs

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