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					Veteran s Ad m in istratio n Perfo rm an ce Measu res

# Performance Measure Short Name
1 Number Adverse Drug Event 2 Number Data Processing Centers 3 Number Days Order Checks 4 Number Days Process Compensation Claim

Performance Measure Description
Reduction in the cost of the impact of adverse drug events by decreasing the number of adverse drug events Number of separate data processing centers containing critical information. Number of days to process order checks for shared DoD patients

PAR Performance Scorecard Priority Indicator
Low Low Low High High High High High High High Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes

Measurement Type

Average number of days to process compensation claims. Average Days to process dependency and Indemnity 5 Number Days Process Compensation Claim-Dependent Compensation Action Rating-related compensation actions - average days 6 Number Days Process Compensation Claim-Pending pending Average days to complete education claim - original 7 Number Days Process Education Claim-Original claim Average days to complete education claim 8 Number Days Process Education Claim-Supplemental Supplemental Claim 9 Number Days Process Pension Action-Non Rating Non-Rating Pension Actions- Average days to process. Average number of days to process traumatic injury 10 Number Days Process Traumatic Injury Insurance protection insurance. Reduce the number of distinct VA/DoD data exchanges with regard to Veteran Demographic Data for Defense 11 Number Demographic Interfaces Manpower Data Center (DMDC) to VA Number of audit qualifications identified in the auditor's 12 Number Financial Statement Audit Warnings on VA's Consolidated Financial Statements Total number of registrants - veterans, VA patients, VA 13 Number Health System Users employees, and health care providers. Number Lines of business transformed to meet EA 14 Number LOB EA Compliant standards Develop specialized, role-based security and privacy 15 Number Security Training Classes training courses for users of VA information and IT Achieved increased dollar value, usage and/or cost savings through expansion of joint contracting 16 Dollar Value of Joint Pharmaceuticals Purchase pharmaceuticals. National Accuracy rate for compensation claim core 17 Percent Accuracy Compensation Claim rating 18 Percent Accuracy Pension Claim National accuracy rate for pension authorization work. Percent VA Employees trained in alternative dispute 19 Percent Trained Alternative Dispute Resolution resolution Percent of veterans served by a burial option within a 20 Percent Buried Within Reasonable Distance reasonable distance (75 miles) of their residence. Percent increase in the annual IT budget above the previous year’s budget (except for pay raise and inflation 21 Percent Cap IT Budget increases) Percent of respondents who rate national cemetery 22 Percent Cemetery Rating-Excellent appearance as excellent. 23 Percent Clinical Practice Index II Clinical Practice Guidelines Index II 24 Percent Collection Rate Percent of collections to billings Percent of veterans in receipt of compensation who perceive that VA compensation recognizes the contribution and sacrifices made by veterans during 25 Percent Compensation Claim Fairness military service 26 Percent Competitive Sourcing Percent competitive sourcing studies Percent of CONUS separating service members who receive transitional assistance through the Benefits 27 Percent CONUS Discharge Benefit Delivery at Discharge (BDD) program Apply data encryption process and tools via laptops, 28 Percent Data Encryption tapes, e-mail and data exchanges

Efficiency Efficiency Output Efficiency Efficiency Efficiency Efficiency

Low Medium Low Medium Low

Medium High High Medium High Yes Outcome Yes Yes Outcome Outcome

Medium High High Medium Yes Yes Outcome Outcome

High Medium

High Low

29 Percent Develop New Tx Post-Traumatic Stress

30 Percent E-Contact_Mngt 31 Percent Education Benefit Usage

Progress toward development of one new treatment for post-traumatic stress disorder (5 milestones over 4 years) High Increase electronic communication to provide services in a timely and respectful manner to honor deceased veterans and their survivors. Percent of request from funeral home directors for interment at national cemeteries that are received electronically Low MGIB Usage Rate High




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Veteran s Ad m in istratio n Perfo rm an ce Measu res

32 Percent Emp Str Goal Understand 33 Percent Employee Security Trained 34 Percent Employee Veteran 35 Percent Emergency Worker COOP Trained 36 Percent E-Records 37 Percent Graves Marked in 60 days 38 Percent Health Care Rating-VG Ex-Inpatient 39 Percent Health Care Rating-VG Ex-Outpatient 40 Percent High Pf Dev Model 41 Percent Housing Foreclosure Avoidance 42 Percent Increase Non-Institutional Care

43 Percent IT Sustainment Budget 44 Percent Lab Specimen Barcode 45 Percent Med Apts Schedule 30 days-Primary 46 Percent Med Apts Schedule 30 days-Specialty

47 Percent Medical Resident Score 48 Percent Metadata Registry 49 Percent National Cemetery Rating 50 Percent Paper Reduction 51 Percent Prevention Index II 52 Percent Procure 8(a) 53 Percent Procure Hub Zone 54 Percent Procure Small Business 55 Percent Procure Vet-Owned 56 Percent Procure Vet-Sv-Disabled 57 Percent Procure Women Owned 58 Percent Recruit online response 59 Percent Recruit Reduction

Percent VA Employees who understand the strategic goals. Increase the number of employees who understand how to protect sensitive personal information Percent VA Employees who are veterans Percent Emergency Prepared Officials who receive advanced COOP training Increase the number of system records that are current, accurate, on VA website Percent of graves in national cemeteries marked within 60 days of internment. Percent of patients rating VA health care service as very good or excellent-inpatient Percent of patients rating VA health care service as very good or excellent-outpatient Percent VA organizations implemented the High Performance Development Model. Percent Housing Loan Foreclosure avoidance through servicing (FATS) ratio Annual percent increase of non-institutional care, longterm care average daily census. Percent decrease of annual IT budget spent on sustainment, shifting corresponding savings to modernization (zero sum game). Percent of laboratory specimens that are collected utilizing barcode technology Percent of primary care appointments scheduled within 30 days of desired date Percent of specialty care appointments scheduled within 30 days of desired date Increase medical residents and other trainees score on VA survey assessing the value of their clinical experience. Percent of VA data in Metadata Registry Percent of respondents who rate the quality of service provided by the national cemeteries as excellent. Percent reduction per year of information collection burden hours under Paperwork Reduction Act. Prevention Index II Increase procurement for 8(a) small disadvantaged business. increase procurement for Hub Zone. Increase procurement for small business. Increase procurement for veterans owned small business. Percent Acquisition of procurement dollars to veteran owned business Increase procurement for women owned businesses. Percent job applicant online response online Percent reduction in average time to recruit mission critical human resource vacancy. Percent of recently-inducted service members who report that the existence of the VA compensation program was a factor in helping them decide to enter military service Vocational rehabilitation and Employment Rehabilitation Rate Maintain the percent of research projects devoted to Designated Research Areas Maintain the proportion of discharges from Spinal Cord Injury bed sections to non-institutional settings Increase the percent of patients entering substance abuse treatment who maintain continuous treatment Users have fully functional and uninterrupted availability of systems Users have fully functional and uninterrupted availability of systems Users have fully functional and uninterrupted availability of systems Percent Under secretary certify ready deploy COOP

Medium Low Medium Medium Low High High High Medium High High Yes Yes Outcome Output Yes Yes Yes Efficiency Outcome Outcome

Medium Low High High Yes Yes Outcome Outcome

Medium Low High Medium High Medium Medium Medium Medium Medium Medium Medium Medium Yes Outcome



60 Percent Recruitment Claim Fairness 61 Percent Rehabilitation 62 Percent Research Complies Funding 63 Percent Spinal Cord Injury 64 Percent Substance Abuse Complete Tx 65 Percent System Response Time 02 sec 66 Percent System Response Time 04 sec 67 Percent System Response Time 06 sec 68 Percent Under_Sec COOP

High High Medium High High Low Low Low Medium Yes Outcome


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Veteran s Ad m in istratio n Perfo rm an ce Measu res

69 Percent VA Emp Satisfaction 70 Percent VA ROC 71 Percent Veteran Benefit Understandable 72 Percent Vista RDPC

Percent VA employees who are satisfied with employment. VA's readiness operations center (ROC) sites A & B will be fully capable of 24/7 coverage. Percent increase in the number of veterans who believe that Percent of Vista migrated to regional data processing centers.

Medium Medium Medium Low

73 Average Long Term Care 74 E-Gov Score Red to Green

Increase non-institutional long-term care as expressed by average daily census High Increase VA's E-gov score from Red to Green Low


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