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					About your ECO
Please enter data in the Yellow Cells
Please enter the number corresponding to the ECO you have: Fl or bb or ntu Single Channel Flntu or Flbb Dual Channel Triplet Three Channel # of Channels

WARNING! You have exceeded the memory capacity of the ins You have spare battery capacity

1 2 3

The number of channels is the number of optical parameters the instrument measures


How much data can your ECO store?
Does it have a pressure sensor? Enter 1 for Yes, 0 for No Storage Capacity (Lines of data) 0 58000

The number of channels determines the number of subsamples (individual LED flashes) that each instrument will make betwee The table below has the target values for the number of subsamples (groups of 16 individual LED flashes) to average between We ship the ECO's with the instruments set up to output at just greater than 1 Hz (once per second) Individual instruments will vary from these targets. Check your calibration sheets for the specific value for your instrument. You can also determine the appropriate value using ECO View, please see your manual or our list of FAQ's on our website.

Channels 1 2 3

Target Average Value for 1 Hz 55 Adjust the Average value to your 30 instruments value set at the factory. 11
The data output rate calculated by ECOview should be 1.02 to 1.15 Hz

The ECO control parameters match the ECOview inputs.

ECO Control Parameters
Average Number of Samples Number of Cycles Interval

11 10 7000 0:19:50

Fill in these parameters to adjust the timing and number of samples the instrument will collect during a deployment.

Data Output Rate Sleep Time between sampling Expected Number of Cycles per Day Expected Number of Samples per Day

0.37 Seconds 1190 Seconds 72 724

Data output rate is the time over which the instrument will internally average and report a single value.

Sampling will start every

19.9 minutes

Sampling will continue for The instrument will store

3.7 seconds 10 lines of data each cycle

Expected Number of Days of Sampling 96.7 Days till Memory is Full 80 WARNING! You have exceeded the memory capacity of the instrument

Battery Usage
Assumes you are using the Lithium batteries the instrument was shipped with or similar. Expected Temperature 5 Deg C Biowiper Open + Close Time

Enter the lowest temperatur

Sleep current Operating current Shutter Current 75 80 140 uA mA mA

Total energy for one sample cycle



Battery Capacity @ 23 Deg C Temperature Adjusted Battery Capacity Total Energy Use per day Days till Batteries are Drained

3450 mA h 2910 mA h 13.3 mA 218.4

You have spare battery capacity

he memory capacity of the instrument

ber of channels is the of optical parameters the nt measures

h instrument will make between data outputs. flashes) to average between data output reports.

value for your instrument. t of FAQ's on our website.

ted by ECOview

ust the timing and ment will collect

the time over which internally average

Enter the lowest temperature expected during the deployment energy consumed 0.025 mA*h 0.081 0.078 mA*h mA*h % energy used 13.5% 44.3% 42.3%

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