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									2009 Spring Garden Lutheran Church Youth Plant Sale Fundraiser March 1st – March 22nd 2009 Here is a list of the plants we are offering this year. The plants are grown by Gardenview Greenhouse in Farmington and are of excellent quality. We have tried to offer a variety of plants within a reasonable price. If you have any questions regarding a particular plant, please contact Jody Sjoblom at 651-2584224. Thank you for supporting our youth.

#10 Hanging Baskets - $19.00 Each or 2 for $36.00
Bacopa – Colors: White or White/Rose Mix (Sun/Shade) Calbrachoa (Million Bells) – Colors: Blue/Violet, Painted Coral, Yellow, Red or White (Sun) Fuchsia – Color: Dark Eye (Partial Shade) Lobelia – Colors: Blue or Mix (Partial Shade) Ivy Geraniums – Colors: Burgundy, Pink, Lavender or White (Sun) Petunias – Colors: Pink, Purple, Yellow, Red, White or Mix (Sun) New Guinea Impatiens – Colors: Apricot, Lavender or Rose (Sun/shade) Tuberous Begonias – Colors: Salmon, Scarlet or White (Shade) Portulaca – Colors: bicolor (pink/white) or Hot Pink (Sun) Thunbergia – Colors: Orange or Yellow (Sun) Torenia – Colors: Blue, Magenta or Rose (Sun/partial shade) #12

Patio Pots - $22.00 Each or 2 for $42.00

Coleus (shade) – fishnet stocking/deep green OR Glennis/variegated OR Saturn/light green inner leaf with deep burgundy border Double Impatiens (shade) – Colors: cherry, purple, or salmon Daisy (sun) – Colors: yellow or white Geranium with spike (sun) – Colors: Pink, red, salmon, violet, white Fuchsia (shade) – Colors: white eyes = red/white, blue eyes = purple/red OR Gartenmeister = orange Petunias (sun) – Colors: pink or purple Mixed Annual Pot (sun) – gorgeous assortment of colors and plants

4” – 4.5” Potted Plants - $4.25 Each
Accent Plants – Spike OR Vinca Vine (both like sun or shade) Perennials Helenium (sun) – Colors: Dakota gold Iresine (sun) – Color: Rose Rudbeckia (sun) – Color: Prairie Sun Salvia (sun) – Color: Blue/black

4” – 4.5” Potted Plants - $4.25 Each

Gaillardia (sun) – Color: Arizona Sun Thunbergia (sun) – Color: Lemon Star Wave Petunia (sun) – Colors: Blue or White Dahlias (sun) – Colors: scarlet or yellow Calibrachoa (sun) – Colors: dark blue, cherry pink, or yellow Daisy (sun) – Colors: Pink, violet or white Osteospermum (sun) – Colors: orange, white or blue Ivy Geranium (sun) – Colors: lavender, red or white

4 “ Herbs and Veggies - $2.75 Each
Chives, sage, thyme, basil Sweet Banana Pepper, Bell Boy Pepper, Jalapeno Pepper, Burpless Cucumber, Tomatoes (Big Boy or Window Box Roma)

Annual Flats - $20 per flat (48 plants) or 4 pack for $2.25 MIXED ANNUAL FLAT – 8 plants of each:
petunia, snapdragon, statice Cosmos (sun) – colors: Cosmic Mix Marigold (sun/shade) – colors: Bonanza Mix Pansy (partial shade) – color: Mix Petunia (sun) – color: Mix Snapdragon (sun) – color: Mix 6”-10” OR 18”-22” Statice (sun) – Color: Mix Alyssum (sun) – Color: blue or white Torenia (shade) – Color: blue or rose We hope you have found something you like. You may place an order with any youth before or after the Sunday and Wednesday church services. You may also download an order form on the Spring Garden Lutheran Church’s website (www.spring-garden.org) and mail it to: Spring Garden Lutheran Church P.O Box 237 10239 County 1 Blvd Cannon Falls, MN 55009. Payment must be submitted with the order form. Please make checks payable to: Spring Garden Church Youth Group. Deadline to order is March 22nd. Please specify if you would like your order delivered. Flowers will be delivered to the church on Saturday, May 9th. You may pick up your order on Saturday between 1 – 3 pm or after church on Sunday, May 10th. If you have requested them be delivered, you will be contacted with a delivery time. If you have any questions, please contact Jody Sjoblom at 651-258-4224. We appreciate your business. Thank you for supporting our youth. cosmos, marigold, pansy,

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