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					Outsanding Questions for Committee Members and Villa Ragusa ROBIN LYONS – Wine Table  How Much Wine Was Ordered?  How Much are we going to charge for extra bottles  DJ needs to know to announce wine bottle sales  Can people buy bottles for dinner  We only got 3 easels from Villa, Can she Bring hers or borrow one from Bonnie? DJ  DJ Needs a copy of the evening schedule highlighted with the things we would like him to announce (table closing, wine bottle sales etc.)  Can Robin Create a Script for the DJ – o Live Auction Details Should Come From Gwen. o Last Man Standing – Talk to Laurie Woodward Need: Schedule for Wine Table Signage for the Wine Table Does she needs tickets for the wine table LAURA MILLS  Does she need tickets or is she selling the corks. DEB HUNGER  Can she sell raffle tickets for the tuition raffle at the auction? MOLLY  Tell Bonnie that: After School Tuition Goes Back in the Raffle  Need 2 Baskets for Raffle Sales  $1 dollar Bills  Bring Saris  Tell K2 Mom what Color flowers to Put in Centerpieces  Ask K2 Mom To Deliver to Auction on Friday Morning  Does Mrs. Washington have table easels? Bonnie – 2 easels? GWEN: Villa Ragusa o We would like mirrors for Centerpieces o Will our auction room be secure between 2 and 6:30? Locked? o Provide Event Schedule o Next Tuesday, May 8th, Provide Final Headcount o We need to provide number of extra table clothes  Confirm that there will be a black table cloth on the 36” table that is being used for the Wine Tree Following is the timeline for the remaining deliverables and

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Friday May 11: Set-up and Event Time Line with Job Details for the Volunteers.

Deadline Friday, May 4 Gwen Create Catalog  Include Schedule of Events  Live Auction  Silent Auction  Children’s Classrom Art Projects (Doreen to provide final list)  Teacher Donations (Gwen has final list)  Class Basket Descriptions (Laurie Woodward)  THANK THE K2 CLASS FOR THE CENTERPIECES  Thank Mr. Russell for the Classroom Art work  Volunteers OWNER Proofread Catalog  Deadline for edits: This Friday  Catalog will be sent to printer: This Friday Gwen Gather Materials  4 Clipboards for keeping track of Live Auction and Last Man Standing  Order Credit Card Machines  We need 3 power strips and extension cords  Phone Cord and a Splitter - Alison owes Gwen the measurement so Gwen  DUCT TAPE to secure any wires crossing walkways (Villa?)

Deadline Tuesday, May 8 OWNER Coordinate Student Council Members  Connect with Kristin Wright to see if the Student Council Members can come to the auction to sell raffle tickets.  Molly: Sent E-mail to Kristin May 2, 2007 Gwen Create Bid Sheets  Item Title Page - 2


Include Miniumum Bid etc.

Deadline Wednesday, May 9 OWNER Attendee Materials:  Spreadsheet of Attendees with Bid Numbers  Name Tags  File Folders for Cashiering  Write Bid Numbers on the back of the programs  Create List of who is at the Reserved Tables Bonnie Weston & Molly McCarthy Organize and Create Signs for Raffle Table Laurie Woodward Gather Gift Bags and Tissue Molly McCarthy Gather items for Centerpieces  Flower Pots  Butterflies  Order Mirrors Deadline Thursday, May 10 OWNER Silent Auction Table Signs  Signs should be on foam board and need to say: o Table Name o Closing Time o Bonnie has more plexiglass o Print 4 sheets of each sign so we can double side the signs and also have extra in case we need to use 2 tables. o Or, the signs can go on foam board and be slipped into the holders. OWNER Live Auction Table Signs AND slips for auctioneer  Signs should describe Live Auction Items with Fun Decorations

9 AM: Friday Morning Set-Up

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Cashiers need to meet with Gwen at the Set-Up o Tom, Mary Keenan Meet at Gwen’s House  Molly McCarthy  Gwen ODwyer Meet at school and deliver all items to Villa Ragusa around 9 AM  Owen Baylis  Kristin Bailey  Laurie Woodward Meet at Villa Ragusa for Set-up  Laurie Woodward to Arrive as Early as Possible Before 9  Robin Lyons to Hopefully Arrive as Early as Possible Before 9  Bonnie Weston - Will Old Orchard Spirit Table  Mary Keenan  Other Committee Members To Do:            Set-up tables by theme set up check in table set up cashier table set up wine sales table set up wine tree table set up silent auction tables set up live auction table create gift certificate gift bags set out clear 8x10 standy upys at the silent auction tables o Double side the signs. GWEN/CASHIERS should get familiar with the credit system in the morning Make sure the “Reserved Tables” are clearly marked and that there is a list of who is at what table at the Check In.


Starting List of Materials For Set Up (This is what we’ve come up w/so far):

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                    

Shift schedule – printed in 3 copies Bid Sheets Pens Tape Credit Card Machine Calculators – AT LEAST 3 Live Auction Items Silent Auction Items Gift Bags (Laurie) Tissue (Laurie) Clear Plastic 8x10 Signs for Auction Tables Table Number Holders (provided by Villa Ragusa) Table Signs – Each Printed 4 times (double side, extra) List of Attendees and their bid # Folders with Attendees Names on it Name Tags – PRE MADE Auction Catalog Duct Tape 4 Clipboards with GRIDS for Live Auction & Last Man Standing Extension Cords Phone Cord with Splitter

6:30 PM: Pre-Event Arrival Anyone whose job starts at 7pm should arrive early enough to be ready to roll with their job. Sometime between 6:30 and 6:45 PM. To Do:  Review Evening Schedule  Review Set Up  Review Credit Card Machines  Talk to DJ, Answer Any Questions  Ready at Door to Greet Guests  Check In Table - Get Ready  Pay Out Table – Get Ready

7 PM: Event Begins Laurie Woodward and OWNER  Check In  Provide Catalogs Page - 5


Let RESERVED table people know where their reserved tables are.

Tom Grubbs One of the Cashier’s Needs to swipe cards  Swipe Credit Cards Gwen Meet and Greet  Stay near front and ensure all is well, people know where to go. Answer questions as needed. Help with Check in as necessary. Robin Lyons Wine Sales from 7 to 8 PM Laura Mills Wine Tree  36” Table  Tickets are $20 Each  8 Bottles of Wine to Sell  Will hopefully sell 30 corks OWNER: Deb Hunter Tuition Raffle Sales: 1 Person  Walk the floor selling $50 tickets for the tuition raffle OWNER General Raffle Sales: 1 Person  Walk the floor selling $5 or 5for$20 tickets for the general raffle  They need a basket of tickets, sectioned off in strips of 5  They need change $20 in Change Table Captains 7PM to Start of Raffle  Man Tables  Keep an Eye on Goods  Close Tables  Sort Winner Slips Into Folders at Cashier table 1. Food, Wine & Entertainment: Doreen 2. Sports and Fitness: Pouneh Lechner 3. Kids Table: David Mimeles 4. For You and Your Home: 5. Class Baskets: Laurie Woodward 6. Children’s Art Projects: 7. Old Orchard Spirit Raffle Table: Molly McCarthy (Ideally there will be 2 people per table) If not: Page - 6

8. One Person to Break Table Captains 9. One Person to Break Table Captains Table Captain Responsibilities:  Familiarize yourself with your table’s items and closing schedule  Decide if you need to bring/buy any little props to decorate  Answer any questions during silent auction  Check accuracy of bid sheets: is bidder # eligible?  If items aren’t being bid on, Ask DJ to do an announcement  Once your table is closed, pull all bid sheets. Highlight the last line to she the winning bidder number and price. Leave the items on the table.  Turn in bid sheets to cashiering. There will be a file for each bidder with a corresponding bidder number. This will be located at the Cashier table. Place the Bid Sheet in the appropriate bidder file.  Assist with locating the auction items upon checkout. Winning bidders should have a receipt for their paid items. Match up the numbers carefully as there are some duplicate items with similar numbers. 7:40 PM: Greetings From Gwen Gwen Say Hello and Welcome.  Explain that tables will start closing …  Raffle …  Dinner will begin in a few moments  Sit back, relax and enjoy your evening! 7:45 PM: SEATING FOR DINNER 1. Spinach and Ceaser Salad 2. Chicken 3. Beef 4. Pasta 5. Vegetables 6. Chocolate Cake 7. Cheesecake 8. Fruit Torte 8 PM: Lori Treseder Wine Sales from 8 to 9 PM Molly McCarthy & Owner Live Auction Assistants  Give DJ SCRIPT from Robin if he does not have it already.  Help DJ Identify Winners

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 

Keep track of who bid on what and the amount of $$ NEED CLIPBOARD WITH GRID FOR KEEPING TRACK

8:45: Last Silent Auction Table Closes Gwen: Introduce Auction Committee Thank Mr. Russell for all the wonderful artwork Greetings From Bonnie Bonnie to Say Hello Announce Winners of General Raffle DJ To Run Live Auction  He needs the script to hype everything up  He 3x5 Cards with bullets  He needs helpers We need 4 Volunteers To Monitor The Last Man Standing Laurie to write script and the write increments DJ to Run Last Man Standing  Adrienne to get up and give a presentation on the theater needs  What should be the first amount Bonnie to Return to do Tuition Raffle. 1st, 2nd and 3rd Place. OWNER Wine Sales from 9 to 10 PM 9:00 to 9:30  Cashiers need to go over to the check out table and make sure everything is organized.  Live Auction Stuff can be brought over to check out and filed. 9:30: Dancing and Check Out Mary Keenan, Gwen ODwyer, Tom Grubb Cashier Team  Pull Folders of People Checking Out.  Let them know what they have won  Ring them up/Provide them with a receipt  Be sure to include Book Orders & SAVE Book Order Slips for Mrs. Washington Doreen & 2 or 3 Others

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Runners  Look over receipts  Run and Get Items as Needed for Check Out Team 10 PM: Announce Check Out OWNER Wine Bottle and Glass from 10 to 11 PM  Tell DJ To Announce that Bottles are For Sale 11 PM: Clean Up and Pick Up Misc. Items. Committee: Thank you Notes Committee:

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