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Affinity Insurance Services, Inc. Agency Specialty Product Network Insurance Services, Inc. AIS Affinity Insurance Agency, Inc. American Insurance Services Corp. Aon Advisors, Inc. Aon Annuities and Insurance Services, Inc. Aon Bermuda Ltd Aon Capital Managers, LLC Aon Captive Management, Ltd. Aon Consulting & Insurance Services Aon Consulting Agency, Inc. Aon Consulting Worldwide, Inc. Aon Consulting, Inc. Aon Consulting, Inc. Aon Consulting, Inc. (NJ) Aon Horizon Consultants, Inc. Aon Insurance Management Services - Virgin Islands, Inc. Aon Insurance Managers (USA) Inc. Aon International Energy, Inc. Aon Investment Consulting Inc. Aon Ltd Aon Premium Finance, LLC Aon Private Risk Management Insurance Agency, Inc. Aon Private Risk Management of California Insurance Agency, Inc. Aon Re Global Fac, Inc. Aon Re Global, Inc. Aon Re Inc. Aon Re, Inc Aon Recovery, Inc. Aon Retirement Plan Advisors, LLC Aon Risk Consultants, Inc. Aon Securities Corporation Aon Special Risk Resources, Inc. Aon Specialty Re, Inc Aon/Albert G. Ruben Company (New York) Inc. Aon/Albert G. Ruben Insurance Services, Inc. AOPA Insurance Agency, Inc. ARM International Corp. ARM International Insurance Agency Corp. ARMRISK CORP. Cananwill, Inc. Cananwill, Inc. Cornerstone OnDemand, Inc. DBH Resources, Inc. Financial & Professional Risk Solutions Insurance Agency, Inc. Financial & Professional Risk Solutions, Inc. Financial Advisory and Litigation Consulting Services, Inc. Huntington T. Block Insurance Agency, Inc. Impact Forecasting, L.L.C. International Risk Management (Americas), Inc. Jacobs & Brom BV Johnson Rooney Welch, Inc. K & K Insurance Group of Florida, Inc. K & K Insurance Group, Inc. K & K of Nevada, Inc. McLagan Partners Asia, Inc.

Last Updated September 1, 2008

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McLagan Partners, Inc. Membership Leasing Trust Redwoods Dental Underwriters, Inc. Risk Laboratories, LLC, Inc. Schirmer Engineering Corporation Schirmer Engineering of Illinois P.C. SINSER Management Services (Vermont), Inc. SLE Worldwide, Inc. Specialty Benefits, Inc. Stenhouse Marketing Services Inc. Underwriters Marine Services, Inc. Valex Insurance Agency, Inc. Wexford Underwriting Managers, Inc.

Last Updated September 1, 2008

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