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					Gulf Equipment Status Report Meet Date: _______________ Host Club: ______________

Equipment Trailer: ______(hosted by BTA) A Contact: _________________________ Phone: __________________________
Pre-Meet Orig. OK 1 1 1 2 0 2 2 2 1 1 1 12 14 22 26 1 2 1 3 1 3 1 3 4 10 4 1 1 2 1 1 Quantity Post-Meet OK Fix Lost

Equipment Description S6 Timing Console w/ USB Cable & AC Adapter S5 Timing Console w/ 6’ Serial Cable & AC Adapter Console to PC Serial Cable (150’) on Orange Reel Scoreboard Communication Cable (150' ) Single Line Scoreboard Scoreboard tripod stands Brackets for Scoreboard stand Prime A Cable (10 Lane) B/C Cable 50 M Lane Cable Extension Touch Pad Caddy with retainer strap Touch Pads Touch Pad Plexiglas Velcro Angle Brackets Back-up buttons (two bundles of 10 plus 2 spares) Timers Watches (26) in Aluminum Case Brass Bell (also in aluminum case) Colorado (Championship) Start Modules Tripod for Start Module Start Cables approx. 6-10’ in length Start Cable Extension (175’ on Orange Reel) Microphones (1 in each start module box + 1 spare) Remote Strobe for Hearing Impaired Speaker horns Speaker Wire on Orange Reel Lap Counters (in plastic tub) Two way radios and headsets Extension Cord Disposable Plastic Electrical Ties (large bundle) Safety Marshal Vests Toolbox with assorted repair tools and supplies* Power strip / surge protector


* Roll of duct tape, elec. tape, super glue, small electrical ties, marking pen, banana plugs, volt meter, velcro, box cutter, needle nose pliers, screw drivers (2), small screwdriver, scissors, wire stripper, wire brush

Initial and Date:

I have performed a pre-acceptance inventory of the equipment, and have noted any missing or non-working items:


Initial and Date:

I have performed a post-meet inventory of the equipment, and have noted any missing items or items requiring maintenance:


Failure to complete inventory will result in a $100 fine levied against the renting swim club

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