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									Counselor Ed Exit Survey Graduate Programs School Spr 06
5=Strongly Agree, 4=Agree, 3=Neutral, 2=Disagree, 1=Strongly Disagree Agreement with the following statements regarding your program. My program prepared me well for professional practice. In comparison with my coworkers who graduate from other universities, I rate my education superior to theirs. The clinical experiences and/or internship prepared me well for the practice of my education discipline. My program prepared me well to use the curriculum standards. Agreement with following related to Conceptual Framework. Caring: Beliefs – My program instilled in me a commitment to ethical and democratic dispositions including respecting the rights and responsibilities of all students and recognizing diverse points of view. Caring: Actions – My program taught me to act in accord with the rights and responsibilities of all, be sensitive to developmental, social, and cultural differences, and encourage a democratic culture. Capable: Knowledge – In nearing completion of my program, I am knowledgeable about the foundations of education and my specialty area(s), including appropriate practices. Capable: Practice – My program has taught me to be capable of applying my knowledge through best practices that include the effective use of education and information technology and appropriate assessments. Connected: Communication – I have learned to communicate effectively through a variety of representations (spoken, written and digital). Connected: Integration - I am able to synthesize knowledge and practice to integrate interdisciplinary perspectives and applications by making connections to real life and making global issues locally relevant as a result of my program. 4.8 4.8 4.40 School n=10 Mean 4.40 4.40 4.70 4.10

4.50 4.70


Overall, how would you rate the quality of graduate education you received at Clemson University? (Five point scale: 1-poor, 2=fair, 3=average, 4=good, 5=excellent)


5 Employed, 3 in same position (2 teachers, 1 school counselor), 2 in new positions (1 teacher, 1 school counselor)

Strengths: *Instructors are very knowledgeable and strive to provide students with the necessary tools to be effective and competent counselors. I feel the program is consistently moving toward being stronger and more enriched program. *Greatest strength was being able to have hands on experience using the counseling techniques I learned throughout the program. I was able to work with children and feel more confident in the skills I was taught to use in a counseling profession. *Very applicable assignments *The knowledge and genuine caring of most of the instructors is the greatest strength to the school counseling program. I enjoyed the quality of the relationships that I formed with my instructors, and felt that each did a fine job in guiding me in making progress in becoming an effective and knowledgeable school counselor. *Professors and courses offered at the University Center. *People - professors and students. I was challenged everyday to better myself personally and professionally by my professors and colleagues. *Knowledge of faculty *Classes offered. I was exposed to many different subjects and many different views, which will help me grow as a person. *Professors and course content. *The professors Weaknesses: *At times, disorganization and inconsistency can be concerns, but overall I feel it is strong. There is a need for more faculty members and a broader range of courses. *More classes that would have been beneficial to me in a school setting. Although classes were helpful, I feel that it would make the program stronger if more classes were offered dealing with school instead of combining with community track. Ethics course that would teach law for school counselors responsiblity, for example. *The inability to meet with advisors regularly. *The greatest weakness of the program is the fact that several of the courses are not specifically geared towards school counseling, but a mix of student affairs, community, and school counseling. I think this causes a great deal of problems in understanding the application of concepts taught in the classroom to the real-life setting beyond the program. *The program track could offer more courses specifically for school counseling. *The fact that Professional school counselors are just beginning to find an identity makes it difficult when we get into the field experience part of the program. There is an inconsistency as to what the school counselor's role in the school is. That poses a challenge for new counselors. *Needs to be more hands-on learning. For example, more role-playing in classes so students can utilize the techniques learned. *Communication between faculty and students who are not located at Clemson. I found many times students who were not able to take classes at Clemson were more aware of what was going on in the program. *Limited positions.

Curriculum Changes *Clearer differentiation between the school and community program. The school program would be stronger if there were more classes focused on school counseling issues/concerns. Ethics course and consultation course should be added. More coordination between program and practicum/internship sites. Recommend monthly onsite visits by a coordinator to answer questions and provide direction and support to site supervisors, if possible. More assitantship opportunities recommended. *Many classes really don't fit our profession. Group counseling course set up mainly for counselors planning to work in an agency. A school and agency setting are very different. I would have liked to have a course such as how to help the parents of children who've been diagnosed with a disorder. *I would include a course for those school counseling students without a teaching background in order to enhance his/her understanding of the true aspects of the education environment. This would help these students to feel less anxious about entering this area and would assist in future employment demands. *An ethics course would be a good addition as well as another course that specifically targets elem, middle or high school counseling. *Suggest more information on Special Education in the school system. A class that studies the history, effectiveness, best practices, and purpose would be extremely beneficial to new counselors coming into the school system because we need to be advocates for ALL students in the *In addition to appraisal procedures, school counselor would benefit from learning how to administer school tests such as WIAT and Mini Battery. *One change would be to offer some daytime classes during summer school hours at the University Center. It woul dallow for a student to have more flexibility in schedule. *Recommend the field experience earlier. *More focus on child development. A PhD program. Additional comments: *I have truly enjoyed my experience at CU. I have learned so much that I feel will help me become a well respected counselor. Thank you for allowing me the opportunity to give my suggestions. *I think CU could have a superb school counseling program however the high amount of instructor turn-over is unnerving. More efforts need to be made in attracting and retaining instructors for this program. *I am grateful that I had the opportunity to study in the School Counseling program.

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