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Sponsor: Hong Kong Allallinfo Media Group, Ltd. Fabric Printing publishing company Organizer: Hong Kong Allallinfo Media Group, Ltd. Supporter: Fabric Printing Fabric Printing Net Exhibition Site: GD Modern International Exhibition Center, Dongguan, Guangdong,P. R. China

一、Exhibition Scheduling:
Special booth arrangement period: May 18-19, 2008 Standard booth arrangement period: May 19, 2008 Exhibition period: May 20-22, 2008 Withdrawal period: May 22, 2008 (4:00 p.m.)

二、Grand View of the Exhibition
Textile industry is the important export industry of China, its output and export quantum occupy the first place of the world. Since China joined the WTO, the restrictions on the export of Chinese textiles to overseas market have been reduced gradually, which further extends the export scale of fabrics. Therefore, the textile industry will have enormous potentiality of development. With the rising of the living standard and the change of consumption structure, there will be more demands for textile printing products. House spinning ornamental, clothes printings such as individualized T-shirt will become the bright spot of economic growth of the industry. To follow up the new development of textile printing market and to meet its demands, The Second China International Textile Printing Industrial Technology Exposition(CITPE) was held in Shanghai in 2007. It brought on great response of the trade; the exhibiters entered for it enthusiastically; and the professional audiences of the trade came to it in an endless stream. The three-day exhibition had attracted over 20,000 domestic and international professional audiences there. Overseas countries such as India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Nigeria, Thailand, Japan, districts such as Hong Kong and Taiwan, all organized the professional buyers and visit groups respectively to come to the exhibition. All above was the solid foundation of the holding of The Third China International Textile Printing Industrial Technology Exposition. The Organizing Committee of The (2008CITPE) China International Textile Printing Industrial Technology Exposition makes every effort to perform its professional quality, and makes it all the more cater for the relevant equipments supplying and materials manufacturing enterprises, the manufacture, distribution, import and export corporations of fabric printing and thickeners trade, as well as the professional customers. With "Brand, Innovation, Communication, Internationalization" as its theme, The Third China International Textile Printing Industrial Technology Exposition is based on Guangdong, facing broad markets of East China and South China such as Zhejiang, Jiangsu, Guangdong, etc., and then covering the whole country. Organizing Committee will construct the most striking cooperation, trade and platform with remarkable service, for the sake of providing opportunities for manufacturers at home and abroad to open up the market of China and even the whole land. Exhibition center is in Dongguan. It lies at the central South part of Guangdong province and to the North-East of the Pearl River Delta Region. It's 50 km to the North of Guangzhou and 90 km to the South of Shenzhen, 47 sea miles to Hong Kong and 48 sea miles to Macao. Any trip from Guangzhou to Hong Kong will take path Dongguan. Houjie locates in southern-western of Dongguan, middle of Hong Kong-Guangzhou Economic Corridor, to the North of Dongguan and the South of Humen. 107 National Highway and Guang-Shen Expressway wind through Houjie. Houjie enjoys well developed transportation network by land, by sea and by air. It's a key satellite town in Pearl River

Delta Region. There are also several dozens of mid-grade and low-end hotels hereabout to choose, which above no wonder offer the exhibitors and the viewers with the best accommodation and traffic facility.

三: Exhibition Scope:
Textile Printer: Full-automatic Printer, Semi-automatic Printer, Manual Printer, Plate Scream Printer, Rotary Scream Printer, Plate Making Apparatus, Heat Oven, Bench Textile Printer, Digital Jet Printed System, Computer Integration Jet Plate-making System , Paste Mixer Machine, Dyeing Finishing Apparatus, etc. Textile Printing Material: Plastisol Ink, Printing Thickeners, Printing Auxiliary, Resin, Textile Printing Dyestuff., Textile Printing Paste, Printing Adhesive, Print and Dye Auxiliary, Others: Computerized Color Separated & Plate-making System, Computerized Testing and Color Matching, Silk Screen, Emulsion, Heat Transfer Equipments, Water Transfer Equipments, Materials, Machinery Various kinds of relevant patent, technology, and software, professional newspapers, magazines and media, etc..

四: Marketing:
Professional media, network propagating: Fabric Printing, Screen Printing Pad Printing Special Printing, Screen Printing, Printing and Dyeing, Garment Adjutant Fabric Business, Printing and Dyeing Information, Textile Printing, Textile Machine Magazine, Fabric Printing Net, Screen Printing Pad Printing Net, Textile HC360 Net, HC360 Net Screen Printing Special Printing Channel, Alibaba Textile Net, China Textile Net, Global Textile Net, China Textile Machine Net, and over 20 professional medias will propagate for the exhibition before the exhibition at a large scale, and do the omni-directional report before and after the exhibition. National and local major newspaper, TV media: public medias, such as large TV stations, radio stations, newspapers, websites of the local and surrounding areas, will do a large number of reports before and during the exhibition. Signpost advertisements of the Shanghai-Nanjing , Shanghai-Hangzhou , Guangzhou-Shenzhen expressways of the Yangtze River Delta and Zhujiang River Delta areas. Sponsor popularizing: Sponsor will invite the member companies of the relevant Textile Printing and Dyeing Associations, Chamber of Commerce and Non-Governmental Organizations of the provinces and cities around the country, to attend the meeting to visit, negotiate, purchase and exchange the technology. Sponsor worldwide popularizing: Sponsor will set up the overseas marketing department in Hong Kong, to face the Textile Printing and Dyeing Associations, as well as the Commerce Department of Embassies of India, Spain, France, France, U.S.A., South Korea, and etc., so as to organize their domestic customers to China to intercourse, negotiate and purchase. Direct post and delivery: 200,000 tickets, in terms of post, fax, dispatch and email, will be distributed extensively to invite the textile and trade organizations, manufacturers, distributors, traders, fabric designers, textile R&D institutions and all kinds of professional personages to visit the exhibition, and then attend the meeting . Various of Activities: Cooperate with domestic and international trade experts, governmental organs, certification organizations and famous enterprises, to hold pertinent seminar and relevant activities such as technical communication meeting, academic lecture, news conference and new products promulgation meeting (detailed data are ready for requiring); With rich and colorful contents, specialized quality and high-quality service, the exhibition will attract many more trade personages to visit and purchase. Other domestic exhibition invitations: Distribute invitation letters, tickets and exhibition news in the trade exhibitions, trade markets of all parts of the country, in order to stimulate buyers, and to further propagate for the participator enterprises before the exhibition.

五: Charging Standards for Participation in the Exhibition
Standards Price Standard Booth: Domesticenterprises:RMB6,800/standard booth Foreign enterprises USD 1,000/standard booth Standards Equipment Exhibition board, table, chair, light, socket, lintel


Raw Space:

Domestic enterprises: RMB 700/ square meters Foreign enterprises:USD 100/ square meters

No configuration, at least 36m2.

六: Catalogue Advertisement and Other Advertisements
The conference will work out 10,000 volumes of proceedings with exquisite full-color pages, on which the enterprise's information is published and will be distributed to buyers for the use of contact and order. Publish of each enterprise’s brief introduction or products within 200 words are free. Price of advertisements on the layout of the proceedings and in meeting-place is as follows: Proceedings Advertisement On-the-spot Advertisement of Exhibition Hall Item Price Item Price Item Price Front cover Back cover B/w Balloon Invitation RMB15,000 RMB12,000 RMB2,500 (inside page) RMB3,000 each RMB30,000 per 1,0000 copies Second color page /Inside front Third color page /Inside back Information column Banner Gift bag: one face ( and side face) RMB10,000 RMB9,000 RMB500 RMB2,000 each RMB30,000 per 1,0000 copies Color spread page Color 1/2 Color inside inside RMB9,000 RMB4,800 RMB2,500 RMB12,000 each RMB10,000 per 1,0000 copies

Archivolt Entrance ticket (exhibitor and audience)

Note: The size of front cover advertisement of Proceedings is 210mm * 220mm, size of other layouts is 210mm * 285mm, the above-mentioned prices do not include design and facture. Held the news conference or technology lecture by enterprises is welcomed; please make an appointment ahead of time, two hours for each activity as a limitation, RMB5000 each lecture.

七: Relevant Services
Meeting arrangement: Organizing Committee is set up in Hong Kong Allallinfo Media Group Ltd. Guangzhou Branch, there are services departments such as exhibitor reception, meeting affairs site, hotel reception, etc., providing service for the exhibition traders round-the -clock. Booking service of hotel: According to the requires of customers, Organizing Committee will offer representatives with three kinds of Star Hotels to choose (See the exhibition service manual for detailed information), and provide services of booking preferential hotels and transport tickets for customers. Relevant seminar: If enterprises plan to apply for field to organize news conference, new products promulgation meeting, seminar or other activities, should refer relevant schemes to Organizing Committee ahead of one month, in order to arrange it in time. Transport service: Organizing Committee will select the transport agents with excellent service and reasonable price to serve for exhibitors. (See the exhibition service manual for detailed information)

八: Contacts:
Shanghai Add. Tel Contact Person Room F, Fl.25,Yu Hua Building,No.366, Zhao Jia Bang Road, Xu Hui District, Shanghai,China 021-64458610 Su Quanbin Fax 021-644586 92

Guangzhou Add. Tel Contact Person
Fl. 2, Building 2, Guangzhou Science Technology Center, 42 Xi Sheng Street,Tong Xin Road, Guangzhou

020-83599695 Chengang

Fax 020-835996 95-108

020-8358927 2

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