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28'x32' 28'x32' 28'x64' 28'x64'
Updated pricing valid from 06/30/09 to 09/30/09

Equipment Supply LLC, P.O. Box 14973, Tumwater, WA 98511

Single Classroom Single Classroom with ADA Restroom Double Classroom Double Classroom with dual ADA Restrooms

$ $ $ $

Quantity Cost 31,756.00 36,746.00 57,404.00 66,309.00

Item Total

28'x64' Daycare with full Kitchen & dual ADA Restrooms 42'x64' Daycare with full Kitchen & dual ADA Restrooms $ 88,689.00 $ 109,712.00

SIDING: Delete Louisiana Pacific Smartsiding. Replace with Duratemp siding.
28'x32' 28'x64' 42'x64' $ $ $ 529.00 778.00 996.00

EXTERIOR TRIM: Delete Truwood. Replace with painted clear cedar at mod lines, doors, windows, facia and corners.
28'x32' 28'x64' 28'x64' Daycare 42'x64' $ $ $ $ 351.00 397.00 420.00 476.00

TACKBOARD w/ SOUNDPROOFING: Delete sheetrock with tack board. Replace with 5/8" vinylwrap sheetrock.
28'x32'… interior wall only 28'x64'…..each side of interior classroom dividing wall 42'x64'…..each side of interior daycare dividing wall $ $ $ (116.00) (234.00) (280.00)

Add 4'x4' vinyl window w/mini blind Add 6'x4' vinyl window w/mini blind Upgrade 4'x4' vinyl window w/mini blind to 6'x4' w/mini blind Add phone/data box, with 3/4" flex conduit stubbed to ceiling cavity Add 2'x4'x7' Teachers cabinet with lock Add 12" x 8' shelf with coat hooks 6" on center Add 8'x4' White Board with chalk tray Add 5' Base Cabinet w/sink, 6 gal. Hot tank, added to existing ADA restroom Add 5' Base Cabinet w/sink, 2.5 gal Hot tank without ADA restroom Add Interior Solid Core Door with passage hardware HVAC:Delete NC35 sound reduction plenum wall (credit per HVAC unit) HVAC:Delete Bard 2.5 ton, 8KW. Replace with Bard 3 ton, 10KW, add per HVAC unit Add ADA Hi-Lo Drinking Fountain $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ 517.00 662.00 101.00 49.00 770.00 295.00 520.00 1,568.00 2,545.00 309.00 (305.00) 398.00 1,826.00

DOOR LATCHES: Delete Von Duprin Panic Hardware. Replace with Lever handle lockset. Not available for Daycare.
28'x32' 28'x64' $ $ (250.00) (500.00)

OVERHANGS: Perimeter overhangs with vented soffit: NOTE: Overhangs will increase your transportation costs due to wide load permits, restrictions, road detours, etc. Add 6" overhang
28'x32' 28'x64' 42'x64' $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ 849.00 1,328.00 1,440.00 1,213.00 1,847.00 2,024.00 1,496.00 2,085.00 2,279.00

Add 12" overhang
28'x32' 28'x64' 42'x64'

Add 16" overhang
28'x32' 28'x64' 42'x64'

50 lbs. Per sq. ft. Roof Loading. May be required by building code for your location.
28'x32' 28'x64' 42'x64' $ $ $ 1,384.00 1,570.00 2,976.00

Add Electrical meter base. Utility Company determines meter base type, if required. Duplex Recepticles: Add 20 amp Add 20 amp Dedicated circut Add 20 amp Tamper proof Add 15 amp, GFCI deticated circuit Add 20 amp, ceiling mounted $ $ $ $ $ $ 495.00 72.00 118.00 89.00 123.00 109.00

Items included in all buildng prices:
Washington State Engineered Electrical Submittal Building drawings, engineering and State insignia fees NC35 sound reduction plenum wall Windows 2 each per single classroom, 4 each per double classroom Pressure treated plywood shearwall sheeting material, pre-painted to match siding Tie down straps. Quanties as required for your Pony Wall foundation - shipped attached to building rim joist One year manufacturers building warranty, 5 year on HVAC from ship-ready date

Items not included in purchase price of classroom:
Floor coverings and cove base, except Restroom and Kitchen sheet vinyl installed at Blazer factory Gutters and downspouts Local permits, Transportation and Installations, ramps, etc.

Washington delivery locations only: Find Your Tax Rate From the Dept. of Revenue web link below:

Standard Pre-payment terms
Sales Tax Rate at Delivery Address

Classroom and Options Sub-Total

$ $ $


Sub-Total Including Tax Alternative Payment Terms, if applicable, see payment terms link below.
Add 4% for net 30 days from ship-ready date Add 5% for net 60 days from ship-ready date $ $ FALSE FALSE


Grand Total

Customer Information
Please provide information below only if not contained in your Purchase Order. Purchase Order# Billing Address: District Name: Mailing Address: City, State, Zip Purchasing Contact: Name: Phone: Email: Accounts Payable Contact: Name: Phone: Email: Delivery Address: School Name: Street address: City, State, Zip: County On-site Facilities Manager Contact: Name: Phone: Email:

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