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									Meet the 2008 AFL nominees. This year’s nominees were asked to fill out A random facts, backstage trivia and pop culture tidbi

Ryan Cooper
Comedic Actor Nominee
NickName: Coop Hometown: St. Louis Trinity Catholic High School (in North County) Class of 2008 Hawthorne Players Kirkwood Theatre Guild Area Theatre Groups you've Bravo Theatre Group Alpha Players worked with: Theatre Guild of Webster Groves Shooting Star Productions The King and I' (Third Grade, I was one of First Show you were in: the Royal Children) High School: Last show your were in: Red Herring' (Fontbonne University) First show you saw on None yet...but here's hopin' Broadway: Favorite show: Tie: 'The Drowsy Chaperone' and 'Bat Boy' Every year I participate in the "St. Charles Christmas Traditions" festival where I play Favorite show you've been in or Jack Frost, so while it doesn't necessarily worked on: consitute as a "show" per se, I always enjoy returning every year.

Favorite role:

Tie: Bud Frump ('How to Succeed...') and Hysterium ('...Forum')

Role you are dying to play:

Someday I would like to attempt the Emcee in 'Cabaret.'

Any number of times during strike for a Stage mishap: show where someone puts a power tool in my hand. Recently, Ken Page came to the Florissant Civic Center for one night to perform his Favorite Theatre memory: show 'Page by Page.' I got to meet and talk with him briefly after the show. That was pretty great. Well...I guess the appropriate thing to say is that I like connecting with old friends, but Favorite AFL memory: I'm not going to lie...winning Best Comedic Actor 2006 was pretty darn awesome.

Favorite post-show hangout:

I have spent many after-show meals at Steak n' Shake with fellow cast mates.

Straight plays or Musicals: Musicals Comedy or Drama: Comedy Favorite audition song: "Won't You Charleston" from 'The Boy Friend'

If you could go back in time and I would like very much to see Patti LuPone catch any Broadway show, what in 'Evita' would it be: Beth Leavel from 'The Drowsy Chaperone,' What Broadway star would you she seems like she would be an absolute love to work with: hoot to work with.

At the risk of sounding politically incorrect, I Favorite Show Tune: have to say that "Springtime for Hitler" from 'The Producers' is my favorite showtune. Last good book you've read: I'm in the middle of about five different books right now...I'm a terribly slow reader.

I don't have anything in my CD player at the moment....however, I do have the LP of the What CD is in your cd player 1962 Studio Cast of 'Show Boat' currently in right now: rotation on my record player...I have a special place in my heart for Broadway LPs. Must-see tv show: The Amazing Race.

Last good movie you saw: Doubt.

Favorite card/board game:

Clue. I'm always Mrs. Peacock (in case you were curious). For years I have been trying to get Bette Performer you would drop Midler and Liza Minnelli to do a show everything to go see: of yet, they have refused to return any of my phone calls.

Pop culture guilty pleasure: I LOVE trashy reality T.V. In 'Red Herring,' I spent the first scene of the show in my undies, it wasn't a "worst costume" for me, I quite enjoyed it, but I can't say the same for my family and friends. Peanut Butter Puffins (from Trader Joes) Sports...what are those? I am an avid Anne Frank admirer and enthusiast.

Worst costume ever:

Favorite cereal: Favorite sports team: Something that most people don't know about you:

nees. This year’s nominees were asked to fill out AFL’s questionnaire with andom facts, backstage trivia and pop culture tidbits.

Robyn Hahn
Featured Dancer Nominee
Hometown: Tuscaloosa, AL Area Theatre Groups you've Hawthorne and Alpha worked with: First Show you were in: O'Jonah at church...I was 5 years old. Oklahoma with Hawthorne as Dream Laurey

Last show your were in:

First show you saw on Don't know yet. Broadway: I do not have a favorite show. I really love Favorite show: The Glass Menagerie but I would not say it is my favorite. There is no way I could choose. They all Favorite show you've been in or have their own unique ways of being my worked on: favorite. So far my favorite role to be was Cecily in Favorite role: The Importance of Being Earnest. But Calamity Jane was a ton of fun too. I would just like the opportunity to do more. I want to see how far I can take a character Role you are dying to play: and attempt to keep my performance very real and void of all pretense.

I have not had too many myself especially in shows. I have had more in ballets as I have done many more of those. I think it would be when I was Clara in the Stage mishap: Nutcracker and I went into the large overhead one handed lift. The Nucracker lost his grip on me, I fell on his head, he fell into the Snow corps de ballet and then it was dominoes all the way down the line. So many!!! I am not good at favorites. But I think the first time I was on a real stage I was 9 years old as Gingerbread Child in the Favorite Theatre memory: ballet Hansel and Gretel. From the moment I stepped into the lights I knew I HAD to do that again and again and again. So, I would choose that as a favorite. Favorite post-show hangout: I loved them all.

Straight plays or Musicals: Straight Plays, Musicals

Comedy or Drama: Comedy, Drama

Singing at auditions?? What?? Just let me dance. Really, I dread singing at auditions. I love auditioning for straight shows Favorite audition song: because I really like cold readings and I do very much enjoy preparing and delivering monologues. Special skills or hidden talents: None that I know of. Favorite Show Tune: There's the favorite again. I could never choose a favorite show tune. Note ever.

Last good book you've read: The Shack I do not have a CD player. My kids do and I What CD is in your cd player think The Lion, The Witch, and The right now: Wardrobe is in in the audio book. Must-see tv show: Don't really do tv.

Last good movie you saw: The Reader. Excellent movie.

Favorite card/board game: That all depends on who is playing.

There is no one performer I would drop Performer you would drop everything to go see. There are shows I everything to go see: would do that for and ballet companies. But not any one performer. Pop culture guilty pleasure: I will not go there. When I was a Bumble Bee in the ballet A Midsummer's Night Dream. That bright yellow unitard was hideous! Just hideous! And I had these huge flappy black wings. It Worst costume ever: was just awful. And I was 12 years old. I had to be the Bumble Bee because I was the smallest one. All my friends were Butterflies and other lovely creatures. No, I was the Bumble Bee. Favorite cereal: Honey Bunches of Oats.

Favorite sports team: The Crimson Tide!!!! ROLL TIDE!!!! There are many things most people do not Something that most people know about me. If you want to know don't know about you: something about me you do not then just come talk to me.

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