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									8 — Town & Country Weekly News, Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Gold scrap selling big at Roadshow, as price for metal hits record high
By Bob Young Roadshow representative staff writer

Clean out your attics show will accept anything of value that is old we are primarily focusing on gold and silver, also coins made before 1965, military items, musical instruments,

rands, Maple Leaf’s, other gold bars etc.

closets and lock box, the Roadshow is All gold Jewelry, including broken jewcoming to town. Roadshow experts are elry. Anything gold is wanted. All silver in town all this week purchasing an- items. Including silver coins, bars, and tiques and collectibles. While the Road- American Eagles. Sterling silver items, Note: Items must be marked Sterling. James Monahan of Traveling Treasures Roadshow explained what the show is all about. It’s

pocket and wrist watches. The types of a chance for anyone to sell their item’s items they are purchasing include all and get what it’s really worth he said. coins dated 1964 and before with one We represent collectors worldwide and exception, half dollars which they want are always on the lookout for items that up to 1970. Silver dollars, half dollars, are of interest to them. We travel the quarters, dimes, nickel and pennies are United States and Canada and have been wanted. Rare coins and coin collections at an all time high! All types of gold is wanted including gold coins, Krugerin over 500 cities. Bring in your items, necessary. are also wanted. Gold is now trading the event is free and no appointment is
Roadshow representative James Monahan assists a visitor with coins and jewelry that he brought to the show. The items sold for more than $3,500. Other visitors brought in a variety of items including, gold, toys and trains. Admission is free and no appointment is necessary.

Traveling Treasures

Here is how it works
Gather items of interest (as explained below) from your attic, garage, basement, etc. Bring your items to the event There is no limit to the amount of items you can bring No appointment necessary



WED., NOV. 5TH • 9:00-6:00 THURS., NOV. 6TH • 9:00-6:00 FRI., NOV. 7TH • 9:00-5:00
For more information call 605-665-2906

Lay out your items on the designated table Speak with one of our Association Representative to determine the collector value of your items. If interested in selling, we will consult our collector’s database to see if a buyer exists. 90% of all items have offers in our database. The offer is made on the spot on behalf of our collectors making the offer. If you decide to accept the offer, we will pay you on the spot and ship the item to the collector. The collector pays all shipping and handling charges. You get 100 % of the offer with no hidden fees. The entire process only takes a few minutes.

We will be Buying Antiques and Collectibles
Traveling Treasures Roadshow represents over collectors worldwide. These collectors are constantly looking for items to add to their collections. The Roadshow invites you to bring in the types of items our collectors are looking for. The process is simple and absolutely FREE!

Our Collectors are looking for the following types of items
Any and all coins made before 1965. This includes all silver and gold coins, dollars, half dollars, quarter, dimes, nickels and pennies. All conditions wanted!

Rolex, Tiffany, Hublot, Omega, Chopard, Cartier, Patek, Philippe, Ebel, Waltham, Swatch, all others.

The older the better – all types wanted.

PRICES AT A 25 YEAR HIGH! We will be purchasing all types of scrape platinum, gold and silver during this event. Broken Jewelry, dental gold, old coins pocket watches, etc.

Chopard, Elgin, Bunn Special, Railroad, Illinois, Hamilton, all others.

Civil War, Revolutionary War, WWI, WWII, etc. Items of interest includes swords, badges, clothes, photos, medals, knives, gear, letters, etc.

All types of toys made before 1965 including: Hot Wheels, Tonka trucks, Buddy L, Smith Miller, Nylint, Robots, Battery toys, Mickey Mouse and all others.

Porcelain and metal signs, gas companies, beer and liquor makers, automobile, implements, etc.

Gold, Silver, Platinum, etc. Rings, bracelets, necklaces, all others including broken jewelry. Early costume jewelry also wanted.

Barbie dolls, GI Joe, Shirley Temple, Characters, German, all makers accepted.

Items signed by LCT, lamps, vases, art glass, etc.

Gold prices are currently at record highs. During this event we will buy all types of gold, silver and platinum. This includes broken jewelry of all kinds, broken chains, bracelets, mismatched earrings, scraps, etc. If you are not sure it’s gold bring it anyway and we will test it at no charge. Clean out your jewelry box including white gold, yellow gold, silver and platinum. *We buy all U.S. Coins and Currency. Single coins and entire collections. We will be buying all coins made before 1965 including SILVER DOLLARS, HALF DOLLARS, QUARTERS, DIMES, NICKELS, PENNIES, LARGE CENTS, HALF DIMES, 3 CENT PIECES, 2 CENT PIECES, HALF CENTS, ALSO ALL PAPER MONEY.

Kruggerand, Canadian Maple Leafs, Gold Bars, etc.


Don’t try to clean your antiques as damage may occur and devalue them. Keep an open mind when deciding what items to bring. Many times items you least expect are worth the most. Toys made before 1965 are very sought after by collectors and demand great prices. Gold and Silver prices are at a 25 year high. Your jewelry, even broken jewelry, can be worth a lot of money. If you have a lot of items you can make an appointment during the show to have representatives visit you. We also buy entire estates. If you need assistance with your items, please ask.

We Buy GOLD Silver a Platinu nd m
We buy all U.S. Coins and Currency, single coins and entire collections. We will be buying all coins made before 1965 including SILVER DOLLARS, HALF DOLLARS, QUARTERS, DIMES, NICKELS, PENNIES, LARGE CENTS, HALF DIMES, 3 CENT PIECES, 2 CENT PIECES, HALF CENTS, ALSO ALL PAPER MONEY

HIGHEST prices paid for 1950’s and 1960’s Gibson and Fender guitars

The top items the Roadshow wants you to bring in are:
Broken Jewelry 1 piece or a box full Any gold coins both USA and Foreign Ounces of gold like Krugerrands, Maple Leafs, etc. Dental Gold

These brands only Gibson Fender Martin Rickenbacker Gretschg National

$10 $10


All US Coins dated 1964 and before Silver Dollars 1/2 Dollars dated 1970 and before All Quarters dated 1964 and before All Dimes dated 1964 and before All Nickels dated 1938 and before All Penny’s dated 1958 and before

Civil War Items
Tin Type Photos Swords Powder horns Muskets Hats Uniforms Letters

This coupon is valid for $10.00 when selling $50.00 or more worth of gold or silver at the Traveling Treasures Roadshow. Please bring this coupon to the show to receive your $10.00 award.

$10 $10


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